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Hello. So, we are starting back to our programs we're very fortunate to have we have scholar, a leader of our communities in America. She's from St. Louis, Missouri. Dr. Haifa University is also the founder of gender Institute work that is catered to our sisters, our mothers, to the women folks who are commonly neglected in society. When you have an Imam was a male finishes a hookah, the first people who have access to the Imam are the men behind him. So by the time the Imam reaches the ladies section, people have to go pick up their kids from school. So communities are now we're aware of how important it is to have leadership. An example teachers mentors from the women community,

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give them around applause for the sisters guys.

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Mentoring one sister is raising a community and mentoring one male is doing a good job to that one male you know, you are changing the trajectory of society. I am standing here because of my mother. But all great respect to my father to Sheikh Hamza and all the people that spoke earlier today that will speak later on their mother's contributions are instrumental. So our society owes it to our sisters. And we sisters and brothers have to support institutions who develop the future leaders and scholars from the sisters for America and sister in Dr. Haifa Yunus is one of them. Please welcome them. Dr. Eva anima Sana.

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Sit down Maliko

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Smilla Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah wala Ali, he was a happy woman while after Sokoloff. Ha ha Abdullah. I don't deserve any of what you said. But fully agree about part one, which is for sure. We need a lot of sisters to be more active in Deen

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in learning and educating yourself, being a leader in the House, being a leader in the community, but it's time definitely we are way behind me but Allah subhanaw taala will make it happen. It's a pleasure to be in the Bay Area. I just came from St. Louis yesterday 16 degree and come here and 66 it's painful, but it's good Alhamdulillah we don't have that much traffic. So there is some balance, Hamid Lauterbrunnen me, as you all know, and I have to make a confession. I didn't know why it was love of the love stories in the Quran, and then I will just remind it today, so tomorrow or Monday, the majority of people will be celebrating Valentine's Day. Let's be honest, we live in this

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country. And I was just researching before I came in here every Valentine's Day.

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There is 58 million chocolate being sold

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58 million.

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Don't fall into that trap. That's what I want to say no and I do mean this.

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Why is that? Because we have much better and I love the idea actually may Allah reward you. The love that Allah subhanho wa Taala spread among us in the Quran. Through rasool Allah Salatu Salam is way beyond a piece of chocolate.

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And again, don't fall in that trap

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by a chocolate anytime but don't single it in that day. If you want to single anything, single him Subhana on your daily basis. And single Rasul Allah Salatu was set out on single daily basis revive his sooner revive his love.

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And I was asked to talk about sort of behind before that I want to just start with the basics. What does the word love mean?

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And if you ask if I gonna ask many of you, everybody will give a different definition. Let's look look at it. And I actually looked it up in the dictionary, because what is love? And they define it many ways, but that one,

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I liked it more. It's intense feeling, intense feeling of deep attachment, or appreciation.

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So you love something and that something could be usually we think of human being, as she or he a mother, a father, a child, usually a spouse, but also we have love for things and love of things. Also you're attached to it and how do you know you're attached to something? See yourself what happens when

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You lose it

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what's happens how many of us when we lose something we say God Allah, Masha, Allah have decreed and whatever Allah decree, what happened, versus why this happened and why. So that's number one is love.

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And this deen is all about love. Unfortunately, a lot of us maybe not pay attention to this part.

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Most of it, if not all of it is about love. But the expression of love is in different ways enough for all of us. Open the Quran. The first verse of the Quran is worth

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first verse in the Quran is what?

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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim.

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And how did Allah presenting himself Subhana to you and me by love?

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Right. And he chose a rough manner, Rahim. He could have said, Al Aziz Jabbar

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alcohol alcovy, any of the names, you know, but he said a rough man or Rahi. So keep in your mind as you see people around you celebrating, I already have it. I don't need a piece of chocolate. I don't need a flower. I don't need it. I have it.

