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In the lumber Illa

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Salatu was Salam O Allah Colombia.

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He was heavy on whether

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Allah Subhana Allah said

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yeah are you hella Dina Armand also follow official Mika

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when you go to a T shirt on in Ola kumanovo movie

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inshallah we'll do this ayah today and tomorrow in two parts

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and for today we'll look at the first part of the our last round that I said yeah you will live in our no odo colo facility

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The eye is referring to and is addressing the people who are believers.

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And as I was saying, we believe we were living in harmony

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we know from the other operand that anytime and last were handled Allah addresses and uses this form of address where he says yeah, you will you know, what does it mean?

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It's algoma wireless router.

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So what is to follow from there is the order of Allah subhanho wa Taala Raja Zynga levina armano okolo facil McAfee all you will believe and enter into Islam fully.

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What is the meaning of this?

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If you are if you are one who believes then according to at least according to our understanding, we are already believers.

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We are we are already inside Islam.

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So what is the meaning of saying what's cool VC mega enter into Islam fully.

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You see I said yeah, you are not

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with guru Vishal we got five others either as a co op will enter into Islam fully one can understand because there are people who are not Muslim

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or desires not saying I wanna sell as well as the I will live in an AMA.

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All you're really enter into Islam fully.

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Which means that just believing is not something that

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you're saying I believe is not sufficient. And of course, we have other evidences of this, that saying I believe is not sufficient. Allah subhanaw taala said this in so many words

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was validated in so many words is that the

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model tribal people they say we have believed, tell them you have not believed you only entered Islam.

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And only if you obey Allah subhanho wa Taala and is nubby and establish a solid and beta God, then you will be considered to be believers.

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When I was around, establish salah and pay zakat, then why why is Allah smarter also saying obey Allah is

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because the obedience to align in the V is not restricted to salah and zaccaro

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and that is why matters rather as a well as an Amen. Oh, hello Vishal Mika. We know that D and three entering into Islam fully is different from merely being born in a Muslim home or having a Muslim name or saying Laila Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah

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that is the door that is the gateway that is the entry but actually entering into Islam fully is more than this.

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And this I remind myself when you as this is the biggest

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trick of Satan

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which he tries with the believers. So when he cannot keep you out of Islam

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and he cannot give you out of Islam, what does he do? He tells you that it is okay to practice Islam partially.

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He tells you that some things are important and you should do it other things are not important It is okay if you neglect them. It is okay if you don't do that.

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So what is actually encouraging you to do and what are you doing if you want to if you fall into that trap,

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you are setting yourself against Allah subhanho wa Taala as equal to Allah in deciding what is important and what is not important.

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Just reflect on this think about this

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a lot rather than saying everything is

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entered into Islam fully and we are saying no, no, that's not true.

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If I do something which I like and some other thing, which I don't like is okay.

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effectively with your actions, this is what you are saying.

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I remind myself when you one brother that Islam did not come Islam is not like Coke.

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It doesn't come with different strength doesn't come in different flavors.

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There is no sugar for Islam and there is no light Islam and there is no classic Islam. Yeah, there is one Islam which is brought by Muhammad Rasul Allah, Allah is Allah not brought by me or you or my grandfather, your grandfather.

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It was brought

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By the interview of Allah, Allah Allah Allah He was I was alone.

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And that Islam comes with this book called The Koran. And his book called The Quran has this ayah in it whereas radicalising directly column of Allah, not the interpretation of the Quran, not the understanding of bombas Rasul Allah about the column or somebody else's no unless ran out there are direct speech, and he is giving a Hong Kong man instruction and order and he's saying oh yo believe meaning those people who have already entered Islam enter into Islam fully and completely.

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Whereas we by our actions,

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may Allah protect us from this And may Allah, Allah give us the object to make instant and immediate Toba and stop doing this rubbish. We by our actions stand up in in opposition to Allah and we said, Oh, no, no, that's okay. You think it is?

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enter into Islam fully is important, but according to us entering into Islam, to the extent we feel like is enough.

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Because ask yourself if you are not practicing some of the things that you should be practicing what is the reason? Bottom line? What is the reason?

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I don't like to do it with other objects. Minus

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nobody's standing with a sword on your neck? No. nobody's saying you do this, you are going to be in prison for the next 75 years.

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You are and your knifes nothing else.

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If a woman is not putting on a job, or like many of the ladies do

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Walmart as a girl ever do this.

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Why Ignagni Malibu.

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So, what did what do they do? They take one dupatta and they drape it over the head.

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So, that is neither a job not not a job. So it's like Allah knows what it is.

