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The speakers discuss the importance of following Islam's guidance and avoiding negative consequences, as well as the use of drugs and drugs in addiction. They emphasize the need to fight against hesitation and avoid becoming defined. The shaker spirit is highlighted as the shaker and the importance of forcefully avoiding distraction and not letting things happen. The importance of fasting and embracing opportunities is also emphasized. The speakers encourage people to ask for forgiveness and not hesitate to ask for forgiveness.

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in Al Hamdulillah Hina meadow who was the angel who understood the funeral went to odo Villa Himanshu roti and fusina will say Dr. Marlena mija the healer who Fela moody Lella. When were you a little fella her the Allah wa shadow Allah Illa Illa Allah who the hula Cherie kala why number Hamedan Abdu Hora Zulu sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam Udolpho in higher al Hadith Nikita wala heeta Allah wa Hiral ahead you heard you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa Salam wa Sharon OMO Remo, the third to her or coulomb ohada 13 vida Wakulla be the artium Allah Allah, Allah Allah tinggi not

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when Allah azza wa jal sent humans to this earth.

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He said the color of Otto mean her Jamia

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Belgacom Lee Baldwin,

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he says,

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descend all of you together,

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each of you to each other will be an enemy.

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He is saying there SubhanaHu wa to Allah that when he sent Adam and Hawa.

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And he sent to with them a bliss

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that there will be animosity between humankind and the children of a bliss

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where a bliss and his progeny will try their best to destroy Adam and his children.

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So there is this conflict on this earth, between what Allah wants from us and what a beast is asking us to do.

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And one of the major tools and weapons that the shaytaan uses against all of us is our own howa our own desires.

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For Allah azza wa jal had put desires in us and some of that is good.

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But when it lacks control,

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or when it takes us towards what Allah hates, that is the Hauer that destroys.

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And Allah tells us in many eyes in the Quran, that it is a condition for us to reach him.

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Again, Titian, for us to listen to the prophets and to benefit with what they say a condition is to oppose our power, our desire, what our nurse asks us to do.

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For Allah says one them and Hertha Nakamura be one I had enough, sir, I kneel Hawa Fein Nell Jana to heal me Mattawa as who the one who fears the time and place where he will be standing before Allah and he curbs his desire tells himself No. And you should, this is not enough So anyhow, then the consequences for internal Jana his refuge will be heaven.

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So two things are required for that to happen. One, he's afraid and she's afraid of the time when

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They will stand before Allah.

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That is they know and they believe

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that there is going to come a time when I am on will be with Allah and Allah who will ask me on that day. You know, well, I told you not to do this, why did you do it? And on that other day and night, I told you to do this? How come you didn't do it?

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You did not avoid the Haram and he did not do the obligations, what is the answer? So without a person who believes that he will answer questions, is afraid of that moment. And if you expect that to happen, you watch what you do on you'll watch what you say. Just like when you know very well, when someone is going to question you later in this dunya, a court, a lawyer, a policeman, whatever about what you're doing, you watch everything you do, because you will be questioned. So if you quite a few, that time of questioning, and because of it, you stop yourself.

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And you force yourself not enough Sinaloa because the self is inclined, inclined to laziness. You want it to do but it's lazy. It doesn't want to do inclined to being stingy doesn't want to give, you ask it to give but it doesn't want to give and it commands you often to do evil in the NAFSA the amount to be su indeed the self constantly commands you to do bad things. If you don't control it, what happens to you if you listen to it what happens to you?

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Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran of Aquila, Majah kumara Zulu be Malita Hawa And Foucault Musa Kabara tomb for free I can't get them to Mortarion conductor loan is speaking to the people of the book, but he is also speaking to us. It says whenever a messenger comes to you with what you don't like

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you did you become defiant and some you belie and some you kill.

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That is for the people of the book and messenger code come and say do and don't. There, however, would say no to both.

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So what do they do? They reject the message they become defined all the way until the kill a messenger of Allah or the attempt to kill a messenger of Allah. How could a person reach that level is because you listen to your Hauer

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and Allah told dellwood Alehissalaam Yoda who do inner Anika Khalifa and fill out the fact combiner nurse he will talk to you while at the table how Hawa for us in the cancer villa, Oda would have made you a Khalifa on Earth. So judge between people in justice and don't follow her. Don't follow your desire.

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Because then you will not be able to be just

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because it will take you away that I continues it will take you away from the path of Allah azza wa jal, and he tells Muhammad sal Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam Allah, wa whom do not follow their desires. And he also tells Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for him yesterday, we'll look at alum Anna Maria to be owner.

