Ali Hammuda – Dunya Under Honest Lenses

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the confusion surrounding the topic of dams and how it is used in various examples, including comments on social media, advertisements, and even references to the Bible. They also discuss the use of dams in context, including references to the implementation of Islam and the potential for people to claim their rights. The speakers explore the negative perception of dams and their use as a means to disobey Allah's sub foremost statement, and mention the use of touchstones and education to encourage people to be independent and engage in criticized and pathetic aspects of dams. They end with a brief advertisement for a video about dams.
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In Alhamdulillah, mahana Stein who stuck with me, nobody wanna talk Corolla

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when I will be lucky to LMU Chateau de la fusina wa Musa Yachty Almudena Maja de la who Fela mobile, Allah who will follow howdy Allah.

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Allah, Allah Illallah, hula, hula shriek Allah, Mohammed Abu Rasulo, my brothers and sisters in Islam, the topic actually is dunya under an honest lens.

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This topic here, although it is a somewhat straightforward and seemingly unsophisticated topic, and that's certainly how it was with the eldest and earliest of generations.

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But what I have come to realize myself is that many times when this topic of dunya is addressed, there is a lot of confusion.

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Because you see, we have a hadith and ayat, which speak in praise, or aren't so critical of dunya. And we have a hadith and ayah, which condemn and criticize and belittle dunya. And when we say dunya, we mean, the worldly affairs.

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So as a result, many times, people, they leave these lectures confused. And depending on which mindset or which focus was really zoomed in upon by the speaker, you have two different mindsets.

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You have either a group, an extreme perhaps, who don't want to do anything to do with Jr, they want to divorce from a totally, perhaps their businesses they may sell, even if it's in the heartland, perhaps their education, they may leave their education under the banner that they are minimalist.

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And under the pretext that they want to do something full time Islamic, maybe you study Sharia, or any other aspect, this is a group.

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And then we have another group, who are so confused. And what they say is that I'm engaged in dunya and my Imada, my establishment of dunya. This is a bad that this is worship. And you say it was your sign that you're dealing with interest? My sister is your job, brother, what's going on you? Where's the Quran? He says, the sheikh said we gotta establish the earth. And he said that working the earth, it is a matter so I am in a state of Nevada anyway.

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And then we have a third group who are genuinely confused, and they're like, I just don't know what to do.

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Am I supposed to get divorced my wife get rid of my husband? education? Is it bad, I mean, I don't want to upset a lot either by dealing with this curse dounia. But at the same time, I need to use it I need to work there are certain things which which I require. Today, we want to focus on this aspect and perhaps, come to a reconciliation between these narrations which outwardly curse, the dunya and the ones which aren't so critical. So that we come up with this holistic and comprehensive understanding and put at ease this internal conflict which many of us are victim to when it comes to the sensitive topic of dunya.

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But first we can say with confidence, yes, there are ayat and there are a hadith which are very critical of dunya and belittle dunya and deem it pathetic in the sight of Allah Allah, the creator of dunya without a doubt, and Allah Allah sometimes in addressing this aspect, sometimes he uses the oceans as an analogy. Sometimes he uses food as an analogy. Sometimes he uses

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the sea as an analogy. Sometimes what he has given those who do not believe in Allah to Allah from the blessings of dunya as an analogy, and sometimes Allah Allah uses rain. As an analogy, come with me with this last one for a moment.

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Allah Allah says in some profound and beautiful and eloquent verses, he says, What rebula whom method hayati dunya

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kana in ends and now who mean a Santa give them O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam put forward the example of dunia It is like rain. It is like rain. If one were like you please focus on this example. My sister's focused on this example because now you have a lot of the either the creator of dunya commentating on dunya

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because how many people in one do you want to I know who live on dounia die on doing a breeze on doing your wake up for dooney asleep on donia their talents, abilities skills, profession is invested in nothing but dunia.

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How many people do you know like this? They wake up in the morning, drink their coffee, put on their clothes, watch the news, go to work, check their email, come home. Watch the program go to sleep. Wake up the next morning have their coffee, calm their coffee. What

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To the news, and so on and so on how many people do you know like this?

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But yeah, one. What we want to say today is that

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this type of people, many of them, they may not enter the message may be only once a week for Joomla.

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Some of them perhaps they may only enter the masjid maybe once a year for eight or Ramadan. And Allah here is one and I wouldn't be exaggerating to say that there is a group who will love you do not enter the masjid only once in a lifetime, but not to pray to be preyed upon.

