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In Alhamdulillah Hina Ahmed who want to say you know when is still futile when oh the winner he means truly and fusina was a yachtie Molina Mejia had the Hila who fell on will the Lella OMA youth lil fella heard the Allah wa Chateau a la ilaha illallah Hua the hula Sharika one number Hamedan Abdullah who Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam, a MOBA do for in Hiral Hadith Nikita will la heeta Allah wa Hyrule had you had you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam or shahrul OMO Remo the third to her or kulambu the 13th be the ocular be the ATeam the ladder or call log on that infinity

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and my bad

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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made this OMA

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the best OMA

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and he said SubhanaHu wa to Allah coutume higher on methane or hydrojet leanness

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to ammonia even ma roofie within honer Anil Moon carry over to amino Nabila

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you are

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the best of Amma min consistently this is who you are the best of tumors that were produced for humanity.

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You enjoin what is good, and forbid what is evil. And you believe, and you have a man in Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And this is how the companions of Muhammad Ali his Salatu was Salam where

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they had this firm Iman in him Subhana who were to Allah

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and also on top of that, because the couldn't say to themselves, were fine as long we are fine. No, we are not fine until you spread. What Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah loves and you stop what Allah azza wa jal hates. So I'm Robyn Monrovia, and now you're an inker. When you see evil, you speak out against it.

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When you see something that Allah hates, you must try to stop it. You must try to stop injustice and try to stop sin.

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And when you see something that Allah loves, you cannot let go until you ask people to do it. And make it easier for them to do and recommend it and remove obstacles before their way. And only then with the OMA Muhammad Ali has Salatu was Salam be the best welcome or Allah can be shocked. That is you will continue to be that best as long as he fulfilled that condition of Eman. Well I'm going to be narrow view and now you're on in monka you speak out against evil and you're enjoying what is good and when you lose that you lose the privilege that Allah Azza Danette assigned to you you lose the selection of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada you no longer are the best and you no longer are no longer

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are preferred.

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And that tells you then that this OMA is supposed to be an example in practice and example in Iman and an example in the good that it spreads to other nations. Meaning that when they look at you because of your iman, you should be an inspiration.

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Even without you saying a thing, but in how you behave and how you believe in your commitment to your Salah to your Hajj to your Zika and staying away from the Haram in your morality and your ethics. A person who's looking at you should see from you shining, the light of Islam, the light of the Quran and the Sunnah, before you say a thing in how you raise your kids and how you deal with your spouse, in your transactions in how you behave when you're angry and when you're pleased.

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How you distance yourself from the haram.

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How you live in upright life, how when you face a calamity, you return to Him subhanho wa Taala and you ask for his assistance in the patients that they see from you in the gratitude that they see in your life. You have to be an example. And that is predicated on having Iman in Allah subhanahu wa taala and then a branch of that Iman is for you to say to yourself, Allah azza wa jal loves this so I must teach people about it. Why was this OMA the best of OMA for P

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People is because they save people. If they don't say to themselves, we're gonna go to Gen nine and let everybody go to hell. They don't say to themselves as long we are fine, let whatever justice injustice be rampant on this earth because they understand that if they let sin

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fester somewhere, if it develops somewhere and you don't stop it, it comes back to swallow you.

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And that is what the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said in a hadith He said, Let the amaro Nabil ma roof he says well let the UFC be a de la Mora Nabil ma roofie will attend her will not incur I will love you she can Allah Who Are ye Bertha on a carbon in the heater method? alumina who fella Eustacia Bula come, he says, I swear by the one who has my soul in his hand, you are going to enjoin what is good, and forbid what is evil or else Allah will soon send upon you punishment from him. And then you will supplicate and pray to Allah and He will not answer your supplication.

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Meaning if you don't do this enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil, you see it and you let go of it, you will look the other way. If you don't do that, and you think as long as it's not touching me, as long as I'm not harmed by it, or as long as I'm not doing it, I don't have to do anything about it, because it's not going to harm me. The Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam said, you have to think again, because it's an obligation on you to do something and to stop it if you have the means. And if you don't, and you see sin, and it grows, because of our inaction, grows because of our approval and acceptance of it. Allah azza wa jal will send a punishment from him. And this

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punishment does not spare people. It will be widespread, it will be public, it will include everybody. And the tragedy here is that he said la Salatu was Salam at that moment. When you need Allah azza wa jal, the most, you will pray, but Allah will not accept

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because you have compromised

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that commandment from him subhanho wa taala.

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So we must go back to this.

