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Verse 103 Love & Unity

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah he, early he was sahbihi wa sallam. hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen and to everybody who is seeing as Salam alikoum I say walaikum salam Rahmatullahi wa barakato and to everybody who is waving here's a wave back

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handed in hamdulillah. Today inshallah we're going to do an idea as yesterday we did a story. And so one story one day in a row India story, one DNA one via story and the stories do come from the Hadith over a civilizer lollywood salaam. So we finished a story yesterday. So today inshallah, we're going to focus on an area that I have today in sha Allah, it comes from sort of earlier imraan It's a a 103 where Allah azza wa jal says, Well, I don't see more heavily let me I will not defer Rocco. It says hold on to the robe of Allah all together and do not divide. This is a very famous IRA, where we're gonna see insha Allah, some important applications of this ayah so hold on all

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together to the rope of Allah. Do not let go of it. When at the federal

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what curonian mata la Alaykum

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and remember the blessing of Allah the favor of Allah upon you when your enemies before and Allah subhanho wa Taala by His grace by his favor, you became brothers, you became brothers and sisters. Welcome to Manisha ferrata Amina Narita and Qatar Caminha and you are on the brink of falling in the pit of the fire and Allah saved you from it. This hamdulillah Jamia our letter for Rocco with Kuru, this ayah is about love and unity, love and unity. That is Allah Zoe's explaining in this area, how any group of people can be truly united. And how religion is in fact is the cause of unity, not the cause of disunity, and should be the cause of unity, not the cause of disunity and fragmentation and

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division. That is, when there is a true religion of a law that is followed. Once understood, one understands it well and practices it well. It will bring people together will bring people's hearts together, like it did previously with whom, with the Sahaba of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Why? Because before they were tribes, tribes who are fighting with each other, they hated each other. There was Subhanallah blood between them that was shared, and each was when seeking revenge from the other. How did Islam come and erase all of this because all of them followed one religion and all of them submitted to Allah subhana wa Tada. So you see that the thrust of Islam the

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Islamic obligations, the Islamic prohibitions all fall into that greater objective of fulfills the the greater or greater objective of unity. That's why we fast together. Why do we fast Ramadan together, because it's just harbors and brings greater unity and love between people when we do the same thing at the same time. And it also enhances the act of a better itself. That's why doing hedge all together, although there is some difficulty in it is not like doing it alone, praying that we have together in the masjid. It's not like doing it alone. Praying Gemma and congregation together is not like doing it alone. So that allows them to have given a lot of a better to be done together

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so that I like to bring our hearts together. That's the purpose of it. Of course submission to him. But why together because I love brings the hearts together by doing that. And then also a lot of prohibitions save us from division and famous from fragmentation. So there is no backbiting there is no slander, there is no killing, there is no theft. So you're not going to do anything to harm your brother and to harm your sister by hand by tongue by even thought suspicion of your brother and your sister is also prohibited. Why is that? Because that is the cause of infighting and enmity. So Allah says hold on to the rope of Allah says what is the scope of a lot of the A is talking about if

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somebody is wondering, what is this rope of Allah that is going to keep us all united? It is Allah's revelation. Think of Allah's revelation coming down like this. And it is this rope that is one end is in this heavens and one end is with us. And as long as you keep holding on to the Koran holding on to the sunova prophets a lot of assylum we're not deviating with ship we're not deviating with without all of us are holding on together. We're holding on to the same thing. And when we hold on to the same thing, then we are together and when we are together we are one and we are one we will love each other. That's why Allah says well at the federal po do not divide. So I'm supposed to when

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I'm worshiping Allah as Odin, I'm not supposed to harm my other. My other brother and my other sister. I'm supposed to benefit them supposed to love them and do the things that bring them to me closer in love. When do we divide

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See, a lot of people think that the religion is the cause of disunity. The religion is a cause of enmity and fighting between people we say no, that's not the case. That never has been the case when it with a religion that Allah has revealed. Religion is not the cause of fighting. It is deviating from a large religion that is the cause of fighting the cause of division. Because Allah says in the Quran, canon nurse who matter wahida people were one nation, what do you mean by one nation, meaning they were following the same religion and as long as they were following the same rules, they were one

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about the love and maybe in another shooting, you know, on video, and then Allah send the prophets to give good news and to warn people. There is something in the ayah that is understood, but it's not mentioned. People were one nation or one people, then they divided. Then Allah send the profits to bring good news and warnings so that he could bring people back together to become one nation, not two or three, but one nation, one people and so that what brought all these people together was what allows religion and allows religion is so sweet and beautiful. When truly understood, so merciful and so kind and so forgiven. When it's truly practice, then it does bring people together.

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If we find ourselves becoming harsh, because of religion, then we're only practicing one part and forgetting about the other part. We forget about how merciful Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam was held for giving her a sort of life's a lot he was in them was this way Alice's febi. Mara met him in a la healing della home. It is because of Allah's mercy, you became lenient and kind with them, when you couldn't afford them earlier, though, unbeknownst to him and how like if you were harsh, inside and harsh on the outside, they would run away from you. Religion is not about treating people harshly so that they would run away, not about basically as some people have it in their minds

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constant condemnation, so that people will run away that's not about religion. Religion is about teaching with mercy and Brahma, yes, if there is something wrong we can we will say to this thing, that it is wrong, we cannot betray the trust of Allah azzawajal the trust of giving us this religion by saying to something wrong and saying that it is right we can say this, but we say it in a way that does not demean people. If we say it in a way that seeks to fix them and us as well. We say it in a loving way that this is wrong. And this is not what Allah azza wa jal wants from you, this is not befitting of you, because Allah wants agenda for you. And this is the way of gender this is a

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way of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam dealt with people.

