Ali Hammuda – Be a Person of Contentment

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how being satisfied with what one person has achieved can lead to one's satisfaction with another person. They also talk about how being rich and prosperous is a sign of one's success and how being content with one's own accomplishments can lead to one's satisfaction with another person. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being ahead of schedule and being ahead of expectations.
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Be a person of contentment be a person who is satisfied with what Allah subhanaw taala has chose for him chose for her. There was a man who used to wake up every morning, and he would go to the edge of the sea. And he would engage in his fishing and come home with only two fish, one fish he would give to his family, the other fish he would sell and reinvest in his family. One of his friends said to him, Why do you only limit yourself to two fish? Why not four or five or 10? He said to him, then what? He said, well, then you will become more affluent. He said, then what he said, then you can think about employing another fisherman to work next to you. He said, Okay, then what? He said,

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Well, eventually you could amass enough money to invest in a boat and bring you even more fish. He said, Okay, then what he said, then you can invest in a fleet of boats, can you imagine and you will become even more affluent.

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He said, then what he said, then you can think about opening up your own fish store in town. He said, then what he said, then maybe you can think about expanding and having a franchise of shops. He said, then what he said, then you become a multimillionaire. He said then what he said, then you have peace of mind. He said, My brother I am already at peace. Now Ilaha illa Allah in other words, why do you need to take me to the other side of the world, in order to bring me to a destination that I have already arrived at? I'm already happy with what Allah has given me. I don't need any more. And what is even more beautiful than this? Are the words of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam who said, summarizing the story in one sentence, laser Latina and Kathy Lara enamel Geena, Rena neffs

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he said, being rich and prosperous and wealthy, is not about having a lot of money, a lot of material possessions. No, he said being prosperous is when your heart is content. That is when you are rich. When your heart is content, Allahu Akbar, brothers and sisters, we are crappiness you are a traveler. You and I are passers by in the life of this world and as a passerby, as a traveler, how many extras do you need? Much of the things that social media and TV has convinced us that we need are in fact extras that we don't need? And as a traveler, how many extras Do you want to be carrying on your back? Lightest will be quickest on the Day of Judgment. Take that as a rule, lightest will

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be quickest. So make your MO to make your slogan in life oh Allah. If you are pleased with me, if you are happy, then I don't mind what you're giving me and I don't mind what you withhold. Oh Allah, just be pleased with me. This is principle number two be a person of contentment.

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