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Verse 153

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Lay wood hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While he was happy he was seldom

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Am I bad to Allah, this is the second night, or the second day, depending on where you are. It's not married yet. So I think it's a day. So second installment of the lectures in sha Allah madonn lecture series where we're doing 10 minutes each day, one day, we're going to do a hadith that tells a story, and the other would be doing in Charlotte area. So today we're going to be doing an area in sha Allah. And this area comes from sort of Al Baqarah in the second juice, a 153 where Allah azzawajal says, Yeah, you under the arm and was the enormous Sabri was sold out in the LA Siberian. So if you're reading the Koran, and he reached the second juice, or maybe you've passed it, you've

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definitely have read this area. Or if you have not made your way yet to the second juice, you're going to see it in sha Allah I 153. All you who have a man, seek the assistance of patience and sada Indeed Allah is with those who are patient. So here Allah as Odin is giving all of us

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the medication, Allah has given us the way out of any problems that we are going to face. any difficulty that you think that it is way too big for you to handle any problem. What is Allah says, is that, you know, seek the assistance of sobor and Salah patience, and Salah, and they come together, as if you find yourself down, finding yourself finding, finding a problem, whether it's internal or external. Sometimes our enemies are internal, where these bad thoughts bad whispers from the shaytaan we have

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our own put down. So you cannot do this, you cannot do this, you're not going to amount to anything. We have our back, you know, past problems, future fears, whatever it is, and we find that we can handle it. That's the internal challenge. There is a sometimes an external challenge. We can call it an external enemy. It could be the shaytaan it could be someone who's trying to hurt us to plot against us or could be a friend, a loved ones, but he had heard us as well and that happens. So how do I overcome this? How do I overcome my attachment to sin? And I love it. And I like it and I depend on it. How do I inject energy into myself? I want to worship Allah I want to be better but I

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don't have energy. I want to fast better. I want to pray at night I want to read more of the Quran. But I find myself depleted of all energy. How do I get what I want? How do I overcome my obstacles? Allah says stay in or seek the assistance of patience and Salah because if you seek the assistance of those two things, you'll be able to overcome anything in sha Allah in your life. And I really mean everything. See in the Quran, Allah azza wa jal went so far as to say El Camino, una sobre una heavily Bhumi attain, if there are 20 patients among you they can defeat 200 do you imagine? And this is a statement in the Quran where Allah says, if you have 20 people who are patient, they'll be

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able to defeat 200. If you have enough patience, that tells you that you can do a lot more than you can think that you do. But what is holding us back is that we did not rely on the means that Allah zildjian has said and what is the outcome that we find patient what happens? Allah says, Indeed, Allah will be with you. And I want you to ask yourself this question if Allah is with you, really who can defeat you?

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And what object is too big for you to attain? What difficulty is too big for you? If Allah is with you? Can he just remove all obstacles from your play from your path? Indeed he can. And that's why Allah, Allah says, if you think that you're weak on your own, Yeah, you are right. But not you're not weak if you are with Allah as origin, so seek the assistance of patients who say, Well, how do I become more patient? First of all, focus on your Salah. As when you are about to pray those five daily Salas and you stand pray them with horseshoe.

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Pray them with ease, don't rush. And in that Salah, ask Allah azzawajal for whatever you want.

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ask Allah for whatever you want, including patience. Yeah, Allah make me but give me more patience. Give me more certainty that your promise is true. Give me certainty that if I am patient with this hold on thing and I don't do it. And I trust you that you will compensate me more than what I've given up for your sake. Give me that certainty Allah horrible enemy. Give yourself to Allah. Give your ping to Allah and ask a lot to support you. And Allah will come to your rescue.

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So Allah as origin few is after I 153

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Allah says well under bloom, but when no condition immunol hovi will do a one oximeter, and when he would enforce your thumb on it, we are going to test you with some fear, some anxiety, some decrease in provisions decrease in food, things that you dislike in general. But then Allah says, Well, this shoot is Siberian give glad tidings of good news to those who are patient. This means that I in you, every single day, we're going to encounter something small or maybe something big that is going to make us uncomfortable is going to happen. So Allah says that you're going to be tested like this with small things and big things. But it says give good news to those who are patient says what is

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going to wait for you will tell you in Sharla but what do they do alladhina either Saba Tomasi button called when something bad happens to them. What do they say? In Lila he were in a erode your own we are to Allah. We belong to him. I don't belong to myself. Allah does me whatever he does with me whatever he wants, so I belong to him. subhanho wa Taala. He decides and his decision is the best decision and I'm going to go back to Allah. No matter how long I live on this earth, I'm going to go back to Allah azza wa jal. It says if you say this, in the face of every difficulty, una vaca Allah him solo tomorrow, beam Rama, Allah will praise you This is the meaning of Salawat from Allah on you

