Alaa Elsayed – To My Daughter #04

Alaa Elsayed
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah

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salam aleikum, wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, and welcome back to another episode of to my daughter from the heart to the heart. Last time I left her hanging, and I won't do that again, inshallah, I talked briefly about the story of the three shirts. I'll make this episode about the storytelling, how to increase their leader, their belief, and agreed, and Allah subhanaw taala Yola in your daughters and sons. So let us go on the storytelling. Join me, please join me on this journey, about the story of that three shirts. You know, the story of Prophet Yusuf Ali Salaam revolves around the three shirts. I did allude to it earlier. But now let me go

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through the details. The first shirt was when they came with them and get him. They said ecolog with them.

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They lied. They said the wolf eight. And you know, when you're lying, you're not very concrete.

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You're not so much confident, because you don't have the evidence. But when you are there is a layer as the village as the people and where we have the support, but because he didn't,

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the light. So the first shirt with the shirt of false betrayal, and lying. So my dear sons and daughters, please do not adopt the shirt. Get rid of it. Because daddy says you will get the boy to huddle today. In the Leica Duba you will be lying and lying and you're concentrating you have people making laughing and they love you because you're loving, you're lying to them. And you become famous and all of a sudden, this is becomes your lifestyle to be written in the sight of Allah as a liar. And the opposite is true. You'll be saying the Truth to be told and written in the sight of Allah as so do you want to be resurrected with a worker? So decorate your lawn, tell the truth. The first

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shirt is a shame. So we should never wear that shirt. And even if you do, you have to get rid of it quick. The second shirt was the one where the wife of the Aziz, the Minister of Finance, wanted us to valleys.

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And he was so strong and he man and faith.

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He says ma villa in Nairobi accent mathway He is my Lord. He said production Allah subhana wa Jalla villa. One narration says my Allah and he said the one that he raised me the one that you're a wife of accent is why he created me in the best fashion. So it's not good to betray those who you trust or those who trust you. So the shirt was the one that was ripped from the back, not the front. Because of that. And you have to understand I want you my dear daughter to raise that banner, my other law. I seek protection Allah if I ever go straight, or be misled by others, or myself my own whims and desires. I remember some of the stories about Uber Casa de vous De La da da. He says rbR

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solo to LA yerba Nasir little llj Masha Tatiana a nap see what dunya will have our shaitan Clifford hos wakulla

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among the stories I want to share with you is a story of Uber Casa de for the land, and we have plenty of stories but just for now. He says four things I was plagued with

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Neff see myself what dunya life will have this my whims and desires was shaitan and Satan they rejected careful hellos. How do I save myself? How do I get rid of them? were called lumada. And they're all of my enemies. So remember that when you wear a shirt, don't ever wear that shirt. But the last shirt was the shirt of hope. Where he took his shirt off and says give this to my father. Even the narration says that he is smelled the aroma of use of winner cameras left and he felt he can't forget the vasila his vision came back to him. So I always want you to wear that shirt the shirt of hope. Don't ever despair, be a beacon of light. Be a guidance for those who despair because

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the he says manpower Allah Allah kindness for all fu Allah home or meaning the one he is the one that destroyed them or the one that is most destroyed among them, either or is bad. So the third shirt was

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All about hope. So I want you to be the beacon of hope. If everybody else despairs you still have to be tight, strong lacuna. hadoken. Don't be a follower but be a leader. And if you've already despairs remember what Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam says, mentor Allah, Allah canasa Allah whom you tell people were toast were destroyed.

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You were the one who destroyed them or you will be the one that most destroyed among them.

