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thank you everyone for joining, we'll be coming towards the end of the year. So we don't have time to go through the entire book. So for today, I chose about eight or nine leaves randomly from another book rather read from it. But the chapters,

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each of which I think, summarize some of these core virtues and characteristics that the believer is.

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So the idea of the session is, even if you don't get a chance to vote in the entire book, the main points of the novel learning you can put so I think, throughout the book, we reach out to these selected IDs, right. And

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the first one is a nice that summarizes the importance of a collaborator. So

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this entire book, if I was to hardly rotate to teachers, of Laquanda, can get names. And the net the first two have needs to go into look at summarize, why is it important, right? This is a topic that he felt was necessary to write an entire book and he's about, right, because he really has the chapter of other work, lock him up in the sidebar, but he's still going to sit with her this mobilization on this topic. Why? Because this is, in our day to day interactions. This is the most important aspect of Islam. Right? There are different aspects of Islam when it comes to our relationship Allah subhanho wa Taala Athena and RP Varga is most important, but when it comes to a

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world degree to actions, how we interact with beings that is we are otherwise nothing.

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And so the first step is

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to adopt regular one ha and our delta V. So not only was an all by all the

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winner of a podium Allah who we now quit recording, risky for corporate Reporter The winner of scholarship will resigning hoping you will aim

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for in Alola, you will reduce

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the amount of data rates for her husband are good data from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, whoever is given a portion of compassion has been given a portion of business and whoever has been denied a portion of compassion has been denied impartial witness.

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He then said that good character is the heaviest good deed on one scale on the Day of Judgment because Allah reads the pound pound cost dividual.

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With many aspects of the studies that we can discuss, let's start off within the ranges. It's very interesting, the relationship between the Raiders, Omega Delta Kappa Delta,

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was actually two middles about that.

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He was married to a female's a hobby called omega. And she passes away early in the season, and eventually another woman and she also becomes a millionaire. And she's the one who holds him. And the reason is for him. So some of these columns require them as omega O'Brien Sukhram, the older and the younger. And the relationship between the younger one algorithm is very interesting. Because you have a delta first convert to Islam is a good two zeros, right? We have integration where omega law the other one complains to some other proxy that I had when he's elected. And he has to teach that your wife has the right over your body has the right move up, everyone arrives. And I was able to

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internalize this and he becomes so good at taking care of his wife recoding the right speaking of the love that an interesting story takes place in his passing away with this radio now that he the rates too low. The idea is that a woman will be in Ghana with the last map that she travels.

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When he raised his resume in Dhaka. She says she takes the oath by Allah that you will never get married again after him. And notice he's a year old man and she's a young woman. But she loves him so much that she takes it all by Allah that she will not marry anyone after

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our daughter passes away her easter eggs and the funny one himself while we are regular one who sends a proposal to Grenada.

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And she sent a reply back telling me about her oath, informing him that he or she has made this promise because she wants to be with government.

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Nothing changes.

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And we simply send the advice. If that is the case, you should pass it to the young lady, they will get buried in him for the rest of her life. So the advice is that fast to control her desires. But the final gift here is the love between Omega Delta Kappa Delta, and a huge age gap between the loved one the only time that we see that people have gone into a trance, but Islamically there's nothing wrong with what this huge age gap we can have without them. But there is such a strong love between them, that when he passed away, she promises they will demand it anyway, because she wants to be with him in general. So even though she gets proposals of the money for half the time, she's

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still viewed reduces. And she spends the rest of her life as in the range of a nice reading, at least from her husband. And that's why we are mainly interested in letters from older learners, acomodar machineries and even some as well. Right. So she was a very important radar harness and this really beautiful love story he needs to the meters are good, other environmental damage above it needs to hold again. So this one day I had his daughter, which teaches us the really important things about number one,

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number one, that is notice firstly, about the most important part of good character, then it tells us about the virtues of good character. And then it talks about your worst type of character. So this type of character, the blood sugar character, the worst?

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What is the best part of good character with compassion. And again, we live in a time with some wisdom that demonizing the concept of a pattern. Right? They use it as a slur against other persons. When you study the heaviness This is the most emphasized quality for the believer that we are supposed to be compassionate, supposed to care. He's supposed to genuinely care for others, and that that should override almost anything else, you know, we can actually put others there. Some people these days think that to be a good Muslim, you have to be a lot you have to be harsh, you have to be mean.

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These type of things to everything, in general, manner and character of the believer should be one of compassion. But yes, it's time for harshness, it is time for soloqueue getting serious with people but that shouldn't be in North Knoxville compassion. Right now we actually want to believe from a place of compassion,

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then stated that the heaviness of deeds on the Day of Judgment is good Hanuman.

