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The Shem's agenda on shaping nature is crucial to achieving health and well-being during the upcoming " Dia stamp" season. parents should learn new crafts and find the right balance between confidence and knowledge. The "immature eye" and "immature body" are important drivers of negative emotions and thoughts, and fasting during hot seasons can lead to negative health and well-being. The segment ends with a recap of messages conveyed by Allah during the " Dia stamp" season.

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One of the endless favors of Allah agenda doodad who upon humanity and creation at large is the blessing of a shrimps that son.

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Allah titled A surah in the Quran surah to Shem the chapter of the Sun. He takes an oath by what he said was Shamcey Abu ha ha I swear by the sun and its cooling.

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And Allah agenda JELA Lu Who said I'm Tara Kay for Allah, Allah who served on our team dibaca Have you not seen how Allah has created seven heavens constructed on top of one another? What are the kana Rafi hinda Nura and he has made the moon within them aligned.

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What are the Shem says here Raja

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and he has made the sun a burning lamp nehama from Allah subhanho Medina.

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Whilst the spring

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is about opening up, and things are ripening,

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the summer is more about growth.

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All of the wholesome and good things of life are on full display

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during the summer seasons,

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whether it's a clear blue sky, radiant sun, moods, uplifted fruits hanging no off branches. People are generally in a better state of flourishing well being during the summer months, and the sun is a Nana from Allah.

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The Muslim, however, looks around him and her

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and would hate to be an exception to the growth that he or she sees around them.

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Whilst you are the most precious of all creation,

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and with paradise and hellfire waiting for you and I one or the other, we have the most at stake.

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So it would be a huge shame for everything around us during the summer seasons to grow and flourish whilst we as Muslims, valuable creation before Allah

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to weaken, to depreciate in value. And sadly, this is what happens to some of us every summer season when we degenerate because of the sun and what happens because of it thereafter.

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So we want to avoid this outcome. We want the summer season to be a witness for us on the Day of Judgment. So I share six simple messages, such that are safe. The summer season can stand in our favor on Yeoman piano, and it can be like a summer that we've never had before.

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The first of those messages is about the holidays during the summer period.

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For many parents, the summer holidays are a challenge for them.

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They find it difficult to have their children around them 24/7 in the home, and to busy them with something.

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So sadly, a lot of parents will relegate their responsibilities towards their children. And they will condemn them to endless hours of TV, gaming, irresponsible browsing through social media platforms, much of this are irreversible consequences.

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And that is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said as if not had been the rates on the authority of anus in Allah herself, even cholera Ananda Sahara who had fever and diarrhea, Allah is going to ask every shepherd about his flock on the Day of Judgment, whether you upheld that trust

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or you betrayed it had to use Allah Raju and Lee Beatty. He tell each man will be asked about the members of his household. It's a question to be awaited on the Day of Judgment.

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So plan a program of activity for yourself and for your children this summer holiday

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and allow it to be a variety of activities. There is some Tobia there is some nurturing fostering of Islamic values. There is some camera reading some Quran, but there's also some leisure there's also visiting friends, visiting a family visiting the Masjid.

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Coming to your message and urge the committee members to think innovatively and create programs for the youth that are outside of the realm of Quran circles. We need it but we need also more than turn to yourself this summer as a parent learning new craft. Yeah, asking Kareem learn a new skill this summer season. Traditionally, it was thought that in order to acquire knowledge of a topic you needed to invest 10,000 hours worth of learning. But who can do that?

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After all, that's equivalent to full time work for around five years who can do that?

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This is a misunderstanding what this research is saying to you, if you want enhanced expert levels of knowledge in ultra competitive fields, that's what you need to do. We're not talking about that. We're talking about a new craft that you and I can learn this summer. And they say, for you to grow from zero, a position of zero competency in something to a position of quite competent in it, you only need 20 hours of immersion 20 hours of study, and we will reach a level of competency in anything by Allah has permission. And that's equivalent to 45 minutes for 30 days that covers the summer holidays very nicely.

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And that's why our predecessors would say either Mr. Ravi young, when an actor is hidden within a stuffy di m and family are coming home or he is a day of my life passes by whereby I don't increase in guidance or increase in knowledge, then I disowned that day. It is not part of my life. That's message number one, the holidays. Let's plan early. message number two, the gates.

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I'm sure a lot of you will agree that this isn't a man or a trust that many will betray when the sun comes out, and flesh is uncovered.

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The two eyes that Allah has endowed us with, they weigh less than 30 grams each.

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Yet they are made up of over 200 million working parts

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and they process no less than 30,000 bits of information every hour.