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Before we continue with this idea, and this analogy, I want to give you just one quick narration. This is what is referred to by the owner as the Israelites in the act. One of the narrations from the books of the Christians or Jews and our manage our methodology with such narrations is that so long as they do not contradict the Quran, and the authentic son of Muhammad Ali is Salatu was salam, then there is no hierarchy there is no problem in relating it for the sake of St. Ignace.

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This narration is narration it mentions that the ICER Jesus alayhis salaam was approached by a Jewish man and he said to him, I want to accompany you on your travels. He said to him, come with me

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as they traveled,

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Jesus alayhis salam, he had with him three loaves of bread, suddenly they became too. So he says to the man in the Rockies, where is the third loaf of bread? He says to him, Allahu McKenna in last night and he says, I swear by Allah, they were only ever two loaves of bread. He didn't come in. And they continued walking until they reached a blind man.

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Isola his son and he places his hand on the face of this blind man and asked a lot of Allah to restore him his vision and his vision comes back. The Jewish man he says to Hanalei shocked Jesus Allah, his son, and he says, as Luca be Hakeem and Elijah,

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I asked you in the name of the one who restored him his vision. Where was the third loaf of bread? He said, there were only two loaves of bread, no use. They continued work

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until they reached a river. And he said to him, cave, Allah Oh, how are we going to cross this river? I used to our lady said I'm said to him called Bismillah Tibet, and he say In the name of Allah Milla and just follow me. And now in the law by the permission of Allah, tada they are walking on the surface of the water

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until they got to the other side and this man he said, Subhanallah we just walked on water Subhana Allah, He says, as Luca, Hakeem and sayana Allah.

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I asked you in the name of the one who gave us permission to walk on the sea. Where was the third loaf of bread? He said, Now there were only two loaves of bread. Now, you know, in the law, here, I Sally salami makes three piles of soil. And then he asks Allah subhanho wa Taala, to convert them into gold. And this man is like, wow, Mashallah, who do these three piles of gold belong to? He said, Well, the first belongs to me. The second belongs to you. He said the third. He said the third belongs to the one who ate the third loaf of bread. He said, I ate a loaf of bread. That was me.

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I saw alayhis salam and looks to him and says, could lo han lack all of them belong to you take them.

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And Sally salami walks away. And you imagine this guy is just amazing, man. What have I done in my life to deserve this? Meanwhile, three horsemen they pass by

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and they see gold and they see one man guarding it. What do they do to the man? They finish him off. So panela dunya. They didn't even have a moment to enjoy his wealth. So Panama Tonto. He comes in and instantly starts playing about with their minds. How are you going to get hold of all three to yourself? So one of them leans over to his friend, and he says, yeah. Wouldn't it be great for us to have this last pile of gold split in half and have half a pile extra? He said, You know what, that's a beautiful idea. So we get rid of him. I think we get rid of him.

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They say to him, brother, what do you say if you go and get us some food, we're hungry. Just before we set off. He said we'll do that. He went away to buy them some food shape and he comes to him. And he says, you know, it'll be lovely to have those three pounds of gold to myself. So what does he do? He poisons the food

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of Romeo and Juliet Hmm, similar story. He comes back with the food. Thinking I've got these guys under control. They greet him with stabbings until he's dead. They sit down to eat the food

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under attack.

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Meanwhile, Isola his ceram he walks back

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He sees four men lying dead on the floor and three heaps of gold untouched. And he says, Hey, if I hadn't done yet,

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this is what dunia does to its people. Well, I won't forgive me on you but when one of us will finally and eventually find himself lying on the plank of wood being washed with Lotus leave on warm water so that they don't hurt your dead corpse.

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Well, I won't even that goes with you may have in your mouth that's going to be removed. And that's going to be split between your inheritors nothing is going to go underground with you except your husband and your son yet

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a lot either. Sometimes he uses what he has given the disbelievers of blessings as a sign of the worthlessness of this dunya I want to give you is an equation and focus with me. This is so profound and so magnificent toll light honor they will pull your heart out if you concentrate Alesis installed as

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as coonan metal wahida ledger anally maniac for

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navy blue team socata soco some new feedback

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he says

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if it wasn't that the whole world would become a single community of disbelievers. I wouldn't have given those who disbelieve in me Holmes which has roots of silver and stairs ascending into the rooms made out of silver. And then he says when he blew up him oblivion was sort of taken on and I would have given them as well. doors to their homes made out of silver and thrones in their homes made out of silver. And then he says was Ufa and I would have given them adornments of gold. You know what Allah Allah is saying? He's saying this dunya is so worthless in my sight, so insignificant and so on precious that if it wasn't for the fact that everyone would end up

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disbelieving in me, I would have given every disbeliever all of these things.

