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A tour of three beautiful verses from the Qur’an which illustrate certain qualities that cause people to become great according to Allah.


AI: Summary © The importance of Islam in every Muslim community is discussed, including its cultural and history, success in emulating it, and notable examples of strong pre-ators. The success of Islam is highlighted, including a woman who would recite the Quran from cover to cover every day and a man who would recite the same message every day. The importance of knowing one's own strengths and weaknesses to achieve success in various fields is emphasized.
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Today we shall be closing three particular areas that

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are very precious and indispensable in the life of every Muslim

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who aspires to be or claims to be a practicing Muslim, who striving for the best.

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are essential in the life of every Muslim who claims to be treading the path of the hour

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and the path of worship

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and the path of Islamic commitment.

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these are these are in description of the cream of the crop.

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The finest of all humanity according to Allah.

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Allah says

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was called Eva Eva Rahim. Allah is hakoah ui ad while

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in Oculus now, because

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we're in

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mostofa in Korea.

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Allah says to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam remember our servants, Ibrahim Abraham, his heart Isaac and yaku

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Ali he Mashallah those men, Allah says, who had strength and vision.

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Indeed, we have chosen them for an exclusive quality Allah says, perpetual remembrance of the home of the hereafter. Allah then says and these people are to us, amongst the best of all people, the outstanding and the chosen

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ones could remember them Allah says, because they are the finest of all human beings. They are the exemplary. They are the ones who put forward for us biographies that are worthy of being emulated, and studied and copied to the end of time. These are the real examples was good or bad and I remember them

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our slaves

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look at how Allah tala attributed them to him, our slaves

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unless it was there over the other servitude and slavery to Allah, that raise them to this high rank of praise and feed

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our slaves the lower an individual lowers himself to his creator, the higher Allah tala will raise this individual. They were people who experienced the meaning of over the inwardly and outwardly they were true slaves of Allah.

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They were not people who objected to Revelation.

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They were not people who argued or hesitated at the prohibitions of Islam or the commandments. They were not lazy or sluggish in the least. But they really felt that they were the possession of a law. a bandana was good. Remember our slaves, Abraham, Ibrahim, and it's happened jacoba

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then a law that gives us two characteristics of these people.

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Only aid while others are those people have strengths and vision, they were strong.

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What does it mean that they were strong, it means that they were

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at Allah, Allah he was.

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It means that they were people who were strong in the worship of Allah subhanaw taala. And his obedience, as was mentioned by

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and chosen by Nigeria, tabari and others. They were strong in every avenue of Islamic commitment. They were people of power.

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When it came to their data, they were strong. When it came to their personal data, they were strong. Solar engineers were citation of power. And they were they were strong.

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In the face of the adversaries of Islam, they were strong.

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In moving away from temptations and desires and the wisdoms of shaitaan. They were adamant they were strong in trying to implement the deen of Allah in the lives of Allah. They were they were strong.

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he strong, strong in the worship of Allah and his obedience.

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And with that said, let us take a quick look at the lives of some of our predecessors who look to emulate this characteristic of strength in the path of Allah. How do they understand the guidance of this area? Look at this episode brothers and sisters with me and we're going to be touring a very fragrant garden now.

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If we were to look now at the chapter of Sunnah as an example, you will find me mon

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Ibrahim, a blue moon and mercy, who was a goldsmith cannot yet to become

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wealthy by he used to manufacture items from golden silver. But whenever he would hear the Call for priority as an he wouldn't lower his hammer for another strike, he would put it aside and make his way for center.

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Above there was none

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other than a tsunami. He was also a man who would be carried to Salatu Jinnah. Because of his illness, he couldn't work he would say to them carry me to salah and even if it was raining outside, and the land was very muddy, and remember, the parents were not paved. He would insist that he is carried on the shoulders of men to attend the prayer in general of a man a tsunami.

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If you were to look at the life of Edwin Musa he would say about himself lenta foot knee tech v. Ronnie muqaam Sina Shatta Wale, Amara Casa rogering fish sala de Mundo hum Sina, sir.

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He says I have been responding to the first Kabir of salla Allahu Akbar, when Vietnam begins. I haven't missed that technique for over 50 years.

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And he says, I have not looked at the back of the head. I have not looked at the back of the head of any individual insula for the last 50 years. In other words, he was in the front row. It was only the man in front of him nobody else for 50 years.