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If they don't listen to you, oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and that applies to us today.

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If you know that he's a prophet of Allah, if you know that the Quran comes to you from Allah and you still do not follow? What is the reason for Allah? No. And NEMA yet to be owner. They're just following their desires. Meaning I like to do something and I like it so much, that I'm not willing to listen to anybody else. And I hate to do something else.

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And I don't want to do it. And I'm tired, and I'm lazy, and I don't want to depart with my money, so I'm not going to do it. So Allah is saying, it's not lack of evidence.

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That is their problem. Their problem is that they did not tame their hunger. So whatever they feel like they do,

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and whatever they don't feel like they don't do.

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And if you don't control this, Allah zoodle also said in the Quran, for item and it to her Isla who Hawa

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Have you seen the one who has taken his desire what He desires, as his Illa?

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Now, interestingly, the explanation of this idea is

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that that person, whatever he desires to worship he worships. That's one interpretation.

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If he desires to worship an idol he does. If he desires to worship the sun and the moon that he does, if he desires not to worship Allah, but something else he does. That's one interpretation.

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The other interpretation is that that person's religion becomes his desire whatever he likes to do, he does. So in Islam in the Quran and the Sunnah, what he likes to do becomes advantageous religious, that's the thing that I will do. And if he doesn't like something, he puts it aside, he ignores it. He argues against it. He did not submit to Allah but submitted to what

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his desire. You become a servant of it, a slave to it, and by that I've duly Hawa

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and Allah azza wa jal warned us against that. And he wants us to fight against it.

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The messenger Sall Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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well, muda he do? Mangia had enough so who Phaedra it la the Mujahid is the one who wages jihad against himself for the obedience of Allah azza wa jal. That is the pure definition of jihad and the pure definition of a Mujahid the basis of all jihad is this, meaning you're struggling with yourself?

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A self that doesn't want to pray? Do you let it

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itself that delays thriller because you're watching TV or you're chatting with friends? Or you're just basically lazy? Do you let it

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a self that likes to look at the Haram and it enjoys looking at it? And then doesn't want to think about the consequences of looking listening to the haram? Do you let it or do you fight with yourself? What happens when you're asked to give sadaqa or Zika? Do you put your hand in your pocket and you keep it inside your pocket? Or do you take it out of your pocket and give believing that Allah will give you back and as you are giving the shaytaan is fighting with you and your neffs is fighting with you.

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And Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a hadith in the shaytaan aka I believe the other maybe the shaytaan sitz had every path of righteousness than the child of Adam wants to take every path. For a thorough and useless when someone wants to accept Islam the Hadith continues. The shaytaan will tell them are you going to leave the religion of your parents and your forefathers and go to something new that you do not know. So he tries to scare him. So the Muslim accepts Islam and disobey is the shaytaan. And then when he wants to migrate, Lila, the shaytaan will come and tell him you will leave your earth and sky the place that you know very well your people, your home your

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family and go to a place who will be a stranger alone. Do you really want to do this? But the Muslim disobeyed him and he migrates and when a person wants to go to jihad the shaytaan will come and tell him are you gonna go to jihad, lose your life lose your money who gonna take care of your kids

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and your wife

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but the ship or Muslim or disobey is the shaytaan and OB is Allah azza wa jal so here in that hadith, the prophets of Allah Allah wa salam highlights that struggle that persists at every act of righteousness that you want to do. You want to do something good. You want to wake up for fetcher.

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The shaytaan says la que lo you don't forget, you have a long night ahead. You keep sleeping. Sleeping is sweet. And Allah is saying LM in Mustafizur in first few Rula furphy Rula Isn't there someone who's asking for forgiveness so I could forgive him? And the shaytaan says what the opposite keeps sleeping?

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And Allah says Isn't there someone who wants to ask me for something I can give to him and say she thought and says keep sleeping? And they say Allah is really saying Isn't there someone who wants to repent so I can accept from him on the shaytaan says keep sleeping. And if you don't fight, you're gonna miss all of that.

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If you're gonna fight you're gonna miss all of it.

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And so you we all have that problem of how our a problem that we have in us that is weakness inclined towards what the shaytaan likes, and away from what Allah loves. And if you don't fight, you will lose.

