Ali Hammuda – The benefits of sitting with the right people

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © A man named dude named dude talks about his experience with social media and how he wants to use it to show his social media followers. He tells them that he wants to use the platform to show them the way out and walk with them. He also mentions his third benefit of choosing the right people to sit with, which is gaining more points and being lost when social gatherings are with the wrong people.
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Yeah Allah the brothers and sisters the blessings of sitting with the people of goodness and upholding this mannerism that we are speaking about now choosing your guests before speaking about any other mannerism.

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There is a beautiful narration

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which is normal for the hundreds in his doubleshot I hear and others

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that mo obeyed al Qasim even though salaam, visited imam or Ali sunnah was Yamaha the great Imam Ahmed will humble in his home.

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Listen, brothers and sisters and make this the title of the importance of choosing the right guest.

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He said I came into the home of Imam

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an Imam Muhammad stood up for me. And he greeted me. And he hugged me. And then he said to me here sit down in the center of my room. And this is usually the place where the host sits. He said sit here.

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So about oh, he said to him No, ma'am, please use it there is it not such that the host is worthy or of that sitting on that chair or the place in the room the central place that is in any other person? Imam Muhammad said to him Yes, but he can also choose to allow his guests to sit in his place.

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So about eight he said to himself have he worried that's that's one benefit for tonight. That's one gem.

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So they began to speak and elbow obeyed, said to him and

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he said to him, oh Imam if I was to visit you like you deserve.

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I would be visiting you every single day. That's what you deserve a man of your caliber knowledge.

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Imam Ahmed said to him Don't say that.

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Because Allah knows that there are certain people in life who I only see once a year. I love them more than certain people I see on a day to day basis.

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I will base it to himself however he found the hole that's the second gem for today. That's the second blessing look he's carrying with him all of these all of these blessings of sitting with the right people now.

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And then when the conversation finished and the hosting finished, about obeyed, now sought permission to leave the gathering. And so Imam Ahmed stood up and you took him by the hand and he wants you to show him the way out and walk with him. I will beat it No, no you relax, I'll find my own way out there's no need for this kind of royal treatment. He said to him No, you deserve it because

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I'm it'll show me the Tabea you narrated and he said that it is part of the honoring of a guest that you take him by the hand till he reaches outside of the house and you hold the reign of his animals till he departs. Your Allah

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so obeyed said to Imam Muhammad, who narrated this from Xabi. He said, Yes, I'll give you the chain of transmission it was even Rosa EDA, who took this narration from

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Mujaddid who took this narration from a Chavi

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so I will obey it he said to himself, haha, he thought he thought that is my third benefit for today. Look at how much is to be gained when you choose the right people to sit with and how much is to be lost when your social gatherings are, are with the wrong people.

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