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Allah azza wa jal is the only one who knows the hype. The unseen, the hidden.

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No one else knows it, and no one else has access to it. Only Allah subhanho wa Taala has exclusive knowledge of it.

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Allah azza wa jal says,

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Allah Allah moment for some Awatea well out of the labor Illa Allah say, none in the heavens and on earth knows the hype. But Allah does.

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And Allah azza wa jal also says, low labels somehow it will erode to Him meaning exclusively the shape of the heavens and the earth belongs meaning to no one else. He has full knowledge of it. No one else does that. No one else has it.

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In America, you Belinda in another area rape is only to Allah azza wa jal

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and even he commanded His Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam to share with people the limits of his knowledge and that he does not know the height

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hola Amelie cool enough? See enough. How will elbow run Illa Masha Allah Welcome to Allah Allah Haber. Let's take third to mineral Haiti yo mama Cynthia Sue. So he says, say to them, that I have no or cannot bring to myself benefit or harm, except through the will of Allah azza wa jal, how

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can I benefit myself I can harm myself, except through the will of Allah azza wa jal in if I were to have knowledge of the vape then I would amass benefits and no harm would touch me. That's the prophets of Allah. Allah was in them was commanded to say this.

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That he does not know the type.

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Yet there are some who believe

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that the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam knows the hype, some Muslims, because they want to elevate and they love the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam and they want to elevate his status that yes, he knows that they, he knows because Allah showed him everything that is in the Allahumma for the Preserved Tablet, so he knows everything. And if you've seen and you know what is in the preserve tablet, you know about everything in creation, everything in this universe because everything is written down.

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And we say that goes against first our Aqeedah that that knowledge is exclusive to Allah azza wa jal and it goes against the Quran and it goes against the Sunnah. First of all, and by the way, if you're on your phone

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so it goes against the Quran where Allah azza wa jal says, we're in the home affair to hook her up their level her Illa who he has the treasuries of the cape, no one knows about them, except him. Except Allah azza wa jal, then the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam said, what about this area? He said, My 30 Full havy Hamza. He says, the treasuries of the hype are five layer animal Hoonah Illallah no one knows about them except Allah azza wa jal in Allah then he read in the law in the hotel Musa will Eunice Zulu hater where your Allah will mirfield our ham harm or matter did enough to Mother txiv ohada or method enough, some are going to mood. He says these Treasuries are five and

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he recited the ayah Allah has knowledge of the Day of Judgment and of the rain and what are inside the wombs of females and no one knows what he will earn tomorrow and no one knows in what plant he will die.

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That knowledge is in Allahumma fool. The Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam said what? No one knows this except Allah azza wa jal. So Allah Yes, he can make prophets of Allah he can disclose some of the hype to them.

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He says earn him will he be fella Euro Allah up in La manera tadami Rasool for in who yes, Luke, who in Bahia de he will mean healthy here rassada He says he Subhana wa Taala is the one who knows the faith. So he does not disclose it to anyone, unless there are messengers whom He is pleased with. And then he will send God's angel gods in front of them and behind them. Meaning first the condition is that they be messengers of Allah azza wa jal, and he'd be pleased with them. He discloses some of the hype, not all of it. And he will send angels to protect that right from tampering and from the shayateen is dropping.

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That's the exception. So if not, if we know that to be true, that even Muhammad Ali salatu salam does not know the right we must also be firm and knowledge that no fortune teller and no

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psychic has knowledge of the future.

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It's fine how possible because a they are not messengers

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and be they are not pleasing to Allah azza wa jal

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and definitely if that's the case, there are no angels surrounding them protecting that knowledge of theirs.

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And in fact, he Alayhi Salatu was Salam said, moneta Kahin and our Rafa for sadaqa. Who for Katka for Robbie mountain Zerah, Allah Muhammad, he says if someone comes to a fortune teller care hen or a rough

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the care when they say this care hen is one who predicts the future comes and says tomorrow, this will happen next week, this will happen to you, whatever means they use, they try to predict the future for you. They arrive they see as a difference between it and the Cahan is one who knows the present and the past. He tells you, you're facing this at this moment, you've lost this in the past, this is where to find it.

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This is how you can solve your problem. He says if you go to them, and you believe them in what they say you have disbelieved in what had been revealed to Muhammad Ali is Salatu was Salam, meaning he had made this an act of disbelief because here you are disputing an exclusive power that belongs to Allah azza wa jal. No one knows the shape except Allah and you have gone to someone who claims to have knowledge of it.

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And another Hadith he said Allah is Salatu was Salam, moneta Rauf and for Salah, who unshaken them to obey Allah Who Salah Roberto Lena Yoma, he says, If you come to a fortune teller and you ask him about anything,

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your prayer for 40 days will not be accepted.