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What is to contrast this with another and these were the prophets of Allah wanting was an object that he said, Should I inform you of the bankrupt person.

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And this happens, it is the bank that was not the one who lost all the money. He said to the banker, because he's the one who made a lot of good deeds. But he had that character. He swore people, he lied to people, he betrayed people he stole from people. So all of these good deeds will be given to them on the Day of Judgment and up with breath, and you will have to deal with things. Right? So we compare these two parties on one hand, that character can leave you bankrupt on the day of judgment. And its opposite good character will be heaviest on the day.

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That makes this one of the most essential parts of being a Muslim.

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And our time journey, we we don't emphasize this enough in our school curriculum Ramadasa curriculums, we don't put enough emphasis on bootcamp. This should mean a call center central part of everything we teach you the next generation, that our religion is the religion of good character. We know that the character of the early Muslims was on such a level that they did not need to do down their character watsapp people with this interact to develop compassion, they manage to doodle truthfulness in college, all the peoples are all opinions enough to get people to want to follow what they are following. And then we have these ends by telling us about the opposite. Right? Allah

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sips or Rasulullah saw themselves that the heaviest of good deeds is good character because Allah is the One who is found mountain. Allah hates the one who is by his belief, both of these words have the same meaning. Right double emphasis here. What are Amish embody means they use vulgar language, right? That they use vulgar language is something that is hated by Allah subhanaw taala now just a pick a side note of the of

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the concept of vulgar language you know, sometimes people make this these loopholes the Japanese look with Italian or you know, using English words there's nothing in the ground like Jesus and using this word is haram. Or usually this word is wrong. Well, the Quran and Hadith gave us general principles and the interpretation of what counts as

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Look at good language, what counts as bad language that is left up to the culture, right? You know the culture that you live in the time that you live in the place that you live in, what is appropriate speech or whatever?

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Right. And this will be fun from time to time to these two place language to language, the overriding principle that every Muslim must follow is that in whatever place I love, I should not be found on you are the exceptions, your sin exceptions, right, we know and the Treaty of Navia move up on us very strong movement which against the disbelievers, the kind of economic translate gender equality to it's that bad, right. But there was an exception, it's like the only time to like use language like that. That shouldn't be the case, the exception to the law, is to do

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it the other way, which is to be a person who speaks with the most cleanest language. And so it's important to note that all of these they are the exceptions for compassion, they are the exception, right?

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Compassion shouldn't drive you to be absorbed song for someone that you read, aloud, right. But if you saw something, or somebody said, Oh, it's fine to you, you're not allowed to do that compassion to drive into to try to drive to care for people to drive with the charity, which will drive you to serve, the community should drive you to change the religion. That's our receipt of cash. Likewise, we're supposed to be people who are clean mountain low use foul language, but it may be time for the disassembly, it may be time, that the only time your enemies will listen, the only way they will listen to us that kind of language. So that will be an exception, not the norm. The norm is to be

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clean mountain, and that is part of the curriculum.

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The other piece about the budget that would come into that builds upon this,

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I do something today for Iran or the law or who will love you. So a loved one he was in our modular library will be hosting full of a downloadable audio with me. I will read up on domains and pursue love. So the loved one was an upset, man be rich to his good character, the status of one spends his 90 100

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What do you think of one of the greatest good deeds that you can do? Most of us our mind goes to the 100. Right? Yeah, believe the 100 this is the Ibadah of the ODR. Resist somebody anyone who is righteous that there are people who spend the nights in prayer? or what have you, or someone who can't do what you do, you're someone who you just have to wake up at 100 You just don't have the ability to serve your child, or the other good deeds you could do that would help you reach that level, is Hadees answer the question. You can live a life of good character, a life of good character could help you reach the level of someone who prays all night. Another good deed that

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helps you to reach a level is seeking and teaching Islamic knowledge. Right, as scholars explain why the things that couldn't have been there as a teaching Islam, why not be equal to bring the 101 of the scholars said because that shouldn't deprive the act of worship between you and Allah. But good Calicut and singing knowledge These are acts of worship, they benefit human development as we say. So what is the personally bother and one of the thing about that reflects the community and so you can reach the same level but you do differently by that and also it's important to note here another lesson from this is that Allah created people differently and different people excel and different

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good deeds. And this is why we are a go door to gender There are eight doors agenda because each type of person excels even a movie. So like in the title of your molecule running a bamboo one of the Buddha wrote to him and it's like we are defining the pipeline you're sitting in Medina teaching, right and here we're passing one shoe to different people to do different acts of worship. Somebody need to click on some brain damage some of it Jima some might even be on the developer going to duty what is watching beyond that each person has their own part to play in serving the game and we would need so you shouldn't think there's only one type of pipe. Like if someone takes

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the pipes. If it doesn't work well there's many different types of highs and so on. he dedicates the light to do the downward having an apple pie and someone who dedicate their life to charity. You're going to be the example that Admittedly, this type of pie and we look at the example of

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the green Khalifa only binoculars He is the great grandson of Oman in the hotel. He was the age of the obedient.

