Mohamad Baajour – Finding Pleasure in Salat #00

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of protecting Praysers from the "hasn't been there yet" salon. They emphasize the value of learning and taking a course in the "hasn't been there yet" salon to gain knowledge and knowledge. The speaker recommends the course and highly suggests it to anyone who wants to join.
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respected beloved brothers and sisters.

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When was the last time you pray treasure

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and you could not wait for door to come.

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When was the last time after you finished salon? You felt so much relaxation and peace in your heart.

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When was the last time

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you felt that you do not want the salon to end?

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My brothers and sisters we all know the importance of saliva in our life. In sha Allah, Allah, this Ramadan, every night, right about a third time, I will have a program of how to find pleasure and Salah

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you will finish the Madonna in sha Allah with the people who would have assured concentration in their summit. If we really follow this program on a daily basis, and with sincere intention, and with sincere requests from Allah azza wa jal to help us in sha Allah to Allah, we would live Ramadan, completely different than the way we entered Ramadan. See all there in sha Allah Allah mafia, salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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Salam, like, the class that brother, as you were taught, is really something that opens your mind is very knowledgeable, and Subhanallah that the person who holds the knowledge when he shared it, you, you get the fruit of teaching, and learning. This class helps you get who you are, in your prayer, the most important fundamental of your deen which is just a love, though. So that is the first thing that we're going to be questioned about. So it's really important that we protect our prayers. And if you're not taking this class, you are missing out. The experience that I had brother was use class is amazing. It is an amazing class. I I just recommend that everybody does it. I highly

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recommend it. And mashallah, this is a great course. I highly recommend this class to anybody. It helps a lot

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