An Action That Garners You the Prayer of the Prophet Muhammad

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AI: Summary © The province has hired a mayor who claims to be in touch with Amina Che and that the news is a sign that Islam is becoming more popular. The mayor is praised for his ability to share hadiths and teach others about their own experiences. The conversation is about the importance of preserving Islam and not diving deep into negative information.
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The province that alladia Send them says this is a beautiful Hadith reported by Timothy he says not that Allah humara same Amina che and Fabella, who come as a mayor who for Uber mobile living, oh, ah, Simon. So he says,

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Hadith report by Timothy he say my love right in the face of someone who hear something, and they narrate it like they heard it, for perhaps the one who's receiving it will understand it better than the one who's narrating it. This hadith is praising anybody who's in the chain of the transaction of knowledge. He says, May Allah bless a person who learned something,

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and then they teach it just like they heard it, perhaps you are going to share it to somebody who's going to understand it better than you.

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I might come here to share a hadith. And I shared some Hadith with you. Perhaps you might absorb that hadith, even better than your teacher, perhaps you might benefit from that hadith, or access that hadith extract meanings from the Hadith, even better than the one who taught it to you. And that's been the case in every generation. But what does the prophesy Selim praise, he praises the person who learns it and teaches it, even if the one who they're giving it to is going to understand that even better, but by you just being a part of the link of preserving Islam, one generation to the next, that in and of itself is a beautiful endeavor that earns the prayer of the province the

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light is added up. You might say to yourself, hold on, I might not not super qualified. I'm not this I'm not that the province has I'm saying is is all if all you do is that you learn? And then you literally just present what you've learned. That's it. You're not diving deep and you know, philosophy, full philosophizing, right, you're not doing all of that type of stuff. You're just sharing what you've learned as you learned it, and you're giving it you're passing it on to the next generation.

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May Allah may Allah brighten your face.

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I mean, that's what the prophesies of them said but yes,

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right. He's making that that ALLAH SubhanA data right in your face.