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He was and he's only the most pious of humans. But his wife says listen what is my Parthiban be up and running regular haha say the bottom bottom and he says that he never explained to her children too much leverage to pass extra when they were going to bed and whatnot. What did you

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think about that reading that was just you know, you bring the Hajime pasty.

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I didn't really craves that to have to deal with really fast extra, he stuck to what being a just ruler, he stopped was living a simple life without living on the money of the people, he stopped for manifesting itself in a very different way. And so the point here is that they are different ways to reach Allah all within the Sharia. Some people used to prove the 100 others in digital boxing on an issue, charity, other distributed calendar, right, they're all different ways all of them are equally valid. Just because someone finds it difficult to bring the 100 doesn't mean that they can't be compared to say other parts of it as well. But you should strive to do as many as you can. And of

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course, the highest level is Abu Bakr rich, then when departments is also rated that they are all these two dogs paradise. I would love to tell you we'll go with those

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because he takes out all types of needs. So someone makes out every type of Ibadah feed that they will have all of

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the next Sunday's

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or before who wants the next Sunday's this one point on the numerator of the previous one is a regular one who I think everyone should know his biography. I mean, the most famous rate of at these two cars to make the most of these for this will make one point

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in our times that there are people out there who are attacking the house, the house.

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Right, and from a variety of different perspectives. But the one that most recent most view, most strange to me, is that now we learned this idea.

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I've heard people say things like Oh, don't say what he said but they use the word misogynist to describe it. Right? When they say any new set is demeaning to women is narrated by Maria It made them up because he hated women.

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how worried I was the righteous are happy with the Raven for pursuit allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what is

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it? What do you mean aerated? Doesn't matter? Your doubts are what do you want to hear? There's no problem with it. What the hell is the problem with you? Is the internal problem, right? If someone is finding the IDs, uncomfortable, the problem is not with the IDs. The problem is with the house, because Rasulullah sallallahu said the job was to teach us the truth. And sometimes the truth is going to be something you don't want to get. Right. So they are at least from our radar, that some of the liberal movements try to reject. And they do it by trying to demonize this character. And this is something that is completely unacceptable. No Muslim should ever entertain any negative

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thoughts about any of the Sahaba at all. Right? That is something that is a red line, never entertain any negative thoughts for

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the next 100 years is the reasonable use of the law. Even our regular ones, above all, actually don't even have the decency the statement of popularity.

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Right? Of like a hammer or Lambo said our villa is the only one

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who's the lurker?

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He said the four qualities. If you have them, then you can't be happy, even if you don't have to zoom in, even if you're not wealthy. People can't argue if you haven't.

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What are they? Who still got good chemical, and verbal dama? You don't need much food. Restricted eating is cynical Harris. You're truthful in your speech for him to Amanda and the upholding of water stress.

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So this narration of the law, even Howard is saying that if someone has these four characteristics, then no one can really love them. No one can really do anything because they've attained the level of piety that the Dunya doesn't matter to them anymore. Right? If you have good character, we don't need much food. If you're always truthful, it always fulfill your interest there to be the qualities of a righteous person. And again, it's talked about in the regular, very fascinating, practical and theological cover.

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He is the son of Amman, even called aspergilloma. His father is more famous when he was more righteous. Right. His father Ahmad is more famous, who was our visa one was interesting to the garrison on behalf of the operation. Then we go to Hungary, and being allegedly slapped together and it is the one Congress Palestine, Jerusalem. And he's the one whose army conquered Jerusalem and Egypt. So he's a great figure in our history. But he's no more for his politics and his jihad. The sun is no more for his over his IoT and these nonlinearities in the interesting fact, the age difference between Allah and Abdullah economic 12 years

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I wouldn't even have asked became a pilot who fell below. I mentioned this because sometimes when we read biographies of the Sahaba they

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The shock that somebody got mounting when they were nine years old and 10 years old. That was the norm of the time, age gaps didn't matter. People got married as soon as they hit puberty. So when you read about this at that time, that was the company norm of that time, it shouldn't be something that shakes up exactly downloads for many people, it is something that changed the face. Right? But the reality is, this was the norm of the time, people will get married. As soon as they hit puberty, they will have children at a very young age, because people expect you to die by database, right? There was no there wasn't a university, by utilities, you're going to die for the for a walk or

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something like that. So people live a very different life property. So it shouldn't be shocking when you hear that these are how we got married when she was nine years old. Right? All that matters, obviously behind you. He was traveling all the time, you will need to turn it off.

