Righteous parents with unrighteous children

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guidance of children is in the hands of Allah. And I agree many families were blessed with children and progenies, who pass down the baton of knowledge from generation to generation. Some families were blessed like that. The family of Imam Muhammad family of Imam, Abu Hatem al Razi. The family of manda is mahadi, Tamia and Haoran generations of knowledge, family of hierarchy as Sookie another's families of scholarship that just passed down the baton of knowledge from one generation to another. But many families have scholarship if not most families, they weren't they weren't blessed with this. And that should restore some comfort to our hearts as Imam Malik. He said, for example, the

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great Imam of Hadith Shaba he had a son called sad meaning happiness. And his father would encourage him to learn from the local Imam he showed us to our A but sads response would be I want to attend to my birds today. And yo Modi do an OC at home and I want to play with my birds today. I don't want to study so his father he would say some major really sad and femicide.

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I called my son sad, Beanie happiness. However, he did not end up being a happy person nor was he successful.

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reality of life you can pass down, fail goodness like inheritance is even Maliki's. Another example is the great scholar of Hadith Halamish who had a son but Subhanallah he wasn't as bright as his father

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said his son wants to go and buy him a clothesline. So he said that how long should the line be? He said 10 cubits and then his son said to him, How wide should the line be? So his father said it should be as wide as my calamity is with you. That's why they should be fee hourly mostly but he fee should be as wide as my calamity is with us. Fahad Allah, what can you do is in the hands of Allah, and Emmanuel, Josie. We've quoted him many times in the series, the great Imam Abu Faraj, he had a son called the highly, and he followed his father's footsteps for a short while before then turning to laziness and recklessness and bad companionship and sins. And he began to speak ill of his dad.

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And his father said, I make dua against daddy every single morning during my fetcher prayer now, what can you do with this his life, your honey don't hate me the lead he will use traditionally when he told me that, hey, as Allah said, he brings the living out of the dead and he brings it out of the living this is, this is how it is. Having said that, this does not absolve the parent, right from making every effort and to use every technique out there to raise rights as children, to protect them, and to create reformers even. And even particularly in our times today, when the alternative to the Islamic lifestyle is the glorified status quo. You have to take every technique

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and not rely upon what Imam Malik and his like said, we can't pass it down. That's a valid statement to give solace if and when the children will go straight but there are techniques. For example, take note of these to prevent your child, befriend him, befriend her, so that you are their first port of call as a parent now friends number two by tasking them with empowering new teas which nurtures their confidence and self esteem. Number three, by leading a life of worship yourself as a parent, and high aspirations and planning, because Allah protects the children by virtue of the goodness of their parents, genuinely speaking, that is the rule, the rule, another technique, a nightly 15

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minute Islamic story that will shape the identity of your child especially if they are still young. The power of this technique number four, it cannot be overemphasized. Number five by dedicating daily life for your children that you never miss. These are some of the techniques that we can apply and we ask a lot to give us righteous children.