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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Nevada salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My dear brothers and sisters, Islam. And welcome back to the fourth episode of the series of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, where we left you the last time of that story of gibreel Ali Salaam where he came and universal Prophet Mohammed solonius alum and the heart incident that is narrated inside a Muslim and NSR de la norba. Before that, Halima Saudi Arabia law, did not want to give Prophet Mohammed wa sallam back to his mother. I mean, I've been to every theory mushiya Tila and we know for sure that what happened there is the blessing that allows upon outside

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has given Halima Saudi where Prophet Mohammed Salam was with her and all these provisions that have happened and assistant as it happened, she used to go back to her his mother and say, aha for any man, well that I feel for him for all this, you know, impurities of muck and all this, the the environment and so on. So she keeps keeping them back till that story happened. Halima Sadie have feared for him, because the men came back and the kids came back to her and says, What do you know, Mohammed? Mohammed died, but of course he didn't. So this as we mentioned before, this was an incident that clarified that Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam was purified, and May Allah

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subhanaw taala purify our hearts from the illness of that Allah. And this means that Halima said he came back to his mother, and all of a sudden, the one that did not want to give her son back to her, just saying, fake him, fake him. So his mother knew there was something up, he says, What happened to you? You just telling me that I don't want to give it back to you and all of a sudden you give it back to me, is you feared for something that happened and she was honest with her and told her so Allah He Do not worry. I know that allows what Allah protect to him. And when he was born, I said, I seek refuge in Allah from everyone that will let do any evil I against them. I'm 100. I mean,

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Prophet Muhammad wa salam came back till he was six years old. His mother died. I mean, I've been to his mother died. And now he became doubly orphaned, not just lost his father, he lost his mother. And the scholars will tell you that this is something for us brothers and sisters to learn. That Prophet Mohammed Salim was the best issuer for mankind. He's the best role model Why? Because if you talk to any prophet other a messenger, other than Prophet Mohammed Salim, if you say that, can he be a husband? Not all of them for Can you be the son can be the best husband, the best neighbor than you anyone talk about him being an orphan Can you see a loss of hundreds Allah gave him everything,

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in order for him to relate to all human beings and the tangible example for us as a role model? What happened to me at this time, it was supposed to be his jet, his grandfather abdominopelvic. He looked after him from six years old, till about eight years old and two months approximately, till he died.

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But in the meanwhile, when he was in the sponsorship of his grandfather, he looked after him perfectly, he honored him. It is also narrated in the book that Abdulmutallab the grandfather of Prophet Mohammed sauce, lm had a special place in the Kaaba, where he used to have a little math, even his children would not dare to sit in that place that had been without him, except the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was honored to be able to sit in that place. And when uncles of Prophet Muhammad SAW Salaam, either sons of Abdulmutallab, his grandfather told them not to do that, Abdullah himself though No, leave them. This man will have a great, great disposition in

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the future. He knew it. He felt it and he honored him till that day that his own grandfather died. His kafala His sponsorship and ownership now was taken to his uncle

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Abu Talib Abu Talib is narrated, when they looked after him for almost 40 years as we will come and see in sha Allah. He helped him with everything he that he had, but you will see so Pamela when he died, how he died? Again, we say reiterate the data. Yeah, the guidance comes from Allah. May Allah guide us in sha Allah that is right to follow. I mean, in that incident, one time a man came out of Mecca, he says it was it was very dry, nothing there was no rain, it was dry. And he says, Yeah, by far the ghost dusty, go ask a lot to give us rain. So we took the hula who's the Prophet Mohammed Salim with him, and then he returned, the heady thesis will lay there was no, no clouds around. But

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by the burqa by the blessing of Allah subhanaw taala given Prophet Mohammed says of this honor, he says the clouds came from everywhere and the levels of Panama

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Allah blessed him with the sustenance of rain, though everything was a given water and the cultivation was grown and the animals were quench the thirst. These are beautiful indications that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah has given to people, this man is special, this special, this is the leader. This is the indication, these are the signs. Among that indication, of course, a man was called

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the Heroes is known in the Sierra and now no one denies that fact. And one in innovation says his real name is good because hola Harlem, he saw a prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam coming with his uncle, taking him on a trip a journey of a business trip. It used to be merchants go back and forth, they buy and sell and so on. So he took him with him approximately 12 years old or so that he and I saw Prophet Mohammed Salim coming with his uncle, and he noticed him, he kept an eye on him. And when Prophet Mohammed Salim came by, he says he took his hand, and from his uncles and he says, say you didn't mean to rob bill, and I mean, this is the leader and the master of the creation, this is