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Okay, the next thing is this one you all should know. Right? So hopefully too much details. You all should know when I mentioned it here by means of reminder, on Java, it will help you learn about the Aloha Mahal.

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I mean, the result of Bob Marley he was on a wall with Luma, who the southern

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job will even help you learn the race that was super super bonding with Saddam Hussein, every good deed is sacrifice.

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Let's talk about this word Solomon.

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We tend to translate this word as

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what's the common translation was about? Chinese. I don't think this is the right translation. It confuses people. When you tell people smile.

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We need to put with your wife this child spending on your family's child, it doesn't have the right

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meaning in English, right? A better translation for solar power bit of traveling and authors do the Arabic. But a better translation would be an act of kindness.

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Every good thing is an act of kindness. You stand up doesn't mean charity. How we understand English says in the English language, we think about charity, we think about helping someone who's fallen. We think about giving mother Salah for the money, grow the job, it's anything you do that benefits anyone else. Anything you do that benefits anyone that is on every righteous need to stand up for anything you do that brings about any air we need. This is why the Hadees is smiling dishonorable. Because when you smile, when you smile, you write up someone is saying right you don't do that was charity, you are behind. Right? Your head, he says that the best otherwise, the money you spend on

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your wife, your children. Some people they get offended by that you see, it's charity that you're spending on you don't some charity. Kindness is being kind to your wife and children. Right? There are these that says that even being intimate with your spouse is not about

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being intimate with your spouse is the act of kindness act of love. Because that's what is meant by it means not that it's a charity that you're giving that person, right, you're not doing charity to your spouse, but we need to prove to them that you are the kind and loving towards them. So we need to the reason I bought this premise is that we need to change how we look at this word set upon doesn't mean charity, it means our entire lifestyle to be one on kindness in every interaction we have because well how teacher spouse or how you keep your children you know how nice and even removing an object from the ground is because in the act of kindness or to benefit the brand that

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and then the radio business and his relationship with also love. So loveliness is itself an example of such an act of kindness, Javea we do not belong to the Tsar. And his father was martyred in the Battle of COVID. And he had a very young age probably like 14 or 15. Right probably 14 because either you weren't allowed to find the water department 14 Because who cleans the edge of the site back in those days. So around the age of 13 or 14, he becomes a man of the house without nine sisters that they care about. And they use that as his father also individuals.

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And Rasulullah saw the loved one he was of the opinion on the east of himself the walking with Java and talking to him and encouraging him and helping him to pay off his debts advising him on how to read the sisters and advising him on our marriage and advising you on how to be with his wife with the number one teach you these things. And basically in the job even Abdullah is one of the Hamsa he's not even like one of the leaders of the answer. And when one of the famous answer he's just a random orphan amongst the Hansa. Yet there are many a hadith Allah so Allah listen to out of his way to be the one of these illusions he says that when the army was coming back jogger and walking far

00:24:53--> 00:24:59

behind by himself in a state of sadness about the father's death, and all of these possibilities

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about someone that sort of comes to work with him and asked him what's the form and asked him what's going on. And then he organized the weekend to start paying off the debt. Right? This is kindness. This is real setup, where you see an orphan

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and you immediately want to help them in any way possible. Right every aspect of this is solid upon walking into smiling with him talking to them, you helping him do the dendrite advising them or raising their sisters when writing them or manage all of a sudden coming all the ways is helping someone who doesn't have a father and being a father figure to them and once again shows us the flag of the beasts of Allah on ecosystem in the way he treated his Sahaba.

00:25:45--> 00:26:03

The next one is again a couple Karela Ramadan Lambo is one of my favorite hoodies on Islamic travel. This is the heaviest of prohibitions when it comes to random lines not to cross when dealing with other Muslims. I think you know, due to analysis, that's what is nice about

00:26:05--> 00:26:25

it, like give birth to this idea and read it under the morphology issues, the one that has, you know, takes about two words there are some combined words, so some have different versions, but I chose the one that seems to have given it our error rate while going to love the southern love when he was younger, but love for him does not have that would have is

00:26:26--> 00:26:59

the prophets Allah as I've said, you may have suspicion because suspicion is the most likely form of speech was the nurturers who do not treat each other in business whether the has a need to not be jealous of each other while laughing about what you did not pull hatred for each other. While that dinner costume did not compete with one another. What are the dinner about do not going on one another's we're all not available what you want now rather obviously the overwhelm the brothers, right on the translation received of Allah Empress.

