Ali Hammuda – If You’re Scared Of Your Past

Ali Hammuda
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A sign

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that the heart of a believer

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is beating with a man

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is that when he or she falls into a sin

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feels a tremendous amount of fear, which envelops them.

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This is an individual

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who realizes that those lines that were crossed, were there during times of privacy, or in times of public appearances.

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These are lines these are sins that will not pass without ramifications, without consequences.

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In fact, in his book, Elijah bull kaffee

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Mm hmm. He lists no less than 40 different ways in which the punishment of a sin may arrive at the doorstep of an individual. He lists 40 different ways in which the punishment of Allah may arrive at the doorstep of an individual,

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each way being more terrifying and scary than the other.

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So the believer, he is scared of the consequences of his sins. Thus, Abdullah he showed the companion would say,

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as Imam Al Bukhari narrating his saw here

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in El mina yasunaga who

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Alinea Hoffman for a year, he were in the third year of your asanuma, who can be maraya and fee for Karla v. hakoda.

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He says the true believer is a person who sees his sins,

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as if he is sat beneath a huge mountain and he is afraid that that mountain may come crashing down on him at any moment. And as for the rebellious sinner,

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he sees his sins as something very insignificant like a fly that sits on his nose, or does he casually swats it away with his hand. Thus, the wakeful Muslim, the conscious Muslim, the well read Muslim, the Muslim who is aware, is very aware that those lines that were crossed in secrecy or in public will not go without consequences. Therefore, he is afraid, he is scared, he is scared.

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And with that said, we can ask a question.

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Are there any particular ways to push away these consequences? If you and I are sinners, and without a doubt, we are khulumani Adam a hapa. Every human being is a sinner as the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and these are consequences that will sometimes show up in your life, in the form of bankruptcy, in the form of loss of wealth, in the form of deteriorating health, in the form of anxiety that now envelops you in depression that engulfs you in a lack of ability to sleep. It could come in the form of loss of children, it could come in the form of cancer, this consequence of sin may take many forms, as Amanda Blanca, Murphy mahalo doll and others have mentioned.

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And therefore we pose the question once again.

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If I am that individual, what can I do to push away these consequences before they arrive?

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What can I do to divert the punishment of Allah Almighty before it visits me? And before I then start running around looking for relief, looking for a cure looking for forgiveness?

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Here we move on to the words of shamefulness lambino Tamia, Rahmatullah he

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who mentioned 10 different ways in which we can do so in his memorial in fatawa.

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And he says in a minute, one minute, one minute, either what he said, in the in the heart and if you're unhappy, ashati is bad.

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He says, when a believer folds into a sin, then he can push away the consequence of that sin and its punishment before it arrives, via 10 different ways.

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The first and trying to memorize these dear brothers and sisters and application is our goal trying to memorize these, the first he says Ania tuba firetube Allahu alayhi Emina them become a legend Allah. He says the first way to push away the light to push away the consequence of the same is when such a person engages in repentance, and thus Allah forgives him from that sin because a person who repents is like a person who hasn't

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the second way he says we are still a futile for young Pharaoh Allahu Allah, or he may ask Allah to forgive him to engage in his default and thus Allah pardons him. The third way he says,

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Oh Yama Allah has entered into Maha for

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you live in a city and the third way he says a person may put forward good deeds which arrays that sin because good deeds by their nature, he says they wipe away sins. The fourth way he says a weirdo is one who

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is one who will be known while you your selfie rune Allahu Hye, young woman Gita. The fourth way

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is when his brothers from the believers make dua to Allah Almighty for him, asking Allah to pardon his sins. That is the fourth way.

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As for the fifth way, he says, How ya doin? Allahu means nawabi anally Himalayan foul hula, hula, he or he says, when some of the believers decide to gift him with the good deeds of some of their actions of worship, that may also benefit him as well, even the team he uses.

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What about the sixth way of pushing away the punishment before it arrives? The sixth way he says, oh, yes foul. Maybe Yoo hoo Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam fee, or when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam intercedes for this person on the Day of Judgment, and thus his sins are forgiven. What about the seventh way? He says, Oh, yeah, Vitaly, he'd be Muslim, even be Maasai. Buffy, dunya. Ma, UK, Pharaoh behind or Allah Almighty may trial him with difficulties in the life of this world causing more sins to be forgiven. What about the eighth way? He says, Oh yeah, bitterly he feels this Sahaja you can feel Ravi or Allah May trial him in the grave via its difficulties and thus

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Allah forgives more of his sins. What about the ninth? He says oh yeah bitterly he Fiora southill Kiana Ming Hawa Neha ma Yuka Pharaoh behind, or alamy trial him in terms of the horrors of the Day of Judgment, and therefore more of his sins are forgiven. What about the 10th Avenue Tamia says, We are hammer who are hammer Rahimi

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or Allah the Most Merciful may show mercy towards?

