What Is Success?

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I want you to imagine your brother, this system.

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The situation of a very wealthy person who lived in the life of this world, believing that he had achieved

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the peak of success. You had the cars, you had the shoes, he had the homes.

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And then on the Day of Judgment,

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when he sees the reality of the Hereafter, and he sees humanity coming out, they're coming out of their graves. And he sees the books of deeds being thrown about in the heavens, people receiving them in their right or left hand. He sees paradise being brought forth to be seen by humanity and he sees the Hellfire is well roaring in rage.

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For so many people, be it that wealthy businessman whom we spoke about who lived a life far away from Allah, or anybody else, for many people. On that day, what once seemed to be the greatest aspiration

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will all of a sudden seem to be like a regretfully wasted opportunity.

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It is this regret that we want to avoid with everything we possess today. There isn't anything worse than meeting Allah Almighty. Only then to realize that you had lived for the wrong objective in life.

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So many people, dear brothers and sisters have passed away. And now that they have died and seeing the realities of the other side, they wish that somebody who was still alive could plant a tree in their name,

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or build an orphanage on their behalf or carry out some sort of good deed and perhaps gift the benefit of that goodie to them. Now that they have died, and their books have come to a close.

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We don't want to be like that person do.

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We don't want to be an individual who dies and then waits for people on the earth. To build for him his hereafter we want to build our own. We want to take control of our destiny by the permission of Allah Jalla Jalla Lu and do something about it. We want to be active Muslims. What is success?

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Allah subhanaw taala he said cool don't have seen that you cut him out. Every soul shall taste death.

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We're in number to a phone out with Rocco. Young man Kiana and it is on the day of judgment that you're going to receive your wages in full listen carefully. Allah is about to give you an either definition of success now. For a man Zohar Z Han Inari. Therefore whoever is pushed away from the Hellfire or Adi here agenda and given access to paradise for covers, that person has succeeded.

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According to Allah Almighty, that is your definition of success. While Manhyia to dunya elimite Allahu Allah says what is the life of this world other than the joys of deception?

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What does that mean? It essentially means that every worldly success today that does not lead me to paradise and push me away from the Hellfire then this is not success. This is failure even if people call it success.