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And someone came to Abdullah Hypno Abdullah Salah, the Allahu Anhu Houma wahala, who had destiny and in jihad is telling me about Jihad Kala, if that'd be enough, seeker fahza will be enough SICA hit her. It says, I'll tell you about Jihad begin with yourself and wage jihad against it and begins with yourself and wage war against it. Meaning that Courbet

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keep it away from what Allah hates, and force it to do what Allah wants. Yes, force it, force it. And in the beginning, when you force the self, the self will rebel.

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The self will learn like it the cellphone

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fight you. Just like a child who had been used to eating sugar will fight with you when you tell them you can eat sugar anymore. If you surrender to yourself, the self will win and destroy you.

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But if you are forceful, and if you ask Allah for support the cell full surrender to you and surrender to Allah azza wa jal and what was difficult before becomes easy. And what was better before becomes easy. And it's enough to look at the Sahaba of the prophets Allah Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam. When Allah told them quotevalet, Kolkata Allahu Akbar Holcomb says fighting has been prescribed upon you and this is something that you hate meaning naturally you hate. But then Allah tells them that perhaps you may hate something

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and there is good in it and perhaps you may like something and there is bad in it.

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You can go with what you feel you can go with what you like, you have to force yourself to do the right thing and always remind yourself Allahu Allah, Allah knows and you do not know

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a whole holy how that works the field will lie to you want to confess to you?

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hamdulillah Hamdan cathedra on the Yerba Novara confy he will also leave Oh Sallim ala Rasulillah he Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam

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Rasul Allah is Allah Allah wa sallam he said that every day, as the sun is rising to angels beside it, call on humanity and the jinn and they say, Are you hudna so hello mo era be come come to Allah azza wa jal for in America Lavaca Hi Roman Makka Surah Al what is little but it's sufficient for you is better than what is abundant but distracting meaning and the beginning of your day as you go into pursue whatever Allah has destined for you. Remember that your aim should be to come to Allah azza wa jal and you use the dunya as a means not a distraction. If Allah only gives you a little from the dunya sufficient for you, but it doesn't distract you and allows you time to be close to Allah, that

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is far better than getting Allah from the dunya and being so immersed in it, obsessed about it, that it takes you away from Allah azza wa jal, that is a daily reminder that those two angels

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declare to humanity every single day. And at the end of that day,

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to angels as the sun is setting will says Allahu multiman Falcon, Khalifa, where are her Aloha mouth, imams, he can tell. He says here Allah gave the one who had spent for your sake, compensation and substitution for what they've done. And Allah give those who had withheld back ruin, give them ruined hold back as they've held back. As who those who gave give them as they gave. And that is a reminder at the end of the day that every single day is a day that we struggle to come close to Allah and you if you fail one day, you compensate with the next.

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And if you fail one week you compensate with the next and every day you push yourself you say today is a day where I will give sadaqa today a day where I will remember Allah today is a day where I will repent, I will read Quran I will do what I can and and push myself to be the best. And when you sleep, you will have the intention of doing the same thing the next day. And you keep asking Allah for support and that happens, that struggle that striving continues till we die.

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And there is nothing better

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than doing all of this in a season of forgiveness like the season that we are in at this moment.

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That is if these and they are the best days of the year. Then Allah azza wa jal is selecting you inviting you asking you to come back to him and he has opened the door of good deeds for all of us. Whatever you do in these days is better than what you do outside of them. The sadaqa that you can give

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is multiplied.

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That thicker that you can give is multiplied and the doors of Allah azza wa jal are open for you. And he's asking you to engage to come and to struggle with yourself. Push yourself in these days, push by fasting fast as many of them as you can. And specially the Day of Arafah specially the Day of Arafah so fast. If you've missed some that's fine, fast the rest of

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them, if you can't fast all of them fast, as many as you can, but when it comes to the Day of Arafah fast that day and know that that is a day of a bad

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if you can release yourself of other obligations and focus on a bad day on that day, fasting forgives the sins of the past year and the coming year. And the day of our offer this year coincides with a Friday.

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So when you finish your answer on a Friday, from Assam to mercury that should be a time of thicker for you. Because the dua of the Day of Arafah is an accepted to. So gear up from now get ready from now, that on the day of Arafa, from February,

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till mercury, that's a day of remembrance of Allah azza wa jal to spear to Hamid that could be a daleel Salah and salam upon the prophets, Allah Allah who sell them as much as you can. And especially now when you pray outside you sit

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and you make dua, and you make vicar and keep asking Allah azza wa jal and during those days make these days or days days of the

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make them days of repentance.

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That is, if there is something wrong that you're doing and you used to do stop it.

