Paths to Peace – Ramadan 2023 Night 3

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All right.

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I think we just

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read this

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa Catherine SMIL. Our hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While earlier he was having his rain.

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Welcome to our nightly series. That checkup in Nasser usually gives paths to peace, concepts and themes of Sakina and tranquility in the Quran. Unfortunately, for years sake, you have to deal with me tonight. But in a good way hamdulillah we're always going to be referring to the Quran. So it doesn't matter necessarily who's presenting it there's always going to be some benefit in insha Allah Tada. Tonight I wanted to present to you two is from Susan Makhija, which is the fifth chapter in the Quran. And Allah subhanaw taala

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addresses not just the believers but a wider audience the People of the Book, when he says are bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. Ya ll Kitabi Caja accom rasuna you by Eula calm Kathira mimma consume to fauna that Allah, Allah subhanaw taala when speaking to the people of the book, meaning those who are Christians, those who are Jews who have received scripture, he is giving them a reprimanding, and he's reminding them and giving them a chance out and this is something that's very interesting. Some scholars of Tafseer they asked the question, Why does Allah subhanaw taala use in the Quran, space or time or I yet to address those people of the book? And there's obviously the the

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most obvious answer is that Allah subhanaw taala is addressing the time and the place right then in there, those people who are with the Prophet SAW Saddam in Medina, those people who worship other than Allah, but they live in that community. But another perspective on this, is that when we read the stories of those who came before us, religiously, we as Muslims, although we obviously believe in the truth of the Quran, we are always vulnerable to make the same mistakes as those who came before us. And so when you look at sorts of Bukhara you have the beginning of the chapter in which Allah subhanaw taala addresses and speaks to Benny soil. And then you have the second portion of

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social Bukhara, which we haven't finished tonight earlier, in which Allah subhana wa Tada repeats a lot of the same verbiage but to the believers. And the mfah seen some of them they say it's as if Allah subhanaw taala is reminding the believers almost challenging the believers look at what those before you did. And now what are you going to do in those same situations? So Allah Tala here addresses one of the greatest crimes that any religious community can do and that is to fundamentals keytab that to hide or to obscure knowledge or access to the book The scripture that Allah subhanaw taala sent well yeah, for one Kathy had Caja comment Allah He Newton will keep tabs on will been

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Allah to Allah said that the purpose of this book was not to be obscured not to be hidden. And in fact, in reality, Allah's message is in obscure trouble. It can never be hidden because it is so illuminating. It is so full of light that in no situation or circumstance will a person ever be able to cover that. You know, there are some lights that are very weak and so you're able to obscure it in a dark room, even if it's a small candle, if you cover it, it still remains dark. But the note from the message of Allah subhanaw taala is so illuminating, is so bright, that not a single person is able to cover it with any attempt with any effort. So that no matter what, it will always be

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accessible. And this is the promise that Allah Spano Tata has made from the time of the Prophet SAW sent Him until the end of time. And this is why you see people finding guidance in the Quran. In the most random of places. You have people that are traveling and they'll meet someone on an airplane where you get no cell signal, you're literally disconnected. And they'll meet a Muslim person next to them. This happened to Mufti Kimani just last year, where he made it onto a flight that he wasn't supposed to somehow made it in time, rushes onto the plane sits down, and he looks at the person next to him and the person next to him wants to speak to him which if you fly as much as we do, is

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not a good thing.

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So you put your headphones in as soon as you

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You can, but the person has the courage to tap Mufti Kimani on the shoulder. With the command, he takes out his headphone but doesn't take it too far. Because you don't want them to think that you're ready to talk a lot. So you hold it right here and you say, yeah, what's going on? How can I help you? And the guy says, I noticed what you're wearing multisoft He dresses in traditional clothing even while traveling, I noticed that you were Are you muslim? And he said, Yes, he goes, I've been reading and researching. And I've been wondering and wrestling in my heart about whether or not I should become Muslim. And I feel like this is a sign that I should accept Islam.

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A flight he wasn't supposed to be on in a place that he was caught in traffic, but the message of Allah is in obscure trouble. It will always find its way to the sincere hearts who seek it. And this is one of the lessons of Ramadan. The lesson of Ramadan is that if anyone wants to Allah is there, you know, the question of who moved it's never Allah, it's always us. If you look at any other Friday night, this masala this masjid, not filled like this for Isha. But we decided that this month is so important to us, that we want it to come close to Allah to get some of that light and to gain his proximity as an agenda. Then Allah Allah describes, what are the fruits that come from this

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effort? If you try to come closer to Allah if you try to take advantage of this book? Yeah, DB Hila hoomin, Manitoba, duanmu Subaru, Subaru sedan that Allah Tada says that through this book yeah DBE Allahu Allah to Allah will guide people through this very book who Manitoba outward wanna who those people who want to seek His pleasure Everyone is here right now not because of other reasons we're here because we want to make Allah subhanaw taala please with us. Even when the air conditioning is not perfect, I apologize by the way, even when the parking is not easy even when the overflow is over. Even when there's kids crying and screaming. We all stand here patiently and we listen to our

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hot facade or Imam lead us in prayer and we enjoy it. Why? Because we know that this means that Allah is gonna be pleased with us. And we will endure difficulty after difficulty so that Allah Tada may give us His pleasure. And so Buddha Salam, this is where the path to peace comes in. Everything that we do, we are trying to accomplish equilibrium and peace and balance in our lives. We try to achieve financial freedom, we try to achieve health so we can be physically free. We try to be mentally free. Allah Tada here says that if you want to be spiritually and existentially free and have that peace that everyone's looking for, there is no way to get it besides achieving closeness

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to Allah through His book, we ask Allah to Allah to grant us that.

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And then Allah Tada says, we include your home in a villa Mati Illa node. And a person when they come close to that light, it's almost as if they magnetically are pulled out of all of the darkness is all of the struggles that they are involved in. And they are brought into that illuminated state. And light is so amazing, because light gives us courage, it gives us confidence, it gives us safety. If you're in a dark room, you think weird things are around you, you start to see shadows, right. I know, even adults, that when they're in dark rooms, they're like, all the jinn story starts to come to their mind, right? But Subhanallah the moment that the light is turned on, there's a certain

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Sakina that comes into the heart of a person. It's the same with the Quran. Life is very scary. I'm not gonna lie, I'm 35 now, life just gets scarier and scarier. Right. And the only way that a person can temper that fear that they have about all the what ifs and all the questions that you have and all the realizations that you're not in control is by coming close to Allah subhanaw taala that's the only way and so Allah to Allah says your critical human Abdullah Mattila node B is ni he Wei de Hamid Asad autonomous Stephanie and that person will be given by that by Allah todos favor. This amazing privilege of being guided on history path, we ask a lot to audit to connect our hearts to

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this book. We ask Allah to Allah to allow this light to illuminate our life. And we ask Allah to audit to give us this peace and tranquility and allow us to always remain on the straight path. I mean, you're a bit Alameen Subhana Allah will be hemmed ignatia When La ilaha illa and Nestle food are going to be like desert