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The importance of parenting is highlighted in MAC's advice on shaping one's life, including educating others about the drop of suffering and being patient with illnesses. The "immaterial person" concept is used to encourage parents to be mindful of their children and not to give them too much. The "immaterial person" concept is also discussed, where individuals should be mindful of their own journey and not just try to make people smile. Additionally, the speaker emphasizes the importance of being true to oneself and not just trying to be perfect.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam. Welcome back to another episode of the series to my daughter, from the heart to the heart. We're in the third stage now, the methodology of the prophetic upbringing.

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He did come to life, he brought so much joy to us for the loss of Hannah Angela Villa blessed us with two more. You're the only one Yani will humbly lie, Rob. But I mean, that's why we asked the law to have been I have learned I mean, as wodgina were the retainer, Pura vida de la Mama. Well, lawmakers leaders want to pay in rent us TV, the apple of the eyes of our spouses and our children. I mean, Allah blessed us after you will run my hero and a beautiful daughter called sada will have the Nairobi alameen May Allah bless you both. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us all and bring those who don't have the Allah tala renew righteous children, righteous spouses. I mean, after a

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long healthy righteous life will be together in Europe. I mean, the principle of parenting now it is my to bear. First thing I said, I'll have to lead by example. I remember a story

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where a man was walking with his son.

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And he said to his son, son, be careful when you step. The son said, Oh, dad, be careful Will you step because I'll be following your footsteps. SubhanAllah I've already rhodiola and narrated the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam said, Every child will be born Allah fitrah kulambu Allah fitrah every child will be born in a innate way, the natural way. But their parents will make him to follow another way. Other ways of life, other faiths, other aqidah other beliefs. So it is my responsibility to teach you and give you the Quran and Sunnah to give you the immunity to be able to follow the straight path that we ask Allah Subhana Allah Viola to follow at least 17 times a day in

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a slotum study. So Allah subhanho de la jolla answers guidance the straight path in the following pseudoviruses radical keytab who the limit again, this is the book that will guide you the straight path and make you among them with 13. And since we ask Allah to grant us the taqwa. So we have to hold on to the two things that Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said hold on to Quran and Sunnah you will never be led astray. So I have to be on the straight path in order for you is a mirroring effect. I want to hold your hands all together and go the agenda together. One of them is wisdom.

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A wise, smart intellectual individual, as a guardian, make sure that you understand not just for the example to be as a leader, also to understand the time the place and no matter where you educate them. And since they are captive audience with you on the road, this is a good time to teach him when they sit with you in the car, teach them about the drop of that recoup when they're traveling, teaching about the DA of suffer the way on the journey. Teach him about everyday that you look when you look in the mirror when you get dressed, when you eat when you stop when you go to the bathroom. Speaking of that, I remember a story this month, put a smile on your face.

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I remember my son

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rayyan we were trying to teach him the day before he goes into the bathroom.

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And I remember your mother saying, say

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Bismillah before you enter and enter with the left foot and say Aloma in the air with the book I'm not hooked you will have if I seek protection in you Allah from the male and the female jinn. So he didn't know them. So he says Allahumma inni are with the vicar Mel hubzilla seven.

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How Lola with Allah, all I seek protection you from bread and spinach. You know, this is an emotional series. I'd like to also not to make it turn it into a Bollywood not an indian movie here. I don't want to keep crying. But hamdulillah there's always room to smile. You know why? Because Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam cannabis. Mm hmm. Yeah, he used to smile, actually assistive assumer give you a jika smile in the face of your brother in his other charity. So I promise I will smile in your face every chance I get. So you can see that mirror effect and you will have a smile in your face as he placed a smile on my face.

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You also have to have patience with them, when you teach them in the matters of the weight in every aspect of their life. They table matter. Their bed matters in every aspect of the life in the time, that illness to be patient, and so on and so forth. Another is fairness and equality. I remember my mother doing this for me. I remember Allah, He wants us to come into her room, we will be doing our homework, and I'll be sitting next to my brother and my sister, and my mom would kiss the first one. We already know that everybody will go like this because she knows she was around to kiss everyone. It was fair and just expectations. I remember she taught us that if you have a gift, and my sister

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used to ask, where's the gift to Ahmed, where's the guest there, I love the gift. We would talk to look after one another, not take from one another. Give one another. And that's exactly what you're supposed to do.

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And remember, if you kiss everyone, doesn't mean you have to hit everyone the same.

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Just a quick reminder, being Justin fair doesn't necessarily mean in every aspect of life. Even Allah subhana wa Jalla Viola when he said about the story of Prophet Yusuf Ali Salaam, is Carlo Lucifer ahora bolina avina, when afnog was button in Urbana Luffy Dali movie.

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Even the story of Yusuf has plenty of gems, beautiful, beautiful flowers in that huge garden. But just that one fruit that we will take from is how to purify the illness of the heart and cure the jealousy from that and justice and fairness if you show one favoritism to every one child more than the other, so we have to also be fair and be just even prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he man came to me says, I have given this garden to my child, it says, Have you given each one? I want you to be witness to this says No, I haven't. He says go let somebody else witness because I will not witness for this.

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And no one that my dear sister, there is something to come after the story of use of alayhis salaam. And knowing that there's three shirts that I will talk about about the story of Yusuf Ali Salaam, and rush the reminder. Please remember, the story of use of was about three shirts.

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The first shirt was a shirt of betrayal.

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So don't ever betray anyone.

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The second shirt was the shirt of dignity and pride.

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So please have dignity and pride in everything you do. And the third shirt was the shirt of hope. So you can always have hope in whatever you do.

