Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan 2022 – The Religion of Your Father #25

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The history of Islam in Hong Kong is discussed, including the implementation of Islam's stance on "the culture" and the potential consequences of their actions. The speakers emphasize the importance of negotiating and not giving up until the end of the negotiation process. The use of a symbol to symbolize the loss of love for one's father is also discussed, as well as the struggles of people entering the battlefield and their desire for guidance from the gods. The importance of finding one's own private life and not giving too much consideration to others is emphasized, along with the need for people to be aware of their emotions and humanize them.
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bIllahi min ash shaytaan of regime in Ibrahim Allah halimun aware home Mooney

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Ibrahim ibn had in Hong Kong

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I'm Rob Baek our in our home at Mother Boone why you will not do the rubbish at least silly Emily Wagner looked at Emily Sandy Hook colleague hamdu lillah, WA salatu salam ala Rasulillah le, he was a huge pain and my dad, once again, everyone, so I'm going to come back later and we're gonna go to so today as I talk to you about is 85 and 86. What I wanted to do was talk to you first about iron number 86. Because in a sense, it is a direct continuation of what I was talking about before, which nations has Allah condemned, that we were talking about last time, right? And it reinforces that in the middle Allah interjected with qualities personality traits of Ibraheem Alehissalaam so I wanted

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to hold that off for last and kind of focus on that and I'll talk about the benefits of putting that in the middle anyway. Anyway, so Allah azza wa jal turns his attention to it. Ibrahim Ali said, it says yeah, Ibrahim, and whether or it is the angel society, which means the same thing it is, it's coming from ALLAH, Ibrahim, ignore this, Ibrahim ignore this. Now we have to take a step back again, when we read the stories in the Quran, or we read the incidents in the life of the prophet saw Selim. One very important factor, you know, in studying those stories is Allah is the he's not just a teller of the story. He is the designer, the architect, the author of the story. In other words,

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what people came into contact with each other what was said, what was the reaction? None of this was unanticipated. Allah is all knowing. Right? So Allah azza wa jal knows that when the angels are going to come to his house, he's going to be afraid. Allah azza wa jal already knows that when he gives them the good news, the angels give them the good news of a child that they're going to have a reaction and they're going to want to or Ibrahim is going to want to know more. I hear really cute baby and it's distracting Yan. Where's this baby? He's all the way over there.

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Kids got lungs as this

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okay, anyway, I'll ignore it. I don't know why I can't ignore it. I used to be I used to be head of a preschool. And I heard all kinds of crying and banter and laughter and attempted murders. None of none of it.

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affect me anyway.

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I've gotten soft anyway. So yeah, so Ibrahim Allah. Allah wanted him to know that Lutz nation is going to be destroyed. And Allah azza wa jal knew that he's going to have a reaction. And Allah azza wa jal knew that he is going to ask about it and negotiate a timeline to be delayed, right? Allah azza wa jal knew all of this. And this was a this was designed by Allah, this entire conversation is designed by Allah. And, you know, the seer the explanation that perhaps no, no, no, today, salam, or Ebrahimian was only asking to spare the nation of loot because he was worried about loot other than that he couldn't care less. Right, this explanation doesn't fit with what what some of the things I

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said yesterday or even Imam Razi was highlighting, but on top of that, then the ayah Ibrahim Allah halimun aware one Moneyball and it takes away from that Ibrahim alayhi salam is extremely sensitive. And you know, forbearing we're going to dig deep into Helene today. And the word Allah He feels the pain what does he feel only pain for luteolin Salaam and no one else, and he's turning back to and then so it's not consistent with the story. He is actually concerned about those sinners, those people do for destruction. But then Allah does this to him for the second time in his life. The first time in his life, he was praying for who you remember, he was praying for his father. Right?

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And then Allah had to inform him, that Allah made it clear to him No, this is an enemy to Allah. Now you have to separate paths from him. So there's actually this really difficult subject really powerful subject and a delicate one, a powerful one and a delicate one that we have to understand. On the one side of it is our humanity. The man loves his father he want he doesn't want his father to be doomed, right. On the other hand, he loves Allah and he's absolutely in surrender to Allah has verdict. So when Allah's verdict finally comes that his father is condemned, that he is an enemy to Allah. Then at that point, Ibrahim Ali says love for Allah is so powerful, that he's willing to what

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you know surrender the love that he had for his father, and tomorrow, I mean, who I have nothing to do with him.

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Write this line had to be drawn in the life of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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There were people that were enemies of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam, they wanted him dead. They were thirsty for his blood, but they were blood relatives of the sahaba.

