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Now, Sima with hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while he was happy he was selling them on my server and noble alameen Omaha Marlene the main phone Oh, and finally my LinkedIn I was in there in money I mean, so this is inshallah the third day, the third of Ramadan a lot less it and except from us and enable us to do more in it mean. So the first day we did have a story from a hadith the second we did an ayah now we returned to doing a story from a hadith from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And this is how we will alternate insha Allah except on Wednesdays or Wednesdays there's going to be a different standalone topic, it's going to be a little longer, but

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in sha Allah, not very long. But that is for Wednesday, inshallah. But for today, we have an appointment with a Hadith, and a story that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam told us this story, you'll find in Sahih Muslim or himolla. In it, the prophets a lot he was in them said that once a man was walking in a fella, fella is an open, barren land. And then he heard a voice coming from the sky, you looked up and there was a cloud. And from that cloud, he had heard a voice that voice was saying is they had the other fula water or the garden or the land of so and so. And he then he watched as the cloud moved to a group of rocks in the distance, and then it trained exclusively upon

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those rocks. He followed it. And then he found that all the water from that cloud, went through that channel from those rocks, all of it collected in a channel through the rocks, and went directly to persons land all the water to a person's land. And that person was standing there with his tools distributing the water as it arrives to his land.

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Now after witnessing such an amazing site, he went to that person and he asked him he said,

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so and so. We brother, yeah. Abdullah, what is your name? Well, he said, my name is this this. He asked him, Why did you ask me for my name? haven't met him before? What did he ask me? For my name first. He said, because this is what I saw. I saw a cloud a voice in the cloud saying water the garden if so and so. And then you saw the cloud move, and then water your land exclusively out of everywhere else, it just the water went to your land exclusively. He says Why? What do you do with this land? Or what's the story behind all of this? He said for insulting he says if you ask me is the only thing that I do is or what I do is, is that the harvest from this land, the produce that

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comes out of it, I divided into three parts. One third goes in charity to the needy, one third, I feed myself and my family and my children. And one third I invest back into this land. This is what I that's the story.

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And so you ask yourself, why did the Prophet sallallahu wasallam tell us this story. And in fact, you can go back and ask yourself, why did Allah azza wa jal reveal this to this man who was traveling? And why did he have him here? That Angel and that sound was the sound of an angel, commencing cloud and commanding the water terrain exclusively. And water, that particular piece of land to benefit that particular man, white Alonzo didn't make it. So because Allah wanted to reveal to us the consequence of piety and charity and death. What? What happens when you have a loss of panelboards look at what that man has done. And by the way, that man did not know that he's going to

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in fact be immortalized in a Hadith of the profits, a lot of us in them, and 1000s and 1000s of years after his death, people will be still talking about him. We don't know his name.

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We don't know where he was located. But what we know is that he was a pious person and a lot rewarded him for that piety. So what did he do?

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Whatever he got from this land, he divided into three parts. And all these three parts are virtuous in their own sake in their own way. First, he feeds himself and he feeds his family. And that, by what, by the way, is important and then neglected worship of Allah azza wa jal, when someone asked us about a bad day above worship, a lot of times we think, okay, we need to give the needy and the poor and that is a bad that that is worship, that is charity, but we neglect to include in our charity in our intention, what we do to our families. That is when I earn money, and I feed my family, that is solidify that Allah loves and in fact, the prophets of the law to send them says in

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the house

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That Dino leka, he says he did not say $1, or whatever the currency is that you spend on your family that is the best of South Africa better and comes before what you spend on jihad, or what you give to the needy, because this is your immediate obligation. So the money that I spend on my family, but not only money, the time that I give to them, the sister who cooks for her family and takes care of the children, that all is a burden. And that all is sort of a lie. As Odin loves, don't, don't neglect it, from your intention, don't meet elected from including it in your data that yes, I'm doing this because Allah zoji loves it, not only because I have to do it, but a lot as a journalist,

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that I would take care of them, fulfill their needs, make sure that they are happy, make sure that they are well fed. When you do this, that is a bad. So this now what was he doing, he was feeding and taking care of his family that in itself is certified. And when you earn from Heder.

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Allah, Allah loves that. So that's the first thing. The second thing he invests it back into his work. And his work is hella and when you invest in health care for the sake of feeding your family and yourself, and spending on others a lot as urgent, less is that the third thing that this man was doing was that one third of whatever he was earning, not saving whatever he was earning, he was giving to the poor. And because of that Depo and because of what he was spending a lot as zolgensma was spending on him.

