Noble Quran Stories 17 – Creation of Adam (as) & reaction of Iblis

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Episode Notes

Noble Quran Stories 

Creation of Adam (as) & reaction of Iblis


– Stories in the Quran

– Who was Adam (as) & what was special about him? 

– Surah Hijr v26-44

– What was Adam (as) created from? 

– How many times is his name mentioned in the Quran? 

– Could the story of Adam (as) not be a metaphor? 

– What does ‘blew into him my spirit’ mean? 

– Why didn’t Iblis prostrate?

– Are we allowed to prostrate to other than Allah? 

– Was Iblis and angel or jinn? 

– What was he doing in the company of angels? 

– For what did Iblis plead? 

– Who did Iblis blame for his fall? 

– What did Iblis promise to do? 

– What are the three primary sins? 

– What day was Adam created? 

– What was Adam’s height? 

– Is there a tension between the Islamic narrative of Adam (as) the theory of human evolution? 

– Do we know when Adam was sent to earth? 

– What lessons can we derive from the story of Adam (as) & Iblis’s reaction?