The Good Deed That Ruins You

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As we begin by praising Allah subhanaw taala and bearing witness that nun has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is his final messenger. We ask Allah to send his peace and blessings upon him the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions that served alongside him, and those that follow in his blessing path until the day of judgment, and we ask Allah to make us amongst them, Allah him. I mean, the brothers and sisters at the mama Shirazi Rahim, Allah has this profound story with his father. And you can see the way that the scholars were raised with both are

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in and up, they were raised with both knowledge and manners. And they took so much more than the textual inheritance that came to them. He says that one night, my father and I were awake, and we were praying the AMOLED how beautiful when a father and son stand up and prayed the arm together everything you'd want, in terms of a righteous household, a parent and a child standing up and praying at night.

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And he said that I was a young man, and I looked around, and I recognized that we were amongst the few that were up and praying, meaning what the people in the neighborhood the people around, were all sleeping. So I said to my father, Lamia, Coleman, how would I even use all the raw carotene? None of these people wanted to even wake up and pray to it, I curse. Right? As if to say, you know, look at us and look at them. And hamdulillah we're awake, and we're praying and look at all of these people. None of them are up to pray to darcars at night. And he said, My father said to me, yeah, when a year, low nimitta Locanda Hydra neck, oh, my son, if you would have slept, it would have been

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better than you waking up. I would have preferred that you stayed sleeping. And not fall into woohoo Erica Phil hull cannot fall into this disrespect and this disregard of the creation of Allah subhanaw taala out of them for you to wake up and to develop this pride. It's a powerful narration a powerful story, it would have been better for you to stay asleep and not pray than to wake up with pride in the way that you look at those that are around you. The last photo that I gave was about refusing advice out of pride. It was the opposite side of that the sinner that is open with their sending or committing a sin and someone points out to them the obvious in regards to their sin. Uh

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huh. That is Bill Ethan. And pride stops them from disregarding the sin not because they question whether or not the sin is sinful, or the sin is actually a sin or not. But because they don't like the person giving it to them, or they don't like the way that the advice was given to them. And so their pride doesn't allow them to forsake that sin. So they insist upon that sin after that till it is beneath them. But what about the worshiper or the religious person who takes pride in their religiosity, and loses themselves in that pride. So somehow, when you're talking about open sin becoming prominence, obviously, the greatest risk of that is the normalization of that sin. And then

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if the sin is normalized, then the propagators of evil become emboldened in their propagation of evil and then the ignorant at some point get lost in between, they don't even know anymore what the standard of sin is. But just as we have to protect ourselves from becoming desensitized to those sins, we have to protect ourselves from discarding the sinners, and SubhanAllah. When you look back in the early books, it's always interesting to me how innocent the examples that are given are, you know, back then what was open sinning? What was open sinning in those societies, especially the societies of the tambourine. And the generation that followed, and the generation that followed open

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sin was not a thing, right, the idea of open lewdness was not a thing. What they saw as open ascending was a person who doesn't come to the masjid, or a person who doesn't frequent the Halaqaat of the cube, the circles of knowledge, the circles of the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala, and was seen to be more prominence in the marketplace and maybe their tongue used to slip a bit more that was their idea of the open sinner versus the person who's in the masjid Masha, Allah, the person who is regular within regular with Dawa regular with worship. And so now that that exposure, people exposing themselves and people becoming exposed becomes so much more frequent, then we have

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to have this hyper sense of protection for ourselves for our own hearts, and I'm gonna stop you from cutting me off from now by thinking that well, I'm not the perfect worshiper myself because we don't really have these molds anymore. There isn't the religious person and the non religious person, right? You can develop pride because of one deed that you have and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever has one Adams worth of Kibet in their hearts one Adams worth and pride in their hearts will not enter into agenda so

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might be just the idea that you pray tomorrow. And someone else doesn't pray tomorrow, that you've developed this disease of Kibera in one regard and an atom's worth of that pride is enough to ruin a person. You comparing yourself in the relative sense your good deeds to someone sins, your concealed sin versus someone's open, open sin. It doesn't have to be this perfect mold of the student of knowledge, Masha, Allah, the person who comes to the Holocaust comes to the masjid, and the person who's going wild on social media, there are a lot of layers in between those two things, it also affects every age, the older person could be looking at some of the gatherings and think of this

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person that does this and this person that does that. So it doesn't fit a particular mold, when it comes to this condemnation that we can have in our hearts and this disease in our hearts. That could lead us to start to look down upon people in some regard. There are many layers of that and so I wanted to just read with the few minutes that I have in sha Allah to Allah. This portion from the mandible claim Rahim Allah Tala on the spiritual disease. He says starting off with Kulu Marcia tun Ayala to be a haka for here he like any sin that you taught your brother for know that it will come back to you. And he mentioned that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was narrated to have

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said, man I yah hoo wee then Ben lamb Yeah, much hotter Yeah, Mela, who? That whoever taunts his brother with a sin will not die until Allah Subhana Allah to Allah test them with committing that exact same sin. So beware of taunting your brother or sister. And he went on to say got an email Muhammad Vito fct, how the Hadith mean them bin Khattab, Amin who an important clarification that Imam acmella Rahim Allah Azza This means a sin that that person repented from especially, you're talking about the repenter who's forsaken a sin. You may be taunting them for a sin that Allah has forgiven them for, or made forgive them later for when they repent to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah

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or through his mercy forgives them anyway. But ALLAH does not forgive you for your mockery of that person in that regard. Well, even for fifth year, and also when we're talking about this idea of taunting someone who sins, he talks about this insult, right, this idea of putting someone down a Shemitah to insult someone when they're in the state of that sin even if you're not taunting them directly with that sin. And he says as it was also narrated from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told Hiroshima totally a week for your hammer hula Will you ever tell you do not show that disgrace that insult towards your brother because it may be that Allah subhanaw taala will have

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mercy upon them and Allah subhanaw taala will test you instead. And he continues to say an attack a Euro Kelly if he can be then be our ultimate Essman in them behavior assured domain Manasa T. Your marking of your brother or your taunting of your brother or sister when they're in that sin is worse than the sin that they're committing in the first place meaning the sin of your mockery, the sin of your backbiting. We're not even talking about slander, by the way, things that have gone untrue but the sin of putting someone down and making fun of someone and taunting someone and mocking them for a sin that they're committing is greater than their sin. The sin of your estimate is at the center

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of your mockery is far worse. And he goes on to say because the element spoke about our spiritual beings, not just the outputs. He says, Well Allah castrato who will be then be one that I had that Allah whom in a villa T will hold over? Well Israa Allah NFC, what's the Hello seamen model the data will carry will urge what we'll call fi Vainio de la Hina Kieser works Harsha torfx mon Cassia local and federal law who were hired on insalata Artica what's a Catholica beha will guarantee that the beha will mean that you and Allah he will healthy Hibiya from Accra acaba de la Seaman rahmatullah wa Acaba, Hayden Medina lumen McCullough said it may be that that person's brokenness, and what has

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come to them of humiliation

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that caused them to relinquish any feeling of pride that affects the people of worship. They feel low and in their loneliness that led them to bow their heads and regret to Allah subhanaw taala brokenhearted flowing tears that is far better and more beneficial than your proud worship that you repeat habitually and you bring up with Allah subhanaw taala you boast about it with Allah subhanho wa Taala and his creation as if you are owed some site, some sort of position and some sort of rank from acaba de la ASEAN rahmatullah wa trabajar. Then Moodle, midmarket Allah so how close is the sinner to the Mercy of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and how close is this worshiper? This arrogant

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worshipper to the anger and the punishment of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah Subhanallah beautiful words and he says, for them when

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to the lobby de la de la human, attend to the Lumia Alaihe the meaning of which is that a sin that humbles you and brings you closer to Allah subhanaw taala is far better than a good deed that takes you away from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and yields arrogance or causes you to humiliate someone else. We're in Mecca into beaten human will to be Hannah demon Hi Roman and Toby taka Iman Matos to be more enjoyable and for you to go to sleep at night and to not wake up and pray a single record. But wake up with regret in the morning is far more beloved to Allah subhana which Allah then for you to wake up and pray at night and then when the morning comes, you're filled with pride.

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And he says something so beautiful here. He says what Anine will move in the been a habit it Allah him exaggerated most of the pain and modeling, the groaning of the sinner, the tears, the weeping, the groaning of the sinner is far more precious to Allah subhanaw taala than the humming of the arrogant worshipers.

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The groaning and the moaning and the tears and the wailing. That emotional outpouring of regret is so much more beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala added than the worshiper who hums in congregation with a sense of arrogance and a sense of pride and doesn't come back to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Astok will be harder than be Dawa and stuff Raja Vida and party line who are Feeco Allah Tasha. And it might be that through this thing that Allah subhanaw taala has tested this person with. It was a medicine that sin was a medicine by which Allah removed a disease from that person that's still present within you and you just don't know

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that sin could have been a medicine for that person. That Allah removed the fatal spiritual disease and that spiritual disease is in you and it just has not been diagnosed yet.

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For the law, he earned it he will not see it. He Estrada Not Yet Allah Maha Illa who

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there are secrets, that the worshiper and the open center, that the students of knowledge, and the person who was openly ignorant and heedless secrets that we all have, that no one knows except Allah subhanaw taala. The only difference between their sin and yours is that their sin is open and your sin is concealed.