00:27:01--> 00:27:46

You wish you can see this one? So the first sample is Have you seen Yahoo was not we were suspicious. This matches up a forum in July chapter 49, verse number 12. Number one says we are able to manage that we will continue Ramadan in the parliament. What matters is oh, you will believe stay away from God on suspicion. Because suspicion is sometimes reason. So this is worth the important word, don't mean what you think about others. And there are two types of God who should not and should someone who serves on means good thoughts. That's what we suppose to help others. So God is what this is, and his words are prohibited. And that is assuming the words the palace. So this is a

00:27:46--> 00:28:16

prohibition in mentioned in the Quran in surah in Iran, and I mentioned again in the studies. And it's one that we don't talk about enough. So I'm not assuming the ones of others. This seems to be the default disease, right? Let's assume this one's that easy. And then this one, the carpet, this one's a little blue, this one is trillion, this person with the slavery that wasn't the big symbol. And that person must be common enough that we just assume the worst of everybody. And is it become the characteristic of many people.

00:28:17--> 00:28:55

And both the bus of brotherhood in Surah Bucha, right. And then the needs of brotherhood both begin with once again, suspicion, why? Because if you have good thoughts about others, you don't want to do all these other things. If you have boosters on others, you're not going to cheat them, you're not going to be jealous of me up on a medium heat up or trying to deposit business, because you want good for them. So the concept that we need to take from this video is the main crux of this can use is that we must be comfortable of Busan. And avoid super host of not thinking the best about others assuming the best of others. There is,

00:28:56--> 00:29:07

you know, there are many, many iterations about this. But just to give an example what we mean by this is say you're you're watching a lecture, right? And the lecturer says something that you think isn't right.

00:29:09--> 00:29:33

Or he says something that's like a racist and slip of the tongue. But he just to keep going with the two of you know, always word exams, the exam has to go back into the ones that matter. Now what you find people today will do, they'll take a clip of that, and it's actually this person, the deviant, it slipped out, see the three different segments and let's take a 10 second clip and ruin the magic right when the audition host comes on. If you look it up and you say maybe

00:29:34--> 00:29:59

maybe it was the off exam. Now, maybe you didn't realize how we came across. This is pushed upon that you assume the best of us, right? Why do you see someone coming out of a place where they shouldn't be right and you can assume that they will get over a sale or you could be resumed dividend for other reasons. You know, maybe they will miss out or maybe because there was an event to admonish them and they all complain right you

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assume the best you make excuses for people, when you see them slip out, that is crucial

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to this reason we have chosen, because the Quran says that sometimes especially is a certain sometimes because sometimes fraud isn't. Right. If it is two people sitting in the room and something goes missing, and you assume we are working on it, that's not a central human God is possible, reasonable to assume it to sometimes it's not as simple as that. But it is what it is observable release, it is the most likely form of God. Right? The most likely form of God in your mind lied to you that this person the deviant, that person and extreme was that was delivered, that was down to the wall of Islam. That was he that was how we get me this is your mind, like, your mind

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flipped you from? What's the goal of this trip? What's the goal of these lives, to break the ones of rather, to make Muslims hate each other. So this is why this is mentioned first. And then all these prohibitions I mentioned before, if you have personal data, people you're not going to fall into prohibition was implementations that the larger they are, the larger issue is to treat people in business. You know, like when you sell a cake, and you live with people that it's only true, right? So you sell it at a much higher price than what is actually worth treating people in business, prohibit

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the hustle, hustle, jealousy. Right? We know jealousy prohibited.

00:31:25--> 00:31:32

The law, although is hatred, right to genuinely resent someone, a Muslim should not be present in other muscle.

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This is a difficult one to follow, because everyone has people in their lives, who have them who was was causing some kind of pain, but piety and good health that comes from from forgiving them. Even if you don't have anything to do with the market, but you forgive them. And in your heart, you say is it like a slow burner and forgive them? No, the Quran is so he emphasizes that so much, that even in the words of, of interest of executing the murderer, Allah says that you have the right to execute the murder, what if you forgive your brother,

00:32:09--> 00:32:48

if you forgive your brother, if that person was wanting the brother, your brother, and he said, If you forgive your brother that is better. So you would oppose your brother who they're still here, if someone was in the family, and you are trying to become a sloppy one, if someone was a family member, the head of the family has a choice whether the course will be executed, what made your blood money or when you get forgiven? Right, the court will given that choice to the end of the country. And the Quran says to forgive your brother is better. So forgiveness even in times, that you're just supposed to happen once a problem even at that level, then that means that you try to

