Why did we follow Regional local Sighting and not the Global Sighting?

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The conversation is difficult to follow and is a mix of opinions and accusations. The speakers discuss the importance of protecting and protecting DNA, protecting animal health, and protecting sal Allahu wa Assu. The conversation is disjointed and difficult to follow, but eventually they leave for another time.

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Manipal heme

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and hamdulillah help Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While the your savvy as Ryan will present thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa taala. And may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon His sermon. And finally messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam.

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The good news is that today's the last day of Ramadan, Michel Mata Allah, Allah aid will be on Saturday via the left. But and I came, so I can explain to what has happened during the last few days. And of course,

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you all are aware of the global sighting of the moon in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and the Emirates and any many of these countries. All of them are going to be doing it today. So the question of course, is, why are we doing it today as well?

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concerning this matter, and I hope I can explain it in a way where you can understand, first and foremost,

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an Eid and Ramadan must be established by the siting of the moon.

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In a recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam he says the authentic hadith narrated by Abdullah bin abbess and other companions that he said to me on Euro LTE you have thoroughly looked at for in all Maliko committed

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in the midst of Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said, fast upon citing the moon and break your fast upon citing the moon.

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And if there is clouds or there is darkness between you and the moon, obstruction, you couldn't see the moon, then just complete the count. Meaning if we were still in Shaban waiting for Ramadan, do 30 days of Shabbat and then start Ramadan. And if we were in Ramadan in the last day of it, and we couldn't see the moon, then we complete the Ramadan 30 days, and even to the point even to the point where we will never let him go home alone and see, if there was an obstruction between us and the moon. There were thick clouds. And someone went in a helicopter and took off all the way until he reached on top of the clouds and saw it. We're not interested in his sighting. Because what would we

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do with the rest of the Hadith says if there is clouds between you and the moon? What's the point of that hadith, the point the practical implementation of that hadith would suggest that we don't need any technology and we don't need any helicopter to go on top of the clouds to narrate to us a sighting. Like so the ID from the Hadith we clearly get that we don't fast and we don't break our fast except by the sighting of the moon. Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Quran, he says for men *gy that mean commercia Often you'll soon whoever witnesses the month when you see the moon with your eye.

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So we've established that the signing is the Prophetic practice and the Sunnah. Of course they came afterwards, some scholars that mentioned calculation, and that calculation is a method of establishing overbought and allayed. However, with what I believe, and what I've been taught, is the calculation is a rejected method. Because after each now, if lemma, agreed unanimously meaning all of them agreed to something, then anything that comes after that, that contradicts what they agreed, is rejected, it is not accepted. So as a result, calculation method is not accepted. Now, when we look into the citing, we zoom into the siding, this valid opinion of siding, we happen to find three

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opinions within citing. Now we said citing is a valid opinion is the only opinion. But within citing the moon, there are three opinions. And all of them have the need. And all of them have proof. And I'm not going to share everything with you, because it's going to take a long time, but I'll give you what you understand. The first opinion is that every country should cite the moon, and that one country has nothing to do with the country next to it. So New Zealand will have its own siding, and they should not be concerned with the siting of Australia. Australia has its own siding, and they should not be concerned with the siding of Indonesia and so on. That's one valid opinion and that's

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known as a Wu Yan Mahalia, which they call local Moon sighting. That's one perfectly valid Aslam in a time of the sahaba. That's what was going on local, because there was no communication. They didn't have telephones, satellites, internet, WhatsApp, they couldn't send any message. So the Muslims that lived in Iraq and the Muslims that lived in and Medina, those who lived in Yemen, those who lived in Mecca, how are they how are they going to inform each other that these

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So the moon, so everyone had his own sighting. Those in Iraq would fast separate to those who are working in Syria and those maca, Yanni and then later on when the Muslims would gather and meet each other at a hash or discuss this matter, when did you have a lead on this day because we sited on that day so.

