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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how a brother's book " hamsters in the Holy Spirit" made them who they are to date. The book's success was due to its pivotal role in saving people's lives, and it was a powerful source of inspiration for their own spiritual experiences. The speaker also mentions a video from a guest, Pamela, that encourages viewers to find a verse in Islam and use it to motivate their actions.
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Have another brother African American brother who I met really helped me out a lot. And he showed me I think the two books that had the biggest impact on me after the Quran because the Quran prayed and played a very pivotal role in saving my life honestly, really saved my life. Because it was like, I read the Quran cover to cover so the Bible I struggled after I became Muslim, read the Quran cover the cover. And I really felt that the things that would happen to me in the challenges that I would face I will be like I'll be struggling to find the verse that would be that but this brother showed me a gave me two books, I think really made me who I am to date. And one of them was the book of to

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heat written by our share, Dr. Blau Phillips May Allah preserve him and listen your anatomy until I was actually my residency because my relative as you know,

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relatives that hamdulillah so that's something amazing that somehow you know, 9094 80 you know, Muslim in America, I read this book who really influenced me and later my son marries his daughter you know, it's it's amazing you know, it's Dr. Blouse video that helped me as well a lot but yeah

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so Pamela, it's a good book. Yeah. hamdulillah so I read his book I was about to read about monotheism and the book about Sefa to select the description of the prophets prayer MASHIAC Albania Rahim Allah Tala and something from the Sunnah as soon as soon as sunnah. Not not blind founder and he made that so that you know that that to me the Quran and Sunnah pure Tawheed that really, you know, kind of shaped how I understood Islam and how I went after that.