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Married Maria Maria has set out a lot I would say about over the course of Kentucky Derby, Maria, eating Tibet in early American and South Korea. Remember, Maryam Ali has said when she moved away from her family to an Eastern direction for Indonesian Java, and then she placed a barrier between herself and people why to worship Allah, to be in isolation with her creator. These are people of over strength in the path of Allah in pursuit of his pleasure. If you were to turn another page, and look at our predecessors, and how they exemplify this area in the field of pour, and you will see a similar theme of hard work and dedication. Or if you wish, you can say strength and power.

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Look here the shape of Imam Shafi. He would finish the citation of the Quran from cover to cover at once every three days.

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And when he would wake up in his PM, he would recite amorphous salt from the core and the last 60 or so chapters of the book of Allah.

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And then he would sit up and ask Allah to pardon him, and to forgive his sins all the way until the ledger would arrive. This was lucky I have no Jura. As for Qatada, Qatada would finish over citation of the Quran from cover to cover once every seven days. But when the month of Ramadan would come, he would finish the citation once every three days. And when the last 10 days of Ramadan would come, he would finish the rest he was citation of the Quran once every single day. This was

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so MMO Muhammadu Buhari, he would finish the citation of the Quran from cover to cover every single day.

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And when the month of Ramadan would come, and after the taraweeh prayer, he would go home and continue his voluntary salah and he would finish the reciting of the Quran again in the night once every three nights. This was Emmanuel Bukhari Rahim Allah

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and what is beautiful brothers and sisters is that these amazing examples that we quote and study they are not confined and exclusive to those of the past that we have learned minutes and inspiring examples with regards to our contemporaries as well. on metal Islamic the home of Islam

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is an omega is always giving birth to greatness, regardless of the place and the year and the time. From our contemporaries. We have the likes of shape. axiomatic knob there was not even a class in the famous scholar who collated much of ignoring me as work and made it accessible to us.

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He was a man who would recite the Quran from cover to cover once every three days.

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And since he was 18 years old, he would pray no less than two hours a night kiama lane for Allah subhanaw taala before affection.

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And if he felt sleepy and drowsy he would bathe himself in water and he may do this several times in each night to dispel sleep from his eyes.

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And he would then turn his head covering in Salah with water to make himself uncomfortable to make sure he is focused for Allah. Imagine this is just one of our contemporaries who passed away not too long ago rocklahoma as for sharing

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Abdullah, another one of our contemporaries, his grandson, Dr. Mohamed el COVID. He would say that my grandfather, my grandfather would finish the citation of the Quran from cover to cover every single day or throughout the year.

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But when the month of Ramadan would come, he would finish the recite ation of the Qur'an 60 times.

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Twice a day. This is one of our contemporaries on metal ladder. As for Sheikh

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Mohammed and makara Amina shampoo Sahiba

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his son said to his father one day that oh my father, they say that it's quite impossible for a person to read the Quran from cover to cover and one day

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his father said to him, oh, my son, although this isn't the sooner to complete the recitation of the Quran in less than three days, but it is very easy.

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On my son, I say this to you, when I used to be young, and I was newly trading now the path of knowledge I remember, after selected Asia, I would begin my voluntary prayer. And I would start reading from the beginning of the Quran and 30 and by the time the other side Allah was arriving, I would be concluding the closing Ayah from the Quran.

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As for Sheikh Mohammed,

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Al qassimi, Yahuwah he would pray no less than three hours a night in

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three hours a night in Korea. One particular evening, he woke up a little bit late he had overslept, according to him just an hour instead of three before so that to the future, and he said in earlier he went on a long journey, famously Betty

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please reward me for this calamity of mine. And give me something that is better that

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people have strength. People have resolve. People have passion and zeal they will not sluggish or lazy in the least. If you were to turn another page in the lives of these giants from the past and our contemporaries. Alhamdulillah the page of Hajj you will see a similar theme of strength and passion in the path of Allah hij ignore him. He said, I performed Hajj no less than 36 times in my life.

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Or Yuba 60 and he sided with Masai and power was in no case and they said we performed Hajj 40 times in our lives is of no use. He said I performed Hajj 45 times in my life.

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He said I performed Hajj 50 times in my life. I thought he said I performed Hajj 70 times in my life. Sophia did not already know said she I said he said Shahid to femenina malpica

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I witnessed at standings on Mount arafa.

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At times he performed

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people of strength people who took this Deen seriously and wholeheartedly.

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Above Mr. kolani would say as a reminder he is heading to the pillar in January tusshar Mostafa one as a family it was said to me that the Hellfire now has been set ablaze and it is preparing to take its inmates I would not be able to do anymore. I will do the most I can so University paradise in Hell, I cannot do any more.

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They will not sluggish or lazy in the least. Only eight people of strength I ask Allah Allah to make us amongst them.