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So that is a first valid opinion within the citing a local citing. Number two, there's something known as a royal Mahalia, our Roja, Eliana lipemia, you can say, and that is regional citing? What does regional sighting mean? Regional sighting means you look at the countries that share some of the night with you. So for us in Australia, our regional section and our regional area is us and the countries on top of us, like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and so on. These are countries that share time with us share the night with us.

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That's known as a epidemia regional sighting. And that has its proofs. And there's another opinion, and that is known as El Alleria. Blue sighting, meaning anyone who signs the moon, I do not care where he is. I take that sighting, and Bismillah I start Ramadan, I start aligned. That's also a valid opinion. Beautiful, three valid opinions. What do we do now? I tell you Look, the problem that we face here in Australia is only us, every other country is alright. Because it for example, in America, in Canada, in the furthest parts of Africa,

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the sun and the moon would have moved already Saudi Arabia and the Arabs will have already announced by the time he gets to America and Canada and all these Muslims in the minority countries, they would it would be an easier situation for them. But we're the very beginning. This is why the difference in a lot of crashes happen because we're the very beginning.

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So when it comes to these three opinions, and if you ask me, if you ask me, What do I like from the three opinions, I will not hesitate to tell you I like global Moon sighting. This is what I like, this is what I prefer. This is what I've studied what I've learned and what I'm comfortable with me. This is me. I'm not talking about anyone else. Global News, citing for me by

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so what happened? Now that we have confirmed the global siding, and I'm telling you that I will do it on Saturday. So that seems like a huge contradiction. Let me explain to you.

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Since you and I have established that these are three valid opinions. Now is the time where we exercise wisdom with knowledge. I don't want knowledge now. Me, I'm going to exercise wisdom with knowledge. I'll tell you exactly how this is happening.

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machine here, and about 30 Exactly 32 organizations plus, in the last three, four days, they came together to agree to one of the three valid opinions.

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They rejected calculation. They said, you know, all of us are on the same page we want to sign. But then we also have to agree on what type of signing do we what are we gonna go local, regional, regional, includes local or global 32 organizations plus agreed to local regional, this is what they agreed to.

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Not because they don't believe in global, I tell you why they accepted and they all agreed to regional and local. They agreed to regional because it's easier to announce to the people. What do I mean by this? We fail I'll explain.

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By 10 o'clock, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia would have announced whether it's real or not. 10 o'clock is a good time to keep families awake and to tell them wait. And I tell you Allah, the people are waiting, Yanni Allahu Akbar. It's the people that are not patient. People don't tell their organizations people, you'll know what's happening. Hurry up. So regional works best to everyone. Keeping the people awake to 10 o'clock. It's not too late. We can keep them awake until then, the organizations that need to prepare for a lead, spread the backs, get the microphones in the speakers and so on getting ready and take some time. So 10 o'clock is good. So the machine

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didn't only use knowledge, but they also used wisdom and mercy upon the people. What is easier for people, the easier for people is regional local citing fine. What is the problem if we all agreed with global because that's also discussed? How come 32 Musharraf and organizations didn't say let's go go

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We'll look at the problem with Gordon. For us here in Australia. It's not practical. I tell you why.

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If we went global then that means potentially you have to wait until fashion because if it's not cited in the countries next Indonesia and Singapore, right, wait, okay, so now we've reached Papa Papa didn't report anything now I'm giving you an example of how global would work it reaches Saudi it's two o'clock yawn there's no siding.

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It reaches Egypt and there's no siding. So let's treasury.

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Okay, now it's Fisher. What do we do? What are we going to pray Fisher? What's your way? Because your Global's still you need to wait. Okay, now the moon has reached Mauritania. It's probably eight o'clock in the morning here. Why? Maybe because if there's a confirmation, then as a global you have to break your fast you got to go do it.

