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What time is it?

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Okay, I wanted to just

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probably would not be possible for us to finish all the conditions and I sort of thought about it if I can cram the rest of the conditions in this session,

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but it will be unfair that the requisites of the prayer are extremely important. So it is okay let's be take our time, you know, going over the prerequisites of prayer,

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because they are important, and they are also somewhat complicated. We talked about, you know, ritual purity, we didn't spend that much time in ritual purity, because this is not complicated. It's, it's everybody knows, it's a matter of concerns. You don't have to have to pray

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at certain University if you need it the most, but you need to be ritually pure. And then the commencement of time, this was a little bit complicated. So we give, give it some time, you know, an entire session, covering the nakedness. We gave it an entire session also, because it's also a little bit complicated, which is subtle, our covering covering one's nakedness. And I think today we'll be talking about physical purity. And we will defer the discussion of facing the Qibla. And the intention than a

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tentative next time, which I love when we come back on September 9, for people who, you know, follow us on Facebook, when we come back on September 9, the sound would be better, because I'll have a microphone. Someone told me and someone is sending me a microphone in the mail to improve the sound. So you know, me, I'm not aware of them.

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But, but at any rate, so, today, we will talk about physical purity. And like we use what do you do, I like to point out the combative position, because that's the book that we are going over and point out some of the

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point out mirror not in every detail, but we point out the position of the 300

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Hanafi, Maliki and Shafi and sometimes also we highlight concessions and

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some people may think that I am a little bit too loose like when it comes to giving people conceptions and this is not correct. In the combat emails have which people think is the strictest

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in the combat emails.

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Actually a madman himself his position his clear position report that explicitly from him is that

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when people act upon concessions even if they leave their method, he himself allowed his disciples to leave his fatwah and childcare capital shop are proud to go to her holiday medallion burn suffer and ask them and if they tell you Hillel, take it from there. That's really not what they asked. If I were to happen to madonnina, the madonie. medalists circuit in Osaka in a place called the recycling pack that can ask any one of them any one of these callers and they tell me this Hello, Kevin take it in Omaha. Sam Yes, he can take it. The one time you give it you You are so strict and HIPAA is like strict. They are so strict.

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And you have stopped to Atlanta medical. Sometimes it is hard for us to follow you. Can we follow someone else can we ask someone else he said he has gone out

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to the water. They one time I asked him you know can we someone one who had a follow up issue and the government said to him if it

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happened, you know

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it actualized he and then he said then what can I find someone else to ask? He certainly is fascinated

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this except physically frequently reported from an email marketer. So the point of the tab bar row has a lot to refer to that is this phrase is when you

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You are shopping without need it is you're trying to find facilitation in every matter and shop without need for concessions and exits and a easy way out. But whenever someone needs a concession whenever someone feels

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that one particular ruler ruling is hard for them and needs a concession, it is okay to take the concession given that it is coming also from a trustworthy source because Mr. Latham etc Then go to Halliburton with an in an Rusafa he did not tell them, you know,

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pick whatever you want from the paper or TV like, you know, TV talk shows or something, you

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know, he told them to go to the circle of and Melanie in the Melanie's scholars in the south, he told them go as capital hab which is a trustworthy scholar, go ask about another trustworthy scholar. So if the conception is coming from a trustworthy source, particularly if it is particularly not only, particularly if it is authorized the view and one of the other methods, then we certainly can take it. We will see here how, you know, we there are authorized views in the Hanafi and Maliki methods that are very helpful concessions, particularly for people who have obsessions, we want to we want to say to those people, particularly people who are obsessive, we

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wanted to help them take the concessions of each and every one second in the history of Islam.

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Take Back concessions unless you make up a position that is by consensus, unacceptable here or through patchwork, healthy, then it is not acceptable. This is one condition. The other condition is unless you are certainly wrong. But how could you be certain that the behavior was wrong? Did you have to have another issue here, if you're asserting that madacorp or hanifa, or Stephanie was wrong, and you are who you are, you have another issue, you have an issue, like a psychological issue, you have a mental issue, I'm sorry, there is there is something that needs to be treated that level of certainty when you reach that when you say I am certain that one entire method is wrong.

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And even though the scholars have this method, have they maintained the position of their founders for 1400 years, scores of scholars, not scores of scholars, hundreds 1000s of scholars in every field and every discipline, they maintain the position of their founders and you are certain that they were they were wrong, I am sorry, this is this is an emotional disturbance, I think that you do need some therapy.

