Ramadan 2018 – Nightly Reminder – May 18

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Ramadan Nightly Reminder May 18


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The next generation of Iranian officials have struggles with settling for their culture and not just family. The success of Islam is seen as powerful in building houses and creating successful families. The importance of gratitude and understanding one's natural beauty is emphasized. The segment also touches on the negative impact of giving children a lie to avoid embarrassment and the need for parents to trust their children.

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Billahi min ash shaytaan watching

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or burn in me scan to me. Good re at Eb word in Hawaii D visa in the bay ticker Mohan wamba burner Li up Masada

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Sita we lay him wanting to go home mina semara de la la Mia. Rouen

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robina in Nikita mama no fee mama no Lin

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la la mujer Shang in fill out the word is

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Alhamdulillah Hill lady waha Valley Island Kibera is smelly lava is called in Bella semi

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Abuja Ione mopey Masada t Mahmud renia to La Banda what acaba

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I've been fiddling while you are leading meenie miney Moe is

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officially Sunday we're Sidley Emery. Dr. Tammy lasagna okoli hamdulillah salat wa salam. ala alihi wa sahbihi Jain once again everyone salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. We continue with the draw of Ibrahim alayhis salam in his old age. The last thing I shared with you is he said, though, whoever follows me is considered from my family is part of me, for in harmony. And whoever were to disobey me that certainly you are forgiving, always loving, caring and merciful. He then says, I'll be in Urbana, in need a scan to mean Doria TV was invaded. He's our master, our Master, I have certainly settled part of my family part of my ops offstring in a valley that doesn't produce any

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green, any vegetation, he's referring to Makkah. And he didn't settle all of his family. They're part of his family mingle Ria tea. And Maria also means that they're supposed to have children and their children are supposed to have children. Luria doesn't just mean children. It means generations, meaning I've instructed my son that I've settled here, that he's going to live here have children here, and his children will remain, and they're not going to leave this place. You know, when you're living in a place that has a harsh environment, then, you know, for economic reasons, for political reasons, for social reasons. You might say, well, one day, my son will grow

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up and maybe they'll move out of here and go somewhere else, and live somewhere else. Of course, we're living in a global world. Now, people are moving all the time for all kinds of reasons. But Ibrahim Ali Salaam, by using the word Ria here is suggesting that I have made sure that my family remains settled here and will stay here and this is why is my la Salaam was there and 1000s of years later, from his lineage, you get Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, and he they don't move from that place. So it is going to mean to Ria TB, why didn't I end up by tickle Muharram in the proximity of your sacred sanctified house, this is the only reason I moved them here is because of

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your instruction. And notice, you know, the way that he settled his family there is important to mention, he didn't just bring his family there and there was a convenient city and they said, Well, this is your house and you live here. That's not how that happened. Allah instructed him to leave his wife and child in the middle of the desert when there was nothing there. And not not even water there yet. No, no humanity there. And he left and he doesn't turn to a lightsaber Yala. Remember when I left my family here, because you asked me, he doesn't put it that way. He said to me in the Ria TV, why didn't

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he isetan my family down in a valley that doesn't have any, any any you know, in a valley that doesn't produce any green doesn't have any vegetation. In other words, use soft language with Allah. Even when you go through harsh experiences, you learn the manners of speaking with the love from Ibrahim Ali Salaam, Ibrahim alayhis salam has gone through some of the most difficult experiences a human being can ever go through. And when he talks to Allah, you have to keep in mind that he's gone through all of these rough experiences and yet this is the way he speaks with a lot. So he says all of this they I did Rob Donnelly up masala master we are master. We did all of that. So they would

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establish the prayer. This is at the end of his life. He's and he's now you know, passed all of the tests, the Kaaba has already been built. And now he understands that all of that test was there. So one day discover could be built so they could establish the prayer. Obviously, the building of the Kaaba and establishing the chair are directly connected to each other. So he says, Now I understand why you put me through those trials, and I banal up masala not only so that I established the prayer, so my children and their children and their children and their children continue to establish the prayer. This is again the mindset of Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam that I'd like for us to

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know. Allah doesn't just want

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To become people that established his prayer, he wants us to raise the kind of children that will think about themselves and about their next generations. It's not enough that you and I are attending in a machine, or you and I are learning something about Islam, or you and I are tuning in and reminding ourselves of something about the Quran, what's going to happen 20 years from now, what's gonna happen 30 years from now, you know, as generations go by the scary thing is, there are so many other religions in the world, across the religions of the world, actually, next generations are using losing their religious identity. You know, the next generation doesn't keep the religious