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Let us rewind and ponder over these words because these 10 avenues are going to form the crux of our hope but for today, at a time in the month of Ramadan is now just around the corner I asked Allah to allow us to reach the month of Ramadan. These words of shameful Islamic leukemia have come at the right time.

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The first

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of these 10 ways he says,

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When a person engages in repentance, if you notice, the second one mentioned, or when a person engages in is still far asking Allah to forgive his sins, there seems to be an overlap between the two. What is the difference between Toba repentance and is still far asking Allah to forgive your sins, they seem to be referring to the exact same thing.

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The scholars of Islam have identified several differences, one of which being the following. They say that tell that repentance is far more encompassing than is still far. Merely asking Allah to forgive your sins is still far deals with the sins of the past.

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Whilst Toba repentance if Allah accepts it deals with your past, and your present and your future as well.

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For this reason, we know that an accepted toe that has shown wrote it has conditions. The first of these conditions, as you already know, is for a person to feel regret for what he did in the past. Notice how that deals with your past. The second condition is that you stop the sin immediately right now you desist. Notice how this condition deals with your present.

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And the third condition is that you promise a lot to try and never return to that sin again. Notice how that deals with the future.

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And therefore one can say that is still far asking Allah to forgive your sins is the necessary precursor which leads to Toba. The same way that you cannot fill a vessel only after you empty it you need to have engaged in is too far in order to reach the status of Toba and that is why Allah Almighty He says in chapter 11 of the Quran, we're unstoppable. Futura back home soon. matobo la

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Engaging is still far Allah says, ask Allah to forgive your sins, then turn to Him in repentance. Look at how the repentance comes after the is still far.

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These two points which amount of leukemia mentioned

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are in reference to this individual whom after he has engaged in a sin immediately finds himself turning to Allah, standing at the doorstep of a man saying Rob bookfi Lee, Rob, Bill Finley, my Lord, pardon me my note, pardon me.

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The IBEW would have written his sunon and tirmidhi in his journey, when your authority of epi Becker in the Cydia that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said mommy Nora Julian youth and the Buddha, fire como fire Tata her fury Why didn't you suddenly Eureka, Genie mineralogy, Rosalyn, use nibbles and bang for your home? Fire Tata, her voice only Wolfie rewired in araca tiny Ella for Allahu Allah. He says there isn't any person who engages in a sin

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and then gets up and does woohoo and praise two units of prayer. And then sits down saying My Lord forgive me. My Lord forgive me Rob willfully except that Allah will party.

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What about the third way which even though to me identify to push away the consequences of the sin before it arrived? The third way he says for a person to engage in good deeds, which by their nature erase the things

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and that is why even though behind him he narrates in his Tafseer that Allah has an old boss he said it's there. I know Allah. Will Kadima t bill has an 18 harissa. Is there any new policy in Kadima t bill has enacted howdy that we're in a complimentary judiciary and as you say, in

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Cody Mateen Minh has anything hadiza

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Well, do you do the early Kofi Kitab Illa. He called Allahu Allah Hashanah to you the heaviness and yet

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he says deal with your sins of the past. By putting forward new good deeds today. He says you will not find anything more effective in erasing the sins of the past by introducing sins, good deeds of the present.

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Then he says I have read the Quran. And I found an area that supports this. Allah says, indeed good deeds, they erase things.

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So if you are an individual who fears, complications in life that come with sins,

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then realize my dear brothers and sisters, that immediately after you have engaged in that sin, follow it up with a good deed.

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And the moment you do that feel that Allah is actively shielding you from those sins, when you are reciting for an feel that you are unloading some of those things when you are walking to the masjid, when you are tying on that hijab as was prescribed by the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. When you engage in charity, when you come to the circles of knowledge, when you wake up in the morning, and you attend the gym, I feel that Allah is removing from you the sins because the Prophet said alayhi salatu was Salam. Well, as I said he added Hashanah term Haha, follow up a sin with a good deed and it will wipe it away.

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The fourth way which you know, Tommy Mottola, Allah identifies in order to push away the punishment before it arrives. He says when the believers make dua for this individual, asking Allah to forgive his or her sins.