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As for the al Qaeda, it is only for the believers but dunya is for the believers and disbelievers. And then Allah tala, he says we're in kundalika

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dunya yet all of this meaning no silver doors and silver roofs and silver thrones and silver bags and gold adornments would have been nothing but the enjoyment of donia We are here to be Kalamata King, but the hereafter with your Lord, that is solely for the people of righteousness I asked Allah to make you and me among them. Sometimes Allah subhanho wa Taala uses the ocean before it when we reconcile and a whole lot before we reconcile between these seemingly and outwardly contradicting durations, those which condemn dunya and those which aren't so critical. Take for me this analogy. Sometimes Allah Allah uses the oceans as an example of the worthlessness of dystonia as can be found

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in Sahih Muslim on the authority of almost every definition that that he said, and he is Salatu was Salam madonia karate in the myth lunigiana

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wha hoo. cillian for Leon verbena, Yoda. He says, What is the world of this life in comparison with the hereafter?

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Except like, what one of you returns from a sea after dipping his finger in the ocean? And then returning? Those two drops are dunya. And that ocean that sea is?

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Yeah, yeah. The next time you were outside, in the oceans, and you're looking at those never ending or seemingly everlasting shores, do this, do this. Put your finger inside and then take it back out. Look at those two drops of water, then look back into the ocean and say to yourself really, really? Am I still finding it difficult to choose Allah tala and the hereafter over my desires and habits? Really? You saying that those reserves and the money of this world and its women and its men and its scenery, its mountains is treasures, it's golf courses, it's skyscrapers of Japan and New York.

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are in those two drops of water. All those tears that I shed over dunya are in those two drops of water. All those times I put aside my name for the sake of dunya are those two drops of water? So what the heck is the ocean? The ocean is the Akira tell me how many drops of water are in the ocean?

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I can't enumerate that. That's the limit. For those who are righteous. How much time do we have?

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Good. Sometimes our messenger alayhi salatu salam would use food would use food as an example. By the way, look at the ramen and look at the Lamb of Allah, Allah and His Messenger in bringing forward the meaning to us. He could have just said to us dunya is worthless meat.

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Careful don't go to near it. But no he's given us analogy and method and example after another example so that we snap out

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in the Muslims have met on the authority of obey even became our messenger and he was Salam says in

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the majority the messenger dunya what was the who were the love hopefully and

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he says the food

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which one of you eats? It has been made as an example to the worthlessness of dunya he says because it doesn't matter how much spices and salt and how fancy and exquisite The food is, but look at what the end product of the food is the you know, in the La emammal manner, he says this is a profound analogy. He says that the more you indulge in dunya in the haraam,

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the bitter it will be on your deathbed. The same way the more exquisite and rich and beautiful The food is you eat, the more horrid the outcome is in the bathroom, forgive me, but this is the reality. Yeah, when Subhanallah It's amazing. And then I return you back to the area which we began with. Sometimes Allah Allah uses rain as an example, to give you the worthlessness of dunya for me and you, he says, Remember, what the republican method hayati dunia cannot give them an example of the worthlessness of this world. It is like rain What about the rain over la? Come out in Enza now who mean a summer for me he never too early for us Maharshi mental Korea It is like rain, which

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falls down onto the earth and then it mixes with the vegetation of the earth and then it becomes green and fresh. Listen, listen suddenly, listen to how Ramadan surprises you with no introductions or prefix. Listen for us. baja has Shimon that rule will react and suddenly it becomes broken to pieces dry, which the wind scatters.

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Look at how the karate takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions. First we had crops we had vegetation, Mashallah dhania wealth business wives husbands beautiful Yeah, suddenly dry broken to pieces, which the wind scatters, what happened? Where did it go? Why this change this is either you leave it or either it leaves you through death, it is one or the other. This my brothers and sisters very quickly, is just a snapshot of what we meant when we say narrations which condemn and belittle dunya by now the question is ready to be asked and the foundations are prepared. What am I supposed to do now? I need to use dunya in some aspects. Was my time at university a waste of time? Was my

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house extension about idea my expensive clothes Should I give them away? Am I not allowed to make a halal earning? In fact, I'm not allowed to be rich. I wanted to be rich and I wanted the Mercedes to

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is that all out of the window? That's not the correct understanding.