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and me, alone will praise you in the highest realms with the angels alone mention you by name. It says look at my servants, so and so look how patient he and she is with everything that I've given to them. So lower prayer will praise You will elevate you, and will give you mercy, His mercy and will guide you, you'll find guidance, you'll find contentment in here whenever you are patient. So rather than rush and retaliate and avenge yourself, rather than trying to get something that is haram, that is eventually going to make you miserable. Say to yourself in alila, here we're in either here on your own, I do not belong to myself, Allah made me and Allah knows what is best for

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me. And he had sent me something that is bad that is happening to me, I lost something that is dear to me if that is happening to me, yes, I dislike it. But I trust Allah more than I trust anyone else. So I'm going to give it to him. He knows when to give, and when to take and what to give and what to take and what is good for me and what is bad for me. Yes, I feel uncomfortable, but I'm trusting him subhanho wa Taala. When you say this allies with you.

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When you say to him with that Allah is with you, you will feel it Allah is with you. I mean, I mean that in your heart, you will feel Allah azza wa jal,

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his comfort, his assurance, you'll feel happier, and you will feel safe. Why do you feel safe? Because nothing bad could ever happen to you if Allah is with you?

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My right. Can anything bad happen to you and Allah is with you. It only happens to you when you are distant from Allah then you are afraid. But when you're with Allah, then nothing bad could happen to you. And so you're safe. And even with the past, even with the past, when you ask Allah for forgiveness, y'all I've done something bad in the past have wronged somebody in the past something something bad happened in the past, but yeah, Allah forgive it, conceal it, take away that sin, take away that burden, and it comes out of a sincere heart.

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And Allah is with you. And when Allah is with you, that pain goes away, and you're never alone. So Subhanallah even though we might be in isolation, we might be not close to our loved ones far from them. But you're never far from a loss which is quicker than a phone call. Because you can say yeah, Allah and he is there immediately in your heart.

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But then we need this patience with our a brother.

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So it's always easier to sit back and relax, you know, watch TV or drink and eat, but not pray and not read the Quran. It's easier, we're inclined to laziness and comfort.

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And if we're not used to reading the Koran, reading the Quran is difficult, that we need patience over their patience to see what No, I'm going to give up some of my comfortable things that I used to do. And I'm going to do something that will require some effort on my part but in time, that reading of the Quran that used to require effort becomes joyful.

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And that standing up in Salah to

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communicate with Allah azza wa jal will become joyful. So Subhana Allah Subhana Allah the joy that patients brings the joy that patients brings, but in the beginning it's difficult but later on, it becomes apparent

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Because Allah is with you so when there is any any difficulty any difficulty that you're going through even fasting even praying, don't surrender to it but say yeah Allah helped me. Yeah Allah allow me to be patient. Yeah Allah assist me. And you will immediately if it's coming from your heart and keep saying it until it really comes out of your heart from here, not from the tongue but from the heart. Keep saying it keeps saying it, keep repeating it and choose the best of times for us. So if you're going if you have not broken your fast yet, or if you're going to do it in sha Allah in so many hours, just remember at the top of your if thought, just dedicate that two hours to

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whatever is bothering you to whatever you want and say yeah, Allah helped me with this. And if it is more patience that you need, and all of us need more of it, say Allah helped me with more patience, and keep saying it and when it comes out of this pure heart, a pure

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know that Allah is definitely going to answer it, you're in the month of the answering of the dua. Know that Allah will definitely answer it and you will feel it in your heart before anywhere else. So ask Allah azza wa jal to give us patience, and to make us among those who are patient, in the month of Ramadan and after the month of Ramadan as a lot to accept all of you

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and my daughter as well, except Allah azza wa jal to take away all of our hardship, all of our pain, and to replace it with ease and happiness. I asked Allah xojo that if you're going to make any new ad that pleases him, that he accepts it, and that you remember your Muslim brothers and sisters in New York do I ask Allah as though just to cleanse our hearts of any envy of any hatred of any arrogance, of any shirk of any Buddha of any love that displeases him, We ask Allah azza wa jal to give us energy so that we worship him better. Whereas Allah azza wa jal to protect us from Hellfire and our families and the rest of the Muslims and to grant us gender and our families and all of

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Muslims and to grant us the highest levels of gender we are Allah we are Your servants, we are your slaves. So help us out but I mean, we are helpless in front of you and no one can help us but us Who asked you to help us out but Allah mean we surrender to you, and we asked you to assist us. So wait for Allah's assistance, it is absolutely coming. And hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Subhana Allah morbihan dig a shadow La Ilaha Illa and stir Furukawa tubo la hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen See you tomorrow in Shanghai.