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Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of preparing for upcoming graduation exams, praying for success, enrolling in charity, finding blessings in one's life, water disposal, and finding blessings in one's life. They also touch on topics such as money and the lack of men in the US, the importance of water and heat disposal, and personal experiences such as a fallout from a previous incident and the importance of staying in a state of emergency for their children. The speakers emphasize the need to prioritize one's beliefs and not to give up on others.
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Not too long ago in the distant past,

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there was a teacher who was really concerned for the welfare of his students.

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And so concerned he was that he gave them

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the questions of the exam well in advance of the examination so that none of them can say they were caught off guard.

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And as a result, his students divided into three distinct categories.

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The first category of students didn't believe the teacher that there was an impending exam.

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And so they didn't prepare and they threw away the questions. And they suffered during the exam, and they suffered the consequence of failure after the exam.

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The second category of students believed the teacher that there was an exam that was coming, but they chose to delay preparation. They procrastinated until the exam came, they suffered during and after the exam as well.

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It was only the third category of students who not only believed the teacher,

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but they made the necessary preparations for the exam very early on. And so they found the exam to be one of ease, and they prospered and they passed with flying colors afterwards Israel.

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In this analogy, the teacher is none other than our honorable Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Ani.

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And the students are those who lived during his time and those who come after him till the end of time.

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And as for the exam, this is the inescapable interrogation that you and I will experience before the king Allah Jalla Delgado in his court.

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And as for the questions of this exam,

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this is what we will be discussing if Allah permits in this hope by this afternoon.

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Allah Jalla Jalla Allahu he said, fell in US Allen Lavina Orosi La La him. What an island and mousseline we are going to ask the people to whom the messengers were sent to and we're going to ask the messengers themselves all shall be questioned.

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And Allah Jalla Jalla who who he said, we're in hula, the Quran like, oh, we'll make ourselves alone. The Quran is a reminder for you and your nation. And you shall all be asked. This is an examination that nobody will be late for.

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No excuses will be accepted. And the concept of retakes is non existent.

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And from the Mercy of Allah Almighty, we have not been left in the dark. For those who wish to make an early preparation before that, standing before Al Malik the king Allah, knowledge of these questions have been given for us so that we can make a preparation today.

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And from these questions, I will share with you 10.

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As for the first of these questions that you and I are to expect, there is going to be a question about our salah, our prayer.

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There is there's going to be an interrogation

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in agonizingly excruciating detail about every element of the Salah, the standing, the quality of the bowing, the duration of the prostration the quality of your will do the time of your prayer, how you covered yourself, the prayers of the past that you may have missed the prayers you did not repent from missing.

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There was going to be a question about it all. And we have been warned. And that is why our beloved sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the Hadith whichever woreda narrates and is documented by a Tirmidhi in his journey. He allihies salatu salam said in a while and now your higher self will be healed abdomen Pia met him in an alley he is allowed to

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the very first action that man will be asked about in front of Allah from all of his deeds is the Salah the prayer.

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He said that in Salah had Lucha Andrea.

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If the prayer is complete, this person would have prospered and would have succeeded.

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were infested advocate ha ha see. If however, the prayer is deficient. Then he is in ruins. And this person had sailed.

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He said if

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They're in in Dhaka so I mean sorry about hee hee Xiang, cholera. Boonsboro Halyard demon Tata, we're in for you come a lumen, Taka sabe him in a hurry and if the prayer is deficient in any way before this person is punished Allah will say to the angels look does he have any any other extra prayers that we may use to patch up the obligatory one?

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He says to Mata Gulu sir you do annually I know how he said the rest of your deeds will be assessed in the exact same manner.

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So, when it comes to charity Zakah will be looking at the obligatory one, if it is lacking, Allah Almighty will tell the angels look into the voluntary sadaqa

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fasting Siyam of Ramadan will be looked at the obligation if it is lacking. The other extra fasts of Mondays and Thursdays etcetera will be looked at, and the rest of our deeds will be assessed in the same way. So how does one prepare for this question if he is afraid,

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by making sure he repents from prayers he has missed in the past, makes them up according to the majority of the scholars perfects his will do and the bearing and frustration organizes his or her day around the the salah

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amasses as many extra voluntary Salah that you and I will be saved by on the day of judgment if the obligation is lacking. That is question number one. As for question number two that you and I are to expect. There is going to be a question about a nine that delights.