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We also have to have an open door policy. And I appreciate the communication. And I know You talk a lot. I know you're the drama queen, that I'm all ears. It is always good to plant the seed of dignity and self worth in every child and give them a chance to speak and make a decision. Let them be part of the decision making process. I remember when I asked you what do you think I've asked all my children, what do you think before we make a decision, I also remember when we were going to Australia, and I made sure that everybody had a chance to make sure that if we do this, we do this as a family. So a smart intellectual individuals, the garden makes sure that the children dig. And

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they become part of that beautiful family. And they have a right to choose. And they have a right to tell you how they feel. And indeed,

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your child that is not a small enough hope was like that who didn't even a prophet and a messenger listen to a bird. You have to think outside the box. You cannot be literally a child. And here's what I'm going to talk about the elephant theory.

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The elephant theory is very simple. You know, when the elephant when they were young, they put a shackle

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and they planted firmly in the ground with a very strong chain

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cemented down, no matter how hard the our friend tries to get away and free themselves, they will not be able to. So psychologically, they have a psychological block that as soon as the shackle is policed on their feet, they will not be able to move and they submit an even though the elephant when they grow.

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As soon as they put the shackle on their foot, they give even though the big elephant will be able to leave and destroyed. So I promise I will not use the elephant theory. You know what it is? Because who you told who you think who you are who you told who you are. So if I tell you you're worthless. You're I wish I never had you. You're stupid

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because I'm the one who's supposed to

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To protect you, I'm the one who's supposed to love you. So you think that or mom, they loved me, I must be stupid, I must be worthless.

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So from now on,

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as a parent should always say doctor so and so engineer so and so a lawyer so and so I'm a scholar so and so and I want you to make sure that you will get this beautiful logo with your name on it. Dr. Diana will be coming through chamalla it will be placed right there on your room on your desk so you have a goal to shoot for. And that's exactly what you have to have and that's my job to provide for you. After that I want to share with you about the supplication

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about the parenting about how that Allah subhanaw taala accept even the prophets and messengers from Lucky aku valleys Salaam you know what he was worried about after

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he was worried about his children

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you know why? Because this What will you worship after me?

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He wasn't worried about what will you have to eat uh, where will you live and what will you have to dress and will you have a roof over your head? Allah subhanaw taala will provide but he was worried about their Dean they're worried about their acne that they believe what they will believe in him. So, I have to make sure that I give you the tools, the ammunition in order for you to be able to navigate this thing called life as we mentioned earlier, and to be able to do so with that, you know, I know you love horses, so the toys or games are there. I know he loves a ps3 and everything else that we have. You know why? Because I inshallah Allah Allah, Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam

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allowed her to have the toys, they also some of the prophets and messengers had the same, even the Sahaba the companions had pets, so we're good with that. I know we had our share of pets, may God help us all and did some serious damage. So let's not go there. We'll just move on and keep it positive inshallah, I'd like to keep smiling, I don't want to remember how much damage May Allah help us.

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Understanding that, we have to be an example. And to in obedience of Allah in the benevolence of allows Viola Viola and this can only be accomplished by providing righteous environment and righteous company. So let me talk about that before I move on. You know what it is, the righteous company in the righteous environment is actually mentioned in our zaharie where Prophet Mohammed Salah Salah told our nations before you,

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nations before you that a man that killed 99 lives to long story, I won't go there. But just to take from it. You wanted to repent.

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And he went to a devoted sleeve, a servant just like a poor slave to Allah.

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He wasn't a scholar. He says I killed 99 lives, help him until back and I repent that only because he did not know. He said no. So he killed him too. First of all, you have to be intellectual, smart individual, dealing with the person who's coming to ask for you look for solutions. Don't block and never despair, anyone's mercy, the good of Allah subhanaw taala so he went to a scholar now, even though he killed 100 but he's insistent is heavily of Intel but I killed his mayor who lubaina gavina tober what's holding you back? And that's what I'm going to always tell you what's holding you back to excel. What's holding you back to be the best of the best. What's holding you back to

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excel in every aspect of life. Don't ever

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be literal yourself. Always Excel and keep your foot on the ground, but reach for the stars. That man was told by the scholar. intellect you know what Intel means is like an arrow that is coming out of a bow. He didn't say that. He didn't say go he says haste rush. So never procrastinate. My daughter in Korea asahikawa the village where the righteous people in that means the scholars say they have to have two foundations in order for you to be straightened out. And I'll talk about that inshallah. When you become closer to your school,

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but the pillars are righteous company, unrighteous and violent.

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As unece rodilla

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narrated the Prophet Mohammed Salim avoided giving, blames and avoiding making them feel ashame? He said I served them for 10 years, he never questioned about something that I did. Or I didn't. He actually never asked me why did you do this? And you never asked me? Why didn't you do it? So panela so we have to have the words of wisdom for our children to live by. Some of them I want to share with you or my daughter. You know if a child lives with criticism, they learn to condemn

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in a child lives with hostility

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They learn to fight. And if a child lives with ridicule, they live and learn to be shy. And if a child lives with shame,

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they learn to feel guilty. And if a child lives with tolerance, they learn to become patient. And if a child lives with encouragement, they learn to be confident. The child raised is raised with praise. They learned to appreciate and if a child lives with fairness, they learn about justice. And their child lives with security. They learn to have faith.

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But if a child lives with approval, they learn to like themselves. And if a child lives with acceptance and friendship, they learn to live happy in this world.

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I want to share stories with you.

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And I want to tell you about them in the next episode in sha Allah. So as the days turn, and the world turn, we will turn another page of beautiful storytellers that we can live by. I will see you soon.