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The speaker shares a story about a man who recites a statement of love for his future wife, and discusses his wife's success in marriage. They emphasize the importance of having a strong stance and being proud of the other person. The dressing room is a symbol for the wedding, and the "haste man" is the man who holds onto to the wife. The segment also touches on the importance of having a strong stance and being proud of the other person, and mentions a wedding event where they were nervous.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My dear brothers and sisters Lam Welcome back to another episode of to my daughter from the heart to heart. Today, we're gonna move up a notch. I did give you the advice deny me what to look for in husband. Guess what? He came knocking on the door. I'm just going to share a little bit of a story with you.

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I didn't believe in myself, but it happened. That day came. I remember seeing him

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first time I heard him recite Quran even though I tried so hard not to go to that university. And they've been asked for a few times I said you know what, I don't like going downtown. I can't do it. But alas mother made me go do it. SubhanAllah only to hear this beautiful voice a beautiful sound with our Billahi min ash shaytaan regime. I will not dare try to imitate him. Because it's such a beautiful sound, Masha Allah diabolical.

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So I heard, I was looking at my phone. I said, What? Stop everything.

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I tried to record him. I asked him to come and help us.

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And I did not know I was talking to my future son in law. It's panela.

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Jeep. Long story short.

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After I get to know him, he got to know me. And he came and joined us on the team.

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He came one day

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to ask me for your hand in marriage.

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I was pleasantly surprised.

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Even though you're still young,

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didn't have your head screwed on, right? I know what happened. I had a heart to heart talk to you. And we were honest with each other.

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And I couldn't have been happier. When you said let's meet.

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And we did.

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We talked about it. And the concept of engagement. Understanding that well was Hillel, you had to have me around. And I couldn't hardly wait to get out of there because I don't want to babysit anymore. So we understand the concept of engagement is a promise of marriage, but he has no rights upon you. So remember that.

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I always do not allow people to have a long concept of engagement. So I'll give you a little bit time to know him. So it's like a halaal boyfriend girlfriend type. But rest assured, there is zero rights upon you. He only has Dibs upon you. Nobody else comes to ask for your hand in marriage. When this man stills in if things don't work out, then you're free to go and he's free to go other than that. That's the only way he has upon you right now.

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Alhamdulillah things work well, then they

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you are fast girl. I remember after one week you said that's the man who the man. You demand. I was so happy. I'm getting goosebumps. Just remembering that.

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I remember the day.

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I remember the day

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when I had to give you a hand away. Wow. That was tough.

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I know I was crying like a baby because I saw my first baby leaving home.

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The love of my life. And by the way,

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my wife will only allow me to say this. When it comes to my daughters and my mother. I can see the love of my life. So anybody else or any other woman except that so I can say it.

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Understanding that they when they give your hand away. I was crying like a baby and I'll never forget it. I remember when he came back and gave me a hug. I understand. I put my hand in his hand and we took the oath

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and the oath is mentioned in the Quran.

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Well harden them in comida Condoleezza so I want to remember that my dear son Allah,

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah says, she has taken a stringent oath from you.

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And that oath is why should ohana will maruf according to the loudness or deal with them in righteousness in what is known to be good, but the stronger opinion among the majority of the scholars is fame second

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of the three mbsr

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hold on to her, my dear son in law

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in the best way possible. And if things don't work out to me, I'll protect you from that. You still have to let go in the best way possible. While at unsulphured. Lumina calm Don't forget the good between you. And Excel is being good to those who are bad

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You and that's why we said, the sun Allah says, laser SN and document accidentally equal like in the lesson and dress him sad like your son is being good to those who are bad you know those who are good to you.

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I remember I put your hand in mind, I knew I put my hand in a man's hand, I can trust you with my daughter.

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I know you'll be a great husband and a great father. I know your family is amazing Allah He so gift from Allah. Everybody was given us congratulations because of you. And the hamdulillah. In now it pays off when we look after people. Allah looks after us. I've dedicated my life to look after married, people get married, look after marriages and so on. But understanding my dear brother in law and son in law,

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you have an Amana in your hand. Now. I know you won't let me down.

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Because, you know, as I heard, how did you go through the dragon? I always said that.

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You mess with my daughter, you mess with my whole family.

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I don't mean to scare anybody. But indeed, it's a beautiful honor to have you and all my son in law and my daughter in law for all of the families that I have that I love listening with.

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And then you guys made me so proud. You made me so proud on the wedding.

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That wedding was such a beautiful event. It was a good role model to show others that we can have fun in halaal means

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not just the concept of engagement. It was short and sweet and it was Hillel there was no halwa You are not alone I was there.