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Just because they were strong and powerful in the path of Allah. This does not mean that they were reckless rush.

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For this reason Allah Allah said that they were only at will upside, people of strength and vision.

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Remember our servants, Ibrahim and his Hakan Jaco. Those people have strength and absorb vision.

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They know God the Father innovates in his Tafseer kata he said in his Tafseer of this

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They are people this verse means that they were people who had understanding vision with regards to the deen of Allah, they were people of knowledge as well.

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Therefore their passion and their zeal and their strength and their power. They were not boundless, but they were restricted and bound by the bounds of knowledge. They were limited by the limits of Sharia, therefore their actions were pleasing to Allah.

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And your speech was on point.

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And their behavior took them to gender. Because there was a beautiful marriage between strength and knowledge.

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How beautiful it is when a person gathers between these two traits, and how disappointing it is when somebody gathers the two opposite characteristics of these

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laziness in the path of Allah.

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And weakness in his knowledge, as well. We shall return to this heading in a moment those people have vision. But let us move on. Remember our servants Ibrahim and konnyaku those have knowledge, there is of strength and division, a lot harder than now describes them with a third characteristic. This is something we want is why

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it is difficult, yet easy, difficult to attain but easy for the ones who assist to attain.

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What is this third trait in a hopelessness because he's

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in a small home because he sakala new jury in a small home because

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one says we have given them a chosen and for a very exclusive quality, what is the quality of Allah He said, perpetual remembrance of the home of the hereafter.

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In their standing and in their city, in their private and public affairs, in their mornings and in the evenings in their travel and their residence in their moments of health and weakness, in the times of weakness and poverty, the face of the earth, never, ever disappeared from between their very eyes. It was always there in front of them, never did they forget. And notice the word that Allah uses vichara

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to speak about their remembrance not victory.

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Over the scene very similar, but one has an additional letter, we have given them an exclusive quality, the craw of the home of the Hereafter, what does that mean? This is known as a Snowmass bar, according to the Arab linguist, a derived noun, double,

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unders, yada,

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yada, yada, fill

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this divide now indicates that there was additional strength to this term, because additional letters mean that there is an additional emphasis. So a lot did not say victory remembrance, but vicara meaning what perpetual remembrance the fault of the hereafter was not a passing one that would come to their minds from time to time.

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It was an eternal characteristic of these men,

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always harboring the sort of the archaea, when they would speak, they would see the home of the Hereafter, when they would behave, they would remember the home of the hereafter. Had social media existed during their time before they would post or share or comment or like they would remember the home of the hereafter. And therefore, what effect would this characteristic have on our lives? Should we apply it as well? Yes or no?

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What would happen,

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there would be no more space in our hearts for big earrings, and silly fallouts and long term bad relationships with another Muslim. Because the heart has become too busy with the remembrance of Viagra.

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What would happen? Never again, would we find any satisfaction or happiness in sin in a cigarette in a shisha lounge and using interest in alcohol in a boyfriend girlfriend relationship, in pornography in music only, it's like we would have no room left in our hearts because it has become too consumed with the thought of the hereafter.

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Many of the disputes that we have between us, many of the foreigners would evaporate and they would fizzle out from our lives never to be seen again. Because we will realize that we are all working for the same goal that if we are sincere in that claim, we have given them an exclusive quality, perpetual remembrance of the hereafter.

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Then Allah says, describe describing them with a fourth beautiful characteristic. We're in namang, Donna lemina mustafina Nakia.

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Remember our slaves Ibrahim and his her konnyaku those people of strength and vision. Indeed we have chosen them with an exclusive characteristic, perpetual remembrance of the Hereafter, and then the description and they are to us a license amongst the chosen ones. And the best and outstanding. Yes, Allah was according to Allah, the creator. These people are the cream of the crop. Those who gather between strength and vision, application and knowledge, enthusiasm and understanding remembrance of the era. These are to allow the finest of humanity These are the people whom we crave to be invaluable.

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Has categorized humanity under four broad headings. According to him, the people that were mentioned in this area can be categorized under four broad headings in his local job with Kathy he says so the first category, homeowner de novo seafood became Rocky. What can a little

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me, what

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is the first characteristic are those people

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who Allah has described as having strength in their knowledge and strength in their willingness to apply that knowledge?

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It will call him says these are the most noble and honorable in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala. The law this law brothers and sisters currently cries out in desperation for this category of people.