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And before I explain why, and mostly inshallah you will correct me

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How could this be the correct understanding when our messenger i think is sold out to a Salaam said in his Doha, or would say in his door as can be found inside? Most of them on the authority of ebihara? Aloma Li Dini, a lady who is angry over law, and then for me the affairs of my Deen, which are the backbone of my affairs, but listen to the rest of the DA was left. Lee dounia latifi hamachi and Oh ALLAH and then for me the affairs of my dounia in which it has my livelihood. How can this be the correct understanding when our messenger and a Salatu was Salam say my brothers and sisters Salaam mahalo. He was seldom, we don't want to be stingy. He said he would say Aloma federalism be

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what was leafy dairy barbarically female attorney, he would say Oh Allah, forgive my sins, and Oh Allah, expand for me my home

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for me, my home and bless me in that which you have provided. So how can this be the correct understanding when that is the situation? In fact,

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in a mathematical reason, the authority of NSF our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and this is all I have for you, this is all I have for you. I don't have a creative mind and imaginative and exquisite thoughts I have to you Allah and His messenger said,

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he said is Salatu was Salam. Either climate is to listen carefully. Either climate is a two or three aha deikun phocoena tune for in his Tata Allah Kuma, Hata yoga, Hatha Yoga, if one of you, Allahu Akbar, Listen, my brothers and sisters, if one of you experiences the beginning of the day of judgment, can you imagine no horn is now being blown and kiama is about to fall and the dunia is going to be wrapped up.

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He says but one of you is carrying a seed in his hand than before he's taken away. If he's able to plant the seeds before he's taken away, let him do so. And I've just been killed in the luck. What is this plant gonna grow? The whole universe is being rolled up now, who's going to eat from the fruits of this plant our messenger of Allah, what is what is being said here?

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It's being said that you need to work and forget the outcomes that's not upon you, you what is upon you is work and strive and innovate in the affairs of your junior without adult work and strife. No way Are these narrations in the Quran and the Sunnah, which belittle the dunya, inviting us to be passive and lazy. No way, are they inviting us to be in an inferiority complex, or Rodin modernist, which has nothing to do with dunya as if we're some sort of amputated limbs from society. Not at all. This isn't the correct understanding.

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So what is the correct understanding?

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What do we do with these narrations which you just quoted in the beginning, demonizing donia down to the bone?

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How do you expect me to work enthusiastically for my dunya knowing that Allah Allah considers this dunya pathetic I'm going to give you a sentence now from the works of even knowledgeable hanbali and it's going to resolve 50% of the problem.

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Listen carefully. While it is important, he says dounia lady said Madonna lol

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when they say who naka de monsoon or annual as is so Natalie that you don't hear it Lacan. He says, there isn't an entire criticism or or dunia hasn't been criticized in its entirety. Listen carefully. And then he says, and in the whole Quran and the Sunnah. There isn't anything crit. There isn't any criticism leveled at anything inherently bad in dunya.

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Do you see what he's saying? There is nothing intrinsically an innately bad about the dunya, which we live on. Meaning there is nothing bad about the moon. There's nothing bad about the soil. There's nothing bad about the women or the men, nothing inherently bad about the moon or the sun, or the night or the day. In fact, what does Allah Allah say about these things? And this is what we are discussing about the sun, the moon or the night? Allah says, What are you? What are you to

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The root and a sign for them is the night Allah. So Allah is saying that this that the night is a sign, which is worthy of our contemplation and gratitude, and assign for them is the night we withdraw from it the day and behold, they are in darkness, Allahu Akbar, okay.

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Maybe it's the soil.

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Maybe there's something bad with the soil, Allah says about the soil, Ayatollah Khomeini.

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And assigned for them is the good earth, we get it life and then we produce from it grains and then they eat from it. Now, the Solon is nothing wrong about it, and apply this rule to the heavens to the earth, the rivers to the ponds,

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to the men to the women. Nothing is inherently bad about that. In fact, by the way, how can you be criticized and bad in its entirety, my beloved,

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when you can even get to the hereafter except through the bridge of dunya unless anybody has any shortcuts. I would love a shortcut. You know, put aside all this fitna and just take a backdoor to Jannat La ilaha illallah wa, but that's not the situation. The situation is that it needs just a little bit of fun, which is a lot to give me a new understanding what's the Sahaba they had? Look at what the Allahu anhu he would say about dunya listen to the words of the owner. Listen to the words of the men and the women who were raised under the watchful eye of Muhammad Ali salatu wa sallam Listen, this, he says for dunya dasuquin demon Sadako Ha. He says dunya is a land of sincerity to he

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who shows sincerity to dunya

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What are all Renan limiters on what Amina and it is a land of provisions and abundance for he who takes from it? What are una Jatin leemon fahima unha and it is a land of safety for he who understands it and then he explains why for here, Maccabees ye la dunya is where the revelation of Allah came down to almost the NBA in LA and it is where the messengers prayed. When Machado de la and it is where the righteous they traded Robbie Houthi how Rama what this movie how they earned from dunya the mercy of Allah and they earned from Janna, a place in Geneva, and they earned from dunia a place in Ghana.