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Then Allah covered the eye with the thickest layer of skin found in your body to keep it safe from the enemy. 80% of the information you receive from the outer environment comes through the gateway of the eye.

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The eye extends from the brain during fetal development 1 million nerve fibers connecting the eye to the brain and the eye is programmed to blink 4 million times a year in a unintentional manner.

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There is a nirvana of Allah agenda jalada

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But it is a huge liability as well.

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The blessing is enormous and no amount of gratitude can thank Allah for it. But what is at stake is also very high. Because it is the widest entrance to the human heart.

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Cool holiday theme of their harming another one more of them will not even muster Sahadi, shadowy as ignore him, he said, all calamities begin because of a glance.

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The same way that all fire begins with a spark.

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We talk about love at first sight being quite a cute concept. When you think about it. It's rather terrifying.

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The fact that one irresponsible glance that a Muslim extends without restraining it, lowering it to the ground. You can potentially be enchanting, besotted Bewitched, committed to somebody fully financially, emotionally, physically in terms of your thoughts, ambitions, because of a glance that was not restrained. This is not a cute concept. This is scary.

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And that is why Allah Jalla Jalla Allah who said in a seminar when Dasara went for odd,

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you can carry on homeless Ola, indeed the hearing and the sight and the heart, they will all be questioned on the Day of Judgment.

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And Allah was so merciful when he said to you and I only mean tell the believers. Yeah, what do you mean I'm sorry, to lower their gaze, we have to follow Jehovah to protect the private parts and our Muslim yards to have that poem that nearness intimacy with Allah gender Janella who is afraid of what about alienation from him, is afraid of that feeling of in strange distance from Allah so you close the door in the face of every competitor and the main door that you and I need to think about this summer is the door of the eyes. That's message number two we said the holidays number two the gaze and number three before I sit down the our,

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our meaning, the intimate parts of the human body that should only ever be shown or can be shown to your spouse nobody else.

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In the summer, we sweat i can see most of you are sweating

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in a bit to cools down. But in order to cool down that sweat needs to evaporate. And in order for it to evaporate air must flow over as much skin as possible. And for that to happen. Clothes need to come off and this is where the problem happens. The uncovering of the hour, and sometimes the Muslims uncovering not only in front of strange

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as Muslim women and men, but uncovering in front of family members who are not a spouse and covering in front of siblings and covering in front of children, this How would or should not be shown?

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And that is why Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran that even the children who are yet to reach the age of puberty, they have to knock before they come into rooms in their house during three times of the day when people usually loosen up in terms of their clothes. Look at how the Quran gives attention to the topic of the covering of the Allah.

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Allah said Yeah, are you living in Amman? Oh, you will believe me? Yes then como la Vina Malakut Are you man who Cornwell Levine alum you

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come fella summer what?

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Let those bonds people in your possession and your children who have not reached the age of puberty seek permission before they come in during three times of the day. What are they? Mele? Bodily Salah in February before the dawn prayer? Well he Natalia ona Thea Baku Mina Mahira and when you take off your outer garments during the noon time when we met at your site out in Asia and after the late evening prayer, salsa our Atilla calm These are three times of privacy for you. Lisa Aleikum Allah Allah him Jr. humba DeHaan Baba funa aleikum wa ala Bob after these three times, there is no blame on you to visit each other and to attend to each other's needs. So the topic of the Hora is to be

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observed my dear brother and my dear sister, and don't say it's only my child, because the image of an uncovered hour is an image that will be impression on the mind and the heart of a child. And it can have negative consequences later on down their life, in terms of their attitude to their own body, and the bodies of others. So don't say it's about me wanting to be comfortable in my own home, and I'm confident in my own skin. It's not that it's about higher modesty, shame, and these are qualities of Iman and we want to nurture them in our children in a society of nudity in higher when Imana Corina Jermy higher shyness, modesty and Eman have been connected with one another

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for either rufiyaa whom,

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so if one of them is lifted, the other one disappears automatically.

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The fourth message is about solitude. Fajr the dawn prayer

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during the summer, the days are long, which means that the nights are short.

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And in addition to our quite negative culture of modernity of staying up late salatu Vegeta becomes a burden a difficulty for many Muslims. Some people cannot remember the last time they prayed Salah to integer in congregation and they cannot remember the last time they prayed so that will measure on time.

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And the cumulative compounded effects on your Eman your spiritual well being wellbeing cannot be

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cannot be quantified.