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What what I need to revive in me that love

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that he gives me and I should give him more. And the law householder to Baja, which I'm sure almost everybody in this room knows it or knows the meaning of it. And I'm going to teach you through it quickly and see where is the love, there's no word love, there's no hope and sort of Baja

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or attachment. It starts if you want to divide the three parts. There is the first part which is the oath.

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And then there is what Allah is telling God Rasul Allah, so to sum the love part, and then a reminder or an order, when you love someone, you look at them and say, I love you. Remember what I did for you. Please do this for me.

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That sort of Doha.

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That's what it is. An oath and think of it in your daily life, by Allah. By Allah, you are the most closest person into my heart.

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Remember what I did for you the days I stayed up there to teach you to cook for you to do this, whatever it is. So please do this for me.

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That's a statement of love. And that's sort of

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will lead either soldier by the glorious time of the day, many translation, the shining is day time of the day. One will lady either soldier and when the night grows into still and darkness, opposite, very common theme in the Quran. It's always LA when half the day in the night a Shem swallow armor. It's a very common parables of the Quran. One similar to the other, why there is an oath. What does an oath teaches you? What is the statement Allah wants to tell me and teach you and make us live by it? When you say by Allah,

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usually you're gonna say something very important.

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You want to bring the people's attention by Allah Hi, love you or do you say by Allah don't do that. Don't push me to the limit.

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And Allah says, What will how a lady in asada and what next?

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Your Lord has not never forsaken you or hated you.

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And this is to you and me. The Quran is for you and me to live by. When I read it, one of my first teachers is always to say this, open the Quran, put your finger on it, don't read anything. Say this is the word hada canal Morbi This is the word of my Lord. And he's talking to me.

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The Sahaba used to see it as messages from Allah.

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So he's telling you, of course telinga Roswaal a saw to son number one, your Lord will not forsake you.

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And he will not change. His feelings will not change Subhana the way Allah befit Allah subhanho wa taala. Why did this happen?

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For a hikma for wisdom? Allah decided the connection that Rasul Allah salatu salam had on daily basis, sometimes twice a day or more with Allah through Satan edubirdie Allah decide to stop for three days.

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We don't know why. stalked. Allah has

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his own wisdom. Think of this every word I'm just going to say about a soiree salatu salam. And this incident is me and you in this life.

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And imagine what happens when your life line is chopped, suddenly, no Satan or debris.

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And imagine this sort of Baha was revealed in Makkah. So imagine what people said,

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the talk of the town, imagine this, right? Even in some of the commentaries of theory that the wife of Abu Lahab she said his his Lord hated him.

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Hasha law and Roswaal is salatu sera three days saved Niger brief came to recite, recite or Sir This was revealed and look at the love moment

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or Swati Assad or Sam Asad. Narrabri Why didn't you come?

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Why didn't you come? He didn't say why didn't Allah send you out of

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a ticket? So you know, debris, the meaning of? I am, I do what I am ordered.

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Another etiquette.

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Mauer dakara bukhoma Kata your Lord, have not forsaken you and will not hate you. I want everyone in this room to have this statement inside your heart. So when you go through difficult time, now a darker Buddha

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doesn't mean Allah who leave me. He will never Subhana unless I decide to move away as a rosary salatu salam said that Tamil but not the meaning of it, you you will not Allah who never get bored of you unless you get bored now with darker or book a warmer color

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not too and it's beautiful relationship. The next one is when a Rottweiler hola Kameena Lula the life to come way better than this. What is the relationship?

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He's talking about love. He's talking about I did not change my my feelings are the same. I will never let you down. What is the relationship?

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It's beautiful when you read, you know how we are on daily basis. And I think even more in the bay area because it's a much faster paced. It's It's It's crowded. It's if you drive too much, it's it's more.

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You know, when at one point you say I can't take this anymore. This is too much on me. Two things remember, Mauer dark, horrible buco McCullough, your Lord will never forsake you. Turn to Him.

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Allah make it easy. You have to be make me feel better. Y'all I need this y'all. I need that. Whatever it is one, but two. That's what he was telling him.