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I want to share more stories with you. This is about maraca understanding that Allah Subhana Allah, Allah says the katakana ebara the stories for them to ponder and reflect for those who are righteous. So we have to take their stories our predecessors to learn from them. So the companions used to teach their children before they go to sleep, Allah Hunan LA, Allah who married Allah, Allah sees me Allah hears me Allah is with me. So this is all about Morocco, Baba and Maha Saba. You know, I want to share with you a story

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with a hadith. You know, when a man came to ask Prophet Mohammed Salim, you know, what have you prepared? And what is this? And when you believe that Islam came, long story, but he asked him about what Islam? He says the five pillars of Islam, he says, he told the truth. I know most of us know the Hadith, but it's just a quick reminder will lie.

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says what is the man he said the Six Pillars of Islam is only Allah. Islam is 123. And a man is 123, believing in that one scene, so what is what is the sun?

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So what is excellence? is endowed with the lack and lack of Torah inlanta kuntala in Iraq, worship You, Lord, as if he's even if you don't see me surely sees you.

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And that's where we're at his mother, Sarah, when is the hour is, let's say, aluminum is the one that's asking, there's no more no more than the one that is being asked. So what do we learn from this mudaraba I have to raise my children to be conscious of Allah, because I cannot be with them all the time. I cannot release them all the time. They're on their own, they have to be independent, they have to be raised as leaders. So why is that? Why is in that aspect? First of all, the scholars say that Islam part the pillars is outwardly in what is apparent, what you do what people see. So is the extension is was manifest, what is seen, that you pray, people see you do that, and so on. But

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what is he man? It is what is the intention? What is hidden only Allah knows, because we haven't seen Allah Subhana Allah Viola and we will ensure law Judgment Day. And we see him and generally after a long, healthy, righteous life together Europe I mean, that's our ultimate goal. We haven't seen the angels we haven't seen the divine scriptures on the revealed we haven't seen the prophets received them. We have not seen Judgment Day. We do believe in a Divine Decree whether it's good or bad, we have to have that concrete believe and pillar in our faith, heart and soul and mind.

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So the first one is is maraca understanding why? Because it's outwardly and internally and both of them will lead you to excel in order for you to get to Exxon. So I want to teach you something today. Oh, my daughter. I want you to put a GoPro on your forehead.

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I want you to record everything you say. Everything you do. Everything you see everything you hear everyone you've been with every place you've been to, and give me that video. I want to put it on my Facebook. Will you be proud of it?

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Will you be ashamed of it?

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If you're afraid to give me that camera? How could you be not afraid of two angels writing everything you say? Everything you hear? Everywhere you've been and everyone you win with. So I want to teach you something today. Your eyes are LED camera lenses, your ears and your mouth or your mp3. Your mind is your modem Your heart is your hard drive. Everything you say here See, it will be uploaded on Judgement Day not just downloaded here. Allah lucilla shared a day that is 50,000 years where the sun leaves his orbit comes close to the head. People be drenched in sweat. And now we will hear a Napoleonic Nicola Edwards saw the sun so hello Malabar Jabbar, bring them summon them What?

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Boom enormous balloon.

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So you have to turn and know that there is no way out except back to Allah. So please be careful. And you know why the * he says matters? When is the hour? Because he said because if you know that you will meet Allah subhanaw taala Viola. You will be careful with your Islam. You are about the acts of worship. You will be careful with your Eman what is hidden in your intentions in the heart. And you will excel in doing everything because you

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Know that you will be held accountable matters on Judgement Day.

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Let me share another story with you. There was a young man, a shepherd.

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That was Abdullah Omar rajala and Omar Abdullah Manoj mouth and workiva others and then we said others.

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They were traveling, and they saw this young shepherd. He has the herd. And they were hungry and thirsty says please.

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Can you give us some meat? Can you give us some milk? Is Willa he? You didn't have to ask me because it's honor to be hosts and hospitable to our guests. But if it were mine, I would have done it without you asking. But this doesn't belong to me. He says, Don't worry, just tell the owner that the wolf ate them.

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And he says something that took the bus over the line should be written with a gold leaf. You know what he said? I want you to raise this banner, as you grow old is a nulla. You know what that means? Where's Allah nadina are believe that Allah is in the heavens.