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So their cousins, brother, father, mother, etc, of a of a companion of the Prophet. So I said, so someone they love, is someone who hates the messenger salAllahu alayhi salam. And so they were put in this test. And the reason this is being mentioned to you guys now is actually Allah azza wa jal put Ibrahim Ali Salam test and they're tested. He actually referenced the borough of Ibrahim and insula, meaning when Allah whenever humanism separated himself from his father, he actually referenced that to the Sahaba, that they may have to do this also. Because when Allah made it clear to them, that some of these people in Makkah, that have picked up arms against the Prophet have

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attempted to kill him. They are the enemy of Allah and His Messenger, no matter who they were to you relationship wise. That is that line is now drawn. So he said, lethargy, do Conan Coleman, you know, Nabila, he will you will, you are doing a man had Allahu wa sola, whoa, whoa, can you have a home, or a home or a shelter home,

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you will not find the people who have deep love for Allah and His Messenger, that they can, you know, believe in Allah and His messenger. And they, at the same time, share love with those who have opposed Allah and His Messenger, meaning they've tried to kill him. They've come they've waged war against Allah and His messenger. You can't have both loves at the same time.

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But this idea is about again, context is important. When these ayat were revealed about the Sahaba, then Allah did not give them this idea when they were in Makkah, when they were living in Macau with their own family and their family hated a psalm, Allah did not say this to them. Allah said this to them when they moved to Medina. And now the escalation has gotten to the point that those people entered the battlefield, thirsty for the prophets blood. Now they've taken a step at which the line is drawn in the sand. These people they used to be family, now they are enemies to Allah and His messenger. Those people, you cannot have love for them anymore. Before then maybe they'll make Toba?

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Maybe they'll come around, that's up to that's between them and Allah, you know, and I still worry, I still pray for them, all of it. But after a certain point, no, that's over with. Right. So the same way early in Makkah, you find the prophets I seldom is making dua for the guidance of, you know, even including people like Abuja, *, right, even, but then there, he's on the battlefield. That's that's the line. It's done now. So the same way here with Ibrahim Ali Sudan. He doesn't know how far things have escalated with the people of Luke. So he knows the angels are coming. So the destruction is on the verge, how close we are to destruction. Is that clear? So he's negotiating on

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their behalf, but Allah azza wa jal informed him, No, this is it's past negotiation. Allah allowed him to negotiate first and then told him this. You see, Allah could have told him this ahead of time, and then he wouldn't have even said anything because he understands but

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you know, in Abra, or WinCo, MyMathLab will do not will do the law. He, this. These are the words of Ibrahim alayhi salam, when Allah made it clear, he told his father he told his nation, we have nothing to do with you. And whatever you worship other than Allah, we deny all of you have have now become, we deny all of you, I'm done with you. I have no loyalties left to you. But here for these people because he was showing compassion. Allah revealed to him again. Yeah, Ibrahim, and Hava let this be Ibrahim alayhi salam let this be in the hood. Khadija Omraam pika. No when it comes to this the fact of the matter is that the decision of your master has already come this is a final verdict.

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These people are beyond saving now. We're in the home it haemoglobin and there is a punishment that is absolutely it's as good as already come to them it him interesting verb or interesting noun. So a sort of little quiz for Arabic students that get you know weird in their search and forget stuff at it it yeah and then for Hua art in atom an atom can become a mala T

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T tea and this is actually in the home it is FEMA had their offer it's actually the rougher form of the word it's strange because it's not because it's a yachtie and and the bottom of it is some fall within a block I know leaking out but it's kind of happen sometimes. So the lava with the pronoun here, what does it do when you when you have it is some foreign animal Daffy lay like mula kohlrabi him or RT him or cardi Luhan things like that. You know what that means? That means something's already done. So for example, say who? Allahu ha Gu L in Sani Allahu Haleakala in Sunni means Allah has already created the human being. But if he says in the Holy Quran by Sharon in the Holy Quran by

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Sharon minty, there's not a golfer means I'm about to create a human being. That hasn't happened yet. To Him is not attained.