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They know you still got maybe maybe it's not cited anyway. Maybe the first reported signing is in America and in Canada, your letter or global follow up? Then break your fast? How are we going to create a web it's going to be 10 o'clock by then. How are you going to announce the people how's the announcement gonna go down? How is going to get prepared housing chaos. It's literally not practical for us here in Australia to follow the global opinion. Even though I told you this is what I prefer. Now let me explain to you

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this is my opinion. Goldman. How come today in front of you I'm telling you a switch from global to regional local, they mixed by two. And how is this even possible? Is there a record in the Sunnah that explains this. Yes, of course there is. I'll give you the incident of Eben Masuda all the Allahu Anhu and off map will be Allah one. This is an authentic reporting and authentic narration and

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Sunnah Imam Abu Dawood mentions it in your Sulan Hadith.

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He says, listen carefully. Of Man lovely Allahu Anhu a companion.

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He was on the opinion that the JD that rich Minar are supposed to pray about one household one Asia for a guy that whose opinion

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of metal the Allah Han

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had been Miss Rudra the Allah who was on the opinion that above when also when Russia in minute is supposed to be free to like I see the difference here.

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When he's saying for when you seem to

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have the Allahu Anhu is proving the fact that in the use

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of the alarm on what did this fall a cat? Well, there is proof I've been muscle. Anyway, I've been Masuda approached, I've met and he condemned and criticized this action.

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Then later on, a Sahaba witnessed a bit Miss route, praying behind the man for Raka.

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So they came to me and Miss Odin, they said to him, How's this possible? You criticize him for what he is upon a follow up?

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And we see you the one who believes into like, a minute prix behind him for

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what did he say? He said, Alchemy lab will show level hibel. If he said this unity is evil. And I do not like this unity. What happened here? What do we learn? What we learn is something incredible, that it is okay. And it's fine. To go from one valid opinion valid opinion, to another valid opinion for the sake of unity,

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as long as the opinion is valid. So what happened was rooted here. He exercised knowledge and wisdom. He went from believing that it's true, and he still believes it's too, but you pray behind the rough man, Emile meaning at the time he prayed behind him for so that he can avoid disunity. Otherwise, he was very easy for urban massage to go to another tent and establish a solid tunnel garden. We've got the first division at that time.

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But he didn't do this. So for me, when I looked at 32 organizations that met in the last couple of days, and all of them agreed to regional local. I did exactly what Evan massarotti And I said okay, I believe in global that's a valid opinion, Masha, Allah, this organization has grown in numbers, and they have come to an agreement for regional logo. Therefore for the sake of uniting upon something that is valid and true. I will move from one opinion to another, very simple. This is what I did. And this is what we want to explain to our brothers and sisters in Islam. That's the ID and you need to be away that difference of opinion in Islam and

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In *ery, matters does exist and it will exist. Yanni you know the incident of a Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when the companions were in El Medina, right the companions were in Medina

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and he says to the Companions, Yola hit towards Benny a pullover. Buddy arriva is what? It's a Jewish tribe. That is a walking distance away from El Medina.

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So he says to the Companions, a clean instruction, he says to them, lay your Solian not how to go Manasa elaphiti. But

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there is a group of companions. He said to them, do not pray also until you reach the town of manipulator. So you know what happened. As they went, all of a sudden halfway. Half the Companions realize that and we're not going to make it to Bunnicula by the time McGraw is still within its time. Not going to be an asset is going to finish it's going to be out of its time. So we need to pray right now right here. And what Nevis law salon meant was rush Hurry up quickly get there. So they pray that also,

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the other half of the companions said no, no, no, that's wrong. What Annalisa said lament was literally do not pray until he reached buddy Abreva even if salata Rasul was to end the knowledge that was to be called.