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And that's why I interviewed Kareem some nulla while he was sent him said as Muslim the rates on the authority of our Isha he said men sunnah, and Phaedra Okada, rock Atoll, February Hiren Mina dunya one of

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the two Sooners are Fajr not the federal So now, the two Sooners prior to the federal Sangha, they are better than this entire world. Everything within it

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and He is Allah Allahu Allah. He was in them said as a Barbara Nina writes on the authority of abnormal he said ma'am Selena Sue Bahat for Hawaii, we met in LA he feel me

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whoever prays the federal sila that person will be under the protection of Allah for the rest of the day. So unless there is something that you are staying late for staying awake for that is more important than the world and everything within it and more important than the protection of Allah, then by all means stay awake.

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However, if that's not the case, then we need to reshuffle our day. We need to promote a culture of sleeping early, especially during the summer months, my dear brothers and sisters. That's number four, the federal center and number five, the wake up call of the summer season.

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Maybe you saw the headline of one of the major UK newspapers that said hell fire speaking about the heat of this of this year, breaking all records health higher

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and indeed for the Muslim

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remind you remembers the Hellfire through the summer months. And a friend of ours who said who is struggling with certain sins. I have never been more motivated to leave the car this sin because I don't want to roast in hell after experiencing this hit.

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And that's one of the objectives of fire in dunya. To remind you of the fire of the archaea, the hereafter Allah set a fire or a tomb on reality to rune. Have you not considered the fire that you can do? And shiatsu massage? errata I'm Natalie Moon she own. Were you the one who grew the tree for that fire? Or were we the ones who grew it? Then he said, Nah, Jana had Kira, we have made fire our reminder. What Matera Hanlon, McQueen and a provision for those who travel

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these summer months, we cannot use this as an opportunity to weaken in our Emmanuel to delay our Salah or to miss out Salah to Jana or to loosen our commitment, commitment or hijab. However the opposite is true in the reminder is inescapable, it's in our bodies.

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And that's why Allah has an old bursary when they once offered him a cup of water during a hot summer's day. He held the cup and then he passed out droves of people gathered around him to see what was wrong with the Imam has he passed out? Is he dead? Is he allergic to something Is he ill what happened? Eventually he gained consciousness and he explained to them what happened he said that girl to own Niada honey Nari Hina, our newly added Jannetty a field one in

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He said I passed out because when I saw the water I remembered how the people of hell will scream to their brothers and sisters in paradigm saying to his poor upon us water or anything that Allah has given you, our bodies our roasting.

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Summer is a wake up call. Everybody sees the flickering of the flame. The intelligent Muslim like yourself is the one who sees the Divine Messages within that flame. This is a result of a message from Allah.

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The sixth and final message and I will leave you with this. The opportunities that are found in the summer months are irreplaceable.

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I know a lot of us enjoy fasting during the winter months and honeymoon to bury that that's the cold treasure as their predecessors call us, as the predecessors called it. But what about fasting during the long and difficult summer days? Who is doing that? One of the women of our predecessors who would purposely fast the long days of summer. They said to her Why do you choose these days she said in this era era era who she said because when the price is cheap everyone buys it.

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When the price is good everyone buys in winter everyone is fasting Alhamdulillah this is good. Who's fasting in summer? She said that's the commodity I want that's where the price is.

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And when Amuro meanie and Omar Khattab was dying some of his final words to his son Abdullah he normal you said to him, I like a bit resigning Imam never forget the qualities of Eman and the first one he listed was our soul mu feces sci fi fi sheet that will help to fast in the very hot summer days.

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And I remember the final words of my liberal Jebel Ali Allahu anhu, who died at the young age of 37 years old. And some of the last words they heard him say to his Lord, he said, Allah Houma in equal to a half walk or another joke, my lord, I used to fear you, but on this day as I die, I have hopes in you. Hola. Hola. Nikita Allahu aneema Quinto or Haibo dunya.

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Where to learn Buckeye if he

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mean agilely Herstein ushja Jerry and ha Oh Allah, you knew very well from my life. Then I never loved the life of this world because of its beautiful rivers and planting trees are lacking

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Lizama in Howard your warm welcome, that is

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one Musa Hana de la Hola, EB ruca behind the hill that is they care about Allah you knew they only love life because of fasting the long summer days

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and praying during the long winter nights

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and competing with the scholars in the circles of knowledge.

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The opportunities are there for grabbing in the summer seasons and I am hopeful you and I will be amongst those who will reach out. These are six messages I wanted to share with you. In order to ensure that as the world around us during the summer season grows and flourishes. We are also growing and flourishing with the world around us. Allah McAlinden

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Muslim in our Muslim