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So tell us once and for all.

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What do we do with these narrations? So

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You're saying that we have durations which condemn and now we have narrations which speak positively now we're even more confused. And we're even more baffled. Although we understand that there's nothing inherently bad about dunya itself, but something is wrong. Something is being spoken negatively about, listen now to the other 50% and you will have the equation solved

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or not they say

00:25:24 --> 00:25:34

Lisa who NACA and then move actuary to fill me in Who am on sub bone falcata Allah Colima, Euro taka bofit dunya minahasa

00:25:37 --> 00:25:52

two minutes in that in that genre, he says the criticism in the dounia or the criticism in the Quran and the Sunnah, which is leveled at dunya. It is only focused on those aspects which pull you further away from your deen

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It is only focused on those aspects of dounia which you then use as a means to disobey Allah subhanho wa Taala. So, the criticism is where it is in our actions, and this is a touchstone, this is a touchstone, which you can now use at work at home with your friends at university. Whenever you are in doubt is this aspect of dunya the criticized aspect or is it not take out your touchstone and measure it, use your education as an example is this education which I am studying

00:26:24 --> 00:26:57

part of the condemned dunya or it is the Praiseworthy aspect of dunya the world take out the touchstone and measuring if this aspect of dunya if this aspect of education has taken your closer to Allah to Allah, and the objective is a law, your objective is to benefit the owner. The objective is to make sure that earning the objective is to be independent from asking, then Alhamdulillah You have done well, this is your bridge to the agenda, and this is not part of the condemned dunya. However, if your education has been at the expense of your Sunnah,

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if your education has been at the expense of your hijab, my sister, if your education now has been at the expense of your morality and your ethics,

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then you know that you are engaging in that criticized and pathetic and condemned aspect of dunya that is your touchstone. Otherwise, you're acquiring what else are we going to take with us to the grave? If we're not going to take this touchstone and hasn't been set yet? What else are we going to take to the grave? The poet he says we'll see if we can fit briefly. Camila de delina. Alan Hansen Murakami, Phil. Hi. Wolfie busca Hema and Delmon it ishara to Allah shadow and the courage to be lashing. He says, the child when he exits from the womb of his mother, his hand is tightly class like this, this is a sign the poet says of the natural greed under ones in the mankind, but he says

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what is strange is that when that baby later dies, his hand is like this spread force, this is a sign that he is saying witness I have left dunya with nothing.

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This is an analogy. If one What did we have before before dunya?

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Before dunya before dunya we had an infinity. Before dunya we had an infinity after dunya what will we have? infinity either in general or the fire. And what is amazing is that between these two huge times, we have this little dots called Dunia 60 7080 years. And it is in that middle ground where many people fall. So behind Allah Hill. Isn't that amazing? So when we say just to add my sisters we say just to wrap up,

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work, inventing the affairs of your dunya innovate in the affairs of your dunya excel in your education, whilst keeping your eyes fixed solely on the hereafter whilst keeping your main concern that grave while keeping your main concern abrades which you shall cross whilst keeping the main concern in these moments. Which hand Am I going to receive my books that is all I have to say to you today? The poet he says he says

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one or that

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one or that one? What debt?

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Yep now Adam avakian oneness Hola, Hakuna surah Thumbelina Chica and takuna either backhoe fiio me Nautica can missoura he says Oh son of Adam, you left the womb of your mother and you were crying. You were crying but what is amazing is that the people around you they were happy and they were smiling to see you come so work Oh son of Adam and strife or son of Adam for a day when you die.

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And when people around you will be crying us then we'll be happy and smiling. I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala brothers and sisters to make us really qualified to say these words and to also to listen to these words. It is much easier said than done. I asked Allah subhana wa tada to make this gathering

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As a witness for us, not against us on the day of Korean I asked a lot to make a sincere and truthful in our glances in our speech in our actions and to make us among those who benefit from the best of what we heard was Allah La Vina Mohammed Ali. He was here to mine

Have you ever been in a dilemma regarding your role in the dunya and akhirah? Obviously you say akhirah takes precedence over dunya? But does it? Did you not realize that before the dunya was infinity? After also infinity?

Between the two is the dunya and us in it. So how can you enter Jannah if not for the dunya? How can you be reunited with your mother and father if not having a role in the dunya? What is that role then?

Listento Sheikh Ali Hammuda as he leads us through and out of this maze, this confusion into the illumination of realization that it can be achieved, this balance between dunya and akhirah.

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