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Okay, is that a big difference of opinion, huge. Eventually, will humbly learn. Self love is still there to assess the situation and tell us what's happening. Maybe some Allahu alayhi wa sallam reached the companions. And obviously, they are all eager to ask him who's right who's wrong? For they came to Noosa live and they said they assume Allah, this is what happened. Half of us understood from your words that you meant rush. And the other half understood literally you said, Don't pray until you get depending on what happened. You know what he said? What did he say? Before before you told me what he said? I'll ask you a question. And the visa Allahu alayhi wa sallam, when

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he said what he said, Did he mean two things or one thing?

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Obviously, he meant one thing, he come in two things. He meant one thing.

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So when they asked him, he said to them, both of you are correct.

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Both of you are correct.

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But the most interesting thing for me is that he didn't even say both of you are correct. But those that prayed on the road, that's what I meant. And I didn't mean what you did, and got the literally and yellow noise. You're good but don't do that. He didn't even say that. He did not even clarify what he had and what he meant by what he said. Can you can you imagine this and never understood from this. And this is the first Hadith in the Sunnah, that indicates that there is going to be room for difference of opinion among an ummah. So allow your chest and your heart to open up for it. And the more knowledge the more wisdom you have, the more you'll relax and understand that these are

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valid matters. But especially when it comes to an Eid Ramadan, one of the purposes of Eid and Ramadan and hash is to unite Muslims as one of its purposes. This is why for me, I went from one value to another valid opinion so that we can preserve this type of unity among us. That's all that happened. Right? And I tell you something as well in addition to this, hello when Adel up how will come

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up how will come you might find that the the same organizations will release an auditor but this is what I assume so that you don't get shocked later on. I assume that they are going to release

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the statement based on global Moon sighting. Why do I say that? Because global Moon sighting for either up here is practical as practical why? Because either up high is on what day of the treasure on what day on the 10th and so the moon has to be witnessed when on the first so we have plenty of time to inform people that the Eid is on this day. So we'll follow the Saudi sighting no problems will have enough time to inform the people this is going to be your day of alpha faster and this is going to be the day of hashing this is this is now unity because we're doing alpha on the same day people are standing on the mountain we're doing either up here on the same day that the entire most

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beautiful there's enough time. But this one yeah even further. There's not enough time to literally speaking hours and then you got the aid. So the most practical approach for Muslims here is regional, local, Allahu Allah. anyone has a question. Someone didn't understand anything. Wala is locally awesome. I'm sure you

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have the

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people that wanted to break their past and then tomorrow making

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The people Yanni, the one who wants to break his fast today, on what basis he was his uncle, see, that's up to you. And I am telling you my perspective. And I'm trying to preach a unified approach. That's what I'm trying to do my responsibility if I see an if I see a majority upon truth, then I'd like to call people to them and preach to them. What am I gonna tell them? If the majority will upon false?

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I'll tell you do what is right even if you're by yourself, but since a majority of our people have united upon a true good valid opinion polls, let's just follow that you understand where I'm coming from now, this is why the top

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Why is Turkey and other

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groups within Sydney using calculation and what reasons that I give try to give validation j is always equal one Lucha Aki the topic of calculation is a long topic. And please excuse me, I will not be able to explain it because of its depth and its complication. And even those who approved that of the recent whatever call I've been checking in on someone they put a lot of conditions for it they put a lot of conditions and even within calculation you'll find that there is two different opinions within calculation some it's just by this boy if the moon is born Hollis that's it others that it needs to be born and there needs to be considerable amount of time decided and yeah, it is a

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complication over complication. Therefore, I give you an it nice and easy for me for what I studied and what I learned and what I will face Allah azza wa jal with on the day of judgment is that this is not a valid opinion with me and all other

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others that could justify their position instead. That's up to them everyone will be questioned. before Allah azza wa jal on the day of judgment we thought he did have his opinions now Allahu Allah taba.

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Writing to you.