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And we must feel here, personal responsibility

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for being part of this ummah, for sustaining

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the history of this ummah, sustaining

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the selection of Allah subhanho wa Taala of this OMA as the best. That is, I must feel that I am part of it, and I must sustain it, and I must not compromise it. I must feel personally responsible that when I see something good, I should spread it. And when I see an evil, I should stop it within the means that are available to me. But I should always have that responsibility, not leave it to somebody else. Not think somebody else will take care of it. But no, it is I who will take care of it. Because our complacency has produced the results that you see in front of your eyes, somebody else will take care of it. To the extent that we believe that even our families, even our kids,

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somebody else will take care of them. The mother believes the father has to raise them, the father believes the mother has to raise them, both of them believe the masjid has to raise them, the community has to raise them. There is no personal responsibility where you say these children, Allah who will ask me about them. Not somebody else will ask me about them. How did they grow up? What model did they have? Did I teach them about Islam? Did I enrich them? Or did I ignore them?

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When I found the path of sin, easy to them? open, wide open? Did I try to close it and provide alternatives? Did I strive to be a better husband? Did I strive to be a better wife?

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Who takes care of the houses of Allah xojo Oh, somebody else we're

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not talking just about donations. But even when it comes to donations to the school, to the Islamic centers, to the houses of Allah azza wa jal to Islamic causes, who takes care of it? Somebody else will donate somebody else who will volunteer, somebody else will clean you can we come sometimes some of us not all of us, but some of us we come to the houses of Allah azza wa jal, and some of us will leave a mess thinking that somebody else will take care of it.

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Somebody is there.

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But where is that personal responsibility, that morality that ethics that we should have that Allah is looking at me in this moment? Any haram that I'm committing is

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A crack in the wall of the Ummah I'm weakening the OMA Muhammad Ali is Salatu was Salam and depleting the goodness of the Ummah, Muhammad Ali is Salatu was Salam when I'm spreading injustice or sin like this, your own individual morality matters in how you behave at home when you're alone privately, it matters because the weakness of the OMA is a collective weakness of individuals and the strength of the Ummah is a strength of individuals that come together to form a better, more lively ummah.

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So when he Subhanahu wa Taala said you are

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we must go back to this enjoyment on joining of good and forbidding of evil. And for that to happen, we have to first have knowledge.

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The heart itself must feel that this is wrong.

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Never be ever comfortable with sin, evil, injustice, even and the standards that Allah Zildjian has applied in the Quran are the best of standards. Yeah, you have Latina ama no Kunal Hawa, Amina bilkis the shahada, Allah, Allah, while Allah and fusi Come, I will validate enable Acrovyn

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it says ALLAH SubhanA wa Italys said, all you who have Iman, be strict adherence of justice, uphold it, meaning continuously all the time, and witnesses for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala, even if that witness is to go against word to go against yourselves, or your parents or your relatives, even if you were to admit that I'm the one who committed the mistake, my parents are in the wrong, my community is in the wrong my family is in the wrong you will offer that testimony, because you're doing it for Allah sake.

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It's not personal preferences, but the preference of Allah subhanho wa taala. So Upholding justice means that you begin with yourself and you inspect yourself and you say to yourself, before I can fix the world around me, I need to fix myself and in fixing myself. What is the Haram that I'm committing habitually? What is the thing that has living in my heart and living in my soul and living in my house, that I need to banish? The haram that is distancing me from Allah subhanho wa taala. Then if that be enough, seeker Finn, haha, start with yourself and you command it to do what is good, and you forbid it, to do what is evil, you begin there, and for that we need to learn, and

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we need to have living hearts and as long as we are committing these sins, we will find that we're not anywhere closer to him. subhanho wa taala.

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And you look then at your family and look at those whom you have authority over. And with compassion, with wisdom with knowledge, you want to stop the sin that is there. We as we want to clean our souls and clean our bodies, we want to also cleanse our families, from anything that upsets him. Subhanahu wa Taala so there is there also, I'm Robyn Nurofen.

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And of course, as I said, it needs to be done wisely, in a non repellent way, in a wise appealing way. But it needs to be done because not to because we cannot coexist with the sins of Allah Subhana Allah that Allah hates, we cannot coexist with Allah's Anger. Either we remove these things now. Or we will be forced to let go of them under circumstances, horrendous circumstances that burn everything. So the events that we witness around us are all messages from him Subhana who were to add a reality that we see. And we must learn from

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that he subhanho wa Taala gives us all time to repent, time to reflect time to understand that this is haram. Time to understand that we're not living the right way that we're supposed to live.

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And as long as you have that time you are fortunate. So you look at yourself in the mirror externally and internally at your reflection and you say

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is this how I want to meet Allah subhanho wa taala? What if I die tomorrow? And have you seen pictures and videos of many kids dying? What if I die tomorrow? Is this how I want to meet him? subhanho wa Taala would I want Muhammad Allah Salatu was Salam to look at me this way, with this particular hair with this particular clause with this particular face with this particular how I live. This is how I want to meet Allah

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subhanho wa Taala and you shouldn't delay that change.