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That is a lot of time we think that the income that we have, we have because we are smart and because intelligent and because we are hardworking and because we have studied hard and because we have earned these degrees, etc, meaning that everything that we are doing, and we have earned and we need to learn that there is a hidden part, that hidden part is what you spend your time or your money on determines how much you get from it.

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Because Allah azza wa jal says, well, may you have tequila,

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tequila, you john level knowledge, well, we absorb them and hopefully they have to sit there the one that was at the core of Allah, He will give them an exit from any hardship and will provide from him from when he or she do not expect.

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So if you are spending and giving the needy, the poor,

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Allah xojo will provide for you give you an income from where you do not expect will bless it, so that you would keep spending so an income so that you would keep spending and giving to those who are in need. And so do not think that if you are giving those who are in need, donating to a charity donating to MSDN, donating and giving those who are in need, or getting a relative who is in need, thinking that your money decreases, your money does not go down. Why? Because if you keep going, giving and it is for a lot, so again, that alone will keep giving you so that you can keep giving them

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and in fact is that if you stop giving them their blessing that Allah had provided you with decreases because you have stopped giving. So some of the stuff used to realize this, they say Allah keep giving me so I could keep giving. And you could ask a lot of zildjian that I want to be a charitable person, I want to give the poor, I want to give the needy I want to help. So you're like help me so I can help them give me so I can give them and that is your intention. We asked a lot as though just that he keeps blessing you so that you can keep helping other people but how much you earn depends on your supply and how much you earn depends on how you spend it. So this man who had

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received this water directly exclusively to him, received it because of how he spent his money because of how he dealt with Allah Subhana Allah, how you deal with Allah, what your intention is how you benefit other people determines your income determines your provision determines your

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happiness in general. So this man wasn't so worried about I want to be richer and richer, I want to be I don't want to buy the adjacent plan. So I'm not giving anybody else you know the story of honor those who decided to deprive others of the harvest and Allah destroyed their land. So it doesn't mean that if you want to become richer, that you deprive other people, though, in fact, a lot could make you richer, while you're also helping others and blessing them. While you're also assisting Allah says to you, and Allah says, through His prophets on a level it was in them below if you haven't even had the Madam agraphia on the earth, He alone will continue to help you as you learn as

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you continue to help others. So if you want an increase in your risk and a new provision, and some of the early Muslims used to practice this, whenever they find that they would have less, they'll spend a little bit more for Allah xojo because they know that the more that they give, the more than Allah says what they have and will give them more so if there is some economic

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partnership that we have. We're not asking you to donate everything that you have, but rather take a little bit of it. And give Lila as origin with the hope with the intention that you're alive given for your sake, I'm going to continue to give you two for your sake to help others. Also, asking Allah zodion through this app that he would bless you and give you more. So as a lot as though, if there's anyone in economic and financial hardship among us, that Allah xojo blesses them from where they do not expect, and it will give them more so that they will be able to give others and help them We ask Allah azza wa jal to make us generous, and charitable, especially in the month of

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Ramadan, where the prophets of Allah who was sitting them was more charitable in it like the, like the wind, but he would give so generously like the wind would give. So in this particular month, we ask Allah as though just to teach us the meaning of charity and the Mika's charitable, charitable not only with our money and wealth, but also charitable with our time, charitable with our effort, charitable with our smiles and good manners, charitable all around, so that we become quite a map people of color, we ask Allah Zoda, to accept our fasting, to accept our prayer at night, to accept our app to accept our sadhaka and to enable us to do more, and to bless the month of Ramadan for us,

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and to bless our lives and to make us of those of you who love us and love him. I mean, yeah, but I mean, just to note for those who are on on Instagram, I'm not always able to save this on Instagram, but at least it's on Facebook. So if you go on Instagram and you find that unsaved

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solo should be available for at least 24 hours, but if after that, you can find it, or I'm unable to save it at least know that in Charlotte, it's available on Facebook so you can go and see it then

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we ask Allah to bless all of you and to protect all of you and to guide us to what he loves. 100 I mean, we will see you tomorrow in sha Allah when another 10 minute installment were completely dialed up because I mean satanic alone behind the shadows and stuff people go out to LA Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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