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Okay, so, excellent, excellent paper, this is a very valid question isn't like addressing an elephant in the room, you have the parents,

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the older generation that usually follow the LMA, and the Kemba. And so they're doing a late today, so they're going to follow up on it and the younger generation, the brothers and the sisters that Yanni studied elsewhere and attended the massages elsewhere that are on the opinion of regional local siding, there's going to be an obvious clash within the family. What are we going to see is this and I spoke to my chef a few hours ago, Chef analemma LM, this is a scholar from Lebanon, a chef Pollan below about memoirs Zoho, preserving and protecting DNA. And I've been a student of his from when I was 18 years old. And until this day, I seek knowledge. And I learned from him and I

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asked him about critical matters likely. So that's coming straight from him. I asked him about this matter. And he said to me, so long as your majority that you take knowledge from have agreed to regional local, then this is what we're going to do. If there are youth, young boys and girls that follow this opinion, and their parents are members of their family are going to do Friday based on the LME, whatever their new method of announcing is, then, first and foremost, you want to see if you continue upon regional, local, and they do Friday, is it going to cause tension, we have two possibilities. Either they're going to say, my son do what you like, while I better think what

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hamdulillah if that's the case, then do regional, local, and they'll do their own global. But if it's going to cause a tension and a friction law,

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to unite the family is much more important. As a result, what will say to this person is for you, brother, follow and do read with your parents, and that is on a Friday. So attend select the lead, what attempt to lead will break your files or celebrate the day with them as though this is your day off. Then the sheriff said to me afterwards, fast a day in case. This is what he says on the basis if the moon was cited globally, first day in case because your opinion that you adopted with your machines and organizations was local, regional. And he even said to me, even if the moon was not cited because LMA was doing Friday whether it was cited or not. They were going to do Friday. Even

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in that case, he would say break your fast with your family, do read with them and then make up a day after Ababa.

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compensating for that de facto law stopper to fear Allah azza wa jal as best as you can now

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about the calculation and like I mean, what were

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what last few years, they announced like one week before,

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or 10 days people are saying the same thing with E. So is it

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considered as calculation, of course, anyone that announces before the time of citing this calculation, because the only proper announcement should be at the time of citing, and the valid time of citing is last night, not two nights ago.

00:25:39--> 00:25:53

Explanation when reciting for how many weeks, we are allowed to use these kinds of information and this kind of facts and information to aid us for the sighting. And you can use telescope,

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astronomy course calculation, you can use all this as an aid to see it, but not use it and disregard the citing law. This is not allowed now, by humbling

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in this case, little country archy 10 Nights 10 Nights, there's no problem in Laila to cuddle because the count of later to cover begins from the start of Ramadan. And when we reach the 21st, and the 23rd, and so on in the last 10 Nights, by the opinion that you follow in this country, which is either they agreed to global or regional local hangout will be on a little further, there will be a little cut there based on that count, based on the valid opinion that was exercised from the beginning of the month motion.

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This is why we always say even in the visa law, why the USA used to do and to get the entire last 10 He wouldn't pick and choose the even in the subnet. And the reason I sell them was to remain awake the whole night for the last 10 All of them. Right. So the one who does that Hamdulillah you will catch later the other definitely not the one who wants to do even an old dad days. That's something he's risking himself anyway. Not

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We can use

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local global

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No, no, no, not confusion. I said. And I repeat again, this is a valid opinion. This is a valid opinion. For now, for either football, what's more convenient for the people and for the announcement is global is local, regional.

00:27:47--> 00:28:14

What is more convenient, and what is easier is that we do global for a dialogue. But if these 32 organizations do come to an agreement, that a that will be local, regional, that I suggest that you follow this because this is a majority. And I'm just the only thinking ahead in terms of if that does come out. I want to explain it Jonnie in advance so that you can understand but Allah Juana I do not know what they've agreed to when it comes to either. Now

00:28:17--> 00:28:17

that makes

00:28:18--> 00:28:19

the majority? Amazing.