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Er hum. It's actually at the hem, it's in the lava. So when the lava happens, it's as good as done. It's as if Allah is describing it as something already done. That's the point. All the technicality leads to this. This is their way of telling Ibrahim alayhi salam, this is a decision the conclusiveness of it is a foregone conclusion it is past the point of negotiation, or the past the point of any delay. And it's a it's a decision, the punishment is coming to him or to him either born or you do not do it in the home it him as

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a punishment is coming to them that will not be taken away, that will not be canceled, about this something that's taken back or do something that gets taken away or taken back. It will not it's started, it's initiated, it will not be taken away. Now we come back. So I wanted to make sure you understand that Ibrahim Ali Sam doesn't yet know from these words, we learned Ibrahim always have doesn't yet know that that's the final verdict. And it's immediate. That which is why he negotiated but once these words came now he knows, right which is similar to when when Allah gave him the word about his father that he knew he didn't make dua for him again. Now let's come back to the the

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description of Ibrahim Ali said I'm in the middle, which seems to be now we understand the point, Allah allowed this conversation to happen for that point, just to highlight these qualities of Ibrahim alayhi salam, otherwise the angels could have just come to Him, they wouldn't have come inside the house, they wouldn't have waited for him to cook the food. Because they

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were angels. We don't we don't eat beef. Like they could have just saved him a lot of barbecue trouble. They could have just you know, and even one of them could have come at the door and said, you know, you're gonna have a child goodbye, we got to go and not tell him anything about the other mission that could have been Allah could have sent different angels Ebrahimian and different angels to the nation of Luth. Right. But he planned this all to highlight one thing about Ibrahim Ali Salam it seems and that's why that description of Ibrahim realism is in the in the middle of both of the ayat about the nation of Luth. Right in the middle of it is in that era, Hema The halimun A waha

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money, like that's this, this characteristic of our father Ibrahim Ali some emerges in this conversation. It is that important. And I would say it's that important because Allah azza wa jal intends that the people who claim that they follow the religion of their father embody these qualities, they take these things and they make them theirs. And so let's explore the word we didn't explore yesterday halimun helm in the Arabic language has a couple of meanings. And actually I have taken up my notes I don't want to miss anything from it because I had, there's a lot to read here but I'm going to read just a little bit of it with you. So helm is used for intellect also in

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Arabic. So motorhome llama whom we had, right? Lamb can hear there'll be interpreted as intellect also, but it's a specific kind of intellect. It's different from Hoko Moroccan, it's actually illogical well, and art are difficult. Well known mineral Raha Phyllis nahi SMSL photography with the double, double hookup. So let me just give you an example. I don't know if you guys have seen this. Actually, I can't remember the judges name. I've seen some short YouTube video clips of this really nice judge. I think he's in Massachusetts. But people come to him with a speeding ticket or like they come to him with like, whatever. And he's like, so what would you do? Oh, sorry, sir. I

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cut a red light. I was really late. Why? Why'd you do it? I was gonna get fired. Okay. You seem like a good guy. Just don't do it again. Okay. And he lets him go. Right. So we all make dua, we got a judge like that. If

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he's a wise judge. He's been, you know, he's been a judge for many years. But he shows this like gentleness, before he passes a decision. He's trying to be empathetic. He's trying to understand somebody's situation. Oh, you're a single mom. You've been working? This is hard for you, isn't it? Okay? Or you're young man, you just did something stupid, because you have stupid friends. Otherwise, you're a good kid. Your parents tell me you're a good kid. He's trying to understand the background and trying to understand, okay, you messed up. But that doesn't. That doesn't define you. Right? This is this is a mistake in your life, but it doesn't define you. And he's trying to

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humanize the person. He could also just read the book, the law and just look at the rule and says, Well, you're going to jail. Next up jail also next death? Well, you know, he could do that. But what's he doing? He's humanizing the people that are coming before him. Right? So before the way I want you to think about the word Hill is before he exercises hukum. Before he exercises his judgment. There's a softness and there's an attempt to understand the other and see things from the other's point of view. And to actually humanize the other and to actually understand maybe there's a reason they messed up. Maybe there's a reason he slipped up. Maybe there's a reason she cut the red

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light. This is not this is not who they normally are, and they Something must have happened. Right. And there's this this is actually hidden. And know that imagine Ibrahim Ali Salaam is being described

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As Haleem towards the people that are openly cutting, committing fascia, and he's like, Well, yes, they are as a society. They're shameless as a society. They are, they are openly, you know, adamant against the fitrah of Allah, and they're engaged in all kinds of lewdness. However, maybe someone in there is just doing that, because they're just pressured by their whole society. Maybe they feel bad about it, maybe they've done something and they're guilty inside, and they just want to find a way back. Maybe they're just scared to accept that it's wrong, because it's politically incorrect. Everybody else, they know how much people hate loot when he stands up against it. So maybe they're