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All of the blessings that we are enjoying from head to toe, the macro micro material immaterial religious and unreligious blessings. There is going to be a question about them la either in Allah Allah said Houma, la luna young ie the 99

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Then you are going to be asked on that day about the delights.

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Katara even though the amateurs should see he said, a Sadducee he said

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in Allah Hassan Ilan Kula Heaney, I met in FEMA and Anna Ali Allah who will ask every recipient of a blessing about that blessing.

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And according to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, some drinkable water

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and some basic dates and some simple meat will be questions that will be asked about on the Day of Judgment. According to him, they were the lights

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and that is when once he came out of his house because of hunger in the middle of the night, and he bumped into Abu Bakr and Omar Radi Allahu Anhu. Now in the streets of Medina, he said to them, Raja Kuma, what has caused you to leave your homes during this hour of the night. They said a jewel Yasuda Allah hunger or messenger of Allah. And he said to them, Well, no one lady in fcbd Hema Ragini in the lady Raja Kuma and similarly with me, he said I swear by Allah, what caused me to leave my home is what caused you to leave yours hunger.

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They knocked on the door of an unsightly companion who hosted them. He offered them water and then some basic dates. He said to them, give me a moment and he went out and he slaughtered an animal for them, then presented them with some meat. And when they had finished eating, our prophets, Allah Allahu Allah He was selling them looks at Abu Bakr and Omar and he said to them, one lady Neff, CBI de la Luna and her the Naomi Omen piano.

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He said, I swear by Allah who possesses my life. We are going to be asked about these delights on the Day of Judgment. Water, dates, some meat.

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What then Alhamdulillah of the Muslim of the 21st century, drenched from head to toe in favors that the kings of the past never dreamt to experience. water on demand hot and cold sanitation on demand food at the click of a button.

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Homes cozier, more spacious than ever before furniture more inviting than ever before. instant communication opportunities to trade.

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And that is why they would say Ludum Dare Rouhani yeah woman, Dr. Naughty I should do his haven't been deemed

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that one who used to possess to their hands in his pocket will find it more difficult on the day of judgment than the one who had only one there.

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We are going to be asked about the delight that is question number two.

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As for question 3456 and seven. These five are found in one Hadith

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the Hadith which are telling me the narrating his journey on the authority of Abdullah Hebrew Messiah

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The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said a

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lot as you call them up, then a young woman chiamato Amina Indira be he had tell us along comes, the feet of man will not move from the presence of Allah till he is first asked about five things

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meaning we are not going anywhere till we managed to find answers to five questions that are inescapable. What are they? Here they come

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on hayati, he FEMA of

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your life what you did with it?

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Well, I'm Shalabi he FEMA Ebola and your youth? How you spent it? Why Mali? He mean a Natasha who were female and fucka, and your money, how you earned it, and how you spent it. Number five? Well, now there have been a female alum, and what you did with the knowledge that you acquired?

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No one can say they haven't been warned, here are the questions, open book exam. He said, your life and what you did with it, your 60 7080 years our lives. If we wanted to summarize them in one word, sentence or paragraph, what would it be?

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There will be a question about that on the Day of Judgment, then there will be a question about the youth as you just heard, when you felt that your desires peaked, when your impulse your urge as a young man or woman rocketed through the roof? How did you behave? How did you manage that? When you compare yourself as a young man or young woman with your peers and how they behave? Are you the same? Are there parallels? Or are you distinct in your behavior as a practicing Muslim? That's question number two.

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Then money number three, how would you earned it the opportunities of making cash today are so many are you one who subscribes to by any means necessary policy in life?

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How are you making your money? Does it even cross your mind to say is this halal or haram before investing?

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And then how you spent that money? Where is it going? These are questions we are to expect in front of Allah.

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And then what you did with your knowledge, a basic quarter by like this this afternoon, this is knowledge we are gaining.

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Will it be translated into application? Or will it be another one added to the archives of our memory? This is a question.

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Question number eight.