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the messenger of the lord of creation is what I had, how do you know that? He says what law he I kept an eye on you since you left the the the trees and the bow down to him and a year he can hear you can see everything bow down to him and nobody does that except for a profit error messenger. He is that one. In other innovation also says that there was an AMA that felt continual Prophet Mohammed Salim to shade him. And there was a man and I look for those people inside the people know Well, he kept looking at Prophet Mohammed Salim, even the hero, he kept asking about his dreams. Who was your father? Who was what do you see? How do you feel? And he asked him about everything to make

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sure that he is that Prophet and Messenger. And He then made sure that he saw that seal of the prophets. It is a birthmark between the shoulder blades. And it looked it had a few hairs and they really those three hairs will know who Adam is like the hairs of the rooster, and it had a few birthmarks around it. So he made sure that there is him every every indication that is him was there. So he told I will tell him, he says do not take him to the Jews, they will kill him. They know His signs and they have killed prophets and messengers before keep him away for half an hour.

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I will tell him, he says I will not take him with me to that he changed the plans and he came back.

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This is what Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was saved by that and allows the panel data see them also from what from anything that is not befitting for a profit or messenger to go through even when that young age so he never drank alcohol. He never was intended to anything to do with even weddings that they used to drink and dance and do anything that is not befitting or any act of transgression. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was saved by that in other narrations, even Prophet Mohammed Salah seldom when do you use to work on the Kaaba and carry the students some of them used to actually take their clothes off and take their food, their garments and place it on the shoulder

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to protect their shoulders from carrying the stone. But Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam did not that there is I was never exposed. And one time it is narrated at one time as a human being he wanted to go to our house he wanted to go to a wedding to hear and enjoy and the levels of how no dialogue even notice he made him into a slumber in mode. He did not even go to that place. Allahu Allah. He says prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He says that he says Dori to Allah haIf I was invited to a party to a treaty school with his will food at that time. Use it. He says will law he if I had home or near him that harmonium is the red camels. This was the the best of worldly position, like having a fancy car as you have now. So he says this would be a much better than that physical fool. It is mentioned that one narration says they called it his beautiful door because the people that joined it was what they called fabulous fun and so on. Their first name was fun, and flew among the Netherlands because they established in the enjoin good and forbid evil. And it was there before Islam and it stayed after Islam without a

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blindness of even what he was saying was the oppressed. He went to he went and he says, Well, like I will fight a fight for him till death. And of course, there's a story behind it. And the movie, alas, the movie, the father of

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the law. He there was a man from a team and to do a deal with him outside of Mecca, but he oppressed him he did not give him his right. So he declared, what happened to the righteous? What happened?

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The good Do we have established good here and Prophet Mohammed Salim went to get him. Another story says that God

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was with him behind them and of course in the form of a big camel and of course when the people made fun of Prophet Muhammad Allah Allah says you know that that man that was oppressed Do you know that movie era was among the society and he was not listen?

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So go go to him he will get you with your rights back. Of course not knowing that allows the power to Allah

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who was with him by the blessing of Allah subhanho wa Taala when he went knocking door give this man his right so right away or you know, give him as rate so people around him was wondering what happened. We thought that you were gonna make fun of him and not give him that man's rights back. But that's what Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam did. He established, he joined good and forbid evil, even when he was young. He was taught and raised by the way of olanzapine otalgia, the guardianship and the production of olanzapine agenda. Now, Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam was now known for his moral conduct his behavior, and he's Amana is untrustworthiness Allah Subhana

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Allah to Allah testified as we mentioned before, what in Nicoletta Hello canal lien? Indeed you're the highest moral of conduct. He was that leader of human beings as such was known books could be written just for his moral contents. Now, Khadija de la Randhawa heard about this man, who was this man that he's got his reputation, to be honest, so she asked him to do what to look after her business because of what he his moral conduct brothers and sisters. So if you lead by example, and the best dalawella I tell you, especially in the Western world, the best way is to lead by example, you don't have to go knock on people's doors that ask you not to, but I'm saying the best way to

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invite people to the fold of Islam and the faith of Islam inshallah is to live Islam to be a walking talk but be like Prophet Mohammed for some of them. When I

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was asked how was Prophet Mohammed Salim used to say he was a walking pulpit you kind of hula Coco and his manners and conduct was the Quran was a walking grant of the How could we not be like Prophet Mohammed Salim at least do our best to be the followers of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I asked you for the sake of Allah. If Prophet Muhammad wa salam comes back and he looks at you, you're better than you can't that's the way you live your life. God will he know you to be a Muslim? So let us come back to be with Prophet Mohammed Salim Jenna, follow his footsteps inshallah, in every aspect of our life insurance.

