Don’t Put People off Islam

Ali Hammuda


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The speaker discusses the issue of being identified as Muslim and the problem of being identified as a criminal in one's eyes. They also talk about the use of drugs and the risk of becoming a Muslim if they become upset and become upset for their the idea of being identified as a Muslim is not a solution, and the idea of being identified as a Muslim is not a solution.

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For me, brothers and sisters in my books, there's something far more dangerous, far more severe than simply being a sheep, a copy of a culture that's not yours, there's something far more severe. You know what that is?

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When you behave like that

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and you forget your identity, your heritage as a Muslim, you have betrayed your trust to Allah

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you know, a lot of these people, why they behave the way they do, why they snort up crack, why they talk to themselves, why they inject why they tried to find their identity in the music industry, why they do these things, because they're broken inside.

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A lot of them come from broken families.

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They are lost.

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What is the man like me going to do in this world? So they try to find some identity, some pride in this.

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You however, as a Muslim, Allah has given you answers. You know, this is the problem. You know, you know, the secret to success. You know, the potion to happiness. It's this statement here. La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad Rasul Allah, Allah has given it to you free of charge. And instead of serving this religion to the people, you serve them a crack and you say, it's okay, because there are Kuffar.

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Who is more of a criminal in your eyes? I ask you.

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Is it the average Tom, Dick and Harry who doesn't help ill people? He's no doctor, or is it the doctor who has the antidote, but he hides it from the people? Who is more of a criminal in your eyes? Who is more of a criminal, the one who has no money, so he looks past the Messiah keen, the poor, or the one who has money. But then he looks over the poor people who is more of a criminal in your eyes.

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And so in the same vein, I asked you who is more of a criminal in your eyes? Is it the caffeine, the non Muslim, the miskeen? Who does not have answers to their happiness and secret to success in life? Or is it the Muslim like you young Muhammad, Ali, Muhammad, Muhammad, you know,

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and instead of pouring a beautiful picture for Islam, for people who need it,

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you hide it away.

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And you chase after their lifestyle. So they say this religion can be from God.

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This religion of Islam cannot be from God, it can't be divine. Why? Because if it was gonna work for me, it would have worked for you.

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In mean, kimono theory, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, some of you turn people away from Islam. By the way.

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This was the most powerful and aggressive chutzpah he gave Allah, he's not twisted up in his life.

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It was the angriest he ever was when he was on the pulpit speaking to the Muslims, which context was it? Drugs, music, alcohol, no.

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It was a Sahabi may Allah be pleased with him who let people in Salah to Aisha and it was a little bit longer than what should have been. And the Companions got tired. So they complained to the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam, they said, the Salah is way too long. And so he got onto the pulpit and he shouted the place down and he stood out there was there and he said, some of you are turning people away from the religion of Allah.

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That's in the context of what

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the pure act of Salah that was a little bit longer than usual. What then someone who's

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swinging drugs, peddling crack into his community 1000s of people becoming Scaggs, and dough pads and knitties because of his product because of his food. What do you make of such a person?

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And how severely has he turned people away from the religion of Allah, gender Jannatul? That is a question that you're going to have to take up with the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam imagine his blessing and radiant face looking straight into your eyes on the day of reckoning. When he says to you in disappointment, and sadness and anger, he said, I bled over this religion.

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And I lost family, and I lost friends and I lost my country. I lost my people for Islam. Why are you undoing everything that I did in my 23 years?

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You weren't a good Muslim, you could have kept yourself to yourself. You went out and you showed the world Islam is not a solution through the product you put onto the fields.

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That imagine yourself standing on the bridge of the slot, thinner than your hair and sharper than a blade. And this is a spirit that moves a spirit that speaks a breach that talks it has pincers, and knives and spears and blades and chains and hooks

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and imagine your homeboys now crossing over

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and they don't make it they fall into oblivion.

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And now it's your turn to crossover.

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And then one of those men turns back and he catches a glimpse of your face and he says your up that was a Muslim right there. That was my friend. I knew him. Not once did he tell me about you? Rather he gave me the image that Islam is no different to our lifestyle serving up to things were serving up snorting up the things we were snorting up and singing Just like us against her just like us erode man, just like us. You're gonna be if I fall into hell, he should fall too.

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And I believe that this is a request that Allah subhanaw taala will honor

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some of us are turning people away from Islam.

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We as Muslims are supposed to be picking people up from Kufa from disbelief from confusion from misery.

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Why is it now that the Muslim has become a man who's roaming the street picking up cigarette butts because he's now gagging for another? Another rap.

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People should be coming to our ends, the Muslim ends, looking for answers, looking for guidance, looking for knowledge, looking for information about this honorable Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they should be coming to our ends looking for security. Now they come to our ends if they they're wearing riot gear, bulletproof jackets. Why? Because they fear for their lives.

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What have we become