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The history of dis worrying and protecting one's health and beauty is discussed, including the rise of Islam in India and the loss of the previous king of Yemen. The new president of the United States, Sirholder, also uses deadly warfare and the cycle of "offensive seasons" of Islam. The segment also touches on the confusion surrounding Sirholder's actions and the use of deadly warfare. The transcript describes a street fight between two groups of animals, the Arabs and the Mojestves, where the animals were hit by a tree and the Mojestves were killed by a lion. The segment also touches on the birth of Prophet Mohammedignola wa sallam and the importance of the birth of Prophet Muhammadignola's love for the water line.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah salam aleikum, wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, and welcome and shall love the second episode of the series of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we left you last time talking about the tail via the difference between the ambit of vanilla E, and those who stay on the straight path and the danger of the beta. According to the scholars, again, we mentioned it is the second most important things that to learn about the act of disobedience to stay away from any innovation, because it's the second on the list after shift whatever the hell but I mean, imagine yourself being there at the end of the

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taking you back in time to that history and learning from it. Even there are two stories between 911 was at the time where people actually worship the idols. Among those two idols, believe it or not, there was an interesting story. NET Illa what was if they were to among their statues, believe it or not, they were actually real people. Not a lot what was a man and a woman loved each other very much. They wanted to marry each other. And the parents did not agree to that marriage. So they met, they had a rendezvous, they actually said that we will meet at the Kaaba, and they did whatever Subhanallah if he I can't believe it, but when he did what they did in front of that club, so allows

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the panel to Allah turned them into stone. Imagine a loss of hundreds Allah turned them into stone, to be a lesson learned for anyone that would dare and have the audacity to this will be a loss of hideout Allah in not matter in front of the Kaaba. So my dear brothers and sisters, how are you doing? Naughty? When it comes to fornication? When it comes to lowering your gaze? When it comes to protecting your chastity? Are we prepared? Are we preserving ourselves for the righteous husband, we preserving ourselves for the righteous wife at the end of the day, because if you protect yourself olanzapine our data will protect one for you at the end of the day, so don't start your life in an

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improper way. Don't start your foundation with a shaky Foundation, or Viola follow the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammed says Olam in dealing with each other in choosing the righteous spouse. Go back to the wire and soon as you'll have a happy life in sha Allah with a happy wife in sha Allah.

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Allah Subhana Allah to Allah third now a lot of self into stones. Even then, I'm

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pleased one on the sofa and one on the model. That's why you when we read the Quran, in our Mandala minchah illa from an agile beta from our village in a hurry, we know that the Sahaba delana has been when they wanted to perform hajj and umrah they knew that

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South Illa wanna suffer. They were afraid because they knew what happened. And you knew who the orcs were the war but a loss of Hannah Montana, they said it is

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this among the acts of worship and to start to perform the Hajj and Umrah properly it is not this has been lifted, it is not it is expected. It is not that the reason for it and Sharla so we know the reason behind it and how much the idol worship became became before Islam, and how much how they started, you said that these people were righteous so that people after us will remember them. We don't want them to forget them. So they started to have statues that people will remember them, a generation passed by.

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And now they come in and they say that these people or that bring this closer to Allah, Allah, Allah, another generation comes in, they say, No, why don't we ask them for food and water? And that's how things start to heat and ot. So, we talked about that as the last one we continue in Sharla look at even our photographer de la noir bruh when he used to be seen laughing with no one else around them, and crying also where no one else alone around him, but nobody there to ask him his or her popular dilemma as you will see inshallah, in the next episodes how, how strong he was, and how men theater modular and raw strength and everything as you will see, but no one there to ask

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him that one man took the carriage and asked him one day. He said sometimes, oh Amira momineen at the time, is sometimes we see you laughing and sometimes you see crying but nobody's around you. Nobody made you laugh, or nobody made me cry. Could you please explain why is that? So it says sometimes I laugh because I remember that I forgot to bring my god

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with me. So I made one out of this.

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And on the way, I worshiped my Illa My God out of dates, but I got hungry. So I looked around, there was nothing to eat. So I looked at my ILA, he started to look very good to me. And he started eating his villa.