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Whether at the level of mosques, committee members, Islamic societies, households, Islamic organizations, that are organizations, Islamic charities,

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the oma is in desperation, and close out in thirst for this category of wholesome and complete Islamic personalities, those who combine between strength and willingness and resolve to do good and and understanding of the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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As for the second category of bookbinding, he says, they are those whom Allah subhanaw taala has made the opposite of this Hallmark sudanic, the polar opposite of the first characteristic. Now,

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he when

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he says, The second category are the opposite of the first

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they are weak in their knowledge. And we can their desire to apply that knowledge lazy, slavish and also unaware of the universal law. This is the last of all categories. by him However, he says, but they are the majority of humanity.

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They are a vast majority.

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As to the third category, he says they are people whom Allah Allah has blessed with basura with insight with vision, they have vision, they have knowledge.

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However, they are lacking when it comes to the application of that knowledge. So this will be a person who is very eager to lock himself up in his room to read and study, convincing himself that he is contributing, memorizing and learning. But where is this individual from the burdens of the AMA, where is this person from the ways of the oma, this person is weak in his weak in his personal data, we can issue a citation of the Quran and Sarah, this person is not to be seen, but he has knowledge of the truth. This is not a favorable category to be in.

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As for the fourth category, it will pay him he says that these are people whom Allah has given strength, only at six given him strength, and they want to do good, maybe they would like to establish projects, they would like to lead and initiate tasks, but they are lacking in their understanding. They have very little vision. These brothers and sisters, they can cause more harm than good, although many times they are intending good.

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An example of this could be a project or an event that is organized. So the strength is there. The willingness is there, the passion is there.

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But what is the outcome of such an event, an unrestricted platform for young, vibrant, and often hormonal, Muslim males and Muslim females to interact in the most indecent and inappropriate of ways. And the outcome of this event is very well known to the masses of is only a strength that was there, but the vision, the vision was lacking. The vision was lacking. That's emammal Bukhari, he titles a chapter in his law, he says, barbolini COVID and

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the chapter of knowledge before speech, and action, the chapter of knowledge before speech and action ignorant. He says, commenting on this choice of wording he says are the D

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Only was a hottie Alanna

00:24:28--> 00:24:30

barani en la de

00:24:31--> 00:24:38

la linea Misaki ha llama he says emammal Buhari is alluding to something very important when he chose these words.

00:24:40--> 00:25:00

He is alluding that act that knowledge is the condition before speech and before action. It has to begin with knowledge of pneumonia he says according to mojari he says actions and speech without knowledge are worthless. Why? He says because knowledge is that which corrects the intentions which

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Then corrects the outcome of the actions.

00:25:04--> 00:25:19

Therefore, my brother or my sister, it is essential that you know, and I recognize as well, what our respective positions are enrolled as ambassadors of D, what is my role that may be different to yours, and what is your name, it may be different to house

00:25:21--> 00:25:25

just because you are, for example, and animate an eloquent sermon giver.

00:25:26--> 00:26:03

And people they invite you to give lectures and courses, this does not mean that you have now become a jurist. Just because you are successful at the social level. People, they love you, they're around you, it doesn't mean that you're not a judge. Just because you are a successful guy. And people's always they said to us, when we hear you speak, it doesn't mean that you're now automatically qualified to comment on current Islamic affairs, or that you are a mother and Islamic theorist. Other than this, he says, concluding Lee, after speaking about these four categories of people, he says, when I was

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in Almaty, de Silva.

00:26:10--> 00:26:19

None of these four categories of people are fit to be leaders, indeed, with the exception to the first category.

00:26:22--> 00:26:33

We want to be leaders, the blueprint is clear. Only at will abersoch. People who gather between strength and resolving the path of a law and vision as well.

00:26:34--> 00:26:51

Therefore, you might not interrogate yourself and I must do the same with the question that asks, How can I force myself up to reach that first category of people, those who gather between these two beautiful traits? Is it more knowledge that I need?

00:26:52--> 00:26:57

Or is it more strength that I need a more seriousness in my team? Or is it a bit of both?

00:26:59--> 00:27:23

bearing in mind your age as a teenager, or in your mid 40s? Or beyond that? As a result of the question? What do I need to do bear in mind my circumstance and age to get myself to that top category, the cream of the crop the closest to Allah? They will mind your gender as a male or female, bearing in mind the IDs that speak about you and your circumstance? What do you need to do?

00:27:24--> 00:27:30

To take yourself up to that first category of greatness and to bring about the optimum return in the area?

00:27:31--> 00:27:36

If we answer these questions yet Colonia might highlight with seriousness and sincerity Allah would help us find the answer.

00:27:38--> 00:27:50

And therefore what will happen? We may be fortunate enough to earn a portion of the description. We're in the home hang dinner, let me know mustafina er, and they are to us, the best of all people, the chosen and the outstanding