00:32:48--> 00:33:21

put somebody out of business, I can see the FOBT right. So you have a business and other person has a similar business, and you try to run them out of business. You don't want them to get that risk, you know, you see them as their competition. And it's not not supposed to see each other competition you're supposed to have, as I knew that this was from Allah, right to raise this form of love, you know, in some of the Muslim countries to see this, that you go to the marketplace, you buy something and someone will come you go to my French Amina, many customers have been, I had enough customers, and they still have this brotherhood, we are shopkeepers. But because we live in a capitalist

00:33:21--> 00:34:02

society, sometimes we end up in a capitalist mindset. And we think of everybody as our competition, we see this even in our people and our organizations that companies should not be competition, they are brothers and Islam working towards the same goal. And the evidence speaks for everyone to succeed together. And the final point, we should hear that the learners do not wipe off. And they should cling to what we've covered. Rather than is coming up, do not wipe on one another. None of that is coming up mentions that to stay away from someone purposely for more than three days in a way that you're cutting ties with them is at the top. So we are going to do today is a story of

00:34:02--> 00:34:26

between two Sahaba when this happened, it's not a big shock. But it's important for us to look at, because it's a very important lesson to say about the importance of making the case and not resenting each other and love each other. This hadith called us to be brothers, and this brotherhood is for all believers brothers and sisters it's not no one we hope.

00:34:28--> 00:34:55

So continuing on that the next two are these economical one after the other law are the summer 397 and 399. To be open to page 76. That leaves me want to go through is to not put into a PowerPoint. But let's do the 99 first because it explains it and I will show you exactly how different the race with the prophets of Allah volume was an absolute lie up to the Asia and Europe a powerful data so that

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

it is not possible for a booster to boycott my brother

00:35:00--> 00:35:33

What a pretty nice, yada yadi we should do other oriented to have, to such an extent that we can bump into each other, they both turning go in different directions, right, because they already have the open visa, the better one is the one who comes first. So the honey says, not permissible to cut someone off or whatever it is. And if two people are in a state where they agree with each other, no one will reach first want to make peace First, is the better person. And this will be the story. But this actually happened between two of the most writers of the sahaba.

00:35:34--> 00:35:53

One actually worth more than the other, the other sort of increase there. And again, we're going to do release cycles during the new cycles, you should not have negative thoughts about the sahaba. Right, these are not some of righteous of the Sahaba, innovation, the Sonata but they also at some point, there might be mistakes, and this is one of them.

00:35:55--> 00:35:56

So in this region,

00:35:58--> 00:36:22

from both even hobbies, designer, patient brother, who said I shall have been informed of the law even debated, and yet you said something about something that she was giving as a gift that if she does not so I would commend her on this whole thing of the property. She became me and she said to be really cedar and she was told yet he said my failure Allah will never seem to be able to leave again.

00:36:24--> 00:36:29

So if somebody had gone to the site, so ability to be who was important

00:36:31--> 00:36:32

anyone know?

00:36:33--> 00:36:41

Who is the mother of divine values the first of the Sahaba to be born in Medina, very famous for the father willing to believe in Allah what is

00:36:42--> 00:36:48

a smart is the only part of the system of action. So he is I should

00:36:49--> 00:36:53

I usually listen just to Busan recognizes his family, support the military.

00:36:54--> 00:37:07

Because once again, when they have me confused, your actions have been a non pattern. No, he's no matter. Right? So I'm delighted to be here is the nephew of Aisha Angela. And

00:37:08--> 00:37:37

I show you around one of her most amazing character traits was the generosity. Her generosity was on this level that if anyone gave her money, she will buy what she needs for the day and give the rest away to charity. The Abdullah even Jubail as one of our closest relatives, to the upon himself to take care of her by actually, because the husband has passed away in a mother's house. The reason we have children, her sons are we heard that you are like our sons. In fact, what was our insurance premium?

00:37:39--> 00:37:40

Omar Abdullah,

00:37:41--> 00:37:42

who's Abdullah?

00:37:43--> 00:37:49

Abdullah intubated. He's called Omar, Abdullah Abdullah if it's available, but he was

00:37:50--> 00:38:15

so delighted to be such providing to her. But every time he gets the money, she can take the challenge. So he gets nada he said, you know, maybe I'll take care of the money. So just because we can, so she just gave me an image even told me what to do by Monday, I don't want to speak to you anymore. So tensions between relatives, and we see the human side of the sahaba. But then we also see the IoT, the basic on another level and the story goes on.

00:38:16--> 00:38:29

So even the way he seeks intercession from this affordable housing rule, after she had seemed to be going for a long time, and but she said by Allah, I will not make anyone intercede for him and I will never break my boundary I have been

00:38:30--> 00:38:37

after they have gone on for a long time you could remain spoke to miss work, you will have never been asked what

00:38:38--> 00:38:41

who had bought the bundle, they will download the brochure.