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identity of their, their their forefathers, when in the 90s, when I went to college, in sociology studies, we were studying the Orthodox neighborhoods in New York City, the you know, the Jewish community in New York City, who the next generation of Jewish youth are actually less and less committed to the faith. They don't observe the same dress code, they don't observe the same, you know, worship and all of that stuff. So they're losing their population. There are big churches across the East Coast, not not so much in the south, but across the East Coast, there are massive churches that are now nightclubs or have been turned into something else, because the next

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generation didn't come. And this is for people whose religion is way easier. Right? their religion is it's not demanding like the religion of the deen of Allah that demands the kind of, you know, submission that are the demands, the kind of fight against temptation for young people to submit to Islam while they're going through college, or while while they're even going through high school or middle school for that matter is not easy. But in spite of all of that, for us to maintain the next generation and the next generation and make sure that they are going to be those who carry this Deen properly. This is a very powerful thing. So he asks allows the wizard he makes the heart to Allah or

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he reminds himself that he Allah, you put me through these trials, not just for me and these kids right here, not just this man who passed the test with me. But this the blessing of this will go on for many generations will open it up Masada for just a minute, NASA really, really powerful because they established the premises called suburbia, therefore, make hearts of people soft towards them, meaning my future generation of children, Yala, make all nations all people have a soft heart towards my children, because they establish the prayer and take care of the Kaaba because of that reason. And so my children, you know, otherwise, I don't want my children to be popular among

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humanity, but the only reason people should have a soft corner towards them is because they take they take care of your house. Now this these ions, which is the Dr. Ibrahim al Islam, were given to us in Surah t Rahim. Interestingly enough, the name of the surah is also suitable for him and this is towards the end of the surah. And the surah. Very clearly reminds us the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that the Quraysh are not taking care of the Kaaba and the religion of the Kaaba, they were supposed to, they surrounded it with idols, they changed the religion of Ibrahim alayhi salam, and they are being reminded of the death of their father. You know, the Quraysh were the most

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popular of the Arabs of the entire region, everybody respected them, and they're only respected them for one reason, because they took care of the Kaaba, that's why they respected them. And now allies reminding them The only reason they respect you is because your father had made a dua that their hearts should be soft towards you. But their hearts should only be soft towards you because you establish the prayer up masala

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Amina necesita, we lay him was caminata Murat and provide them all kinds of fruit. People would come there from all kinds of regions after doing trade, and they would stop over in Mecca. And when they would start they would bring fruits from all different places, they get imported food like nobody else. And notice even the Dr. Ibrahim alayhis salam. First he says this house was built for what fundamental purpose so they make the establish the prayer that's the first that is that's the most important provision from Allah, that they take care of the man their hearts, that's what the prayer, then after that, because their hearts are connected to Allah, Allah I want them to become a southern

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Nigeria, a continued charity for other people who will be inspired to get closer to Allah when their their proximity, soften other people's hearts towards them. That's their secondary, meaning when they come before a long Judgement Day, their own prayers will help them and the fact that they helped others connect to a law will help them to add value added Heidecker, finally he liked the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, the one who points to something good, the one who inspires you to do something good. They get the same reward as you doing the good. And that's the second piece of this, that he asked them, ask for them. Then the third piece is yellow, provide them all kinds of fruit

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because they clearly don't have any fruit, wild, innovative these are, they're not going to get any fruit of their own. So they should get provision from outside. Don't make them worry about making money going out and making money. Make them so that they don't have to worry about you know, food and drink so they can just take care of your house and inspire people to worry to worship, remove the worldly concern from them. And that's actually why you

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Have later on in Orion, Allah describes, you know fully Abu Dora Bahasa beighton, solo Quraysh Illa hombres, Natasha it was safe when they had the most convenient economics. And they had the most convenient trade of all the other Arabs. The only reason things were made so easy for them is because of that house, is because Allah wanted them to concern themselves only with the worship of Allah and inspiring others to worship. And this was the original prayer of Ibrahim Alayhi Salam for them. And finally, that Allah homeschooled all of that, hopefully they'll become grateful, they will be grateful people. And this is the summary of the other side of it. We learned before Ibrahim