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Allah has promised that there is going to be a question about the senses that we have been blessed with and how us

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Allah Jalla Jalla Lu who said, while duck of Hoonah Allah you say like me, I don't pursue that which you have no knowledge of why in a summer, when well,

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you can kinda and who miss Ola, because indeed the hearing and the seeing and your heart all of these matters shall be questioned Allah Almighty said.

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So one who is afraid of the prospect of being asked of his limbs and senses will lower his gaze when haram presents itself in front of him and will cover his or her ears when haram presents itself to him and will protect their heart. When doubts about their religion come in, they will learn and ask the people of knowledge and they will protect the hearts from the prohibited attachments.

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That is question number eight.

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As for question number nine, there is going to be a question about how you and I behaved when we saw evil unfold in front of us. Now ILA in Allah, may Allah forgive us. And this is a frightening one indeed. When you saw something prohibited happening in front of you, what was your knee jerk reaction?

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Was it

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live and let live?

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Was it each to their own?

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Was it don't go around judging people to the rest of these meaningless statements?

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Or wherever you are a person who was concerned about the welfare of your friends, your family, your colleagues, your society, you tried to give advice wherever appropriate and possible.

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And should you be unable to advise? Did you stay there enjoying yourself with them? Or did you vacate the scene as Allah Almighty wants from us when unable to speak or do something about it? And that is why in a terrifying Hadith, which Ahmed narrating his most nerd on your authority of Abu Sahelian caudry Our beloved sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Allah, Allah is Allah melty Jana.

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At the heart there is no

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man and Africa. If there are 18 Mancha and to Kira

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Allah who will ask a person on the Day of Judgment with so much detail till Allah who will ask man, why did you not prohibit the evil when you saw it happening in front of you?

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Why didn't you do that Allah will ask you. The hadith continues for either Allah Khan Allah who have done who Jetta who call

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Raju Touka, was direct, Amina nurse. The hadith says, if Allah Who wants good for this person who fell short, if Allah Who wants good for this person, Allah who will inspire him to say the following words, my lord.

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I had hopes in you.

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And I feared the people.

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He's honest, my lord, I have hopes in you.

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To be honest, I was afraid of the people.

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And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say Allah Allah I am nanorod Julian haber to Nursey mean and Yahoo that be hatin either Halima.

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No man should allow his fear of people to prevent him from speaking the truth when he comes to none of it. This hadith made some other Sahaba cry, including Abu Seidel Kadri, the narrative narrator of the Hadith, he said kodra you know, Allah, he had been Allah He we have seen evil things happening. And we were too scared to speak about it. And he also said, What did to a Neelam a concern? I wish that I had not come to learn of this hadith, it's a responsibility.

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So when sat with friends, with colleagues when separate families, we have an obligation if Haram is happening, to change it. If you are unable to speak out against it minimally vacate the scene and ask Allah Almighty for tofi unhealth?

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That is question number nine. As for the final question that I want to share with you this afternoon, there is going to be a question about our actions at large.

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Allah Jalla Jalla Allah who said, fell out of beaker learners Alan homogenizing and

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Yama known by your Lord are Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we are going to ask them all

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about what they used to do.

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And some of the last words which our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam communicated to the Muslims in the Farewell Pilgrimage he said to them, not long before he died, he said, in a concert Del Coronado back home, you're going to meet your Lord

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first as a local man.

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And he's going to ask you about what you used to do.

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These before a final year exam. We are in a state of emergency for ourselves, so our children, fearing the prospect of failure.

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And if we don't feel a similar type of urgency, and restlessness and anxiety, if not more, for the day of judgments questioning that we are still sleepwalking. We are still in a deep state of a coma. And we are truly not appreciating the enormity of what is coming our way. Why? Because failing an exam today is to do a retake tomorrow. failing the exam in front of Allah is to fail in our eternity. Call in Aloha Syrena Alladhina has euro and Fusa home. What actually him yo Malkia Allah said the true loss is when a person loses himself and his family on the Day of Judgment. Elena Gallica Hall who's run Moby that, indeed is the manifest loss we ask Allah to protect us from this

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outcome and to inspire us with Aiden tofield. To prepare well in advance of our meeting with our honorable Lords of hangar horadada

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