Can I Name My Children with the Names of Allah

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Shaykh Ammar AlShukry explains

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The speaker explains the meaning of certain names and how to use them correctly. They mention that certain names cannot be named with flour, and that certain names cannot be named with anything else. The speaker also explains that certain names cannot be named with human beings, and that they remove certain words from their titles.

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Can I name my children with the names of Allah?

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Wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. So you have to look at the meanings of the names. If it is a name that has a shared characteristic that human beings actually can have. So for example, Jimmy Well, can I name my child beautiful? Can a human being be beautiful? Yes. So you can name Jimmy Can you name Katie, Kadeem being generous can can a person be? can a person be generous? Yes, a person can be generous, so I can name that. Two things to pay attention to number one is that you can't use the Edie flam form. So I can't name my child edited Jimmy lkt. I can't do that. Every name that we are referring to it's without any flour, that if it's without that, if not, then you look at the shared

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characteristic. That's number one. Number two, there are some names that for short, we're not allowed to use so for example, ramen.

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from them is a law of course of them is anything that denotes a loss of Hannah data's exclusivity so Illa Allah subhanaw taala is the deity the one who's worthy of worship, or some of Allah Subhana Allah is the eternal refuge of the self sufficient, there's no human being that self sufficient. But other than that, we look at the names, we figure out their meanings. And then based on that, we remove the Eddie flam and Charlotte Allah. We are