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Because if ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala had extended your life and have given you help and have given you money and have given you time so far, then Allah azza wa jal is giving you a lot of numerous, but these things run out, these things run out.

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And the casualty of all of this is not only our iman, not only will our iman go away, but peace of mind,

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peace of mind

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that will go away.

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So, you will find conflict within the family,

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conflict with your neighbors conflict with people around you at work, but most importantly and the most disturbing part of conflict you will find is a conflict with yourself.

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When you can't sit comfortably

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when you cannot be at peace, when you cannot even sleep

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when you have everything but you feel like you have nothing

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when there are many things that you can live for, but you can find a reason to live.

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That's the conflict that comes from disobeying Allah subhanho wa Taala

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so enjoying what is good for bid what is evil and think and believe that it's not somebody else who's responsible. You are the one who's responsible and Allah wants to see from you some type of change, especially in light of what is happening. Awkward. Oh, holy ha That was tough. It will lie to you on a conference stuff you.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Hamdan Kathina yerba Nova confy he will suddenly what was suddenly Marsudi Mohammed was early he or so happy he was selling them. The messenger Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi, WA earlier Salam said bear, the rubella family fita and unclutter. I laid in Moodle them.

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He's rushed towards deeds raised towards them

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before the arrival of fitten like the dark pieces of night trials calamities, like the dark pieces of night,

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meaning do as much as you can do before these things arrive

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and add calamity and affliction a test to be described like the dark piece of the night tells you how hard it is and how difficult it is. And sometimes how confusing it is that you will not be able then to have the luxuries that you have today to have the time that you have today. You will be so preoccupied, maybe basically with basic survival,

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securing the best at the basic needs. So he said la Salatu was Salam, these things are foretold and these things will happen. And these things, as you approach the Day of Judgment, they are likely and they are going to spread, not shrink, but spread.

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So now for your own sake for the sake of your own children and for the sake of the progeny that may follow your grandchildren and so on. How are you going to get them prepared for this, if they don't have Islam? If they don't have any commitment to it, if they don't have an understanding of it. If you have not said to yourself, This is the most important thing in my life, and that's the thing that's gonna save me because think about it, all the dunya that you collect, when these fitten these calamities arrive, all the dunya that you collect will not be able to save you. So what is the thing that the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam you said you have to get more of

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Maduro, Bill Amali righteous deeds. So if you have time,

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take advantage of the time and obey Allah subhanho wa Taala and stop disobeying Him. If you have money, spend that money for the sake of Allah. If you have children who are alive, healthy and well. Teach them to be servants of Allah subhanho wa Taala before being servants of the dunya be happy with the fact that they afraid more than the fact that they've just gotten an A be happy with the fact that they have went to the masjid more than they have graduated all the duniya all the dunya is worth nothing in the eyes of Allah azza wa jal Yes, you can strive for it. Yes, you can have be happy for it. But let the greatest happiness be for a happiness that will actually benefit them when

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they meet Allah azza wa jal. So how are you raising your kids if you still have kids, they're not dead. They're not injured.

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If you have money, if you have a house and

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It has not been demolished. How are you obeying Allah azza wa jal in that house and repaying the name of Allah azza wa jal, and we can really fully repay his NEMA, but at least you could try. How are you grateful that you have a house? What do you do inside of it? to please Him Subhana wa Tada if you have eyes, how you're using your eyes to be grateful? What if Allah takes that away? If what if a calamity takes that away and you no longer can see, you no longer can hear? What will you do? What are you doing as long as you can see, and as long as you can hear it, and as long as you have some health?

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before losing the ability to make sujood and making sujood as in the MO of Allah azza wa jal, maybe you won't be able to make sujood in few years.

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Are you using your ability to make so do to actually make sujood and thank Allah for that? If Allah so that are giving you a beautiful skin? If Allah had given you a handsome face of Allah giving you an incredible physique? How are you using this to disobey Allah zoton If Allah had given you a hair, how are you using this to disobey Allah as noted, all of these, that Allah had given to all of us. And we continuously use them, to distance ourselves from him subhanho wa taala.

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so badly, it will be a mad rush towards

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those deeds, because they do expire.

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And the benefit of calamity, we said that calamities might and will come. The benefit of affliction, when it happens is that it illuminates and clarifies what's important in life.

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As long as we're not tested, everything in the dunya seems important. Everything that in the dunya

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is worth crying over.

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I lost this job, and I lost this promotion, and I lost this money and I couldn't I cannot buy this house, I cannot buy this car. And I cannot do this. And I cannot do that. Everything is the dunya is monumental. And everything in the dunya makes us depressed and sad and angry and agitated all of it.

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And our vision is not clear what is right and what is wrong, we have no idea. Or if we do, we're too busy.

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And sometimes we're confused about who's an ally and who's a foe.

