Aarij Anwer – The Sahabi Who Kissed a Woman

Aarij Anwer
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It is reported in Sahih Bukhari Sahih Muslim that a man came to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and he said to the Prophet, ya rasool Allah, I have been with a woman. I have kissed a woman.

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I was with her in a garden, and I did everything that a man and a woman do. led him to have a cowbell to her I held her and kissed her I did everything while I'm you Oh Jamia haha but we did not. Will not we were not intimate.

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But I will be my shit. So do what you need to do with me. Punish me as you see fit. The messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not say anything. And then the other one was called and they prayed salah, and this man got up and was about to leave the Messenger of Allah saw them asked him or ask the Sahaba to bring him back.

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And then he addressed this man and he said, Did you pray with us? He said yes, I pray with you. Yeah rasool Allah. The Messenger of Allah then recited welcome is Sala Tabata for in the hurry. Azula Femina. Lail in Hassan at youth hibiscus tea at the lake as a crawl is Corinne. He recited ayah number 114 from surah 11 surah Hood, which translates as established a prayer at the ends of the day at the two parts or to the at the two ends of the day, and during the night, because the good deeds. When a person does good deeds, they remove the sins they wipe away the sins. And this is a reminder for those who would like to be reminded. This is the iron the iron specifically references. The

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prayer Alchemist Salah established a prayer we spoken about this at length before but the idea of the prayer is when we pray it is more than just going through the motions. It is more than just the the states of the prayer and the specific rituals of the prayer. It is a higher elevated level that is what the Quran always asks us to do a chemist Salah Alchi masala something greater than just a bit being on autopilot. So here again the Quran instructs us the same thing of chemists Allah and then gives us the broad times of the five prayers, the the ends of the day, that is the reference to the Hoard and answer because lower begins as soon as the day starts to decline. And also it is

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towards the end of the day was una Femina. Lael, the, the times of night, the dark prayers, as they're called, are the prayers when the sun is not out is Maghrib, Asia and budget. So these, these this is a general reference to the private daily prayers and it's time, the idea being if a person is establishing the Salah, praying it on time, with a higher elevated level with more meaning and purpose. Then when a person lives that way, then all the mistakes that they commit all the errors and judgment that they will have Allah Spata will wipe them away from their record in Al Hasan at YouTube, nessa yet.

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This is not to condone the bad, it's not to justify that a person should just keep doing things that are inappropriate, or seeing things that are inappropriate or watching content that's inappropriate. And then they praise Allah and that said they move on with their lives and go back to it. That's not what I was seeing. What I was seeing is if you were to establish the prayer, what you will find in your life is Allah Hatha will completely remove the sin completely removed from the from from your record, whatever mistakes you made. And then on top of that, what you will find is in the Hassan at youth amnesty AD, the other meaning the other element of the meaning here is the good will, will be

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part of your life in such a capacity that you will push out the bad from your life. When the habit of good is established in your life. When prayer is a habit and is prayed with meaning and when good deeds are done habitually, and they're done with purpose, then the bad is automatically pushed out in the hustle not youth him know yet.

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And then a person lives a very righteous, a very pure lifestyle.

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A very, very good lifestyle. That is the reminder that you can acknowledge Corinne I wanted to share this

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