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And now, Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is taking care of the business of Khadija.

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And he she sent with him my Salah, yesterday Allah Subhana Allah His name Meister among from ease with adjara masala himself among the slaves as a DJ. He used to do what used to accompany Prophet Mohammed Salim Fatah job. He was astonished by how prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam led by examples in the moral conduct, how smart he was, how a great businessman how honest he was because Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem was different before people used to go buy some merchandise and sell it and that's it. But Prophet Mohammed Salim used to do what they used to buy merchandise, sell it there from there to buy merchandise again and go sell it there. So it was doubling our money, the

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profit, you see, so my Salah, keep that in mind. And Khadija de la asked me sir one time How is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So he told me what law he I haven't seen anyone like him before. And everyone testifies that his moral conduct, everyone testifies that he's honest, and he is a very smart businessman and and and so on. So So now hydrogeology law started take interest in Mohammed Salama while he was selling them. And now she one time there was a story narrated that when he was traveling One day,

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a man says well law he is a prophet. When he was asked, why is this such a? It's this tree is about it frustrated and covered over a prophet Mohammed salami cheated him and no one who sits behind under that tree except is a prophet or messenger. Again, so many signs. So Panama, and now prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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is given the beautiful treaty. And we said before that looking Indonesia here, how was Islam spread in Indonesia? Was it by the fire fighting and the wars spreading by the sword as people claimed love ally, the biggest Muslim country on the face of the earth Indonesia, not one sword was actually lifted or was not spread by the sword in in Asia. That's one of the biggest

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proof that Islam is not spread by the sword at the end of the day, we will do what we have to do but even then, Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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lived among the Jews and the Christians in Medina

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and we know is the fastest growing religion on the face of the earth. And we don't have the swords of humility. We don't have the power. But it's the power of Eman and the promise of a loss of Hannah Lj love Yoda. That is Islam is the fastest growing religion on the face of the earth. In Indonesia, there was not one sword lifted, do we know that? But by the blessing of Allah subhanaw taala it was by the honest merchants rebinding Prophet Mohammed Salim is an honest merchant. People came into the fold and they believe he was blessed by Khadija de la Nova by his moral conduct in sha Allah. Now, Khadija Giovanna when she started to ask, and then she heard all the positive things. She asked to

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marry Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem, and she sent a woman

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and to ask for his hand in marriage in an indirect way. Of course, he was Alinea and jameelah. She was a very powerful woman agreed disposition honorable of society. She was very rich, very beautiful. So many men asked for her hand in marriage, but she refused. But Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam she had a special interest on for so many reasons, among them, of what we heard. Now Nafisa de la vida, winter Prophet Muhammad wa sallam testing the water. This is Yeah, Mohammed el estado Salam.

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How can you get married yet? He says, I don't have what it takes. She says How about Khadija is married to Martha Dejah where am I am? Where's Khadija? This is the halleck if Khadija agrees to marry you Will you marry her is that of course. So she goes back to Khadija rajala on our baja gives us the glad tidings but of course you didn't say now I have to play hard to get to know them like we don't play these games my brother and sisters we have to please allow us a pat on gelato that we have to make sure that we follow the Quran and Sunnah in getting our weddings and the fear loss upon our to Allah in the diary don't make things are lawful, difficult actually. So the things that are

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unlawful become easy. The scholar says we're lucky if we make it easy for our youth to get married. Late Khadija rajala on our Prophet Mohammed Salim Fatima hora de la Nova as you see in the Sierra, when she married Leah, what was her, Valerie? How could we make it difficult for our brothers and sisters to get married, especially in this society, we have to protect their chastity. We have to make sure that they get married young and make it easy for them and help them to do the right thing that make it difficult for them. Of course, we'll have to learn Rodney now Khadija de la excepted marrying Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and he married her for 25 years. He was 25 years and

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Khadija was 40 years there was a difference in age, but she was the most beloved as you will see how she stood by Prophet Mohammed Sutherland for 25 years he married none other than Khadija. So he was 50 years old.