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This does not mean that you may not think that they were wrong, you could think they were wrong, because that is natural, that's just human. Whenever you're presented with two different positions, you may you may be inclined to one position and talking about certainty, that you certainly are wrong,

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there is a huge difference right you could be very comfortable that this is the right position, but to reach certainty that the other position was wrong is basically unattainable as your level particularly if that position is the position of is the authorized position of an entire method 1000s of scholars in all fields in all disciplines and hobbies. In fact, in the you know, for example, in this in the 1000s of scholars have basically held this position and you are certain that it was wrong, that is an issue that that requires you to basically go back and re examine your heart because you have a problem with your heart.

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So basically

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potempa Rufus, he keep in mind that tabula rasa, I am just going all the way here to clarify this issue because the shape that you know, strictness is unhealthy. And it is, particularly in our times, particularly in where we live. And if we want to invite people to this religion, and if we want our own people, our own Muslims to stay within the bounds of this religion, then strictness

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is not conducive any of the above. Because what we're doing most of the time is preaching to the choir. And we're happy that we are basically sort of faking righteousness in front of each other. And there are tons of people out there that are getting lost, because they feel that we are merciless to them, we're brutal or we're always critical. We're always telling them this is wrong. This is not our business love this. When it comes to this particular issue, the issue of physical purity. I have seen a lot of people with lots of obsessions. And I am telling them, if you get concessions from each and every valid they had from a metalhead, you know, from an email, what's

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that, and act upon all of those concessions together, you should be fine. And that is what you should be doing. Because causing yourself hardship will

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eventually make you this life.

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The path this like the whole path, and could be a fitna for you, and you're the and don't be deceived by your level of strictness. Now, I have seen people who make an A complete U turn, after they have become much more knowledgeable and much more stricter than most of us in this room. So it is

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it is important that you enjoy that journey. It is important that you have comfort and ease in that journey. And if there is some striving and if there is some burden, it is an enjoyable burden, and enjoyable striving. So strictness is not that helpful.

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But what puto refers to tempo refers basically to follow the all of the concessions to all of the conditions even without hardship, is that a controversial issue. And some of the scholars said that as long as they're coming from what they deem, as long as they permit from which they deem this these concessions are governing, you are allowed to take all of them, all of all of the constituents that are coming from the Mr. AD, but the middle position here, the middle position here is that you can take all of the concessions with these conditions are coming from which Stadium, you do need to have a need to basically follow that concession. Your heart is not certain that this is wrong, that

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this is not what Allah wanted. You're not certain, because staff department back when a second so I felt that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Ask your heart

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regardless of how many fatwas you get, ask your heart if your heart is certain This is not what Allah wanted of me that I cannot tell you that you're that okay go ahead and take it if your heart is certain so your art is you know if you're hard to start then you cannot take into consideration if you don't have a need for it you cannot be following the condition all over the place you're just following what your email your shape your mouth have this that and you're not seeking out the concessions without a need for the and then what matters the most and this is on top of the list is that you're getting those concessions from which they had emails not from talk shows not from the

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newspaper not from a friend the viewers or or like yeah we are having a friendly discussion and someone came up with this idea or this talk more this fatwah know you're taking them from what standard emails in this case you can you could follow that all the consistency you want. So we're talking about physical purity or for that matter from all of us and it's up to Rhonda Tara to manage us and feel better and he was I will be remotely selected. Elena Jessica from Juan Hakka Sierra Demi, one

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fourth, alcohol Amina just pure physical purity for Harmon just has to be pure from impurities.

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fee battery was that would be your model solid of the physical purity of the body but any Sarabeth garment or mold or solid and place of prayer. You do not need to be removed from anywhere else. Even your place of prayer. What you need to be made making sure of is that you're not touching that adjustment when you're standing God prostrating that's it.

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If there is an adjustment between you and your place of frustration, but you're not touching it when you prostrate that notice that you do not need to remove. It is not a condition of validity. You don't even need to remove it. So Muslims

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Not necessary Muslims do. We like purity, we like to remove the medicine, but you are not required religiously, because of our people work with an adjustment.

