Palestine’s Critical Limit

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There is a concept in the disciplines of physics and chemistry and others that they refer to as the critical limit in Arabic Alhamdulillah marriage, this is a point or a threshold, which, if it is surpassed, you reach dangerous waters. And it's a tool that is used in risk management to gauge the difference between an acceptable and unacceptable risk, the critical limit, and I'm going to marry and merge this concept with another Islamic mighty concept known as Elena to enter here, or divine care. We're going to put these secular and Islamic principles together and to show the dynamic and the interplay between them in order to deliver an answer to a question that many of us are rightly

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asking today. When will the Muslims in Palestine and when will the Muslims worldwide, find relief? Find well being I fear when when Allah Almighty give them Temkin establishment on the earth, to understand the connection between the critical limit and the divine care, we rewind back to the story of the Prophet of Allah Musa Alayhi Salatu was Salam. There it is exemplified. In the story of Musa You see, a reoccurring pattern that emerges. The pattern suggests that every time Musa reaches 100 harridge, or the critical limit, which is the edge of human endurance, every time Musa is pushed to the brink, when most people would break at that dark hour, the critical limit an area to enter

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here, the divine care descends from the heavens, and rescues Prophet Musa Allah who said, allow me to demonstrate this prophet Musa alayhis salam was born in immense duress and difficulty. He was born in Egypt at a time when the Pharaoh had issued a royal and cruel decree, condemning every new born is right Ely or Israelite newborn male to the sword. It was spate state sponsored massacre of every new born baby from the Israelites. And this was because of a dream that the Pharaoh Pharaoh of Egypt had seen young boy from the Israelites would grow up and remove him from power and dismantle his reign. So he issued that on a yearly basis, they would alternate between massacring the babies

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and sparing them on another year, and this spring, was not out of mercy or pity. The spattering was so that these young boys could grow up and act as a laborer and slaves for the Pharaonic Egyptian empire. This was the context Musa was born in alayhi salatu salam overshadowed with this type of oppression. Then the mother of Musa delivers a baby Musa and US catches the IRS or arrives at the doorstep of the soldiers of the pharaoh, they rushed to the doors of his mother to carry out this evil edict this cruel policy on this newborn baby from the Israelites, what is happening here, what is happening is that Musa has just reached the very first had done had each critical limit in his

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life, the imminent threat of execution. But the rule, as we said, is stable. The rule says every time a believer experiences the critical limit, the divine care will always follow. So Allah Almighty inspired a remarkable plan to the mother of Musa Allah said, well, hyena Isla Woombye Musa and are the IE We inspired the mother of Musa to breastfeed him for either 50 or li but if you feel any fear for him for LPG phillium then place his basket and the baby inside of the river while at a coffee and don't be scared. Well, that doesn't don't grieve in our I do elated because we're going to return him back to you while you are Illumina more serene, and we're going to make him a

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messenger. How does a mother whose maternal motherly instincts are now surging and erupting? How is she expected to go to the longest river in the world that is plagued with all sorts of uncertainties it is a wilderness to place her new blonde suckling baby into the river with no nourishment, no milk, no warmth, no care, no safety. Somehow Allah Almighty gives her the strength to do that. She lowers the basket into the river and it begins to drift away from her. And the moment she can no longer see the baby her heart surgeons with anxiety she cannot control her motherly instincts. Allah said, What else behalf you owe me Musa? Hurry ha. The heart of the mother of Musa was now empty me

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meaning empty from everything in life except her son. All she can see is Moser. In the car that led to BDB he she was on the verge of disclosing his identity. She was on the verge of panicking and saying, This is my son, it's it's a boy, even though you may kill him, but that's my son rescued him from the river, she was on the verge of disclosing his identity. What is happening here, Prophet Musa and his mother are experiencing the second critical limit and had to leverage they've reached the edge of human endurance. And we said the rule is stable. Every time a believer reaches the critical limit. scenario to enter here the divine care must follow. So what happened? Allah said,

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Lola, a robber, can be highly takuna mean, I mean, if it wasn't for the fact that we gave steadfastness to her heart, we fastened her heart we reassured her heart so that she is from the true believers who believe the Promise of Allah, wherever the critical limit arrives, the divine care of Allah Almighty is never too far away. And then, in an amazing turn of events, the basket carrying the child begins to drift were to the very palace of fear around the very person and place that she wanted to save the baby from when placing him in the river. The baby now lands at the shores of the Pharaoh and it is parked outside of his house. The men of the pharaoh quickly collect