00:28:21--> 00:28:44

That's a very good question. How is it a majority of people or majority have? No Excellent. This is this has always been a confusing metaphor. How do we calculate the majority? Because who's done the survey to say that this is the number of Muslims This is the number of centers This is number of machines? And then you know, Allah, we surveyed and we got 70% Yeah, 30% almost done.

00:28:45--> 00:28:46

So for me,

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it's my machete, and who I learned from and who I take and who I'm comfortable with when it comes to knowledge. For me, I can see a majority within them. So these 32 organizations, because we let these are organizations that we know, we respect them for the knowledge they have for the RPD that they teach, and they're the ones that united with each other and this is what I will take from right now Malayalees could be a different matter for someone else. But for me, this is how I answer my question, right? So this is my majority, right? According to an attorney that we share, and the belief that we share about loss aversion is names, His attributes and so on. I know Allah azza wa

00:29:28--> 00:29:49

jal, he said, Fasano, Allah Vikram Kuntala tanomo. If you have no clue what's going on, then the wells you've upon us to ask people of knowledge. And then it is there's no sin and no harm upon you when the people have knowledge that you trust, direct data of certain matter. Following there's nothing upon you and you're supposed to it's upon you to choose who you trust. I'll tell you an example today.

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I got sick, and I wanted to go to the dentist, I'm gonna give you a simple Exam.

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Bob, I want to go to the dentist, I need to remove a tooth or whatever it is.

00:30:07--> 00:30:10

Me what I just got to tell you wrote any dentist

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will do my research, call up someone who's the best dentist in the area, search reviews on Google, who's got the five star? Hello, do my research and I found he's the best of the best, then I went to you, and this is in your Walkman as you're doing this. How then in your religious matters should be doing the same thing. Satanic Michelle, see who's who's the one who you you read the five star who's the one who you trust, his knowledge, who's the one who the people have accepted, and the people have praised for his knowledge? How's your comfortable, most definitely you will have some sort of comfort within your heart that I'm going to ask him about this specific man, you might love more

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than one. But for this person here, there's a different connection. And there's a trust that is not with others, perhaps because you've spent more time where you understand where this person came from, how he studied where he sought, his knowledge is Michelle, can you connect with him your auditor, including this metal? Allah said to me first, hello, and a vicar. I was the people of knowledge. If you do not know, I don't know. I'm coming to a person who I believe is a person of knowledge. I'm asking him, he gave me an answer. I followed a simple answer.

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Aloha, no.

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I'm asking for this. He specifically supplies generally. But if he started on global or regional, vice versa, can you end on the other opinion, where you can end on the other opinion, if it comes out to 2930 days.

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And if it came out, for example, 28 days, let's say someone started global or even you were overseas, and you started with them overseas. And then he came here and all of a sudden you find that your days were 28 days, and the modules they gotta be at least 2930 days. So in that case, you will see if the majority of your people are doing it on a valid opinion, do it with them. And then that 20 And if they do it after very simple house now you would have continued and complete the 29 days now, you need to understand that the highest and the greatest purpose of it is the actual unity. Not only unity in time, but also unity in place. And this is why in the vehcile Allahu alayhi

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wa sallam would encourage the woman the young the Virgin, the menstruating woman, the boy is the kid everyone come out. Everyone come out. And unity is the biggest biggest purpose of allayed will up ha will Hush. They are symbols they show us our unity. And if we can unite upon a valid opinion, we're going to run through that straightaway. And this is why I don't hesitate to say do I prefer global but for this I'm going to definitely follow this with no hesitation because it's going to achieve the purpose of right and no problems drop with the opinion you hold on to for the sake of valid unity no problems. Now Allahu Allah.

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calculation in the time of writing not accept calculation and

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you're asking a big question Allah he very quickly, Ezekiel. I've literally come in I cannot answer it because it's going to take a longer discussion. I don't want to give a 510 minute answer. Leonard will do unjustice to the topic and a lot of you walk out confused from liability because you can have maybe we'll leave that for another time. We'll love animals sal Allahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Sunday