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just scared. You know, maybe maybe some of them are just haven't really thought about it, they're just going with the flow with everybody. And they never stopped to think for themselves. And if they did, they'd realize it, maybe they just haven't had a chance, like he's trying to see things from I don't know how else to put it, he's trying to see things from the sinners point of view, without thinking of them as a sinner. He's thinking of them as a human being first, who slips up this is actually him, this is actually him. And, and from this word in the Arabic language, we also get a few other extractions. So this is actually a Haleem. The word is used actually, for someone who has

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looked, has a lot of softness actually, Helen was also used for soft tender meat of animals, gentleness in animals, and how would you know an animal has tender flesh when you press into it a little bit? Right? So the idea is experiencing something and understanding that or having gentleness inside it. Home is used for a row er Phil Manam omoton Latif, I have yet to repay accolade name. So home is a word for Dream. Right? And it's specifically a kind of dream that has very gentle messages in it can be actually very hard to grasp or you have to really think about it before you grasp it, that can be considered home. So the idea is yes, it has to do with intellect, but it has to do with

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and empathetic intellect. Now, the characteristic of Haleem is one of the most rare qualities to be found in human beings, rare qualities. Because if you see if somebody walks in drunk right now, just imagine somebody walked into the masjid drunk right now smelling like alcohol, cursing, whatever, and they passed out right here in front of us. Well, I got stopped Allah, you know? But wait, this guy came into the Masjid.

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Why of all places that he come into the Masjid.

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Right. So there's some internal conflict with this person? Why did he get drunk? You know, people usually get drunk to forget something. Right? What's he trying to forget? What pain is he running away from? This person needs help. Before he needs my Judgment that Allah considers drinking haram, this Masjid at the masjid is a sacred place. This is this this is like before I can pass all my my own, you know, moral judgments on this person because I sit on this morally superior throne, where I get to tell other people how disgusting they are. Right? How beneath me they are. Before I do that, I get to I have to first think a little bit about before I pass judgment. Why did this happen?

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What what pain is what pain is not being? What is personality able to deal with that they turn to this? Right? And maybe if they had Allah in their life, or they had support of people who remember Allah, that they would have shown Allah as Rama to them. Right? So the people who have the, the Imam and Allah have to have the helm of Ibrahim alayhi salam, also, right after you have to when when somebody falls, instead of kicking them harder. How dare you fall? You're disgusting. Don't ever show your face again, because you fell. Instead of that, how about hey, you fell. Let me pick you up. Let me not humiliate you, because you already feel embarrassed enough. Let me pick you up. Let

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me give you empathy. Let me try to understand why this happened. Let's help make sure this never happens again. And then when you see someone in that position, instead of thinking, wow, how disgusting. I would never be like that. Well, are you sure about that? That was a cool, enforcer calm. Don't consider yourself so pure. You know, I'm reminded of a famous Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He says, lie to me in Latin, Lucy baletta Tabata Marathi him, like don't cause Muslims pain. Don't cause other Muslims pain and don't become obsessed with their private situations. Right don't become because you know what, when you can't find nowadays what

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happens when you can't find faults in someone? You're like, I'm going to dig deeper until I find something. I gotta find something. Right. He says woman data Arataki l Muslim. You know if if whoever becomes obsessed with the private life of their Muslim brother, that's about Allah who are OData

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then Allah will take special interest in their private life.

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Well when Tata Allahu Allahu Allah, who,

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you know what kind of JioFi Beatty,

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Allah says, the Prophet says, and whoever if Allah takes special interest in your private life, Allah will publicly humiliate you, even if you're in the most private part of your home.

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All because you became obsessed with somebody else's fault. Right? The opposite of that. Is that Helene, and then some some people came to me and said, but the prophets I should have said this, don't do this with Muslims. So we can do this with kuffaar. Right?

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Because he only said, Don't do this Muslims. Let me give you an example. If two brothers were having a fight, and a dad, Kevin said, that's your brother. Don't hit him like that. Is your dad saying that's your brother, don't hit him like that. Go to school, whoever else first face you find go hit him. Instead.

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Somebody's saying, You dummy. He's saying, for the the people who deserve your best manners are in the family. And then when you learn that, then you will become a decent human being everywhere else too. So the fact that Allah is the prophet is telling the Muslims to be this way, is you can't even be that with yourself. How are you going to be an example to humanity? That's the point that's being made. It's not being made. Take care of Muslims, humiliate everyone else. That's not the point that's being made. But that's just inside the word Haleem

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an empathy and understanding of someone else before you pass judgment, a humanizing of the other before you pass judgment. You know, becoming a passionate and self righteous. And you know, what, I hate the word activist but yeah, like becoming an activist for a cause. against someone. Oh, I can't believe they said this. Oh, this guy, you know what he said? All I have, I have a video clip of what she said, Look at what she said. We gotta wait is that all this human being what they said? Is this all they ever said? Is there no other part of their existence that should go into the equation before we, you know, before we chew them alive, you know, we attack them like, like, like moth, you