00:21:18--> 00:21:31

Even if there was just some minor sins, keep asking Allah for forgiveness for those minor and small things, and to give you power so that you don't come back to them. So keep asking Allah for that and make that part that part of your DUA.

00:21:32--> 00:21:40

Repentance, and then dhikr of Allah xojo In fact, the Rofi Hiner minute the spear he was immediate daleel

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He said Salatu was Salam, that increase in that in those days facce Rofi Hiner make do a lot of vicar of Allah azote and especially to Kabir Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Wherever you are, Subhan Allah Subhana Allah stockfeed Allah Alhamdulillah Allah ilaha illallah especially on a Friday, la masala send him Allah Mohammed, as much as you can. And you will feel the transformation of that vicar in yourself and in your family. And pick up the Quran and read as much of it as you can. And you have sadaqa and you have the old here

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that you give and slaughter for the sake of Allah as though just to please Allah for Allah's forgiveness. These are blessed days. And add to them Sita to Rahim, kindness to your relatives, kindness to strangers, assisting others, whatever a bad that Allah enables you to do whatever a good deed, Allah opens the door for you and me. enter that door, and eventually yonder to kind of summarize. Don't stop making dua.

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Don't stop making dua for whatever you want. something troubling you in the dunya ask Allah, something, something troubling you about the Earth era. Ask Allah some of you have an issue with your kids, with your spouse with your parents with ask Allah azza wa jal something about sustenance provisions ask Allah whatever it is small or big, keep asking Allah xojo and you will find that the more that you ask, the more that you would like to ask. And when you see results, you will believe that there is a benefit to that DUA and he will start stop making that dua. So ask Allah Allah, Allah Allah mean or hamara Hamid to make us of those who take advantage of these days allow us era

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but Allah me too fast them in sincerity. And according to the Sunnah of your prophets, Allah Azza wa sallam, allow us the honorable Alameen to fast the day of Arafa and forgive us our sins on it. And obviously all but Allah mean to make a lot of vicar during these days and a lot of thicker on the Day of Arafah and accept our dua on the Day of Arafah makers of those who are saved from hellfire makers of those who are given heaven, the Honorable alameen and make that so far our parents, our spouses, our children, our families and the OMA Mohamed Salah Allahu Allah, he was in them last year but Allah me to accept our dua, to forgive us in the dunya and in the earth, to protect us from all

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evil in the dunya and in the era, era Bill Allah me and fix us and reform us and bring us closest to you and we make the same dua for our children that may seem to offer or spouses the same dua for our community and the home of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam Europol al Amin, cleanse our heart from anything that displeases you, cleanse our hearts from things that takes us away from you and fill our hearts with what you love Philips for that with your love and love of your Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the love of the believers and the love of the things that you love. Fill it with the love of the Quran with the love of the Sunnah, makers of those who live upon the

00:24:43--> 00:24:59

truth who die upon the truth and are resurrected upon the truth Allahumma attina duniya hacer una Villa theologia has an hour cleaner other than na Aloha my yarmulke liberal Kulu with a bit alumina Allah de la Maya Musa refill aloo be solid alumina alata Arctic Aloha

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I know I know the Cricut shoe Creek our house near Ebert attic alojamento Local Gen Natoma Cordoba la Hammond COVID environment on the older becoming an REO Makarova, la Hammond Colleen yml when a SoCal hire Akula who I Agila who G Lahoma. Alumna I mean, who am alumna alum when our older becoming a Sheree Cooley here IGT GT Hema I didn't know I mean who am I alumna alum. When you come in Haiti masala cab Dukkha Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on becoming Cherie Mr. kamin who Abdullah Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah Allah Tada Alana them been in love Africa, wala Hinman Illa for Raja wat Marie's on Illa chef Atia wala ha jetten here like a read on what NFE ha Salah

00:25:43--> 00:26:15

Hoon Illa Allah to Hawaii yourself the horrible al Amin Allahumma Inanna Sarukhan fear though Salah Allah Allahu Manasseh. Lucan fear those who are under allah Jimenez Lucan fear those other Aloha mana Oh to becoming a nurse. Hola. Hola. Mana Oh to becoming a nurse, Allah Homina Oh to becoming a nurse. Hola. Hola. Manasseh Luca Hogberg will hook Burma new book will help the amillennial Puerto Rico EDA Herbig yeah how you yaka UN will be automatic en esta leave us Lenina tion and Kula wala tequila Ilan fusina Tata I welcome is.

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