A Dhul Hijjah Series Day 2 – Money wisely spent

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Advice number two, your money couldn't be spent on a worthy cause before you make the decision to embark on Hajj and as you make that bank transfer, or you pay in cash, and even after you do so shaytan will be whispering.

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Now look put aside the exploitation of governments or their likes, I'm speaking to you and about you as a financier of your hedge. Every penny you spend, will be compensated by Allah, and will be seen in dunya before the hereafter, so allow your heart to rest. Believe me, success isn't about returning home from Hajj, and priding yourself about how you only spent such and such small amounts of money for the duration of the travel. That's nothing to show off about.

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This journey isn't about saving money. It's about spending on your hereafter investing in your Ark era. And I mentioned this because of the questions that pilgrims pose indicate a very different motive and eager desire to save. Give you an example. A brother will say

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I want to do both ombre and Hajj. So you say okay, so do the tomato format of Hajj or Quran. You do hajj and umrah together.

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They're included. He says no, I want to do hombre after Hajj. You say how come? He says because of the hottie, the sacrificial animal he's trying to avoid paying for it. That's not the mentality of someone who wishes to ransom himself from hell and earn the love of Allah.

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Now consider with me three sentences from Surah Al Baqarah Chapter Two area two seven to think about it and keep them before your very eyes in the face of every opportunity in Mecca to spend on your hereafter. Profound verse. First sentence, one that don't feel calm in hiring, for the unforeseen come, whatever good you spend, it is for yourself allows it so whether it's small or large, you're actually treating yourself so make an effort in being kind to yourself by spending giving sadaqa whatever you good you spend it for yourselves. Sentence number two,

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one or two if you're gonna elaborate on our agenda and you do not spend but to seek the pleasure of Allah.

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So don't wait for people to offer you Thanks. And express appreciation that does not matter. It's his face you desire when you spend sentence number three, one or two if your home in Hungary was in a coma, to go to the moon. And whatever good you spend shall be paid back to you in full and you shall not be wronged. Allahu Akbar, look at the reassurances given to you from Allah the most rich, who knows just how much reassurances we stingy human beings need.

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All what you spend, will find its way back to you.

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And the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his hedge was the Koran format. Other scholars have said it was in fact the fraud format, which by itself. Now even if we were to work with the second opinion, he wasn't obligated to give any sacrificial animals. Despite that, he sacrificed how many 100 camels Now does this our behavior reflect this? Or do we search through the list of sacrificial animals to arrive at the very cheapest option? Don't let that be your ethic in Hodge. That's Advice number two