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What is coming is way better than this. Meaning don't waste too much energy on this. How long we will live. Our look. Come live with TOEFL or the other the city on will a bit Nyoman. obado facilidad. De

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they were asked how long how many days you lived on this earth. They said a day or two

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libitum in their career, or quantum Talamo, you stayed very few

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to waste your energy from morning to evening. I call it the rat race. We are all in it. Whatever you do, you don't know how the morning starts and how it ends. Know when to highroller come in and Oola focus or where are we going? And why it is better. For Rasul Allah salatu, Salam scholars put two beautiful commentary on the whole theme of the idea that the surah they said this chapter is a letter of love from Allah Tala, Swati Serratos

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because it's the only chapter it's all talks from the beginning to the end Obatala Swami Santosa

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it's a love letter. You know, when you read a text message, and Allah is telling you, I didn't change. I did not let you down. Don't worry about what's happening. Wait and see what I have for you. And that should be you and me.

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If I work for it,

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and are innocent Allah He Avaya, Allah in a sloth Allah halogen. Now.

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What Allah has is very expensive, very expensive, very hard.

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And Agnes ratha lightly done with Allah has his Jana. We have to own it. It doesn't come free. As they say here. Those of you who work you know this very well. There's no free lunch in this country. They say

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they are here to hire Hola, Kameena Lula, well, life gets so tight, so hard. Everyone is is not what I'm thinking.

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Everything is not going the way I want. Think of if you're in work for your future, and then the next one, and this is specifically for him led solder to Sarah. Well, so for your the current book avatar robot,

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and for sure your Lord, and he says Ron Booker, those of you who know the language of the Quran, it's very different. When Allah says a bad we say a baddie.

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When he said servant, he says My servant, and now he's telling RUSADA Santosa are on Book your Lord, your Lord is going to give you till you are happy.

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And if I or you were in this position, and Allahu will tell me, what do you want?

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What are we going to say?

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Give this to my child, give this to my family. Give me health. Give me this. Please give me Jen. What did the Rasul Allah salatu salam AST?

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As anyone know, what did he ask? Almighty almighty?

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My Ma, my OMA, you and me, you and me. And where are we? From the real love? Not the tongue love of Rasul Allah salatu. Salam, where are we from his son? Well, so for your Odlyzko Booker for tadoba You're going to be happy and you're going to be pleased. Don't worry. Don't worry again for you. Everybody. Myself number one. Don't worry. What is there is way better.

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My Laura Shinola Samia tone, no ear has heard and no eyes have seen what is their agenda.

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And then he reminded him and this is again for everybody. Every time I deliver a baby some of you may know I'm an OBGYN. Every time I deliver a baby I remember this verse.

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As immediate care team and for our

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You came alone by yourself. Not even close. can say a word cannot even feed ourselves. You all know this mothers and fathers and then here we are for our he gave you shelter he gave you shelter gave me shelter. And when I read this I remember how can I complain and your complaint? And Allah gave me roof and gave me food. And I am healthy.

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When us Baja Armenian few Serbia, wife and few Bethany em Lukaku to me the kendama is at low dunya whomsoever wake up in the morning that's his word that is Salatu was Salam woke up in the morning, you have a roof on your head who doesn't in this room? Rules not one.

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And in and he said but you're safe.

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Don't worry about anything healthy and healthy doesn't have to be your 100% Healthy Hamdulillah I can see I can hear I can eat handler

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as if whole life all this world was given to her

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alone aged care team and for our and Allah this see there's it's a solace. Don't worry what they say about you. Don't Don't worry what they do to you. You were there and here I am, or did a cold oil and fodder and you were in or you were looking Where's Allah? I know this is not right. And those of you who have accepted Islam or came back to Islam, this is you and me.