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Can you mention you are like many professionals that are you could do, you know, think of many professions that work with no data. So, in this case, you are not required to remove them from all of your environment because that is not doable. What you're required to do is to remove the images. And when you are prayed, when you're praying outside of the prayer, you're not even required to do it. You know, when you're pray, and you're required to remove the data from your body, from your government, and from the place on the ground that you will come in contact with when you're standing and when even frustrating. And that's

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or no if your baby's diapers not clean, and that will be a problem.

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But if you're if you're certain that the diaper is not clean, Are you certain the library

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Yeah, because it is also important to that we do not carry an adjuster, it is also important that we do not carry that.

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But if you want to take the hanafy position, the hanafy position is easier here and you could take it you know carrying bandages as long as it is not coming in contact that adjusts itself is not coming in contact with your body garment, or place of prostration is fine. If that adjustment is wrapped. And your baby is

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is wrapped your fine. Take that concession if you need it.

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So, but we're we're talking here about the you know, in the Hanbury position, you cannot carry bandages unless it is an adjuster inside the you know,

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the data that is inside

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the stock

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vest case you're carrying an adjustment because when you're carrying someone you're carrying, whatever the data is, inside, there's common keeping who's an animal?

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You have alcohol on your clothes. How many wise No, but if there is if you want the concession here if you need the alcohol, I don't know why you need the concession.

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You're talking about perfumes.

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You're talking about previews right? Or what alcohol

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so do I have to change the floor?

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Okay, so the position in the math lab is that you need to change your clothes. But alcohol is not physically impure, according to many scholars, and I believe that this is a stronger position that alcohol is impure to consume, not physically impure to touch.

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So that is a valid concession to take. This is not the position of the mouth Hamza.

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Okay, so having said that, where the chef says Illinois as a performer, I can see that damiana except for the impurity that is exempted, such as a little blood or the like the madrasa that is exempted in the hand, any math lab is the little blood and the little parts and stuff like this. This is exempt No, no problem. You don't need to worry about it in the Hanafi madhhab that the data that is exempted is a very good concession particularly for people who have obsessions take the hanafy position in the hierarchy position, anything that is less than the concavity of your

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the concavity of your hand this Taka already have

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this, this concavity of your hand here and you think about is less than this is cocaine. No problem. If you pray with any Natasha that is less than this is okay.

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No problem. They wouldn't say it's not gonna happen z. They will say it is my crew it is disliked it is disliked Mahaffey Muslim, but if it is less than this it is okay. Therefore people who obsess about reserving about, you know the splashback of

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have you wise all of this will be less if you collect all of this, it will be less than this. That's fine. You don't need to worry about if you have that obsession, take the hanafy position. This is the position of the bangko hanifa hero, the first the oldest, the earliest of the four imams you should use he can take it and be very happy with it. If you have obsessions take the position of a marble honey. If it is less than this, then adjust is less than this on your body our garment it is fine.

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It does not invalidate your prayer even though it is the slight macro Yes, it wouldn't be the slide and it would be preferred to the to remove it. But if you would not be able to remove it or it is such that the removal causes hardship or you have obsessions, you may take that position.

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Okay. Keep in mind also that the Maliki's they have a position that is particularly when it comes to underwear. The magic is don't mind the stains in the underwear because they say that this is a woman by the way that that it is inevitable that people will have stains in their underwear

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you know from the back well you know from because particularly if you wipe and you don't wash and then you have use wet your underwear will have a little bit of stain. That is fine. That's that's the market but not stupidity remember Matic you know nuts Musulin, you can take it, it's fine if you obsess about this issue, take the constituent of a memory stick here.

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And then he says remember Puerto Rico law said when Salalah alayhi wa sallam jaquan Halima Bihar,

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if he prays with impurity on him that he is unaware of

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our argument we have some cmfs Allahu Sahaba, or that he knew of but he then he forgot that his prayer is valid.

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swear they have a symbol of consensus here that is not even. That's not even correct. And it must have I don't know why I have the symbol

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that there is a symbol of consensus, right? That remove that cross it there is no consensus he

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the symbol of consensus next to that statement, if he prays with impurity you on him that he is unaware of, or that he knew of but then for God, then his prayer is valid. Meaning if you forget, and you pray, and you have

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some impurity, you knew that you have impurity on your garment, and then you forgot. And then you pray

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while forgetting

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or you did not know that you have impurity on your garment, you finish the prayer. And you look at here, here it is, impurity on your garment, the safe amount for them, I say your Salah is valid. I have a symbol of consensus next to this. That's strong. There is no consensus there. I don't know what God this symbol here. There is no consensus in fact, in the authorized position of the Hanbury method, here, Salah is invalid, but take Amendment No podemos position your

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take this one, this one is good.