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But he's saying if I do this, don't you think that Allah sees me? Allah is with me. Allah hears me, Abdullah and I was so impressed. He said, in Allah, Allah, Allah, he turned around smiling, so proud of that man, learning a lesson from him as we learn from him. So I want you to my dear daughter, to raise that banner. Every time you're in a difficulty, you can see a nulla anytime that shaytan whispers to you wants to say do something wrong, or say something wrong or see something wrong or be with someone is wrong or the bad environment, you're going to have to ask yourself in Allah in Allah, where's Allah?

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Another story I want to share with you.

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There was another young man that he was very hungry.

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The pain of hunger made him forget. He saw an apple underneath the tree. He ate it. After the pain of hunger is gone. He recognized it didn't belong to him. So he asked who was the owner of this garden, he was told he traveled far to get to the owner. He even took a boat to cross the other side. He finally found the owners Please forgive me. Here's what happened. And the man was astonished. No young man in the right mind would come and admitted that I didn't see you. I wasn't there. I didn't even know about it. Enough to come and tell me. So he knew there was something special about this young man is I will not forgive you.

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Is Please forgive me I will do anything, is the only way I'm going to forgive you is to marry my daughter. But before you know anything or say anything or make a decision, you have to know that my daughter cannot speak cannot see, cannot hear cannot walk cannot talk.

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He says I accept in order be to be forgiven. I accept a beautiful curl comes through the door says Salaam Alaikum. She can talk she can walk she can see she can hear says You lied to me. He says No I did not lie to you.

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When I said that my daughter cannot speak she does not speak ill of anyone know her even though the Mima except what is righteous? When I said she cannot see she cannot see anything that is haram unlawful. When I said she cannot hear she does not hear anything that is bad. She cannot walk she doesn't walk to back places and so on and so forth.

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You know, the

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young man that did that Apple when he married, you know the lineage of that marriage was Abu hanifa not man rhodiola and Rahmatullah Halley Allahu Akbar. Look at the fruit of that beautiful tree.

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Another story on what I'm hottub Raja Lauren was walking in Medina one night. He is a mother telling her daughter, add water to the milk. He knocks in the door, you know about what you love and he doesn't mess around. He knocks on the door is a tequila. You cannot do that it's haram be conscious of Allah is unlawful you cannot mix that add water to the milk. And he comes back around again. Another night, he hears the mother telling the daughter the same thing.

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So he he is now the daughter saying didn't mean to me Amara jello and say we cannot do that. And where's mama right now? This is a number Omar was the lord of karma. Allahu Akbar.

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So Mr. rajala and was so impressed by young mother. He goes home he tells this son, one of you have to marry her if you don't, I will.

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One of his sons actually get married to that daughter. And guess who was the fruit of that beautiful marriage? It was Omar Abdulaziz rhodiola Han, Allah Akbar. You understand where this is going. You know, I'm preparing you for it's coming in sha Allah but be patient with me.

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Mr. macabre jalon was walking one day and of course when a man was walking people used to used to run away especially children, except

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in Israel, Abdullah is evade

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or de la Noma. So amber says agilon all the children ran except you. This is the son of spirit of the lightness of Aden that I love rajala and Homer. This is the man that held on to the horse placed himself underneath and penetrated the army, and all the way to the end and all the way back says this is the Son of the Father. He trained his horse to do so. His father used to have two swords penetrate the whole army, front and back.

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Never be touched.

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That's bravery.

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So when I asked him, How come he didn't run? He says,

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I did not make any committee descend or mistake for me to be afraid of you. And I know you're just a very you will not oppress me. So why should I run their salon? That is confidence I want to instill in you, you go straight path, no one will be able to touch you stay on the straight path, hold on to coin and sooner. Don't let anyone have a stick over your head. to threaten you with Be confident, brave and strong that you will be inshallah

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I'll finish with one story.