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Again, what was the

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Prophet Mohammed Salah was given that children by Khadija Raja lanova seven their three sons and four daughters, except for him alayhis salam was from Marielle to Priya, but the rest of his children was Qasim Abdullah and he used to be called a political play but people think that there's more people and more children No, is it Abdullah was nicknamed or dubbed at a bar. That's fine. So Oliver is it is the name of Abdullah. So it's Kasim, Abdullah Ibrahim, so inshallah Allah Islam, and this is where we'll get to them in time, inshallah. And of course, what year was a woman called film of Ultima among the four that makes him the seven, the children of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam. Now, it is time to rebuild the Kaaba.

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Because of what happened, it is one nation that is water drownded or it was torn down by a fire when a woman was trying to give behold, you know, the incident and she kind of burned down whatever the story is that low alum, but they wanted to rebuild the Kaaba, but even then, they were Muslim.

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They had worshiped the idols, the scribe partners on to Allah, but even then he and he did not want to have any unlawful wealth in rebuilding the Kaaba. So they said no lemon law, Marbury Horbury, there was no one the ladies of the night or any unlawful sources of money will be included in rebuilding the Kaaba. And they said, No oppressive money, nothing, no Hulu, and we don't use any rubber, even then they usury I know we can call it whatever we want to call it. I know that some of the scholars that this is among the signs of times that things will be called other than his name, so paronella so what we call now you know, this

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Before indication that you see on your screen, Allah help us for loving people kissing each other and doing other things as you know, Lone Star and the call that not fornication they call it that art. So parent Allah, and the call the what the this alcohol now they call it spiritual drinks law homestand really allowed for the Effie and the call leaves. We know it's interest, something of good. So I have an idea, why don't we call the pig a cow and start eating it? If that's if that's all it takes, he changed the name of something and it becomes

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this call things of spirit speed and Sharla. So even then, even then, they did not want to have any unlawful source of money and rebuilding the GABA, but money was short. So we rebuild the Kaaba. And the took out hedges. My hedges name was not included in that crab. And that's why prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he was starting to Asia is Willa he, Lola and Nicole MacArthur added Boko Haram tell Kaaba Lebanese.

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He Prophet Mohammed Salim says because of the people that are new to Islam, because we don't want to rebuild them see because of making a mockery of the Kaaba, the the Heba, this beautiful glue that comes with it. This is what people will be doubtful, and speculate about discover, he said he would have rebuilt the camera, the camera and he would take the hedges, male as you see it supposed to be inside. That's why you don't actually make fourth inside, you go from the outside, not from the inside the cover outside the cover. And he says that he had two doors, people came in from one door and came out from the other door. But then my brothers and sisters profit muscle and wanted to

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rebuild it. But understand the hikma the wisdom behind it, because now the hero by and large, we can delay the by on what is known to be right for a reason for a purpose that will not say that this is a lesser if there's something harm and good can combine into more harm than good. We leave it in sha Allah but we understand that we declared the truth in a time in Java, but we learned even then they have to clear the money. So ask yourself at the end of the day, how is your wife my brothers and sisters? You say help me moseyed. This is give me more, give me more and you don't care about the level services. Remember the Sahaba for the love. I mean, they used to tell their husband before

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they go out. He says a tequila Vina nationalist brother Harold you

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feel like treating us we can withstand the pain of hunger, but we cannot withstand the pain of the hellfire. So how is your wealth affiliate have to remember that this wealth when Allah Subhana was added Is this how does this know that your wife is like have calculation health? Imagine this beautiful tree which is your wife he, as a smart man you keep the Harm's away from in a beautified this beautiful tree, quench the thirst of that tree your wife with lawful sources of money. Why? Because the fruits of that tree are your children. So how are you doing? on that beautiful wealth that Prophet Mohammed says Olam even then he didn't. So we learn in sha Allah. If you listen to that

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the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us about and of course, a man in comes to that rebuilding the Kaaba. A slave was given in Makkah, a Coptic and you knew how to rebuild using so panela the wood and ship it was wrecked close by so they use the wood. And the man came in with the knowledge and allows the panel to either give him the causes, given everything to rebuild the cab again. But they were afraid Why were they afraid? They were afraid because they remembered what happened to abre what happened to Abra they have not forgotten so they were afraid to take it down and rebuild it again. But Allah Subhana Allah tala his willingness brittni infinite wisdom, given a

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way to do it with that we'll talk about it next episode in sha Allah, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make someone do some speech and follow the rest of it. Well, I've heard that woman hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam ala alihi wa sahbihi whatever and she's like Allah Hi, no. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh