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In this 55th episode of the series titled 99 names of Allah, Ammara Alshukry talks about the name of Allah – Alalee Alaala Almuataal


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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to an episode of the 99 names. I'm your host, Pete Allison and I have here with us Ahmad Al shoukry. Assalamu. aleikum wa rahmatullah. Welcome everybody. What camera should I look at this one? Why are you sounding like an old man? No to sorry.

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Let's, let's do this again. I'm back.

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I'm back. Okay. So today, this name or now this video, our name is Li Li, Li Li and Allah and Allah, Masha Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah Allah. Allah. Okay.

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I just did a short manga I

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smile because?

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And mucho.

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mucho mucho mood.

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It feels it almost feels like it's incomplete.

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mood to add? Yeah.

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Like, I'm expecting few more syllables. No, no. That's it. All three names go back to the roots, like almost like a bear. Right? Oh, okay. But there's one like, Okay, got it. I see what you're saying. But these these names all go to the root of a lot being high. Okay. It means high. So if somebody's name is Ollie mean, there are high stature? Yes. Okay. And I don't know if we've had this discussion, but what names of a lot can a person have? And what names of a lot can a person not have? Okay, and we were talking like, not even so could somebody be up Denali? Yeah, of course, Abdul, if you put abdon in front of any of the names of a liar, but I don't know. I've never heard

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of anyone named up in it. That's true. I mean, I've never heard a person named Delilah climb either. But technically you can. A person's can be ABD any of the names of Allah subhanaw taala, Abdul Jabbar, Abdul Kareem Abdul, Abdul, Ali, Abdullah, Allah, all of these names, okay. But

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there are some names that a person can have. And there are some names that a person cannot take on themselves. And by names that a person can have, I mean, all of them without the Elif lamp. Okay. You cannot have a name without a plan. No one can be lkt. That's a lot. Right. But a person's name could be Katie, and we've met Katie Holmes before. Jimmy, you've met Jimmy as before. Yeah. You can't have somebody named Ella. No, you can't. Okay. And so you can have a person's name be Allah or a man. These two in general a lion man are known to be forbidden. Okay. A lot. Nobody calls themselves a lot but you do know people named Rahim Yes, because a lot describes the prophets of the

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Lyceum himself as being okay. He says, What meaning are all for Rahim? Allah Subhana. Allah says, what kind of meaning or AHIMA or Allah Subhana Allah says Allah has sent you a prophet amongst yourself as either an IT human need to be meaning or override So Allah is a law describes the prophets I send them as being an oath and Rahim is there now we mentioned in a previous video how just had just as many names, the prophet SAW, Selim has many names. Now, is there a list of names that kind of accompany both or sort of Legends from Allah? So the, in these cases, these aren't names of the Prophets of Salaam? These are descriptions, these are descriptions, okay? So just as

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Allah has names and attributes, right, so I guess the question now is, what is the name and attribute when is it his name? For who? For Allah? Okay, so now we're talking about

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when is the name attribute? What is an attribute name? Okay. So the names of Allah subhanaw taala are those that come in name form?

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Not just but in Arabic. A name is denoted in a number of ways. Okay. budgetary attend when you need our most needy lives to meet amusing hustle, villager. And a sim can be known through job Okay, as the cursor at the end of it.

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It has a customer on the end of it, then it's that indication of it being named. Okay. Then we end on in Okay, that is an indication of a name because we mean the second Yeah, okay. The own sound of it. So I'm Marlon. Okay, Bill, I don't Yeah, we can put that and we and at the end because we have names these are names. These are a smile, okay. And I don't know if names is the best translation for us. Maybe nouns proper nouns, however, ECM is translated. Okay. But

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why is that because not all of the names of a lot come in the L form, right. So for example, two names that we've already gone over. Jimmy and plebe right are both in the 10, winform Province, the Linus and themselves. For example, in the law Dad, I'll play a boon liability lottery but

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Another he said in the lodge me learn herbal Jamaat. Allah is Jimmy on that one indicates that it is a name because it's the 10 we know this is more controversial than the first one the first one you'll generally get unanimous. So if the name to the 10 when, but what do you call it? When has an ad on it? It just has an ad. Okay, so there's no term for No. Okay. Well, they'll say model FB ad for lab that it has the elephant out of it. Okay, it has a sentence.

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Then we have the third is a budget to attend when when needed. So then we need that. Yeah. Okay. Because you only call out to a name. Yeah. And so of the names that is argued as a name because of that concept. Is Yeah, the gelato alacra. Okay, because the prophet SAW Selim would call out to Allah subhanaw taala saying, Yeah, the gelato liqueur, okay, so, okay, the gelato electrohome is in a name.

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And so these are some of the different ways that a person can know if it is a name or or not. Okay, an attribute will generally be something that is, you know, connected to something else. Okay, like the face of a lot. So it's the face of a loss of Hana dad. So this brings me to the next question of, are there is there a list of names where you have that are attributes or names of a lot and also happen to be descriptions of rasulillah?

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Okay, yeah, I mean, I just listed two but meaning are often Right. Yeah. And so the profit loss in them is described as being Rolf and he's described as being an A him Okay, they're like an entire list that somebody has listed but like, the reason I'm coming to this is because I feel as though maybe somebody might be confused out of ignorance or not understanding right? Confused, accompany like, Oh, so there's a divinity to

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Rasulullah No, there's not divinity to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but all of these attributes that we study all these names of Allah, the goal should be to come closer to these names because they are beautiful. So it could be clear that the descriptions that are a little less and seldom has that also happened to line up with the descriptions and Names of Allah are also things that we should embody. Yes, not just the prophets of the lesson. Okay, so these are all

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those are all beautiful, or lofty names. In fact, there are very few names that we can go over Yeah, that can be counted on your on your hands, okay. That are inappropriate when applied to creation. Okay, like lKb origin with a computer. Okay, to be more precise, like a Jabbar. These are names that if a person has them or a person has these qualities there it's actually

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it's it's not good It's okay. It's there's my unworthy in human beings okay, but generally everything else yeah, these names are a way for you to come closer to Allah subhanaw taala by trying to manifest these characteristics in yourself okay. And so Liam says Allah subhanaw taala is an ideal he loves the knowledgeable monetizable human he loves the merciful Allah is I love he he loves the the strong believer over the weak believer Eliza Jimmy, he loves those who beautify themselves. That's the that's part of it. They every attribute that you look at every name that you look at, you say where's my share in this name? You know, what, what have I gotten from this name? What have I

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adorn myself? Okay, from the characteristics of this name, now with the reverse so li li and li li and tal or an ID and then sorry, ID and an Atlanta mahtab.

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And it appears in the Koran in a number of verses and of them is the great verse or rotten or ayatul kursi Okay, at the end of it corsola says the whole idea is and I need it, so we're good to go on that and it is the name of a loss upon a Dinah. What does it mean? It means the high Okay, the one who's above. So here's the most likely is the high Allah is the Most High, Allah Allah is the most high okay? And then Allah comes at the beginning of sola, Allah Allah Allah Subhana. Allah says, say Bismillah began Allah, verse number one.

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sanctify or exalt the name of your Lord, the Most High ally is not just the high but Allah is the Most High. And then what is the one who's higher than Okay? So that's why it's it sounds incomplete. He's higher than everything though. Okay, idea. He's higher than everything. What's the word for everything in Arabic?

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cliche, Allah tala cliche, that's what you would describe that as that. Okay, but it's just a tad. He's just like how you say, just like an amateur cup beer and what a bit is the one who's greater than everything else. Okay.

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Right. You have that same concept that same prefix, motor, motor cab bill motor, okay, okay, which basically means greater than everything else.

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So, so low is the high, the most high and higher than everything else. Yes, and

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So, immediately here, we recognize a number of things. Number one is that a lot of panatela is high enough himself and his assets are and our natural human beings just naturally they all recognize that God is above them, okay? That Allah subhanaw taala. Nobody, nobody points their heads downward when they pray, everyone points, their hands up word Muslim and non Muslim alike, we just have this concept innately in ourselves to look at a loss of habitat is above us. Now, what's interesting is that a lot of groups

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who, you know, had a real,

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I guess, issue with Describing any sort of direction to a loss of Hannah Tyler, because that's exactly what they felt they felt like it was inappropriate to describe a direction to a lot, because then you're limiting him to a particular time and not at a particular time. But that particular place, space, a particular space or direction, independent of time and space, in his independent model that but they said, you know, what, if you say that Allah subhanaw taala is above the Throne, like he says, then what you are doing is you are making a direction to Allah Subhana data and he becomes limited by that direction, would it be appropriate to say that the understanding of the Most

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High is not even just the sense of vertical space, because at the end of the day, vertical space is contextual to a celestial body? once you're out off the planet, or off a moon or whatever, there is no upper down. Right? So the reality then comes into is once you pull yourself out of the context of a celestial body, then Allah small data is highest in terms of he.