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We have no clue. But when a calamity arrives, and that calamity could be very personal. You're the only one who sees it. It's an illness, it's a loss of some sort. Or that calamity could be a family calamity. Or that calamity could be in the nation, that calamity could be global, like we see today. That calamity that test allows you to see, for

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a long time, something that we haven't seen.

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And that is it clarifies what is important. You could collect all of the dunya. And you could do lost it in a second, you could lose it in a second. And now what do you have?

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Because that tells you what stays

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if you lose a child,

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will you be able to manage losing that child? What stays

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if you lose your spouse, if you lose everything that you thought is something from the dunya will you be able to continue to live? You have to think about it will I be able to continue to live? How will I process this loss?

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Do I have enough Eman reservoir there have Eman in my heart in my life practically? Not just wishing it I'm a great believer No. Thinking about something. It's not like actually having it you can think that you're rich. But that doesn't make you rich. You can think that you have Iman, but do you actually have the Eman

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that comes through practice comes through commitment. So if I lose and think about it, I lose my job. I lose my career, I lose my family, I lose this, this this this. For some I lose the ability to move. I'm still alive. How do you process this? Do you have enough Eman to build on so that not only do you be able to continue to live, but be patient. And even even on top of that maybe thank Allah subhanho wa Taala because you know that the hereafter is much better than the dunya. And every loss in the dunya is a gain in the area.

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To remember this, every loss in the dunya is a gain in the akhira the more that you lose here though we do not ask Allah to take things from us. But the more that you lose here and you're patient with it, that's again in the area.

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So Allah takes from you here to give you over there but will we have the Eman to be able to remember this when we actually lose. So this is what the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam is saying bad dear rush race towards it. Because when you have Iman, when a test comes we'll be able to take it

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you'll be able to live

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and you'll be able to be in the law as usual overcome it.

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You ask a lot of Bill Alameen or hamara Jaime, to make us of those who enjoin good and forbid evil and to begin with themselves and their families and their neighbors. We ask Allah as of just to make us of those who feel personal responsibility towards what they see around them, to make us of those who react in ways that are pleasing to Him not in ways that are displeasing to Him. We ask Allah azza wa jal to send his mercy upon the people of Reza We ask Allah Allah Allah mean to alleviate their pain. We ask Allah azza wa jal to take away their suffering sooner than later era al al Amin, whereas he herbal Allah means to shield them with your shields and protect them with their view of

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protection. We ask the honorable Allah Amenia or hamara Haman Allahu Maya Wahab your Allah feed them and clothe them and give them food and water yeah Allah heal their sick and take care of them. Yeah Allah accept the dead among them among them as martyrs era al al Amin Yala. Take care of the orphans and take care of their widows and make us among those who have helped them Yoruba Allah Amina did not abandon them. We asked you to foil the plots of their enemies and repel their aggression. Yet Allah foil the plots of their enemies and repel their aggression. Yeah, Allah foil the plots of their enemies and and foil their aggression. Yara BL al Amin, yeah Allah we ask you for all the good

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in this life and in the hereafter and protect us from all evil in this life and in the Hereafter. And we ask you for Jen and everything that will take us to it and we seek Your protection from hellfire, anything that will take us away from it. And we asked you for the best that your Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam had asked you for and we seek Your protection from everything that you profit and he has Salatu was Salam had sought your protection from Allah humba fella now Rabbil Alameen Allah humma feelin aura Bell al Amin Allahumma fairland honorable Alameen Allah hoomans Soren Mazel Daffy now if he realizes that oh my hola horrible al Amin Allah Who monsoonal mustafina

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few verses atoma hola horrible el Amin Allahumma ng human I do with him Allahumma ng he mean I do him Allahumma ng him and I'll do him Allah Who am homeless to him. Allah hum methadone behave liquor cada eco variety karabell al Amin Allahu Allah in the home to alpha alpha Kula home era Bella al Amin Allahumma, in whom Allah to Allah him one cor Allahu Allah term could be him Allah Azza Ramallah Tonzura Allah him Aloha Mata him him or Asli him wish FEMA Aruba home where do we draw her home? Aloha Medaka malerkotla home Shuhada Allahumma itema home wow you've turned Mohammed Urmila hamara Bella Mia Aloha methadone Wofford naman Cooley su in OMA crew in Rabbil Alameen Allahumma

00:27:43--> 00:28:08

Villa de Loup Banerjee Marina alumna I mean, who am I am not alum hola hola Maria and I'm in 33 feet into Hibou water though for your suit Hola, nya. hamara Haneen Well, McCarran I'm in 33 short window to Hibou Allah Tala who fasten hula and Iara BL al Amin, Aloha Maya solennelle, higher our dunya worldliness Allah, Allah hum is sadolin Allegra autoclean RB cada Aloha Jana Amina Sabita you know royal Lena Shek at NARA Bell Alameen wa T masala