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But it isn't allowed to be worshipped. And that's why he used to laugh at this time. Did you imagine eating your God? Allahu Akbar. Yes, he so actually they asked him, Why did you not have minds? Mm hmm. Did you know funny minds? How could you not have an intellect and think about what you just did? Is there a hole was there, the mines were there, but the data was not there. So the guidance was not there. So he died from Allah. May Allah guide us all to the straight path even Prophet Mohammed Salim was told us you will see this the story in the theater later on in Nicoletta demon.

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In the indeed, you will not guide those whom you love. It's not alone. We'll talk about that a little bit later.

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We're taking you now to another, he knew that the Indian will come and they will actually conquer and they started going to Iraq and here and you will see that history of their salon and now coming back to the tuba. And it comes from the two bears the king of Yemen, the kings of Yemen they will call to bat and the king of personal called kiss the Romans and then the Persians will pay for and so on and the pharaohs of the Egypt. However, there is a different opinions on the scholars. Was it fair with a specific time for that ruler of Egypt at a time of Musashi Salaam or was it an open claim or dubbed name for the king of rulers of Egypt? Well, lo alum and of course in the joshy for

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the bash bash. So this two bap came into yathrib Medina, it was called yathrib. And he started to fight

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but he couldn't beat them.

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So people have yet read and Medina look at the rules. Yes, Ruben Medina. These were the unsolved and outside hazards. Look at that a long time ago before they even accepted Islam. How generous the war when took back in to fight them.

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We used to fight them during the day. The people of Medina used to fight to back that King of Yemen during the day, but they used to host on them during the night. Allahu Akbar will go back and find out how are you hospitable to your guests?

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Do you believe in the laws of hideout Allah? Do you believe in this in the process of them because he said that he's the main character.

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For you couldn't buy for those who believe in Allah and the hereafter be generous to your guests. Or when your guests come? You say to your wife, honey, take out the lobster and shrimp and put them in the fridge till the guest comes and we give them crackers and cheese. And after they leave, we can take back out the lie as he will lie. They come with its own sustenance. Those who believe in the law in the last day for you can look at they actually had that generation prior to that the unsolved that people have yesterday. But Medina, they were dead generously fought to back the king of Yemen during the day and he's still hosted on him during the night. And he shook his head he couldn't

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believe it. But the bar, the rabbi's of the Jews came to him and he says this yesterday, right here is my job, maybe you will not be able to conquer it. The new the signs, as you will see it over and over again. So Pamela, the laws of how to alligator clear signs, clear signs, but it was the arrogance and the stubbornness of the builder that did not take him there. So the rabbi's came up to him and says this is my God, a prophet will migrate here to Medina at the effort, you will not be able to conquer it. So he did a message and that night he saw a beautiful vision, a dream. What happened? He saw him doing what he's covering the camera. So panela and then the team to take over

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to do what to conquer because they thought that America had all these beautiful treasures from long time ago. So Pamela, now, he is the one to cover the Kaaba. And it was the first one to be covered by that man. After that. That will be the two batteries the one that he covered the Kaaba with the Cousteau. And after this exhibit the best of the best of garments, the best of material to cover the cover because he started to his sad little bath. That's his name to ban an asset at the time.

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At the time of the universe, another one. He says that a man of law had a devoted servant that are is called theme noon.

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He had cut on that comet that he was, he was able, by the blessing of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to do certain things to help people with. And he was either did enough Rania, he was among the Christians, this is fi that john. And they used to worship a tree.