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But the ranks are only known to Allah subhanho wa Taala the good deeds of that person, that sinner is only known to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, you know, there's a powerful story of one of the side of Hainan I'll end with this because it's so profound. When you talk about not knowing what the other person has and guarding the sights. You're in this Masjid right now looking around who's here? Oh, there's that person, not that person. Start looking and scrolling through people's social media feeds or There they go again.

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This is Subhanallah very powerful story that one of the Salah Hain one of the righteous scholars, and it's attributed to Abu Hanifa Rahim Allah, but there is no change Abu Hanifa and this so one of the slides, one of the rights of scholars had a neighbor who was known for being an alcoholic.

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And when the neighbor passed away,

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the wife of that neighbor asked this person, the scholar to come and pray janazah and the scholar abstained. Why because it's an alcoholic. Right. And we have some guidance and some legislation for this, by the way, the spirit of which is that when you want to discourage people from a major sin, sometimes the imam or someone of importance could withhold or respectfully abstain from the janazah just to discourage people dissuade people from the sin that that person was known for that major sin that the person committed, while the janazah still prayed and forgiveness is still sought. There's some basis for this, of course. But the moral of the story is that He abstains and then he sees a

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dream at night and he sees this man walking in Jannah and enjoying the fruits of Allah Jana, and the man is saying kulula Who say to him and hamdulillah Hill Alhamdulillah he lamb to Jana and Jana, to be God, say to that person that hamdulillah Jana is not in his hands. Tell that man that had hamdulillah agenda is not in his hands, that the keys of gender are not in his hands. So he goes to the wife of this person and he asks her, you know, what is it about this man? What is it about your husband that passed away that I'm missing here? Sharing this dream? And she says, Who am I totally forgotten who he is, as you saw him? He was an alcoholic. He had this problem. He was indeed

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struggling with the sin later and the whole KENNETH He couldn't be Yomi Dumas. You'll put him on a term and Hey, William saccharina. Oh, see him? Well? Yep. keyway a cool. Oh, God, Omnicom. The only thing is that on Fridays, every Friday he would go and he would feed the orphans of his neighborhood. And he would accompany them and spend time with them and he would cry

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right and he would say make dua for your uncle. Make dua for your sinful uncle and it may be that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada answered the door of one of those orphans.

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We don't know the ranks of people, and you have to actively protect your eyes and it all goes back to what? Focus on yourself. Focus on your flaws. hear everything in the capacity of what how can I better myself, this is not a don't judge the sin. This is don't pass final judgment on the sinner. We don't lose the status of the sin in Islam. We know what a major sin is, we know what open fascia is open wickedness is an open lewdness is and it's condensable and the prophets lie some indeed said that Allah will forgive all of the sins except for the ones that are boasted about. But be careful when you let your eye wander and come across your brother or sister who you think is deficient in

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relation to you in one regard. And internally even have a conversation with yourself and think I'm better than that person. It takes one Adams worth your brothers and sisters, one Adams worth. And in order to make sure that that one Adams worth does not settle in the heart. It takes an entire intentionality every single day of focusing on your own sinfulness in your own station with Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, may Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive our brothers and sisters and forgive us for the sins that are open and the sins that are concealed for the major and the minor sins. And may Allah Subhana Allah allow us all to collectively be pleasing to Him. May Allah subhana huzzah Allah

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purified from us the sins that create a barrier between us and him and protect us from the delusion that causes even our good deeds to become a barrier between us and Him. Allahumma Amin Akula probably had a lot of stuff in La Jolla can recite a misdemeanor stuff we don't want to hold

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him to the long Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Allah Allah he will serve you I'm going to Allah La Fille McNaughton want me now it's well Muslim. You know what a Muslim out here even Humala march in like a semi on Caribbean Mooji Buddha Allah, Allah fiddle and our Hamner, one for Anna Willa to Dibner. Rodman alumna and Fuson our inland Chaffer Linotype Hamner, then a common enemy and a high strain alarm in the Carrefour and Karima to Hibbard alpha five for Anna Allahumma fiddley Wadena Robert Hamama came out of Buena sera Robina habla naman as well as you know the reality now Kurata Island or Jana What's up mama llama Surah masala Athena famous article I'll do my Arabia longer is

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in Islam almost meanwhile, the leadership Cal Academy in November or the dean Allahumma Anika while Amina was wanting me reaching out with one and then veniam Saudi mean remember London La Jolla model but I do an exon what Eater is an affordable way and her and in fascia you will one carry well Betty Camila Allah come to the Coronavirus Corolla has got to come wash Kuru island near Mount us good luck on one of the Allahu Akbar Allahu Yama tossed in our own welcome As Salam