Do You Often Catch Yourself Saying You Don’t Have Time

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So here's some examples to get out of some of these stories. Number one is I don't have time.

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If you say that you don't have time, one of the things that helped me resolve this is focusing every day on only doing two things per day just to and every day like get up and say, what are the what are the my top two deliverables for today? What are the top two things that I'm going to get done? And believe you, me, you think if you only focus on two things that, you know, you won't get a lot of things done. But this is like you're putting all your effort to your top most important things every single day. And it's only two things and then take the day off. And if you did that consistently, week after week after week after week, after years, you'll be so much more successful

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by only doing two things a day.