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And Allah says in the ayah that we've mentioned, with Caronia Matala, alchemy, quantum other I remember Allah Nam upon you, you were before enemies, you hated each other You did not want to be next to each other. But then Allah brought your hearts together. And so the thing that brings the hearts together more than anything else, a lasting relationship based on love and respect, is the obedience of Allah has his origin when obey Allah, and you will be Allah truly fully. And I submit to Allah and you submit to Him and I'm humbled before Allah and you are humble before him, then we will love each other for the sake of Allah. And if I do something wrong, you will see it and you

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will tell me and I will correct myself and if you do something wrong, I will see it and I'll tell you and you're correct yourself, and I will not let my ego rise above the religion of Allah you will not let your ego rise above the religion of Allah will submit our egos to Allah as religion when we do this, and when we notice that we might make a mistake, we immediately retreat and come back to Allah. Then we are on a path that pleases Allah azza wa jal for a lesser been uphold or become so to leave will olu bring the hearts together, is in the hands of Allah, and I cannot have someone love me, someone cannot love me, by me disobeying Allah, if I disobey Allah, in hope of someone loving

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me, what I'm doing really is poisoning that relationship between me and them. Because the hearts love each other ultimately because Allah allows it. If I want somebody to love me, but I disobey Allah, to get that love, know that sooner or later, I will lose that love, that person will turn against me. But if I want that left to last, whether it's the love of a spouse, the love of his child, the love of a parent, the love of a friend, the love of anyone that is around me if I wanted to last or be Allah in it, and let them leave who bring of the hearts together, be done by Allah, not by anything that the shavon inspires, but by Allah azza wa jal. So when love is based on what

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pleases alive, love lasts. So hold on to the rope of Allah together means whenever you find out something Allah is saying I and you should hold on to it. And when we both submit to Allah like that, we're not

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I'm going to disagree. We're not going to divide. Yet also Islam teaches us there will be some room for disagreement, some room for seeing things differently. But because Islam allows for forgiveness, allow us forgiving others excuses, allow for overlooking their mistakes, even though there might be some disagreements. But as long as we are both holding on to the same rule, following the same path, I can forgive you for the sake of Allah, where maybe I cannot forgive you for my own sake, but I can forgive you for the sake of Allah and you can forgive me for the sake of Allah. I can love you for the sake of Allah and you can love me for the sake of Allah. And this is how we do not divide. So

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Islam doesn't divide people and religion doesn't divide people it brings them together. It is recent times when we misunderstand Islam that we divide. It is recent times when we miss apply and Miss practice Islam that we divide, it is recent times when we deviate from Allah XPath we start creating many slams, and they're supposed only to be one Islam. Do you want to know what that Islam is? Look at how the prophets of Allah, Allah us and lived, what he practiced, looked at the Sahaba of the prophets, a lot of us in them what they said and what they practice. That is the Islam that they what we want, because that is the Islam that brought us the greatest The greatest achievements on

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this earth that is the Islam the grievous the greatest civilization on the face of this earth and we started to lose it when we started to deviate from it and when we you deviate from it, you run away from allas rope. So LS rope is clear. Hold on to the book of Allah in this Ramadan and read it and appreciate it that you still till today have that something that nobody else has. Nobody else today has what you have, which is what a Book from Allah that is uncorrupted and pure, as he has revealed that no one else has that. So when we open the book of Allah, you know that is only Allah talking, no one else and he is talking to you and it's fully the message of Allah, nothing is missing,

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missing and nothing is added. Subhana Allah, you open the Quran and Allah the Creator is talking to you. What a blessing and what are a hammer that as soon as you open it, you are talking to Allah and Allah is talking to you. So we ask Allah azza wa jal or Bella Allah mean to fill our time with reading the Koran to fill our hearts with the love of the Quran. We asked him, Rahman Rahim, to make us of those who hold on to the rope of Allah firmly and do not let go of it, to make us of those who unite and do not divide, to make it of those who love each other for the sake of Allah, not those who hate each other because of the shade Thawne we've asked a lot as Odell to make us of those who

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do not divide because of ethnicity, because of color, because of citizenship because of gender because of race because of any other reason that we all understand that we are all servants of Allah and if we are servants of Allah, we are one as long as we are

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worshipping Allah and loving Allah as a virgin with Allah azza wa jal to keep our hearts together, we ask Allah azza wa jal, tinnitus and not divided us, whereas a lot to unite us in this dunya we ask him more but I mean for the greatest unity to united in heaven together with his prophet sallallahu alayhi wa and he was in them. We asked a lot of people I mean that if anyone has a need today that Allah will answer it. Whereas if Allah azza wa jal if there's anyone who has any pain in his, in his heart and their heart, that Allah will take it away, if they have any anguish that Allah will eliminate it, if they have any sadness that Allah will take it away and replace it with

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happiness, as well. Allow me to accept our fasting, accept or accept our Salah to help us to continue to do these things. We ask Allah to accept Ramadan from us and to make us better people because of it. Who locally had was tough. You will know honey welcome what hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen We will see you tomorrow in sha Allah with another story from the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and until then I'll tell you, a Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Subhana Allah Harvey handig A Chateau La Ilaha Illa and a stuffy Rocha.