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But the authorized position and how many months have just for your information is that your supply is invalid

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because the removal and impurity is a requirement for every one enemy what we're doing at LMU with knowledge and ability to remove and without without. So anyway,

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just cross the symbol of consensus because it's not a consensus and keep acting upon this because it's good for you.

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is actually in a stronger position pediment a male or female less important this position went to great lengths to support this position.

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Whenever you are unaware or ignorant of something, you do not need to go back and repeat it. You are you're fine. And then I may have mentioned to particular a Hadith of the Prophet that are extremely strong in this regard. Do you remember that? How do you think a man who didn't know how to pray,

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he remember the hurry for the prophet who instructed them on how to pray because his prayer was, you know, missing pillars and so on. And we'll see salata this particular man, do you find in any report that the Prophet told him, go back and repeat all the prayers, your previous prayers? None. So, they may have says that this is a man who compromise the pillars of the prayer of the Prophet did not tell him go back and repeat it, even though you know that prayer is is known to all the Muslims that have the time and it is common knowledge. But even though it was common knowledge to Muslims, but the Prophet did not ask him Do you remember the Hadith of the woman who used to have prolonged

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bleeding and the Prophet came she came to the prophet SAW the sermon for and she said in years the hydrophone celibate and other other masala Masato so I have you know severe minister of bleeding prolonged severe minister of bleeding for which I

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you know, Lee for which I stay away from or salon some for which I have been spared stayed away from a lot. And so, the practice of setting I'm told that you don't need to stay away from salon so you could just, you know,

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separate I am just avoid the you know, salon someone for six or seven days and then you're you clean yourself and then you pray, did the Prophet some of them say that this woman go back and repeat all of the salon that you were missing? How knowingly, no, he did not. These are indication that people who are forgetful or ignorant are not bound by you know, their mistakes, and they do not need to go back and repeat anything in the future. And if you were making that lead of some email, and you know and now, you discovered that this position was a weak position, you do not need to go back and repeat anything, you never need to go back and repeat anything and that is the stronger position.

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if you want to if he if this is not authorized position in the method in the method, if you do not know that there is impurity on your garment for you for God and you pray at the end of the prayer, you discover that you have impurity, you need to repeat the prayer the authorized position

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then imaginable podemos said we're in ottima behalf.

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We did not even talk about the the proof that the why is it that removing that adjuster is a condition of validity.

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You know there there is a hobbyist reported from Arby's either for the day you know remember when this hadith when the prophets of Salaam was praying and then he took it it's only it's in your structure when he took off his sandals. And he prayed you know put them next to him and then the Sahaba did the same thing and the prophet SAW them after the Salah I said to them, Why did you take off your sandals he said we saw you take off your sandals sutra, we took off our sandals and he said who came and told me that there is filth on them so I took them off.

00:28:55--> 00:29:39

What this hubby says that it is important that you avoid NASA in your prayer. And I'm also kind of a thought also seventh parameter to become a partner and your garment you should purify with the applica hairless colors that this is a this does not apply theatrical font here. This does not apply outside of the prayer. You're not commanded, purified or sampled without Masada for prayer. So we're only left with the obligation to do this and the prayer. Therefore, it is a condition of validity that jump Therefore, it is a condition of validity some scholars did not agree with us. He mathematic did not agree with us. He did not feel that sense. It is an obligation. It is a condition

00:29:39--> 00:29:45

of validity in mathematics and it is not a condition of validity It is only an obligation in the manic emails.

00:29:46--> 00:29:59

There are some medical scholars who even say that we move in Bella Jessa is his son. Some of the verifying scholars of the medical method up there after said the method is established through

00:30:00--> 00:30:20

The sooner they did not mean it is only recommended. And they claim that the Maliki Meza method is in agreement that it is an obligation that you're sinful if you do not remove the madrasa. But in the Maliki method, it is not a condition of it, it is therefore they tell you, if you're if you

00:30:23--> 00:31:14

pray intently with an adjuster on you, and the time is not over, they tell you repeat this about me you will reap prayed intently with an adjuster on you and the time is over, you do not need to repeat the supply in the Maliki method. And that is by the agreement within the Maliki method. Therefore, the Maliki's believe that it is an obligation to remove that agenda. But they do not believe it's a condition of validity because they say, in order for this to be a condition of validity, I need a statement from the law or the messenger that if you don't remove them adjust to your Salah is invalid. I have statements that confirm enough evidence that it is an obligation. But

00:31:14--> 00:31:20

I don't have a statement that confers enough evidence that it is a condition of validity and validity are a prerequisite for

00:31:21--> 00:31:38

HANA fees. This was the position of any moment shafali in his per diem and his old must have before he moved to Egypt, also the like it like the mathematic can, in padeen. There are many similarities between members of a and the nomadic in the in the old method.

00:31:39--> 00:31:58

And this is the position that shokan he chose in Neda notice that it is an obligation, but it is not a condition of validity. It's an obligation that's not visible. In this case, people who are all you don't really need to torment them, because they may have issues with

00:32:00--> 00:32:20

it, people who are sick, it, you know, use concessions with people who need it. You don't need to use the concessions for yourself, but use concessions with people who needed older people sake or people don't be too particular about some of these issues, because according to some of the images,

00:32:22--> 00:32:31

they're not required. Even the entire removal of accorded The sun is now a condition of validity.

00:32:35--> 00:33:22

We're going back here and we're in a bit of a Salah bannerghatta Salatu. He knows of it while he is in prayer, he must remove it and carry on with his prayer. And that is I have a symbol of consensus here. That is a real consensus. If you will not need to move too much to remove it. Then you can remove it. And you can carry on with your Salah by agreement. Just like the Hadith of the Prophet, if all it will take like you do like him, Salah Sadler, and take off your sandals like this while you're facing the tabla. And you know that that's it, that that is all it takes. If all it takes is to do this. But if

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company carry on with you put your face in the table, you know this movement is not, that's fine. You could do this. You could do this. And this by agreement You carry on with your salon, if you're going to have to if you're going to have to go and wash. You know because it's Saturday, it's half an hour and you have to watch an address and this is too much movement

00:34:00--> 00:34:02

that would not be allowed in the credit.

00:34:05--> 00:34:30

Well articolo msgid Paseo Salafi illa maqbara I will mark Bora, one hand man when hush, hush, and a bit upadhyaya what are the cornerstones of Serato via MK Bharata? Well, hamama Well, one person will alternate a belief or carry out a theory. The entire area is a place of prayer in which prayer is valid,

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because the profits outside of themselves, which are LCMS departments didn't work or who were afraid to merge with a middleman to

00:34:38--> 00:34:40

find the homeless to do what's

00:34:42--> 00:34:53

possible. So that whole earth was made for me as a mustard as a place of prayer and a source of bajada or purification. Whenever a man of my own man

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or someone of my own man.

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You know the Salah

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whenever it's time for the Salah for someone of my own, then he will have by him his message it is place of prayer and his own and source of purification.

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Mm hmm. Commander isn't there is a report about Birmingham and it's a little controversial, but there is some of the scholars authenticated it at him and many men have this level of authenticity is certainly

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certainly a source of evidence and embedding other you know, hobbies that is not to say we have these were some of the scholars authenticated, meaning that it is not like an extremely weak Hadith is certainly a source of evidence in the Muslim so the prophet SAW Sallam said, you know, a lot of people don't have mastered on a land macaron command the whole earth is a master except for Makkah, bada

00:36:05--> 00:36:15

bada is the graveyard Imam is the bathroom, not the lavatory. The bathroom where people wash, not where is a

00:36:16--> 00:36:26

relieve themselves how memory is different from the lavatory, man is the bathroom. And hers is the lavatory.

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So that is different.

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So, but the Prophet said that you can pray anywhere except in the graveyard and the bathroom. In the bathroom is when people bathe.

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Elmhurst He added that Hosea here, this is mentioned that a hobbyist that is pretty weak, that is weak, not pretty weak, that is weak still,

00:36:55--> 00:37:01

like working evidence in the hand very well. But for those people who don't talk about the weaker hobbies

00:37:02--> 00:37:30

they may still say that it Hirsch is the place the laboratory is a place that you cannot pray in. Because of the Prophet. There is a report where the Prophet forbids praying in the bathroom, which is the place where people base then by analogy by extension, the host should be worse. You know that laboratory should be worse than places where people just the shower and base.