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And that is why Allah subhanaw taala instructs our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the Quran where he said farlam anahola ilaha illallah wa stealthily them be kawanishi meanie now Amina.

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ask Allah Almighty to forgive your sins and the sins of the believing men and believing women as well. emammal core to be says in his Tafseer of this

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work ILA and FIFA Bula who want to be in on joaquina lc Babu, while murale to be healed, oma what Allah has told to Djibouti is the foreign inszone li Jamie and Muslim in our Muslim that.

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He says one of the opinions with regards to this verse is that Allah is yes speaking to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam but every other Muslim is intended. He said therefore based upon this understanding, every Muslim is obligated to ask Allah to forgive the sins of the Muslims.

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This is the behavior of the responsible Muslim. Not only does he worry about his crimes and his sins, but he is also worried about the sins of others. And that is

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Why the profits they would say in their do is profit nor what say, ye ye ye D min. min and wilhelmine. Now one more minute,

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Allah forgive me and my parents and my guests who are believers and every believing men and believing woman, Allah and the Prophet of Allah Ibrahim he would say alayhi salatu wa sallam. Robin Robin Alfie Lee, Rob monography Lee when you are reading, Nina el Maya como hisab. Allah forgive me and my parents and all of the believers on the day that the reckoning is established. As for the fifth

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Ave Tamia, he said,

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when some of the believers choose to gift you with some of the good deeds of their actions of worship.

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If not, I mean, he has said in another place in his memorial fatawa LAN is Arduino. Uno de Waal, Gemma latifi Warsaw Lisa,

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Melia casada Katya. Well, it was ironic.

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He says there is no difference of opinion between the scholars of as Sundar will jamara that the financial acts of worship,

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like charity, and the freeing of slaves, the Fae, enact financial acts of worship, the reward of which can be gifted to another Muslim, it will reach them.

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He says we're in no matter no zero fee was only through our bill. Till badania Kasumi will clear it

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was celerity. He says however, the scholars have deferred with regards to the physical actions of worship, like prayer and reading Quran and Hodge will these actions of worship reach another person if their reward is gifted to him, even though Tamia says wasabi, Jamie azali, curiosity, wasabi and Jamie Isaiah Lika. So, he says the correct opinion is that all of these things will reach an individual and he says this is the opinion of Ashman and Abu hanifa and some of the Maliki and Shafi scholars as well.

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As for the sixth way in which a person's sins may be pushed away and the repercussions sidelined before they arrive. He said, when the messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam intercedes for a believer on the Day of Judgment, Allahu Akbar, I asked Allah to make us recipients of this shift this intercession.

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He will be given a series of intersections on the Day of Judgment,

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some of which are exclusive to him, and others are shared between him and other people as well.

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And the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said as the amendment Buhari writes on the authority of ebihara

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nikolina v and our Tony Adobe Ha Lee Kulina being our to Mr. Java, Tony Adobe ha will redo an

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hour to Matty Scheffer, Attorney Amati. Phil as he said, Every profit in the life of disgruntled every profit in the life of this world was given one day, which Allah guaranteed He will answer for him. As for me, I have saved this door in order to intercede for my own man. On the day of judgment, there will be intersections, which only the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam will be given on this long and exhausting and strenuous day. Thus humanity, both black and white, male and female, Arab and non Arab, Muslim and careful, will look at the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on that day with the eye of all and veneration and Marvel and wonder. This is the praise

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station by the way. This is Alma Carmen machmood which Allah referred to in Nakuru and when he said, I said, A rasa kerabu Karma Karma mahamudra pray at night Oh prophet because it could be that Allah will raise you to a very praiseworthy station, that is the station for him on the Day of Judgment.

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This is way number six when He intercedes for the believers on the Day of Judgment, who are still carrying sins. What about the seventh way he may be able to Tamia if you remember he said, or a law may trial this person with difficulties in dunya, causing more of his sins to fall away.

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And that is why the companion app de la Hebrew must hold when he entered upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Whoa, whoa Are you whack whack and Shaheed and he was suffering a tremendous fever. As Bukhari and Muslim narrate the eponymous old said to the profits that I sell them, your rasulillah in the catwalk and shader or messenger of Allah, you are suffering a great deal.

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You said to him in the Akuma ewekoro, Jr.

