Ali Hammuda – A Dhul Hijjah Series Day 9 – This is The Grand Day of ‘Arafa!

Ali Hammuda
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When we have favors to ask of people they usually say something like yeah come over. We'll help with Allah gender Julia Allahu he says, no you stay where you are, I will come to you. This happens during the last third of every night Allah descends to the lowest heaven in a manner that befits his majesty and glory, and draws nearer to his creation, and announces his willingness to forgive every sin and answer every Doha that happens on a nightly basis. But did you know that there was also a single day in the year when the exact same happens during the latter hours of the day of Harada Arafa is the name of the ninth day of the Islamic month of the Ranger, and this is the granddaddy of

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Hajj This is when the prices of hajj are distributed. And these are prizes that insha Allah extend to the non pilgrims as well. In one of the most profound Hadith in this department, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Ma ro El Sheikh

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who were fee he also has to Walla Walla we have women who feel Mahara Shavon is never seen, more humiliated and more outcast, and more pathetic and more angered than on the Day of Arafah. Why he said one or the elderly Mel Robbins tennis Julia Rana water Jr. was in La Jolla and you know, Bill Haiwan. This is due to what he sees from Allah's Mercy descending upon people, and what he sees of ALLAH is forgiving of the enormous sins.

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I know you will be fasting on this day in the hope of having two years of sins worth arranged. But I want you please to add another item to this day till the sun sets don't stop making Doha.

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Imagine this, after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had finished delivering his sermon on this day of Hajj Arafa. He combined between borehole and Asad Salah at the time of Lahore, and then he came down from Namira and he stood close to the mount Assad, then he would raise his hands and your heart till the sun had set from noon till sunset. So when you feel lazy in your DUA or thicket, remember that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam combined prayers in order to free up as much time as possible for dua. In fact, so eager he was to not interrupt the DUA that when the bridle of his camel fell down, he leant over to pick it up with one hand, and he kept the other hand up in

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Doha Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Even when I was there, I he said, a drug to acquire an account do you have the owner hijacked Leo Mahara? Yes and Allah Habiba. I met people who used to save certain dua of those throughout the year so that they ask Allah for them all on the day of Arafat MAHAK battle, just how many sins have been raised on this day? How many sorrows were alleviated? How many illnesses were cured? How many bachelors were paired with righteous spouses? How many ill hearted ones who are finally gifted with Eman and how many doubts are finally removed? How many were rescued from the hellfire and how many homes in general were reserved because of a dua that was made on the

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day of Arafat? How you will do it? Do we only have the greatest dua is the dua on the Day of Arafah.

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So what should I do on this day you will say all thought even though you're Muslim response, he said in eastern PA and definitely won't be enough. See, can I see your data set? If you're able to seclude yourself from people during the latter hours of the day of Hanukkah tend to be

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the latter hours there in reference to the hours between us, afternoon and not at sunset. So free up your schedule at all costs. Close your door, switch off your mobile phone, log out of social connect with the most high if any day will be your game changer. It's this one. One of our predecessors he said well Allah He made out to the Houghton Yamaraja what metadata Allah *, how in the right to have this level of cassava. I swear by Allah, every dua that I have made during the day of Arafah, not even a year would pass by before I see it being answered, appearing in my life like the break of dawn, meaning clear, visible. Ramadan, we don't even know the exact date of NATO to other the

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greatest night of the year so we make an effort. As for the Day of Arafah, the greatest day of the year, you've been given the exact date, you know, the exact hour, I won't eat into any more of your time on this day of auto fat. So I will leave you in the good and capable hands of the great Imam, an nawawi who said in his book of car, speaking about this day of alpha, he said this is the greatest day of the year for TA and so one must exert all of his energy in the remembrance of Allah and DUA and re citation of Quran and to ask a

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Lie using the various applications and to read and remember him using their various remembrances. He then said, one is to make dua for himself, his mother and his father, his relatives, his teachers, friends and loved ones, and for all of those who've done good to him,

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and then for all of the Muslims, and then he concludes by saying this one yeah Heather quindell heathery Mina toxicity Fidel equally for in the huddle Yama, la Yong ki noted Araku to beware of falling short in any of this for this day, cannot be compensated for

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