Repentance Delayed and Denied – Learning from a Dying Pharoah

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Similar in Al Hamdulillah Mohammed who wanna stir in holiness the field of study when amin ob he wanted to work it already he wanted to be learning from him and surely and fusina woman say Dr. Marina Manya de la, la la la la la la la, la la, la la, la la la la la la la sharika lah mercola lol hemmed up Will you meet

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via the hill higher wahala coalition party.

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Mohammed Abu rasuluh wasafi Yoo hoo Amana tabula rasa Tanaka hallelujah Akasha Luna was rockin edited by Mr. lado hurricane howdy Hello, Ella Hurley Crowley here. Tim with a slim while he while early he was in the vicinity to Medina la Medina main home. I mean a living

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sub. I mean, come on. FCB

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Carla, Tada. You're Latina. I'm an otaku. La Habra, Ducati, he will determine a low anti muslim on you anassa tapwater Bakula de holla Pokemon Epson wahida masala caminhadas jaha webadmin humare john and Kathy around one Isa, what's up? Oh la la de TESSA otonabee he will or hum in the law. Can I add a camera? theva Yeah, you alladhina amanu topo la Hello Hulu, Colin Sadie. The use of the halochem American way of Roku become one of our pseudo fellows and alima from Barrett, the brothers and sisters imagine the scene.

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The scene, not just of a loss of Hannah Montana saving Musashi saddam and his people, but also the world through the eyes of the Pharaoh of film, a man who wreaked havoc in this life. A man who worked all forms of corruption, who not only rejected the guidance of his Lord but oppressed His prophets, oppressed anyone who dared oppose him. And those last moments of his life through his eyes. There's something about how Allah deals with a pharaoh at the end of his life Abuja, the Pharaoh of this own mother, father own of this oma, his last moments were on the ground looking up at Abdullah Masaru little the Allahu anhu, who he had once oppressed and stepped on in front of the

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cab, who represented all of the oppressed people that he had harmed throughout the existence of the message of the Prophet slice that I'm in his opposition to it, and his last moments were looking up at Urban miscued has it been Massoud took his life with for their own, for their own is on his horse. He thinks that this episode is going to play out the way that it always plays out, that he is going to catch up with those whom he has oppressed. And he is going to slaughter them in the merciless ways that he is used to slaughtering them. And the books of Tafseer we find the narrations of our own on his stallion and he looks to the side and he sees debris rally his alarm on his

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stallion. And he follows gibreel at his Salaam who is on his stallion with his own into the area where he would eventually come underwater and drown. And as the water shuts on Fatone and his army

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and it is drowning, he is drowning debris Ronnie his Salaam tells the prophets lie sentiment and authentic narration he says if you would have seen me in those last moments of the pharaohs life of life, I was taking the mud from the bottom of the surface underwater and stuffing his face with that mud because I was afraid that he would seek forgiveness from Allah subhana wa tada and Allah would forgive him. gibreel knows how merciful Allah is that if it was sincere, even a man like for their own the worst human being to walk the face of the earth could be forgiven. Despite all that he has done if he was sincere in his repentance to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. And Allah tells us in the

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that once he started to drown, and he knew that there was no way getting out of this, no one was going to pull him out. His soul was leaving his body in those moments as the soul was leaving his body. It andraka hollyhock when he was drowning and dying, he called out and he said, Man to Anna who La ilaha illAllah de Amana to be hibben who is smart he, I believe in the one

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besides whom there is no partner that Benny is thought he believed them. But it meant nothing to Allah subhanho wa Taala why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us in an authentic hadith from our beloved Nora model, the Allahu anhu ma

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in La Jolla, como Toba. Allah accepts repentance derived from his servant. Madam you heard of him until he reaches the point in which his soul is already in his throat, when his soul is escaping the body, every morning, when you wake up, you have an opportunity to seek forgiveness from Allah. Every day that you are alive, is the day that Allah grants you an opportunity to come back to him and to change your ways. But that last moment when the soul is leaving the body, that is a time in which repentance is no longer accepted. A lot tells us and sort of denisa as well is How about it? How about it? How about I had the home remote when once death comes to them, and then they say in the