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know, this is the this is the mob mentality that goes against the very nature of being al Halim. He says in a Rahim, Allah halimun, A WA when he feels the pain of others, he cries to Allah praying for others. He's delicate to the suffering of others, and that's inside the word AWHONN. And then look at the last one Muneeb

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when he lets me leave the one who you so

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money but someone who turns to Allah spiritually, like turning back to Allah. This has two meanings. You see the suffering of others, you see the fall of the slip of others, you see the sins of others. First thing it does is it reminds you Yeah, Allah, I have my own sense.

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I turn back to you and seeking forgiveness for my own sins. Like before I say ALLAH forgive these people, they really need it. Are those people Oh my god. Yes. Yeah, Allah. Chances are you won't forgive them but please forgive them to as if you already got the ticket.

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You don't got the ticket. You got to remove yourself. I've got to turn back to Allah and say, Yeah, Allah, what they're doing, they're doing but I need to look at myself. I need to turn back. Ibrahim Elisa being in the MACOM that is in his money was turning to Allah for himself first. But actually, Allah has given us a profound hint. Those who truly turn to Allah in sincere repentance. They are never judgmental and insensitive to others first, Halima and Allah Our first MLlib is third

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Haleem Allah Muneeb you can't go to the masjid. My wife told me a funny story. She went to a machine with me and her women just talking about other women and other whatever gossip was going on? And then all of a sudden stuff

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no, no, it's not. You can't like sit there and rip each other to shreds and talk bad about each other and complain about and then I just want to make a step far to Allah, bro. Where's the headin? Where's the Oh, ah, let's get those two then we can talk about how authentic you being Suniva is you understand that like the third one turning back to Allah. Predicates the first two in the character of Ibrahim Ali Salam because if on the one hand you're like Zion and worshipping and prayer and this and that, but your dealings with people your thoughts about people your opinions of people, you know there's You're so harsh towards people inside of your thoughts inside of your heart, inside of your

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mind and on your tongue to

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in the way you look at people to if you're so condescending and insensitive. How are you bringing a soft heart to Allah? Now we understand we go further back we understand something Ibrahim said when he left his own father. He said nothing will benefit a person on judgment day except the one who comes before Allah with a cold

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Sallim ala moana Tala, Calvin Salim is sound a healthy heart. Now it says if these three qualities are guaranteeing a healthy heart. So there we said healthy heart. I wonder how do you get a healthy heart, okay, you have to be Haleem, Allah Muneeb then you get a healthy heart.

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You see? So we have to we have to bring these qualities back into our own lives. We you have to or you and I have to bring these qualities back into the way we consume things the way you form opinions about things. Look, social media culture is about making past judgment quickly. pass judgment quickly and spread your judgment quickly. Spread your opinion quickly. Don't take the time to humanize anyone or anything. Don't take the time to feel the pain of any of both sides. There's no both sides. There's only one side always the side that I think is right. That's it. Right? We got to step back from that and develop this and it's only in doing so if we don't want Allah we want

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Allah to consider all of the factors when when showing us Rama that we messed up yeah Allah I am weak I became weak because of this, this this this was these were my darkest moments. This is how I felt this is how I slipped. This is how I spiraled downwards into darkness and darkness and darkness and you're the one who pulls me out of many darkness and brings me back into light. That's you y'all rob you know and you know what darkness is I've been in you expect Allah to know all of that and, and consider all of that when you make your please. But you don't want to give that consideration to anybody else that we're that there's a there's a bit of a hypocrisy. There's a bit of a contradict

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internal contradiction. So I pray that Allah azza wa jal makes us people that embody these powerful qualities of Ibrahim Ali Salaam. And please, I don't need you to like those of you that are watching online. I don't need you to spread this video. But spread this message. Spread this, spread these qualities, live them and spread them among each other. This is needed in your family, it's needed among your friends. There's needed in your community. And when someone's violating that, take that take a step back, pull them aside and say, you know, Ibrahim alayhi salam used to be like this. We should try to be like that to understand not humiliating someone just, you know, learn to humanize,

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learn to humanize, learn to feel somebody else's pain. And may Allah azza wa jal make us all sensitive to that. And may Allah azza wa jal make us a source of Rama and closeness to Allah for each other and will not make us a fitna for each other. That because of each other, we turn away from Allah and is Dean Baraka

The Three qualities of our father we need to embody

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