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You said yes I am suffering a great deal. I suffer

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twice as much as when you any one of you suffer even worse oh he says that he can aloka Johnny, is that because Allah is going to reward you twice? He said to him agilely dannic That is correct. Quranic ma'am in Muslim in you sleep woohoo other show Catan Fanuc opa locka for Allah hobby Hansa Yachty wa hotpot on Hulu Kanata hope to Shara Torah ha, he says but Likewise I say to you the following any Muslim look he's teaching even when he is in a lower club

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likewise uses any Muslim

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who suffers any degree of harm. Whether as small as the pricking of a thorn, or more, alone, mighty will pardon him from some of his sins, and will allow his car to fall away from his body, the same way that a tree sheds its leaves Allahu Akbar, therefore realize, dear brother, dear sister, that any pain you're experiencing at the bodily level, at the psychological level, internally or externally, a lack of ability to sleep financially with friends, socially, educationally maritally

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realize that Allah Almighty is causing your sins to fall away from you, and pushing away the repercussions of those sins that we are yet to repent from. That is Avenue number seven. What about Avenue number eight, even though Tamia he said, or when alone mighty causes a person to suffer in the grave due to its Horus, Allah Almighty pardons him from some of the sins there is well,

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that is because there is an interrogation in the grave six feet under there will be two angels who will visit us Moncada and Akira Their names are

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and there will also be a squeezing of the grief, the person is lowered underground, the earth will hug you it will compress you. Some people will remain in the torturous class of the grave till the Day of standing whilst others will be relieved. Nobody will be spared of the squeeze not even the children will be spared. And that is why Ahmed narrating his Muslim the new authority of our mother our Asia, but the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in that will probably

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follow Nigeria. I was telling him I mean he had low energy. Sadly.

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He said the grave it has a compression on the body. It's going to have a squeeze a painful squeeze. And therefore if anybody was going to be saved from it, he said, My companion Sajid Nawaz would have been saved IE but even he wasn't spared.

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The grave will come for many people with anxiety and pain, and scariness alone sadness. All of this will bring about with the fear of the expiation of sins if a person is still carrying sins at that moment in time.

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What about the ninth way? Mmm, no Tamia, he said or allow mighty may forgive his sins on the Day of Judgment due to its horrors and due to its terrifying scenes. What about Avenue number 10 the last of the 10 he said oh we are hammer who are hammer rahimian or Allah, the Most Merciful may show mercy towards

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Iran Allahumma Pharaoh 10 Yeoman chiamata lamb Dr. Ron Appleby, Basha

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companion Abdullah even Mossad would say as even when Mubarak mentions in his book as

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he said, Allah Almighty is going to forgive people on the day of judgment in a way that no human heart could ever imagine.

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Why would it be too much I would say this

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because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had said, as Bukhari and Muslim the rate on your authority February in one of the most hopeful a hadith that you will ever come across he said in that India hit Allah to Saturn in Allah tala me Rama

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Angela homina ramadan wahida

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your steady coffee hi Alan So, well Jean what will

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be higher Tata who will be higher Tara moon will be required in car hotter to refer back to high Pharaoh her and wala D hahaha and

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he says Allah Almighty has divided his mercy into 100 parts.

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And from those parts he has only brought down one part to this world

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which is shared between the human beings and the spirits, the jinn and the animal world and the world of the creatures. He says they show affection and mercy to one another through that one part of Allah has mercy. He said to me, You see the wildebeest raising its foot not wanting to harm his child, Allahu Akbar.

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Every shade Brothers and Sisters of Mercy that you see in this universe

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is nothing but a manifestation of the fraction of one part of a laws 100 parts of mercy, one part that includes the mercy of the mother over her child and the mercy that exists between husband and wife and the mercy of the Father over his children, and the mercy of the Muslim over the Kufa

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the mercy that you see in the animal kingdom, the mercy that we don't see in the world of the Jing, the mercy of the prophets and messengers, their mercy of Prophet Mohammed Salah, send them over his own, all of this is but a fraction of one part of 100 parts of Alas, merci. What about the remaining 99? What about them?

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He Salah lohani, who was sent them concludes the Hadith and he says, what a karate satin What is

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your ham ob hybridomas Pa.

00:25:59 --> 00:26:07

He has saved the other 99 parts of his mercy in order to display His mercy on the believers on the Day of Judgment.

00:26:08 --> 00:26:17

The signal to me he would say Oh, your hammer hammer on the 10th way he says Our Allah the Most Merciful may show mercy towards him.

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And therefore it is understandable how insane it would be for a person to still meet Allah Almighty on the Day of Judgment, heading to the fire. After being given all of these opportunities

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and the signal to the media. He concludes this study with one sentence and he said Thurman de la Shara

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Fela Illumina.

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He says Therefore, any person

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who misses out on every one of these 10 ways of forgiveness of sins, then let him blame nobody but himself.

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