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But the wedding itself It was not a fashion show. It was halaal means holiday entertainment. Everybody was talking about it. We didn't have to get the historic mistake in the belly dancer and, and all of that whatever whatever bla bla Mimi, Allah protect us from that. You understand that you are a role model to others. It's the responsibility so we have to lead by example. So when we said the wedding, it wasn't just starting with the Quran where I see what happened.

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What happened my dear brothers

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and sisters, it wasn't what everybody has their shawl on their shoulders. And as soon as you hear

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all the shells is like a convertible hijab.

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Oh my God Allah but everybody was wearing Hijab Ma sha Allah, Allah I haven't. I can't believe it. I've seen this my eyes. I believe I seen the light.

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But as soon as unfortunately the ayat was finished sadaqa winavi what happens to the How will

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the hijabs give off what happened man? Is it the Quran was only the hijab was only revealed for the quad it was it was recited everything else is off. lella light. So my dear brothers, sisters lamb, let us learn my daughter, I'm so proud of you, you held the ground, you held on to your hijab, you were did not buckle.

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He did not buckle under the pressure. I know. We take culture before religion, now of life. And understand that was a good role model. If you want to have a blessed way to start, please Allah Subhana, Allah viola, this relationship will be blessed. But if you do what the culture says, in spite of that I already told you if you please people in the displeasure of Allah, Allah will be displeased with you and make people displeased with you too. But if you please Allah in the displeasure of people, Allah would be pleased with you and force people to be pleased with you too. So you don't take your hijab off in the wedding? Lau Allah He not my daughter, not the one that I

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raised. No. That's why I was so proud of you. You held on to your identity.

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I'm a Muslim. You said that when hamdulillah and that's why I will teach you now how to start your life according to bollywood, or according to Islam.

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Let's start in the proper manner with the right foot. You know what is after your wedding insha Allah before you enter the house, you're gonna say

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that you are in western Muslim again, for just a Muslim download it I remember, it's a free app. We love free stuff. Now, first thing is Allah Amina silica here Maharaja Hydra Modi's Bismillah he was nervous whenever there's no other light of Minotaur color.

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In the name of Allah, we come out and go in, and the name of Allah we trust and rely on. And when you enter the house, you enter with the right foot you say Bismillah as salaam alaikum. So when you say Bismillah the evil spirits will say lavabit Elena hoonah. We cannot stay here.

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I said

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I'm on a call to the angels and the good ones will stay.

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And the first thing you go in you place your right hand Oh my dear son in law

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honor your wives now. I'm not going to say my daughter anymore. She's your wife is his number one man in your life. I'll be talking to you about it soon enough insha Allah

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and you place your hand on her Fred grab the bangs maaseiah clo manias alchemy highly, highly magic literally. I was able to do it. I will be coming shortly here we're sharing my jewelry, I was able to hi Allah, I asked you the best of her the best she was created for I seek protection from the opposite.

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And the first thing you do when you're all alone with her, my dear, beloved son in law

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is you're going to pray to her cut.

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I know. I understand. You've been waiting for a long time. And the first thing you do when you're alone with her is you pray two rakaat

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because the first thing you're going to say to her is Allah Akbar.

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If you don't say Allahu Akbar she doesn't follow you.

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Because your first job is yeah you hola Dina Amano ko amphu sakumo alikoum nada, code one as well. Your first job is o e O you who believe protect yourself and your family from the hellfire. Your job My dear son in law is to protect my daughter from this Hellfire and take her with you to Jenna after a long healthy which is life. You declare the first words to her is Allah is greater, greater than what exactly then everything.

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That means you have to live that way. That means you declared that the Creator is greater than the creation and their religion is greater than tradition. Live accordingly. You'll be happy in this life in here after a lie I promise you that.

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And then you have a nice light meal.

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But you pray to thank Allah for the gift has given you

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and to follow the Sunnah of Rasulullah

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and you start your life so Allah so let me start level the obedience and to declare your houses in the hub. The Hub is where you find a town so this house is a Masjid, and masala. We're going to teach your children in Sharla.

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And this is exactly how you do it. Have a nice light meal to break the ice. And remember, in order for you to protect your children, or remind you of the DA I mentioned earlier on, before every intimate relation is a Bismillah In the name of Allah, along with the mi* on wish in the bishop on matters of Allah protect us from shaitaan and protect our children from shaitan I mean hamdulillah alameen wa salam O Allah Allah Savio Sabine, is that one line the Hydra was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh