It Lands on The Heart

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the receiver, what receives the Islamic reminder whether Quran or Hadith, or a Friday sermon or a lecture like this, what is receiving primarily is your heart, not your ears, not any other sensory faculty that you have. It's your heart. That's where it's going.

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And this is precisely why Allah Jalla Jalla Allah who said in Surah, two AF in a fee, the Lika vichara. There is a reminder in this for who

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Lehmann can Allahu urban, for he who possesses a heart, there is a reminder in this, but for who, for he who possesses a heart,

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not an ear. For he who possesses a heart, oh, a somehow who was a little while who was Shaheed or he gives ear whilst he is attentive.

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So it's going to the heart, how is it that two people may hear the exact same reminder,

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same content, same speaker, same pace, same tone of voice, they behave in polar opposite ways, we may get this disparity in this particular hole,

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to people who hear the same message, but look at the difference between them.

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Person A hears it.

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And his eyes begin to water up with tears.

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memories of the past start playing in his mind.

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And a decision to change his life once and for all comes into play from this very evening.

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Then you have individual beat, maybe sat just next to him no social distancing needed. He hears the same content.

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But in one ear out the other unaffected. What's the differences between them,

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nothing to do with their physical properties, no difference in their health in their fitness. That's not the idea. The idea is this one had a healthy heart and this one had an unhealthy heart.

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This Islamic heart was ready to receive the admonition and therefore it produced change.

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And this heart was not a healthy heart. It's obsessed with all sorts of sins and yearnings and cravings and hadn't there's no room for this type of material anyway. And so it is pushed out, the difference is in the status of the heart. So the heart is the receiver of the Islamic content.

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This is just like rainwater,

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the same rain that falls upon land. But each plot of land behaves completely differently. Depending upon the properties of that soil, you have a land

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that is fertile. And so it absorbs the rainwater, and it's able to hold it, it retains it.

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And then it's able to produce all sorts of colorful plants and beneficial herbage.

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Then you have a second plot of land that receives the same rain.

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But this land is different.

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It's a rocky terrain, it's unable to absorb the water. So it holds the water, it carries it. It benefits others who come to drink from it.

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But that land itself cannot produce anything.

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And then you have a third type of land. And this is the worst of them all. It's a salty, or a sandy plot of land where the rain goes straight through it.

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That land is unable to retain the water, thus producing anything beneficial. And therefore, it is also unable to benefit itself.

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This is exactly the analogy of the human heart and how it behaves to Revelation, like what you are hearing now Islamic content, why people behave differently because of how fertile hearts are. You have a heart that hears it, learn in the load is time to change. And the vibes of that reminder stay with you for a week after it is well maybe a lifetime even. So you retain that knowledge. And you grow because of it and you're willing to share it with others as well. That's the fertile land.

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Then you have a second type of hunt.

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It carries the information

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but because it is ill with a desire that you and I may know about.

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It cannot absorb it, but it can share it with others come to the lecture. Memorize this area. Listen to this hadith of himself. He has not grown

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and then you have the worst type of hearts where the reminder goes straight through it.

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Unable to grow because

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Have it

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and let alone benefit anybody else. Which heart is yours?

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And that is why Abdullah he be the Messiah with the companion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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autoload the back of faith and aseema Walton search for your heart during one of three circumstances.

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In the semi Quran when you hear the Quran recited where is your heart?

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Where female jealousy decree and during gatherings of remembrance like this, where is your heart? And number three or fi o RT Hunua when you are alone

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when no one is looking young man search for your heart.

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Abdullahi Masada he concludes and he says for 11 digit callback if you hurry him out when

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for cellular and human knowledge it could be Halloween Fair enough.

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If you fail to find your heart during these three times, then make dua ask Allah to give you a heart because you are a heartless human being who said no