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He's beyond. Well, I don't know, he's beyond even that. Yeah, that's the whole point. I mean, but the whole idea of even he's beyond trying to exercise all of that, right. And trying to I remember once I was discussing this, and this and this is, you know, old theory, old theological debates. Yeah. However, it doesn't manifest in today's time people reject concepts from the province of the licen and verses of the hold on the meanings of them, at least they change the meanings of them just because they feel like they have to make sense of it. Okay. They have to make sense of it. And if they need to, and if they can't make sense of it, then we're just going to reject it. And so the

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private civil s&m says authentically, many, many, many companions narrated just because you don't understand it doesn't mean you're rejected, the lack of understanding is your own limitation. The license said that a lot descends in the last third of every night. Okay? So he said that, yes. And the idea why the prophets lesson, it tells us a lot the sense what is it when you only descend from a place to tire, right? Yeah. And so a lot descends in the last third of every single night. And then he asked the famous questions was asking me that I might grant them who's repenting to me that makes up the repentance, who is seeking forgiveness from me that I may forgive them, but this

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particular person had told me and they said, first of all, we can't accept that. Because if we did accept that, then that would indicate that Allah Subhana Allah would have to squeeze in between the angels in the heavens, and that is over the law. We, you know, say okay, exactly that, like who said, Oh, why did you start thinking like that? If Allah Subhana Allah descends, the prophet said, Allah descends. How does he descend? I don't know. Okay, that's it. Yeah, right. And that's exactly what you might might accept the famous famous exchange. Yeah. You know, in my medic medic was like a kink in his court and his HELOC, um, his name was very exemplary of his characteristics. They just

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exactly they people had he had such awe of him when he would, was with him a person came to him and he said, I don't know how to start Yeah, if a story he said you know, Allah rose above the throat How did he rise above the floor? Okay. Yes, that's a mathematic. Yeah, that's a mathematic lowered his head and they could see the trace of anger on his face.

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And then he lifted his head and he said at least still up. Legal metaphor he says sdwa is not unknown. We know what the word means a lot rose above the Throne will cave later my phone and how is not comprehensible

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when a man big believing in it is obligatory was a bit and asking about isn't innovation.

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And then because we just said talked about who he was yes. And I don't think and I see you to be a person of innovation.

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And he said Get him out of here. Okay. And he was kicked out of a wondering if I would get kicked out of my my legs. Oh, man. First.

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First two minutes. I keep coming back though.

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Well, yo, that guy, don't let him go.

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Because when you say that ask about isn't innovation. But what about the idea that like cuz obviously the way that that dude is asking is not in the most appropriate way.

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Right, if one wants to ask for the sake of learning for the night, the idea is, and this is where Imam Malik is coming from. Yeah. The people who are the most interested in learning where the Sahaba Okay, and they never asked these types of questions. So there's a lot of things as a hobby. I didn't ask because it just didn't cross your mind. No, because their objective was not to know how a lot of things, okay, their approach to it was, how does my knowledge of what Allah Subhana Allah does? Yeah, supposed to affect me? And so when a light descends in the last third, what is that? What does that supposed to invoke in me, it's supposed to invoke me waking up in the last third to ask a lot.

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That's the approach a man and I'll give you an even better example. Or a clear example, the prophets of the light. I said an upset a lot laughs at the despair of his slaves, even though his help is so close. Okay. Like a lot laughs at the, Your help is right around the corner, like it's about to be relieved. And you're so in that moment of brokenness and desperation, the prophet SAW sent him says a lot laughs at that. Now, our family guy, that guy, he would have asked the question, and I said, How does a law laugh? Like, how does he laugh? Right? But that's not the question. This will have asked me as they said, Does our Lord laugh? And then the province of Law Center said yes. And then

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he said, If that's the case, yep. Then we will never stop expecting good from a Lord that laughs The idea here is this man. He said, Does our Lord laugh? Yeah, I promise I sent him said yes. And then he didn't say how does he live? He said, If that's the case, then we will never stop expecting good from a Lord that laughs Oh, yeah, that was the I remember this one. Basically saying, It's, the things are always going to be okay for us. Why? Because our Lord laughs You realize this, it's more, it's more. So it's like, you know, I think the best human analogy I can think of, in our, in our context today. It's like the difference between I remember in a sales training, right, we were

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talking about how, like, you know, in talking with prospective customers, we're trying to sell them a product, we're selling telecom devices, and services. And the whole thing is, is that

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like, Guys, stop trying to explain to the prospective customer how the technology works, they don't care. They just want to know that it's gonna make their life so much better. And I think that's the reality is this like, Look, like it's not about how the mechanics or whatever, but the reality is, it's more about how is this going to make your connection with a lot better how to make your life better? how's it gonna be? There's an audacity to assuming that you can understand Yeah, true. Even if you try not, you're not going to be able to understand and we as humans, we all understand our limitations in knowledge. Yeah, every single one of us does, we appreciate that. There are some

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things that we're really good at and some things that we might be brilliant at, and many other things that we're not good at all. Okay, and so to assume that you are going to know and not a loss of Hana data is incredibly arrogant, and Allah Allah knows best