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The story of us habit of dude. Put it as harville and Natty, that record is Humala borrowed,

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sensitive watch

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the trench, the people of the pit of the fire.

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The story goes, a young child

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is raised at a time of a magician of a king that was dying. So he asked the cake to give me a progeny somebody that actually approaches it to for me to teach them to pass my knowledge onto them

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to take him under my wing, and teach him the magic that I do for you. And that child was picked on the way back he was also learning from a scholar. So now he didn't know what to do. He was supposed to be learning the message that the magician the magic on the magician and he also wanted to learn knowledge. So he didn't know what to do. He asked the scholar What do I do is ask Allah to help you. And there was a beast on the road and you took the devil is Bismillah if that beast was to be Allah will guide you the straight path and it was to be Alhamdulillah Allah guided him to learn from the scholar. So he told him what do I do if you're late tell him I was adapted. From the position I was

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with my parents with a with a pre war with me till the magician I was with my parents. So find your way out. He learned a lot. He became famous with his knowledge. Now people used to come to him. They were ill Allah given the power to be able to hear the ill. And now the king hears about him Who is that person this would that is people flogging and learning from him. Bring him because he was threatened by them. Bring him to me.

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I'm not going to go into politics here but you'll understand why I'm going for person threatened they want to get rid of the threat. So he tells the platoon some of his army, take this young man

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and take him to the highest mountain and throw him up atop a mountain.

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I want to teach you that you will never forget in sha Allah. So that young man

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Remember that? And he says aloha mcleaney in dementia it will love protect me from them the way you wish. After they took them to the top of mountain they made the do that. Again remember that my brothers and sisters aloha mfine Hindi Masha Allah protect me from them that we wish the mountain shook everybody fell to their death except that young brave man

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with the power of Allah answered, protected him. He walks back to the king. The king is amazed how could that be? I sent a platoon with you. You're the only one that came back to life. He did not give up. He sent another platoon with him since him take him in the boat in the deepest depth of the ocean, throw him off, let him die drowning.

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The man said that again. That young man said Alo mfine mishit again the boat

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shook, everybody flipped, and they died drowning except Him, took the boat back. And he said the same thing to the king and says listen, you will not be able to kill me. The only way that you are able to kill me is if you gather everyone in the village and you take this arrow and when you do you say Bismillah here up behind and

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In the Name of Allah, the Lord of this young man.

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The man

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the king wanted to get rid of this threat. So he listened to a young boy a king listen to the young bill because he was equipped

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With that equipped up there, do the application power of that a man in his heart strength of his faith. You can

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be as strong as your Eman in Allah Angela Dena Amano Indeed, Allah protects those who believe. So don't ever be afraid. Remember, the first thing you heard was Allahu Akbar, God is greater than everything.

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So the king had no choice except to follow the instructions in the command of the young boy. He gathered the whole village.

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And there was another story where that King the tyrant King had the children from a mother, and every child he would throw to be, we believe that I am your Lord, not the one that you do. So after he says, Bismillah, you're up and let go the arrow with that arrow went the soul of one of the best young man that ever walked in the face of the earth.

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Now people believed in Allah believed in God and wanted to embrace the monotheism. towhead and the king now is taking the children away in front of the mother throne him and the mother is holding on throne another child, the third child, the last one was holding on to her bosom. He was suckling.

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The took that and the mother gave and that child was among the few like Jesus aces. alayhis salam spoken that cradle is his booty Yama, and Gannon HAC, La ilaha illa Allah, oh, my mother hold on to the truth. There's only one deity deserving to be worshiped, which is Allah. And that's what I'm going to leave you. My dear daughter vallam. And now Hola, Illa Illa Allah. They know for sure that there's only one deity deserving to be worshiped behind

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will live and die accordingly. With that, I asked Allah subhanaw taala to make us among those who love speech and follow the best of it. Zack Milan Hydra was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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