00:38:42--> 00:39:30

And you told them I asked you by Allah to go to Aisha because what she is doing is not permissible it's not possible to kind of hide so they make a plan. So for a long time this ozone Allah knows best how long maybe weeks, maybe months for a long time I should not speak to an issue at all. So finally he makes the plan go to two of the prophets unconsumed Medina and he helps them to have a security plan what's the plan? I will miss er I will require the height of the level you will get no and they go to the hospital IKEA and the regular Santa Monica and you see him come inside. So she says yes you can come inside should they ask him all of us, all of us are inside he says you already

00:39:30--> 00:39:41

come inside and as soon as they come inside of Buddha interview he jumps out to undergo go beyond the partner in the job and he hugs them and subscribe

00:39:42--> 00:39:44

you have to me subscribe.

00:39:45--> 00:39:59

And then of this young man in the industry to Ayesha and can handle up to he said they say you know that the Prophet obeying the cutting off of people and you know is that permissible a Muslim to boycott another Musa C'mon and relaxed

00:40:00--> 00:40:08

To the same as he said, We need to be reminded of it. And they continue to remind our purchases. But I think about and took a promise, a promise is a big thing.

00:40:09--> 00:40:27

And they continue to remind her until she decided to break the promise and speak to even reveal. As atonement for her promise. She gave 40 slaves, she said, what he said feel free. And from then on, whenever she remember this incident, she would cry and you accept what people say is very,

00:40:28--> 00:40:33

very happy. The nice wrongness is a lot of things, think about

00:40:35--> 00:40:41

low points of dimension, but we'll just go through the scene behind going after. Okay, so just a few short points. This is

00:40:43--> 00:41:24

so functional, they're not we don't want to be amongst the board right for this to happen. We need is one of the few times in your life that you did something wrong and one of the greatest quality devices. If she ever messed up, not only was she repaired, but anytime you think about a mistake in the future, she will cry. There was a level of a dog when she would cry in the future, which we'll think about that. But this is also for the battle of the Capitol, you know, against all the credit union. So she was someone who really took the concept of repentance very seriously. And that's the biggest points of this lesson from this when somebody makes a promise to Allah and they break the

00:41:24--> 00:41:48

promise the governor the compensation for that is to be slaves, right. So she will frequently slaves. So a lot of people became critical of others. Another small quick point from here, he mentioned that when people debate at the UN beyond the job and he have done so this is an interesting point that many people may not realize the word hijab, what does it actually mean?

00:41:50--> 00:42:05

The word hijab what it meant trousseau the history of what it means to English. Muslims today is two completely different things. Today when we hear the word hijab wearing the scarf, but that means like, is this all the rebar or covering over the study? What is company do

00:42:06--> 00:42:45

they want to call it a job when you hear the word hijab in the Quran, whatever that is? Because the Quran doesn't say that hijab was for the wives of the Prophet and so people make a mistake with the Quran says the hijab is for the wives of the Prophet. And it's not talking about the staff. It's talking about a special bonus section in the house. That no one besides any bathrooms Bojan is made that the wife the consumer lotsa will completely cut off completely besides the house, that they will be screened between them and other men, even if they go out and they go in a carriage up the street garage, that screen was on the job. So we hear the word hijab in the Quran and Hadith gets in

00:42:45--> 00:43:23

as a completely different meaning for how you read today. And again, I mentioned this, because some people will understand this. You see the boss saying that this is for the wife of the Prophet was saying we don't have to wear hijab is not talking about what you wear. It's talking about a screen between the prophets. Why is it that you want to strip the level of burden for the Congress, wives and wives, right, therefore, to get the job means in classical Islamic resources, as we're covering of the here, there is an obligation that is called covering your hole that is called wielding of demand. In this in Modern Linguistics, we started using the word mediocrity standard and nothing

00:43:23--> 00:43:35

wrong with that. Because the meaning of words changed over time. The problem is when you take the more than meaning of a word and apply it to a classical text NWA Roman was damaged, right? So it's important to note this difference.