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alayhis salaam told us, the only one who will the only thing that will matter before Allah is someone who has a sound, healthy heart. Now we're learning the secret to a sound healthy heart, gratitude. Yeah, like give them all of this, that I'm asking for my future generations. One thing I want out of them, they should become grateful people that are longer school, hopefully they will become grateful, they will become grateful for prayer, that they are gifted enough to have the gift of prayer. They'll be grateful enough that others find solace and comfort in them. Others, they become a source of guidance for other people, because they're custodians of Allah's house, they will

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remind others what it means to worship Allah. And then of course on top of that allows their provider and these are the reasons they will become grateful. And homeschooling, what are we learning from that the most important value that I can give my children before I die is that they can be grateful. Because if they are grateful, their heart will always be at ease, they will always look at the positive, they won't focus on the negative. And they'll always have a reason to say Alhamdulillah. And so long as they can say that and they have the essence of Allah's book, this is why it begins that way. And hamdu, lillahi, Rabbil aalameen that is the most important thing, the

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most valuable asset, look at our look at you know, the the culture that we've become a part of, I mean, I talked to teenagers about this, even though I was this way, but you know, when kids become a little bit older, they're just, they're just in this whatever zone. And whatever good happens, if whatever, how's the food, whatever, how's the movie, whatever, you want to go pray, or whatever, you know, whatever means it's not I'm not impressed. I'm not grateful for that I'm entitled. And it's not good enough for me, but I'll have to make do. You know, that's, that's the, the antithesis of being shackled, of being grateful. And that's inculcated early on if you if your children are

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younger than teenagers, and you're constantly giving them and giving them and giving them and they're not they're not appreciating what it means to, you know, to have a blessing, then they become entitled, and the moment you bought, don't buy them the newest video game, or the one but you don't get them the new Lego set or moment, you know, you know, spoil them a little more than like, hey, why am I not getting this? What happened here? You know, and they just they get an attitude, down to the kind of data we're feeding our kids at the end of the day, you know, Hey, where's the ketchup? I don't want this. I'm not in the mood for you forget it. I don't want to eat. You know?

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Can you imagine Ibrahim are these smart? In that day and age? They're being offered something No, no, where's the Pepsi? That's not gonna happen.

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You're screwed. Whatever comes your way, you're grateful that we become grateful people. This is a very powerful value to have and very difficult to have in a material society extremely difficult to get, you know, to become grateful. I know it'll take a little bit of time. But I just want to share a story with you. I just so moved by this. I'll tell you the rest of the story tomorrow. I'll tell you the first part of the story today. I was in, in debate. And then I was in Bahrain just last week. And one of my habits is when I take a taxi, I talked to the cab driver, you get the best stories from them. And this guy, he was an Uber driver. And they had this he has this arrangement

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with his the guy who owns the car that the guy he pays him a monthly salary. So he doesn't make money off the Uber rides. He makes a salary and all the money goes to the owner of the car. And he says, you know, sometimes I get a ride without the Uber, like, I get a side ride 500,000 but I pay every penny to him. And I was like, why do you pay every penny he just wants to? And he goes, No, no, I don't want any extra money. Like why not? He goes because I learned a lesson when I was young. I was like, what's the lesson that you learned when you were young? And he goes, I learned I learned a lesson from a plate. Oh, and this is this guy. He's a spark study fellow. He lives in a small

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village on the border of Pakistan in Afghanistan. Okay, don't get me question later. But yeah, but he lives in this village. And he's like, yeah, I learned a lesson when I was like 10 years old from a plate. I was like, I need to know this lesson. You need to tell me about this. So he says when I was young, I went to go get none from the local, you know, the bread from a local restaurant. And I'm sitting there and the guy gave me the nod. I'm sitting there and eating it. And I really liked the plate. So I stole it. And I went home and I put it under my pillow. And for three days I didn't tell anyone that I had this

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And then three days later, when my mom made food, I brought out the plate and I have nine brothers and sisters. And they're all sitting there eating on the mat, and I've got a plate.

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And everybody, all my siblings are looking at me like, Hey, what do you got that plate? That's nice.

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I'll tell you the rest of the story later. But hold on a second. This guy's life has changed. All his siblings are going crazy because of why?

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Cuz he's got a plate. Because that's an amazing thing to him. I'm amazed just by that part of the story. You know, then everybody I wish I had a plate like that, you know? And he and he's, you know, older than me the fellow and he remembers the story from 10 I'll tell you the rest of it tomorrow keep you interested inshallah.

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But the point is that I love looking in his life. What is he grateful for? What amazes him? And what are we what have we turned into? Or we turned into, like, things are breaking in our home and like that, we'll get another one. Okay.