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fashion statement

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just like the manner of action statement, which is sharing the

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the ordinary Gavin was seated

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the appearance of the man which never is a lalala salon not only liked but he actually gave a direct order. He said do this,

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what is your that is the direct order of NaVi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what is your opinion about obeying this order? And if you are not obeying it, what are you effectively saying? He was saying that I will obey what I feel like I will not be what I don't be like so effectively is not you're not what what else is I can understand if you are living in a country where there is a if you are if a man is seen with a beard, he will be put in prison there are countries like this, it has happened also.

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But in the light Allah the Great Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala that we live in countries where nobody bothers nobody cares, nobody will stop you. Nobody will say anything. And I can tell you from my personal experience that people the non Muslims actually praise you and they say, Man, this looks very nice.

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Maybe Marianne was wondering when nobody else no one except a Muslim objects to a beard.

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No one except a Muslim, and Sarkozy object store.

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Lana de Lally.

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seriously think about this, do not do this to yourself. Because the point is is rather than saying Yeah.

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You know, I am saying this. I'm saying this because the promises of Allah subhanaw taala the acceptance of love from Allah subhanaw taala accept the acceptance of love Allah subhanho wa Taala is dependent on fulfilling this condition of entering Islam fully.

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Now I can understand for example, you might say you know, the home of Allah subhanho wa Taala with regard to Salah is to have Cujo and cuddle and the Salah concentration that he gets. Now I'm doing my best.

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I'm bringing the hijos I'm coming to the masjid for Salah, I'm standing in Salah I'm trying to concentrate, but you know I am weak. So this happens that happens sometimes that concentration will go here and there. Now most of the time of concentration goes there and one can understand this is something which is beyond your control. Insha Allah Allah subhanho data, we have great faith in the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah that Allah will forgive us for this and will still count our Salah.

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But what is his route? What is the problem of sharing your face everyone?

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Nobody's forcing you to do that. Right and he's up dakka dakka dakka dakka

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somebody wrote me that that is a cobra both Koji Scaroni

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de Cultura de la casa de

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las casas, Gary

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What's not like a big gotcha?

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Let them go too Seriously? Seriously, I'm saying do not do this because the point I'm making is this. See? I'm speaking to people who are Mashallah praying Salat on budget in the masjid.

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That is

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melasma delectables Allah May Allah Allah will your lives with his new origin

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now my point is a grabber Guna mainly involving

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Nicaragua El Salvador does not even make up for another visit we will not even mention the beard was by NASA one of those heading

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down below is not even praying what I will tell him about beard and mustache and the job and whatnot.

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Someone who's observing the bar or just spending a night in a disco what we will tell you was get out of there

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but my point is are unreliable and a man with a lie. People who practice Islam very handily will bear witness and as far as I know you practice law very sincerely and very with with great humility and trying to please Allah 100 litre bladder then why do it partially This is the question why do you only sit and examine well why am I doing this purely and purely from my enough's my enough is digging me down the drain. Let me not do that. Because Allah has done has said yeah, you will live in

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Mecca. Now when you enter into Islam fully then the doors of the treasures of Allah subhanho wa Taala open

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then you raise your hand and make dua Allah subhanaw taala will accept his dry and your and the nose of Allah subhanaw taala will descend in your favor.

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So I remind myself when you let us not do things partially, it is not a good thing to do partially in the dunya or

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either way, what do we say is our is going to a gym to work out.

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In the dialogue, Jim does a big rouge Boston which has shut up and drain.

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And that's the fact some people go to the gym and they're walking around and they're talking to this one that one just chatting and they climb on this machine for five minutes and they get up in the climb and you think about why this is not gonna help you.

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Technically you are in the gym. But this your behavior in the gym is not going to help you at all. So don't fool yourself. Don't think I went to the gym. going to the gym is not the issue the training is the issue. So seriously, as a one hour you do your weights and you do your aerobics and you do all the stuff that you were supposed to do in the system that you're supposed to do then it will help you just walking around here and there and chatting to people is nominal we

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apply that same standard to the junior but we will not apply the same standards as far as our Dean is concerned why

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this is this is different. So why that's what I was saying you have entered Islam and umbrella. Now completely enter Islam bring in Islam completely into your life. Do not set yourself as the as the opposition of Allah subhanho wa Taala don't take this decision by yourself to say well I will practice whatever I feel like practicing but this is purely from cheta We ask Allah subhanaw taala to save us from this and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to put his love enough in our hearts that we have no hesitation in following the deen of Allah Salazar, Allah and then you ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless us with all the blessings of his Deen and we will do the rest of the tomorrow was

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Allah Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was away.