Fighting The Enemy Within 002

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Which is usually avoided in discussion.

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The Muslims don't like to talk about themselves, it's easy for them to talk about others.

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There are some Muslims who feel that if we simply established an Islamic State, miraculously, if we just established it somewhere,

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this will resolve the problems of the Muslims.

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And some of those same Muslims, they believe, the way to establish an Islamic State is to elect a Khalifa just elect one.

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And if you elect to Khalifa, he will have some power, he will put things in order, he will establish a region and that region will become a state and therefore the Muslims will have something to relate to they can migrate to so forth and so on.

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These wishes and hopes, and there is no paradigm that leads us there.

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And there is no evidence that simply because there is a region, and there is no evidence seems to suggest that if there is a Khalifa or body put back on their head,

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that this will solve our problems. Because I remind you and I remind myself that just 74 years ago,

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there was a Khalifa.

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And 100 years before that there was a halifa and there was what Muslims considered to be the heartland of Islam.

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Just two months ago, I visited that Heartland,

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the home of the halifa.

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And let me tell you what I experienced there.

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I'm a Muslim.

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Coming from

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the masjid Maghreb, at night.

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From Tuscan square in

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Istanbul, a Muslim, dressed as I'm dressing

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the heart, homeland of Islam 70 years ago, the home of the philosopher.

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What do I find?

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A young man approached me and he says to me, yeah, Haji Sam Polycom, Kalamata me.

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So this man has no beard. He's just in tight jeans is calling me Haji. And do I speak Arabic? So I speak English to him.

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What do you need? What do you want him say? Salaam Alaikum. What do you need? What do you want? He excuses himself. And then he speaks English to me. Once he finds out I speak English. He said, Would you like to have sex?

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I tell him, No, I'm not interested in that. He said I have beautiful girls or have boys.

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Or I have animals.

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He called me Haji first asked me if I speak Arabic next pass right beyond the fact that I told him that he spoke English and went to his business. This is the home of the philosopher.

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This didn't happen one night. But every single night that I left my hotel room going to the masjid coming back.

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And the van is called

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at masters Sophia. That the blue Masjid at mameluke Masjid all of a beautiful massages. Who do you find in the masjid? The ma'am and five or 10 worshipers? That's it?

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Nobody praised.

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Maybe one person out of 1000 people pray at home of the philosopher. Did that happen in the last 70 years?

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No it didn't.

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It happened over a period of time this corruption this difference of Islam.

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It happened long before the head was decapitated of the body. The body was already constipated, cancerous already.

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And this body has not repaired itself. It's not even prepared for head.

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Now this is the truth of our condition.

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Now I want to talk about how our condition has come to be what it is from the enemy within. Because we don't correct it from within. Don't think you're going to correct something from outside

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the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam

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and I'm going to bypass the Arabic just for the sake of the audience here. The message of a loss or loss him gave to his companions one day

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a lesson he said

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A time will come when the nations of the world will gather themselves together and call each other to consume you.

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Like a group of hungry people would gather around a plate of food when it is put in the midst.

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And the companions of the Prophet, so a lot of them thought

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that it would be because they were in the minority. So he had they asked, or messenger of Allah sallallahu assemble this because we were in the minority, he said, No, on the contrary, you will be at that time in the majority. What are we today?

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1.2 billion Muslims in the world representing one out of every five human beings on the earth. Are we in the majority as a religious group? Definitely. sadaqa Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam.

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But he said, your enemies, our enemies will have no respect for us. Is this the case? No respect. They choose two powers. They get together and they choose in their back rooms, what we want today.

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Let's take Somalia.

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Please take Afghanistan. Let's take this one. Let's take that one. What do they have to offer us they got raw minerals.

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They got natural resources.

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They got a logistic geography.

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They got this, they got that. And we want it let's take it

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with the prophet SAW Sam said, with no regard to who those people are.

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No regard to what power what religion or anything they represent, because they are part of the infected body

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that has been decapitated. And the Muslim leaders of today have agreed not to put the body back on the head.

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They've already agreed it's already signed, the hereafter will not come back.

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But this is not the main issue. The main issue is what the prophet SAW Sam said, The what has happened. Your enemies will have no respect of you.

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And your substance,

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the substance

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of your body

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will be no more than the bubbles and the trash that the ocean brings on to the show and leaves when it goes back out.

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Any one of you have lived near the ocean you know exactly what it means.

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When the wave comes in and goes back out, it leaves trash, bubbles and scum on the shore.

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The prophet SAW Selim said this will be the substance of the Muslims at that time. Is that what it is today? That is exactly our condition. Why? Because of the enemy within. He went on Salatu was Salam.

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And he said Besides this, Allah subhanho wa Taala will strike in your heart Why in

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and they asked him because this is an unusual word in the Arabic language they didn't know what it meant. He said, The meaning of it is hook the dunya

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will cover here to mount

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in ordinary attachment and preoccupation with the dunya.

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a difference and being afraid of dying. This our condition

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while some few Muslims are putting their lives on the line and dying, the majority of the Muslims are filling their bellies, filling their houses, filling their bank accounts

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and using the excuse of their attachment preoccupation was to do here

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Muslim brothers and sisters

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what I want to speak about tonight is another enemy that in my estimation is equal if not greater, in his threat and impact upon the Muslims.

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A threat and an enemy which is usually avoided and discussion and which is sometimes veiled by other emotional issues.

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This enemy works from within the oma and therefore its influence is double edged

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and it has created

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psychosis among the Muslims, and for those of you who study psychology, you understand that psychosis means and in ordinate human behavior that does not allow us to act in a natural way. psychosis.

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It's a madness. It's a mental disease. And if it's not treated,

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it becomes more and more complex and more difficult to treat.

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One, it serves to aggravate and distort the relationship between Muslims. That's the first thing it does this psychosis.

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So that you find in a university like this, this behavior, this inordinate behavior, this psychosis, what does it do? A small body of Muslims are here, but I'll guarantee you they are probably representative of at least six or seven different groups, at least

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six or seven different groups of Muslims that don't even really like to pray together.

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Six or seven different groups that try to draw on the same resources that the university offers for the Muslims

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67 different groups of Muslims who at times don't even want to say Salaam to each other passing through the hallways

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67 groups who feel

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that their ideological, sociological, religious understanding of Islam or situation is more righteous and correct than the others.

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And six or seven different groups who themselves do not want to come under any single leadership. This is a psychosis.

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This is a severe psychosis. That's one side of the blade. The other side of the blade is that it serves to distort and undermine the Islamic message and the image of the Muslims double edged sword. So the enemy from within does more damage for us and to us than enemies outside.

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This enemy has several phases and features of which I want to talk a little bit about

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the first of which is lack of knowledge.

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Any kind of ignorance that prevails, it is because of lack of knowledge first.

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Even when an individual and the time of the companions of the Prophet SAW last name, a group emerged,

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a group emerged and that group their understanding or their misunderstanding or their mis application of some of the acts of Allah subhanaw taala. they emerge and they began calling others Kaffirs.

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First there was a distinction