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There's more than that. Hey, how much are the grocery is only $150 above.

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That's it. That's pretty cheap nowadays. This is our kids talk now. This is how is this the homeschool room. And when we turn to a line, there are a banana in Nicotiana mama no fee when Mama norlin when my father left him in shape in one of his summer, Master, you know what we show? You know what we hide? Nothing is hidden from Allah, not in the earth, not in the sky. This is his daughter, Ibrahim Allison's daughter. Why is he saying that? He knows what he's accomplished. He knows the tests that he has passed. He knows what he had to go through, inside and out. But he knows Yala you know the secrets that go inside me that I don't even know myself. You know my flaws better

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than even I know myself. Ibrahim Ali Salam acknowledges to Allah that there are secrets that I'm I may not even be aware of. And that for you and me, it's even worse, for not even anywhere near Ibrahim alayhi salam, there are things in our you know, in our deeds, there are things that go on in our hearts and our thoughts that Allah knows, the darkest thoughts that you had that if your best friend knew your family knew, you have these thoughts. You suffer a lot. You know, Allah knows that you've had those thoughts. Allah knows that those temptations run in your mind. And you just turn to a lie and say, Yeah, like nothing is hidden from you. Nothing is hidden from you, not in the earth

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nor in the sky. And that also means the deeds I do on this earth and the value they have in the sky. None of that is hidden from you. When my father left him in shape, a technical tickler guy stopped it.

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And so the last thing in Telangana before I close today, Alhamdulillah Hey lady, whatever. Whatever Leon keba ismaila was hacked in arrabida. semi auto.

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By Thank you know, he Thanks a lot and praises a lot that despite my old age, Allah gave me a smile, and his heart despite my old age. Now, just think about how Allah gave him a smile. And think about how large of a job when he gave him a smile. What did he let him ask him to do? You know, and he, first of all, he gets him at an old age on top of getting him finally at an older age, he tells him to slaughter him, when he's old enough to run around falabella mouth. As soon as he gets old enough to run around, he asked him to slaughter him. But he doesn't remember any of that before. When talking to a licensee you remember a lot when you asked me to slaughter my own son? Well, I tried.

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I passed it.

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He says, Alhamdulillah you granted me children. Despite my older I didn't even deserve kids. That's his attitude, not the tests. But y'all love what you gave me. I didn't even deserve it. And you gave it to me. That's that's his mentality. I'm reminded of, you know, a story my teacher told me and this is the last thing I shared with you for the day is what these children are responsibility. But there are a gift we don't deserve. At the same time, these children they're not a burden. They are a gift we do not deserve. There was a fellow who's whose son 18 years old, graduating from, you know, from school, on his way home in the motorcycle dies in the car accident, the only son they had, you

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know, and the news does, and they're waiting for their son to get home and they're going to go to the graduation ceremony. And it's a happy day of their life. And they get the news that their son is no more. And you know, the both parents they just went into deep depression. They're not coming out of the house. They're not talking to anybody. You know, they're just completely paralyzed and silent at the janaza prayer. The mother is constantly crying, not even saying a word. And after some days and her husband went to her and said, You know, I was I've been thinking

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18 years ago, Allah gave us this beautiful gift, this toy that we got to play with, that brought us joy in our life. We didn't deserve and Allah gave it to us. And then after 18 years, a lot took back what was his and instead of thanking him for those beautiful years, all we're doing is complain. This is the attitude of a slave. Yes, we miss our children if they go, what greater pain than that, that the loss of a child, but understanding something we don't know.

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deserve our beautiful children. We don't deserve them. This was something given by allowes Odette Alhamdulillah him that you will have will happily Allah give her a smile always happy Nabila. semialdehyde my master, he hears the DA put that all now in the context of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, he's reciting these ayat Qureshi are listening. And they are also hearing that Ibrahim alayhis salam do as always get heard. And my father, Ibrahim may draw a Salaam that his children will establish the prayer. And they're the listening to this and thinking, but we're not establishing the prayer. We're the ones that are establishing check in the cabinet. This is putting

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them to shame. Putting them reminding them be be be true to the legacy of your father, you know, and alone will not let his dog go astray. his dog will not be wasted if a lie after all that old age gave him children that will carry his legacy. You think this coming of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is gonna go to waste? No, it will fulfill the legacy of Ibrahim Alayhi Salam and that's what we're going to get to inshallah huhtala and tomorrow's Dar barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.