Reflections Ramadan 2023 05 – Indeed within the heavens and earth are signs for the believers

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Marketo and welcome back today's reflection is on anumber three shutter number 45 For Surah Al Jessie

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in this beautiful idea the Almighty Allah says in His word he will outwardly

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name meaning

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verily virtually in the heavens, and in the earth, there are at signs, many signs to prove that the Creator is only one and he's the only one who's worthy of worship law yet in lay more meaning. But these signs and these proves benefit the believers, you will find the following is also talking about science, in our deviation and in what Allah Almighty has created of the cattle on Earth. For people who are certain there are certain that the Almighty Allah is a creator and also in the following ayah and number five of the same Surah Surah apologia Thea chapter number 45 The Almighty Allah will speak about the alternation of the day and the night and what Allah has sent down from

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the heavens in order to produce the fruits the visitations and revive the dead Yanni the barren land by his leave. And by then he says there are signs yet for those who ponder, for those who reason.

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So the Almighty Allah made mankind superior to the rest of the creation, when he bestowed upon him the NAMA the blessing of the intellect of the athlete, to reason to ponder, to reflect, you know that one of the greatest means of worship is at the core

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at the bar, that abode, whether on the verses of Allah Almighty which he has revealed in the book, in the Quran, he says Kitab en Anza. Now who like a Mubarak who lead the bow, yet, this Blissett book had been sent down upon Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem in order for us to ponder over its verses.

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And there are people who do not necessarily know how to read or write or they do not read this particular language. So there is a universal openbook watches, the universe around us everything that Allah has created, is simply a sign that there must be a key yet, according to the law of cause and effect, there must be a founder. And this founder did not create all of that in vain, or in a game has created as he said, in solitude area, so that we worship Him

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whether in Surah Al Baqarah. When Allah Almighty says in the physical peace and what you will or the walk delivery lady will know her or in Surah Al Imran Chapter number three, in which a Lord Almighty says in number 190 in the Hulk is worth you will have the work Tila Phil Layli on her

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call me

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indeed, in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and in the alternation of the day and the night there are many sides. For those people who ponder May Allah make us among them. In surah Ibiza, he says fairly on boreal in Santo isla.

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There are many signs even in the food which is edible what we eat want to consume. Allah Almighty says look into the food that you're eating. And

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indeed, we pull the water from the heaven on earth in Torrance. So Michelle Clark on our worship call then we cause Earth to break down and little seed to sprout through it.

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But Nephi had

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a lot of mighty cause the greens to grow out of it were in court

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and also the grapes and the herb. The seamline look at the garden behind me will be in Eden mashallah beautiful fruits, dates, that are oranges. The other day they brought me some pomegranates and there is lemon with salt and sour, sweet soul, sour, all of that in the same soil Subhan Allah.

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The Almighty Allah is asking us to ponder over everything around us simply in order to recognize the oneness of the two years and recognize that He has created us for a purpose which is to worship Him alone, and to prepare for meeting him on the day of judgment. May the Almighty Allah Mr. Sood, the proper understanding of this reality was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh