Tazkiyah Through the Quran #24 Finding Happiness

Yahya Ibrahim


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finding happiness Subhan Allah the Quran seeks to increase our sadder to increase our muhabba and love for each other. And Allah Subhana Allah lets us know that the pathway to true happiness to true joy in life to having the forearm, Furby Valley keffiyeh for Ohio tell the believers to rejoice at fulfilling the deeds of good deeds. There are days of aid and there are days of celebration, but all of them are marked in a way of connecting ourselves to a loss of Hannah winter either finding true happiness in finding a restful heart and a tranquility of purpose where our Eman and our reminders that are sent to us by Allah Subhana Allah are seen reflected in our behaviors. Allah be the karela

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he thought my innaloo surely it is in the remembrance of God that our hearts will find rest will call boomsma innumerable Eman. Allah tells us one whose heart has found its tranquility through their connection and their faithfulness in Allah. There is no true joy. There is no complete satisfaction, there is no sad if it does not include Allah as a part of the outlook of life. And you can live as much as you seek, gathering as many material things as you want to have and own and be dominant and powerful have none of that gives you that contentment of heart that can be found in knowing that with Allah is the truth and the reality that I seek in a life that goes beyond the

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existence that is temporal and will be cut short. Without my permission or my ability. I want you to know my dear brother, that as a sister that as a philosophy we have in Islam, that there is nothing you and I own in this world. And if you think about it, the ownership is only for Allah. We're only keepers of certain things at certain periods of time. But the house you live in, others will live in in the bed you lay in others may assuming the wealth that you have amassed in your bank is not yours if you can be taken from it and it can be spent by others in your absence once you have returned to your Lord and maker and therefore there is nothing that belongs to you could lose Shay in Harlequin

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Illa watch her everything will be laid to waste and nothing remains but the magnificence and the face of Allah Subhana Allah lumenal molekule yealm to who will the kingdoms belong to on that day? Lila Hill, Wahid alcohol, so live your life seeking happiness not just through your investments and attainments and material possessions, but in knowing that the one who provides and the one who restrains them you from them is Allah. So seek Allah and you will be given that which you seek in contentment in the heart, the great mama Shafi, he said men are all the dunya family he related me well on the one who wants to have the delight of this world. Let him study this knowledge and the

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horror and women are are the Euro Valley he will tell me well Quran and the one who seeks the next life. Let him busy themselves with the knowledge of God and the study of the Quran. May Allah make you and I have them Allahumma me