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This hadith is important for those who are saying, I'm just curious, I'm not going to believe any of it. I just want to test it. I just want to see what they will say. It says even if you go the act of going and asking, even if you don't believe it, that will deprive you of the reward of 40 days of Salah, you still have to pray.

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Just to tell you of how severe that is. Now, today, the fortune tellers they may take the form of psychics, hotlines, people that you visit, they invite you to their places, and they tell let me read your fortune for you. Let me tell you what's going to happen. You're facing this issue this problem. And sometimes we are desperate and vulnerable. And we want someone to tell us something positive someone to tell us how to solve a problem. So we accept, we are curious, we say maybe this will work not understanding that this person is one of to a fortune teller or rough Kahin or a psychic is one of two, one a scammer.

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Someone who knows what to suggest what to say, someone who can read you, someone who's vague enough, and the only thing they want is your money. And they'll keep milking you on bringing you back promising

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result results when manipulating you in the process.

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Or a person who knows or is in contact with the shayateen.

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And they may not be aware that they're in contact with the Sheltie. And by the way, a psychic could say what I see spirits, angels, and who energy manifestation wavelengths, whatever way they express it, but they get information. That's why if one goes to them, and he says, Well, how did he know about my problem, intimate details? How did he know about what I hid? How did he know this? And that will because your shaytaan who's standing right next to you is telling him and feeding him all of these things? Of course, he's gonna know this a lot more. How does he know the future then? Because some of the things that they say actually do come true. How is it that they know the future? Well,

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those will Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that the shayateen is drug eavesdrop, and they listen to the conversations of the angels in the heavens, and that they dropped this information to the fortune tellers on Earth. So if you hear something that actually comes through, and it's not simply something that is vague, that's going to happen anyway, but something that actually specific and it comes through, they have gotten that from a shaytaan and this person has access to them. Otherwise, telling me how else would they know? Allah did not tell them? That how else would they know? There is no source of knowledge, except the one that comes from Allah azza wa

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jal when it pertains to the future. So that is haram. Whether you go to a person or you do it, you try to find the future through a game or a book, or a ritual or an incantation, thinking that if I do this, it will bring me power and Allah is going to come tomorrow. If you are doing this, understand that first. This is *can Allah azza wa jal

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second, you're inviting calamity to visit you. Because when you

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Read these things and perform these rituals, you're inviting none other but the shayateen. The shaytaan says, This person wants to commit this act. Now we have access. And if you bring them to your home, bring him to your body, you will suffer

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until they leave,

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they latch on.

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So that is all haram.

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And we can say included in that connected to it

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is seeking healing through objects pertaining to I mean, because part of the foundation in our athletes as well is that no one brings healing except Allah azza wa jal.

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The Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam said wish we enter Shafi la shifa, Illa Schiefer oke your Allah heal you are the healer, there is no healing except your healing. So no one brings healing except Allah as origin. But when you try to bring the effects or affect the change, through certain things that are prohibited, mainly here

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at him, talismans amulets, what we call a tie weave.

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That is chic,

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and is explicit because the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. He said in the raka what to match him with to Aleta Sheikh, he says a rakia minimum illegitimate. torchia not the Islamic one the illegitimate one, not based on the Quran and Sunnah. He says that Rukia is shaped

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and atoma in the Tamim is something that you hold on you where you wrap it around your arm, thinking that that thing protects. And Attila Attila is something that wives do, so that their husbands would love them, they go to someone, and end May Allah guide, a lot of us, that's still practice still today.

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Someone a phrase afraid, a female a wife is afraid that her husband does not love her. So she goes to chef so and so self described chef, so and so my husband does not do this, and that he says, Bring me this and bring me that he writes something, he inscribes it, he wraps it, he says put it under his bed, put it around, does this, make him drink this and that, to influence his behavior, this is what shake. And this is what magic.

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This is magic. And this is shear. And sometimes the mother in law does it to control the daughter in law, and sometimes the daughter in law to dismiss the mother in law, and sometimes the wife to control their husband. And there are many many examples of that. And again, when you do this understand word for what first, this is Schick

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This is ship you're bringing ships into your body and shook into your family and loved ones. Second, the devils again the shayateen again, because they are the ones who will carry that effect that will carry and maintain that effect. So when he said Allah He is Salatu was Salam This is sheer key means you avoid it completely.

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And contemporary modern examples of that are crystals and metals and threads that you bring and you think, well this will bring you healing.

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They don't use the language of the shayateen. But you say if you take this crystal, it will crystallize the energy of the universe it will regulate your energy it will never dismiss negativity bring positivity connect you to the energy of the universe. The language is a flowery language that does not seem so wrong. But in fact, it's very wrong because this crystal cannot heal, cannot protect, cannot dismiss similar to it that you find in a lot of Muslim countries. You find this bluish, I like stone.