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Tibetan end, now I repent to you, but it doesn't mean anything in those particular moments. So it's not about the size of the sin. It's about that last moment that a person is leaving. And dear brothers and sisters there is much to learn from their own in this regard. And those last moments and what Allah subhana wa tada is telling us about repentance delayed and then repentance denied the Most Merciful Lord, who forgives all sins, repentance delayed, and then repentance, denied. And that is, if you pay attention to the words of their own, and it's it's very specific, the only thing that frown could see because of his ego, was his own honor. And those that were seeking to diminish his

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honor and his power. At no point does he even say the name of Allah, because at some point, when you feed yourself so much, you start to worship yourself, and for their own is the greatest manifestation of a person who literally worships himself and claims divinity and claims lordship. Everything now is about my inflated presence and those that are trying to get in the way. And so for their own still sees this as a competition between him and Benny smile. Okay, but now, I'm dying I, I submit to the Lord of Benny Asahi, at no point was it between him and a lot and it's very interesting, because as he was passing away, he asked him in Minnesota who's winning the battle.

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He's still thinking about the two parties. He's still thinking about the army of Christ and the army of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he does not take that as a moment to humble himself before his Lord, to say, yeah, a lot. I messed up a lot. I'm turning to you in sincere repentance. And so the Toba of Fatone was delayed and denied and it was insincere. And at no point did he see a loss of Hannah horchata through it all. And the greatest lesson that we can take from this or one of the greatest lessons beyond the idea of a delayed Toba not being accepted, is the fact that for many of us, we often do not see how detrimental our behavior is that other people try to advise us about.

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Because we see someone trying to tell us something, someone challenging us, someone telling us, hey, maybe you shouldn't do that someone saying hey, that's not appropriate, someone saying to you that it's about time you start to think this way. And so with the child with their parents, at some point, it becomes no longer the parent telling the child to pray at some point I need to pray for Allah. It's not my parents telling me anymore but some people never grow out of that. When it comes to sincere and you'll see hand sincere advice. I'm the loving robot I call him Allah to Allah man told him, once you give us sincere advice, he said, Is there anyone that wants to accept sincere

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advice? It's very hard. Because often, we're not paying attention to what Allah is trying to tell us through the things that are unfolding in front of us. But instead, who is telling us and it is deflating to our ego, and to our own presence into our own self. And so when you're in a conversation, and someone says, you know, brother, that's, I don't think you should go that route. That's backbiting that's liba Who are you to tell me not to back but right, you backbite all the time.

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Brother, I think you should think about this, and it's private, it's loving it is from a place of goodness. But all I see is myself and you. And the problem is, is that through it all We should be seeing a loss of Hannah hautala and true victory and aid comes as a result of us turning back to him sincerely, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala that we are not deceived by the praise of people when we do good. Nor do we find stubbornness upon evil because the people that warn us about our evil or that try to advise us to leave are evil, or not people that we

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Particularly like or, or not doing it in a way that we particularly like we pray that Allah subhanaw taala allow us to see him and to see our relationship with Him as priority through it all. And we pray that Allah subhanaw taala guide us and guide through us. We pray that Allah subhana wa Taala show us his mercy and allow us to be manifestations of His mercy to his creation. Amin

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Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. While earlier he was talking to Manuela a llama couldn't walk many minutes when a Muslim in a Muslim or a Haman home was in the casa mia and caribou moody but there are a lot a lot of McClellan our Hamner wife, I know that I have done a one a man for Santa inlanta run out of Hamlet an akuna Minal hacer de la in the caribou and Kareem went to hibbeler for for a lot of fiddling while eating out but hamama came out of lunacy lotto Robin I have a lot I mean, as well as you know the reality Nakata, Arianna lamattina, Mama llama, one and most of Athena fimasartan, Mahara Bihar, Allah Allah give Valentina bitwala meanwhile original

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acquire them and beanie him certainly mean by the law and the law he gladly with S and Lita corbion her and in fact shirt you will get he will love he ever come to come to the Coronavirus Corolla guru come watch guru who Alinea is back home. What are they call Allahu akbar wa la jolla and on mouthless in their own work in a salon.