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Certainly that and mokuba, the graveyard all of this Allahu Akbar forbidden in the Mahabharata, that graveyard of except the naza. Because the prophecy remember the story where the prophet SAW some stores, there's there was like a black lady that used to clean the mustard. And she died and they buried her they did not have the Prophet sallallahu Sallam of her death. And then he went to her grave and prayed basically to recognize the contribution to recognize his sincerity here contribution.

00:38:12--> 00:38:25

Because the Prophet did not really pray for every Sahaba they did not really. He did not pray for everyone who died in his tie, but she used to contribute to the community. So he went out

00:38:27--> 00:38:37

to her grave and pray because they have buried her before he wasn't for. So that had his tells us that there is

00:38:39--> 00:38:44

that there is an exception for janaza in particular.

00:38:47--> 00:38:48


00:38:49--> 00:39:30

he said while on eBay and Amazon and eBay is certainly there is a hobbyist honeybuns reported by most of them from data admin in some or the other one where the prophet SAW someone was asked suddenly upon an adventure can we pray and plan in heaven the stables of camels and the prophets of Salaam said no clearly. So you do not pray and are finally able to enable the stables have Gammons Wakayama factory and the middle of the road. The it's called my hands at a party. It's called the Connie Arthurian this there is a hobbyist we're seven places where we're seven places

00:39:33--> 00:39:40

these ads and Miss better has the monster is better. Or

00:39:42--> 00:39:45

Yeah. So the but

00:39:46--> 00:39:59

and this is working evidence for the embeddings in the embeddings add dumpster also to to this and the other metadata they add the slaughterhouses to this

00:40:00--> 00:40:02

To these files that were mentioned here,

00:40:05--> 00:40:48

but if someone does not work on you know, the this week how to eat because it is weak and they believe that it is not a source of evidence, particularly when it comes to rulings, then they may extend the borrower mmm to these other things by analogy and sometimes it's the acid I will prefer that analogy superior analogy, because when you have you have superior analogy you have inferior analogy, and you have equal analogy, equal analogy where the the two are exactly the same. So when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, don't pray in

00:40:53--> 00:41:36

a big way, you know, two are the same equal, but in superior analogy is when the Prophet says, don't pray in the bathrooms, because there is a possibility that there is an agenda where people bathe and people to shower and so on. So you don't go and pray in the lavatory and say that there is no Hadees he told you don't pray in the bathroom, you're you're praying in the laboratory. That doesn't make sense. You know, this is a superior analogy, superior analogy. If he told you don't pray in the bathroom, it makes perfect sense that you don't pray in the laboratory. If he told you don't urinate in, in, in stagnant water, it makes perfect sense that you don't defecate in stagnant water. That's

00:41:36--> 00:42:21

called superior analogy, okay. And when you have inferior inferior analogy is not evidence according to many because it has to be either equal or superior, equal or superior. So in this case, you could add them as Bella to our panel a bit. For instance, you could say and Miss Bella which is the thumpstar is like our final tables, tables of camels. You know, the possibility of filth in dumps a dumpster is like the possibility of fills in fun in a bed or something of that nature. But at any rate, these are established through reports or

00:42:22--> 00:42:46

analogy. The ones that are established through reports here is that you cannot pray in the graveyard except for the funeral prayer. You cannot pray in the bathroom stablished through a report from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that's authenticated by Sir You cannot pray in fun in Eben which are the stables of cabins stablished through

00:42:47--> 00:42:56

weekly report, an analogy would be the lavatory. The dumpsters slaughterhouses

00:42:58--> 00:43:04

established through week report only is party after party

00:43:05--> 00:43:30

which is limited the middle of the road in the middle of the road. Because there there is no equal or superior analogy to anything. Because that the point here and not praying at our party is not about the avoidance of an adjuster. It is about not inconveniencing people, because when you pray in the middle of the road you're inconveniencing people. So

00:43:32--> 00:43:43

they made an exception for praying in the middle of the road is the overflow of the master. If the master of overflew then you could pray in the middle of the road if that will not cause

00:43:45--> 00:44:15

you know power problem to the people of that neighborhood. So, that would bring us to the end of this particular condition. salon when you come back on September 9, we will finish facing the paper in intention and we will wrap up the whole chapter on the conditions of validity are the prerequisites of prayer. Remember them for hora may not have a ritual ritual purity.

00:44:17--> 00:44:33

The hood and walk commencement of time, sutra our covering the nakedness. The Haram inner Sabbath physical purity, the battle capital facing the Qibla and Nia intention pulicaria

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contextual lens