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That if you take it you wear it and you hang it in your home and protect you from hazard.

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That is what that is *can Allah azza wa jal because the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam taught you ways to protect yourself from hazardous stone has no effect. Or a bracelet that you wear and stare at people tell you it is made of this particular metal and it will regulate your body and do this and do this and do that?

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Well, how do you know it does all of this? Either, and this is our source of knowledge. Either Allah and the Prophet told you, then you believe it. Allah and the Prophet said something boss positive about honey, about olive oil, about the black seed you believe it? It's right there. Or science comes and establishes without disputation, without doubt that there is benefit in this particular thing. Then you can take it based on the scientific evidence, but you believe in a crystal is meaningful and protective. How do you know

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you believe

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If a particular metal is protective, how do you know?

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So these are false claims and when you adopt them you enter into a terma him that the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam had warned against. Now somebody may say, I've tried some of this and I found it helpful.

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I bought a crystal

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or this or that, and I found it to be helpful.

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How come if you say that they are invalid?

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We will say Alhamdulillah that enormous overthrow the Allahu Anhu had answered this for us more than 1000 years ago, because when he shared that hadith that Rocha and talismans and amulets and Attila all these are shipped, his wife told him, asked him, he said, But how come when I go to so and so from the people of the book, and he reads rakia for me, I feel better because I have problem with my eye. When he reads Rukia for me, this is not an slam croupier. I feel better, how can I feel better? And he said that all the Allahu Anhu and this is authentic to him. He said that this is the shaytaan who troubles your eye as long as you're away. And when you go to him, he sees us so that you believe

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in what he is saying, but rather follow the medicine of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam meaning if medicine if healing is from Allah azza wa jal then sufficient for us is the book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam, you don't need to say a Sikh unfounded treatments, especially when they are so deceptive, and especially when they are not proven. And another reason why they may have an effect.

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The placebo effect the power of suggestion.

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That is if you go to a place and the atmosphere and the wordings and the expectations are high, and the atmosphere is inviting, and you take this back with you. And if you actually believe that it's positive and it's going to help you you will see an improvement not because of it, but because of your own belief that this thing may be helpful. And that is nothing more than your own belief. It has no power of its own.

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A whole only had our stuff you Rula you were looking for stuff.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Hamdan catharanthus Eban Mubarak and fee he will also leave us a limo Adora SULI you Mohammed early, he was so happy, he was seldom My bad.

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Healing is comes to all from Allah azza wa jal.

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And in today's world, there is more need for it than probably ever before, especially on a psychological mental level. Because of all the mental health issues, it is vocht today to see people who self described themselves as healers, self poke pure focus on self improvement and development and enhancement. Coaches, talk about ways you can improve yourself and fix your problems. Whether you are faced with depression, anxiety, worry about the future, lack of self confidence, self doubt, whispers, et cetera, et cetera, agitation stress,

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there are people who will come and say, You can do this that follow this technique and that technique, and you will feel better, not only mentally, but also physically as well. The problem with that field is, first of all, it's unregulated. And there are a lot of unfounded claims in it. The problem with that field also is that a lot of these techniques do actually originate outside of Islam from religions that are foreign to Islam with practices that are foreign to it as well. Now, the issue is not that non Muslims are doing that you would expect that from them. The issue is that you have Muslims partaking into these practices, whether they are lay Muslims who find them and they

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say, Well, what's wrong with that? Let me try it or coaches or therapists or counselors or what have you, who employ these techniques and they broadcast them and popularize them. So they use of Reiki, energy healing, they use of meditation they use of mindfulness,

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these and other techniques, that when you think about it, what are they really based on? What is the origin all of this?

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Because it's not simply that somebody's just thought of them spontaneously. If you trace the roots, you will find that they go back to other religions, Eastern religions in particular. And even if the practices or some practices today are not visibly religious, the origin of all of that is religious because

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If you think about the energy healing,

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believing that this whole universe is made of energy, and we are made of energy, and if this energy is in tune, you will be healed. But if the chakras and this is a completely Hindu belief, if the chakras are blocked, then something is wrong with your body. So I will unblock this chakra, or I will move the energy by my hand, and then you will feel better based on all of this. This is all taking you to beliefs that originate outside of Islam and in fact, contradict the Quran and the Sunnah. How do you know again, that the universe is made of energy, the kinds of energy that they describe? How do you know that you emit energy positive or negative, that science actually dispute

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undisputedly say that there is positive and negative energy that you emit? Is there any proof behind it? Or is it simply somebody making a claim? And you adopt it again, because something novel, something interested, you're curious, you just want to go and see,

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the premise of all of that is Eastern religions. Now you ask yourself,

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Do I need it? Or Did Allah azza wa jal provide for me an alternative that is superior to it? That is if I want to manage my stress and calm down? Do I need meditation?