00:43:36--> 00:43:39

The final lecture on the table there's a nice is that

00:43:41--> 00:43:59

you know, when blowing even to build the extent he goes through, to patch things up with his arms, how many of us haven't had really tried going that far to patch it up with family members who broke it off for us? You know, for many of us in a family who breaks up literally as a witness, I don't care right. But

00:44:01--> 00:44:23

three expect to live up to the house and they literally have your plans in it wonderful kept sneaking into the house, just because for him, this is the big thing to prepare, because it's such a big thing to work on some of monetary needs is such a big thing that he goes out of his way, not just going to out of fear or out of love or the leader the one hurt anymore. Because his whole

00:44:24--> 00:44:29

rationale here as he tells his his his uncles here is that

00:44:30--> 00:44:47

she's doing something wrong. We need to stop her from exactly. Look, this is the Novocaine for somebody else's, so we don't want them to be doing something to you all the way to remind them and to help them. This is a very powerful story from another Bullfrog that I feel like we all get better from

00:44:48--> 00:44:59

and want to end with one last nice release. I remind myself of very often during the fight, and I think all of you will be able to relate with her this will help you as it helps me

00:45:00--> 00:45:12

All right, of the label Homer Rodial, open rates and the visa logo, these are all the profits of always upset at what we do Lizzie you holy goodness, we Yes, we are

00:45:13--> 00:45:17

here to minimize the learning for the winners Mala. Yes, we do other other.

00:45:19--> 00:45:28

The believer who makes us with people, and is patient when they have is better than the one who does not be people or they may harbor

00:45:31--> 00:45:35

This is encourages us to be part of a community

00:45:36--> 00:46:20

to interact with others to contribute to society. At the same time, he warns us that when you are part of the community, when you are interacting with others, some people are going to give them your nose. Some people want to see things that hurt you. Some people might do things that hurt, some people are going to really frustrate you. But the believer puts up with all of that. Because the benefits of being a part of a community, how do they all the residual harms that come from our daily interactions. So this happiness is both a call on us to be part of the community. And it's also a realistic description of what happens with the Muslim community. Good as we see what's the number

00:46:20--> 00:46:59

one reason why people want to just move to the mountains and disappear from society entirely to everybody else. The title of everybody else's nonsense that is versatile in worship Allah, our religion doesn't encourage us to be mocks. He doesn't encourage us to cut ourselves off from people and to just sit in the mountains and worship Allah they know it encourages us to be people of the community to be involved. Who do you bear when other people's thoughts because when you are part of the community, you're going to meet people whose personalities clash with you when you meet people even though the way they talk million Legion right you're gonna meet people who say things that

00:46:59--> 00:47:32

really upset you just be patient with them. Because the modeling community are so important. And so this hadith is a reminder because I resolve I get I'm a very introverted person I get very irritated with people you know, behaving appropriately sometimes we take baby bed and just go to an island a certain worship of God and just didn't write your books and just be alone all the time. But then every time that happens and myself in the settings that will appeal reward is to be part of the community no matter how much the community has

00:47:34--> 00:48:09

put in your hands now one of the founders of Musa brotherhood mentioned that if we serve the community because the community will have given up years ago we serve the community for and you serve the community for Allah because of being disciplined appreciate what you do all the time. If you have something DRS is going to happen sometimes you want to do something for the benefit of the community and they want to grab you this happens everyone everyone's had at this point in your life if we did something that you don't even appreciate because the benefit from it we all will be happy with you at some point become the standard Some people become the sorting some of people managed to

00:48:09--> 00:48:14

post it make it look like a burden the mess up to this adhesive you just keep serving

00:48:15--> 00:48:25

no matter how much they harm you they are still the poster community. So you still be together and you still be there for each other you still help each other even though you get

00:48:26--> 00:48:49

sober is used to describe the kind of relationship we should have the other people dealing with people required some of that in one of the lessons that we came from. And then one of the most important parts of other work law is the Muslim needs return line with that we come to the end of the day segmentation will be more all of these I have these beneficial five minutes of questions with the

00:48:55--> 00:48:56

angels goes to

00:48:58--> 00:48:59

he goes to

00:49:01--> 00:49:01

can you

00:49:05--> 00:49:05

remember that

00:49:07--> 00:49:11

no one is fasting and what he said out when he hug that little bit monumental

00:49:19--> 00:49:20

any other questions

00:49:26--> 00:49:27

we do every day

00:49:35--> 00:49:41

Okay, so again, salon Jihad charity fasting hij

00:49:43--> 00:49:44

serving others failure

00:49:52--> 00:49:59

so you set your mind up, the websites are listening. But basically these are the number one hyperlocal needs that people examine some people

00:50:00--> 00:50:38

We set out to celebrate coming up with 100. Somewhere in Chicago on a public college thing. Certainly we have the southern lights for charity fasting, some people parks almost every day of the life except in the village prohibited hygiene, Agra, those who control them. So that's interesting for those who control their hand when cooking people. That's basically the dog. People have other formula. People have good character, sincere faith. That's one of the dogs are trying to have some CFA and finally to people who continuously remember about. So basically if you look carefully at all of the categories, a handful of every possible either you could use

00:50:42--> 00:50:43

any other measures

00:50:51--> 00:50:53

of bucha.gov

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