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the basket, it's a boy, they bring it to the Pharaoh. Imagine this godless sadistic tyrant who is now lording over the basket and he sees a boy, what is happening here, you have an imminent threat of execution, the probability of survival is zero. Musa has reached for the third time in his life and huddled hurry, the critical limit, but the rule is stable. Every time a man who is patient and reliant upon Allah reaches the edge, the critical limit allows you now to enter here the divine care must descend. What happened? Allah said, Well, I'll tell you to ALEC I'm a hot button Mindy. I bestowed love upon you Oh Musa from me, meaning every person that saw this baby would fall in love

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with him. This is he nya. This is Kara from the highest order. The wife of the pharaoh picks up the baby. She looks at her husband, this criminal this madman, the sadist, she says to her husband to Cora to finally Wallach, this baby will be a source of joy for both of us. And against all of the odds. The fear around the pharaoh of Egypt accepts the plea of his wife and he chooses to adopt the baby and to raise him in his palace. Who would have thought. Now this raised another problem for the mother of Musa it seemed as if now she was destined to be separate from her son forever. How was she ever going to be reunited with her baby? When she represents the marginalized lower class people of

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the Israelites and the baby now is being raised in the opulence of the palace of the pharaoh at the top of the hierarchy. How will they ever be reunited, and there was another problem that added fire to the fuel or added fuel to the fire. Baby Musa was refusing all of the witnesses. He was not drinking milk from any woman. Allah said, well, haram. Now I live in Morocco, the army in Kabul. We made the baby refuse to nurse from any women at first. And as every attempt to nurse this baby who was crying in hunger was failing. Prophet Musa alayhis salatu salam had reached his critical limit for the fourth time Alhamdulillah harridge, the imminent threat of starvation. But what did we say?

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We said the rule your AQI does not change. Every time a believer reaches the critical limit. The Divine care must descend. So what happened? The sister of Prophet Musa alayhi salatu salam gives a suggestion for call it Hello Do loco Mala Holly Beatty at full Luna hula calm, we're homeless who now say Honi his sister she said to the people of the feral would you like me to tell you have a family that can raise him for you? And they will take good care of him. So what was the outcome for other than Yahoo in Omaha? We returned the baby back to his mother. Okay. Takara you know how Alexa has done so that her eyes may experience comfort, and so that she should not grieve? Or only da Lana

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en la de la haka, and so that she may learn that the Promise of Allah is always true, while lacking the ACARA Humla Moon bus, but most people they don't know. It's a fixed rule and

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Now La ilaha illallah against the odds in a change in a strange twist of fate we may say, or a strange turn of events, the mother of Musa is cradling her baby safe in her arms were in the palace of the man who wanted to kill him. And now she is breastfeeding the baby under the roof of the pharaoh as he pays her a wage. And he says, Take care of him, nurture him, raise him, not knowing that he was raising the child that he had seen in his dream. This will be the man who will dismantle your empire is this irony is this poetic justice hierarchy? This is divine care. This is care of the highest order that falls upon every movement. Every believer, every community who are tested in they

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reach their critical limit when they feel they can't take any more. But they stay patient, confident and trusting in the Promise of Allah. This is a short episode. From a life of Musa he's still a baby. And we've shown four instances of this dance this interplay between the critical limit and the divine care what then about the rest of the life of Prophet Musa, what about the rest of the prophets, there are 10s and hundreds of examples. But perhaps it is summarized in one area in the end of Surah Yusuf where Allah Almighty, He said had either state as a result, when the messengers almost completely despaired. Imagine the difficulty of a prophet, a trial becoming so dark, that he

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completely despairs. In other words, you may say, until when the messenger reaches the critical limit, the AI continues, while one no and now God could evil, and the messenger believes that he's being treated as a liar. What happens at this limit?

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Sorona our victory descends upon them, meaning the divine care arrives for new GM and Russia, and we save whoever we will Wallah you will not do that sooner annual COVID module me in an hour punishment can never be averted from the evil, wicked criminal people. Now that we have an idea of the relationship

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between 100 harridge the critical limit, and an idea to either hear the divine care, I share with you part of a letter that was penned by Omar probably Allahu Taala and who to Saudi Arabia. In an aspie analysis book called by Sylvia taba. He said, Omar top sends a letter to the commander of the Muslim armies, Saudi Arabia cos, who is now standing at the brink of war with his man in front of a huge assembly of Persian soldiers. This is in the eve of war in the battle known as Al qadisiya, a pivotal encounter between the Muslims and the pagans. What would Amara say to say I didn't have me what Carson? What advice would he give him at this critical limit? Well, Omar speak to him about the

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strategy of war when Omar talk about Al Caraval for besieging tactics with Omar advise him about flanking Omar will give him no such advice or system in his letter and this is in the beginning he said I'm about to as portfolios listen carefully. So in the model column and Mark I mean a genericity b taco. Hola. Hola, Julio.

