Uthman Ibn Affan (RA) Equipped 1/3 of the Muslim Army in Tabuk

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The Prophets Allah Allah Mina gathered like this, he's already given 300 Camel lady with goods. And then the Hora is Allah Allah Allah wa salam says, Who can give more?

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Who can give more? In the same gathering, he stands up again. And he said the Messenger of Allah I give another 300. Camels are laden with goods.

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He says Love,

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the Mercy of Allah said we still need more.

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We still need more. We're fighting the Romans. huge army, who can give more, he's sitting in the gathering.

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And then someone stands up again. And he says a message of Allah I give another 300 Camera later with goods

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900 camels laden with goods.

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camels were the most expensive commodity of the time.

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They were the most expensive commodity of the time.

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And I said why Allah's one palisade when the Trumpet will be blown, that a man will forsake his camera which 10 months pregnant.

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Because it was impossible to believe in arrow will actually forever let his 10 month old camel free which is pregnant. This was 900 camels leading with goods. Because one since now.

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The Prophet sallallaahu Salam says MIMO

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who can give more so smart enough on stands up? He goes home, he bring the sack full of gold coins and he places it in front of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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and the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam takes out a gold coin from the site. And he's flipping it in the air. And he said, Oh smart.

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After today, what ever you do not in the eyes of Allah, nothing would have

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a third

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of the entire army was prepared by a sermon if I found