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This is you and me. We were busy with life doing everything the suddenly we find out. This was all for being doesn't worth it. And he guided you and me while you're here. Saturday evening, you could be anywhere having fun, right? That Dunia fun, but you chose to be here for Harada you brought you. You didn't come He brought you

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or did the car Elan for ohana. All of us, especially those of us who came from different country, you were poor. That's what Allah saying to Rasul Allah is Allah to set up your poor is nothing. And he gave you say, the Hadith or the support the money and then you know the rest. This is you and me. Right? Those of you who were born raised here at 16, you work to give you five $6 per hour. And then 20 years later, Marshall waterbottle Cola, and more and more. Remember this don't forget, don't live in the moment, as they say

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live in the moment to reflect on the past on the future.

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And then what does he want from me and you and him with this love letter? Learn love doesn't mean no responsibility. Love doesn't mean don't do anything. Because then he comes to order. familia TMF a lotta

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what Maceda for Latin one Lavinia material because I had the orphan three things

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orphan, the beggar and then bounties of Allah.

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So when we see orphans maybe we don't see orphans.

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But if you travel anywhere else you will see them right and left.

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And I remember last week, less than 10 days ago ALLAH blessed me I was in Makkah Hamdulillah. And then we were in a dinner in the outside. And we were all sitting there under the mountain of Arafa. And on your right,

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and we were sitting on this table being served the best food in literally that and families waiting, children waiting for us to finish. So they eat.

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And I looked and I said, LM aged care team for our why me? Why you

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because Allah loves us, in general as his creation.

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But also it could be a test for me in you. So remember, love comes with responsibility. What did I do for you? Yeah, Allah. For all this bounties you gave me complained from morning to evening.

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And that was Swati. Salatu Salam, Malley, Allah dunya Why do I, what do I have to do with dunya? I am like a stranger traveler. Come in, stay under a tree and then leave. And the last one was a ma vignette and mature obika. Fahad

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the bounties of your Lord

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and he's studying Torah, Swati Saul to some talk about it. And scholars here deferred should we say should we talk about what we have and what Allah gave us? Yes. As long as you're seeing it, not to boost not to brag, my children, my whole my career, whatever I have done, no, I couldn't do anything. If it was not for him. Subhana three parts every time you were here and off, off, remember this. And remember where we all started, and where we are ending and do the three things. And one of the beautiful things that I was reading, they said Ibrahim, Abraham when he was reading, what a Mustang I forgotten how they say when you see a bit when you see a beggar.

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Look how people look at things way different than you and me.

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And he said when you see a beggar say a wah send your risk of Jannah to you.

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Because when you give him they say even if they if they don't need or they but when you give him you're doing it for Allah and he's calling you for Jana, I send you someone for Jana. Near and material because I had this count your bounties. My brothers and my sisters were doing it and Matala he had to sola if you start to even count the bounties of Allah you will not be able to Lhasa div twice in the Quran. Same start, same beginning, very different ending Surah to narrow the BS where it is the source of Nia Allah says in Allah Allah for Rahim, Allah is all forgiving and merciful. I complain, I throw food I waste. I do not take care of the earth, and you name it. And then he still

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gives me

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insulted broccoli and he said in Santa Vaalu fowl, human being is absolutely unjust, an ungrateful May Allah Subhana Allah not make us of those Euro be me, and I'm going to end with a dua I beloved to me from rasool Allah salatu salam, ala Houma in the coffin book. Bakula May your head Bakula Emory curry bonita, from your OB me. I asked the law for myself and everybody. I asked for your love.

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Be Bakula, your book and the love of everyone who loves you. I don't want people to love me just because I want those who are not loves to love me. While Bakula Hamelin caribou need a hobby, public, and the love of every deed, every act, just for one reason, because it's going to get me closer to you. May Allah subhanaw taala respond May Allah subhanaw taala make us those who really love Allah and willing to go through this path for his sake and for the sake only and that we are love each other for only one reason and no other is for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah homophobia Handicare shadow loud

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stuff you look forward to Budi SallAllahu ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali he was habito Sleeman Kathira Yusaku La Jolla, Iran