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Even if somebody said I tried it, and I found it to be beneficial in some way or another. They say to you, do you think that Islam is bereft of techniques that helps you manage your stress? How about your Salah.

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If you actually pray, and you come, and you're concentrated, and you breathe while you're doing it, and you think about what you're saying, warmth, the salah do much, much better job than meditation.

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Because meditation, the problem with it are one of the problems in it is that when you try to empty your mind, no cup is ever empty.

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See the difference between it and the Salah, the salah will calm you down, but fills your mind with what Allah and His Prophet, vicar do something positive. When you sit to meditate, and you just want to empty your mind. They say whatever is empty, is occupied by either good or evil. And if you dismiss the good out what is left for what a vacant place for the shaitaan to inhabit? That's where the shed the whispers of the shaytaan, enter.

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Do you need it? Or do you have enough in Islam? Does it have to be based on unfounded energy that traces its origins back to Buddhism or what have you? Or who can you rely on Allah azza wa jal and on

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and on thicker on on the Quran? Isn't that enough? Was it not enough for Muhammad Ali Salatu was Salam on the Sahaba afterwards, this Islam need to focus on mindfulness or equate Salah with mindfulness?

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Again, its origins are very doubtful.

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And the problem is that when it's promoted like this by Muslims, who don't really understand that they're inviting hordes of Muslims, many Muslims into practices and then eventually beliefs that displease Allah azza wa jal. And even if you say, well, it's not religious, it actually becomes a gateway to those religions. Because if you practice it, and you've become really immersed in it, and you learn more about it, it will open those doors. And I was just reading it right now. They say many people enter into the Dharma, through Reiki. That's a practitioner of Reiki, many people enter into the Dharma that's a religious belief, a Buddhist religious belief enter through that through

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the practice of Reiki.

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So Allah azza wa jal had given us what we need, and then opened the doors of legitimate knowledge for us. And if you have issues, depression, anxiety, or what have you, seek if you want to seek seek treatment first from Allah azza wa jal and rely on him not on humanity. And then if you want counsel, seek counsel from reliable people who will use the Quran and the Sunnah, who will use techniques that they understand to be valid and legitimate, and they're not into fads. This is popular, so let's offer it another thing is popular. Let's add that to it. The understand the difference between halal and haram between the hate and *, and they will not compromise their

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beliefs and their integrity for the sake of money and popularity. So ask Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Amin or hamara Haneen to guide us to what he loves, and to protect us from what he hates. While asking Allah Allah mean to make us firm in Iman Furman to hate to believe that no one knows the hype except him and that no one heals except him. You Allah protect us from all shirk that what we know about and that we do not know about you Allah protect us from all * minor and major era Bill Alameen. Allah protect us and our families and the Ummah of Muhammad Ali is Salatu was Salam from all types of Shakira.

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Alameen wa Allah guide us toward legitimate healing that pleases you and take us away from illegitimate player healing that takes us away from you will ask you you will Allah mean to fix all of our problems you ask we are about Allah mean to give us complete healing your Abell Allah mean from all that ails us, us and our loved ones and the rest of the ummah. Muhammad Ali is Salatu was Salam ala al al Amin if anyone here is in need of help, yeah Allah send him to the right direction and send them to the right people the honorable LME yah rabbil aalameen If any one of us is in need of assistance, your Allah assist him in helping me out a bill Allah mean and make him of your

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favorite ones. Guys, Chiara Bill al Amin to cleanse our hearts so we ask you are balala mean to protect our bodies? We asked you to protect us from all illness, protect us from all evil, and grant us all everything that is pleasing to your apple I mean that benefits us in this life and in the hereafter.

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Allah Almighty and if you dunya Hassan ovilla Hirata Hassan Okina either not Allahumma Yamaoka liberal Kulu visa bitscope Ana Ana de la Hama yamasa reefer colobus, Arif Kulu Bana, Allah it Allahumma crickhowell Shoukry Cava personal liberty Aloha Manasa Luca Jen Natoma, Robert E. Herman, cold environment when are all the becoming a Nereo Makarova, Ed Herman Colleen yml

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when they say look, I'm in Haiti masala cab Dr. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when I became in Sheree Mr. kamin who Abdullah Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam Allahumma in Eau de became new Shrek Epica 100, Ala Moana stockbroker Lima and and alum Allahumma. In the BK initiative they became known Allah Manas Fuuka Lima Allah Allah Allah, Allah Who mana over the weekend began new Sheikah Nona Allah Montes de La Molina alum, Yo Yo yo yo, yo mobian of Mexican history as La Helena shenana kula Willa attacking Ilan fusina Thor Fatah Iein welcome

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Whoa, what am I shutter Leyda Hi Lulla