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I instruct you Oh, sir, I didn't get to be your cause leader of the Muslim armies. I instruct you on your soldiers who are with you before battle to be righteous Muslims in all situations for in attack Wallahi AF Balu deti Allahu workwell. McKee that it will help because being a righteous Muslim Omar set is the most powerful weapon that you can prepare against the enemy. Being a righteous Muslim, he said, is the ultimate strategy of war before battle. He said What are mortal Kalam and Mark I mean a generic and tech who said that Eros and Meenal Maha So you mean come in either we come and I instruct you outside then the men who are with you before war. Before Jihad I say to you, he said,

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be more afraid of sins than you are of your enemy. For in a noble gap who are for Allah human I do with him because the sins of an army are far more detrimental to their well being than the enemy on the other side of the pond. And then he says to him, we are less than them in number and we have fewer resources than they do. So if we are the same as them with respect to sins, they will be victorious. They are more power powerful. We are outnumbered and we are outgunned. The only hope

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We have to defeat them is when we obey Allah Jalla Jalla Lu and they disobey Him. In other words, what was the Allahu Anhu saying to Saudi Arabia because we couldn't repeat it and rephrase it in a few lines. Omar is saying to, you have just reached your critical limit, you are at the edge of war. So beware of doing something that will cause Allah to abandon you. Beware of behaving in a way that will delay Allah in higher to hear the divine care that you're on the verge of reaping. Fast forwarding to today. Zan, no doubt is bleeding in a way that it has never bled before.

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And the West Bank is erupting. And the Muslim oh man is surging in passion and rage and the West are scrambling to control the narrative and to save their Israeli ally. And you have the Zionist project that is cracking and crumbling before our very eyes. In other words, the ummah of Islam has reached a critical limit, reached harridge. So here I say to myself and to you, my brother, my sister, the same as what Omar said to Zack before war, he said to him, Beware my brother, beware of doing something that will cause Allah to abandon us during this critical hour.

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Be on your best behavior. Show Allah Jalla Jalla Allahu your best Islamic form. There is no sin that you and I may commit today as we hit as we hit Matata, who took this crossroad, there is no sin that you and I can consider now as minor or insignificant, no setback is minor to date. No Salah that is missed no gays that is extended to haram. No browsing through a website that is prohibited. No offline online communication that is haram. No dealing with riba interest, call it what you wish on city road, no complete cutting off of family ties. No sin that is committed now, at our own most critical limit is to be considered insignificant. So i Li and the others are to look into the mirror

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of self reflection, and to take ownership of our crimes of our sins and to ask, what is my change that I'm going to have to bring about during the UNMISS critical limit, because we're on the verge of reaping

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the divine care, don't lose your Eman. Don't lose your southern patience. Don't lose your trust in Allah don't lose your faith in His promise. When we are just moments away from reaping this fruit of justice that we have been waiting for for so long. There is a certain number of righteous Muslims that have to exist at any one time for Allah to send down His divine care. No one knows what that number is. Only Allah knows what the number is. What we do know is that the number is not so high, and therefore it Shavon knows this is a reality. So he finally recognizes that the OMA has to reach a certain the slobber threshold in terms of truly practicing Muslims who fear Allah to qualify them

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for Elena to Ilahi care from Allah Allah legit. So shaytaan will employ his old district in the playbook. And the trick is to convince you and to convince me that our individual transformation has no impact on the ummah. So what if you say a Starfield Hola. So what if you change your way? So what if you reshare a tweet? So what if you say to her, I'm not talking anymore? This is haram. How will your situation change the OMA This is his technique. Therefore, we have to respond to this satanic whispering with the same resilience that we see the Palestinian standing and offering in the face of occupation. The same resilience we exhibit when he shaytaan suggests your transformation has no

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impact. You turn and you say, No, it does. And it's going to be my transformation and his transformation and her transformation in sha Allah that will tip the scales of the OMA in favor of justice.