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This is what allows a panel to and I mentioned, Natty that to locode. Even though they were Christians, Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah revealed that in the Quran, what happened to them, because they still at least believed in that one of the Divine scriptures and God Almighty, in their own ways at the time. After this, what happened to them when that tyrant ruler, killed everyone that believed in God, and it's a beautiful story, we're not going to go into it. inshallah, if time gives us a chance, we'll we'll get to it. Now, this type of ruler, when that heard that the people started to worship God Almighty, they start killing them. What happened is that a Jewish people went to dose

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the Taliban, he went to

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this concert, of course, was the king. He was also Christian, he sent a message to the joshy. And that's one of the joshy comes into the picture in sha Allah, He said that these people are being killed those Christians being killed by that person, that the tyrant ruler, we need to help them so and the Jesuits and 70,000 have an army and he went over to Africa, it was Allah yet the ruler of the army, or the leader of the army was or yet, and among the judge among the army of the nudges, he was a man called abraha. Remember this name? Well, it's coming up. EPA was among the soldiers of Elliot. But when he took over and conquered what happened, he wasn't self an oppressor. He did not

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establish justice and, and being was was not being fair among everyone. So now the jumble of yet was a tyrant. And now abraha wanted to make a coup. And as a matter of fact, they started and they fought among one another. And of course, Abdullah beat him. And they said that there is a story behind it, that they everybody will be belong to the team of abre. And some other people belong to that team of react and he started to fight they said, what are we doing?

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If we are going to find ourselves our own army says, Let us fight our own. Abram, Abraham Alia, to whoever wins wins, so Abraham beat or yet, but who was not very pleased on this was an Apache and the judge he was not very pleased, because he puts Elliot in charge and Abraham How dare he take the one he put in charge out? So Naja, she took an oath that he will come down and please his feet and down and Mecca, and he will cut the hair abraha.

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And what happened abraha heard what, and the joshy took an oath py. And what he said, he says, Here is a sand By the way,

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he took the sand, and he gave it to enter to send it to to New Jersey, and he shaved his own head.

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He says listen, if you want to put your feet in the sand here you go sand please up so you can honor your oath. And you don't have to come here. And if you want to shave my head, I already shaved your head here it is. I'm still loyal to you. But that was a tyrant. And I had to do this to establish justice. And in order for me to honor you, I will build that church will you call the police? Why so an Arab this the Arabs will come and do what perform Hajj so they started to do what they started to divert the Hajj instead of being in Mecca for that grabba they wanted to do it in that place this new church in Yemen

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in Yemen not mica Forgive me. So now the people in the seat the people in the seat the seat they used to actually say the Asheville column is now the sacred mess mosque is a sacred month is this month this month they changed for it why because it was a more of a business because they knew that they could not fight at the time if it was a sacred month so they change the month as long as they as long as they that's why allows a lot of those in them and it's easier to

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get those changing the time of the month is increase of the act of disbelief so my dear brothers and sisters when it comes time to Ramadan when it comes time to eat yeah he I know that we get the we get this every year Allah help us and Shall we start looking for is it moon sighting or moon fighting alarms that I'm not going to go there? We don't talk politics. So let's move on and learn inshallah. So now we said that he comes in and they heard about this man that is building that a church for the Arabs to go and migrate and perform Hajj to it, and pilgrimage in Yemen nuts in Mecca. So that's a lot of business.

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So what happened? One among alienness he went to it and what did he do? He went, he did what he did as usually what you normally do. As you go to the bathroom as the Colangelo give you dignity inshallah, and what happened after the HA heard what happened, he gets very angry. And he says, The come to defend our church, we will go back and destroy the Kaaba, but he didn't know where the Kaaba was. So we started looking at the people of the Arab tribes every time that he tried to stop abraha but the up law was very strong 70,000 of the army, no Arab tribe could actually stand in front of them. And he rodak an elephant, no camel or horse, and that and that elephant whose name is Mahmoud,

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okay, so no one would be able to stand in front of them, they would bulldoze anybody in front of them.

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And who's gonna fall there's another actually try called donut for and he started Lee did their best, but they couldn't stop him. However. And if among the top I've seen that one of them was named as a borderline. Remember this name? Well, because it was an example set by the Arabs, Abu al said, you know, why go through this fight? What he was, he was a trader, he actually went to apply says, Listen, I'll take you there. I'll guide you there. So he was a trader, you're supposed to stand and fight for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah viola, not to give him the way there. No, actually, we know that. So what happened? He actually died on the way over and he's grave was actually a cursing.

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The people used to go stone, his grave when I say Zuma, but it was known to be a trader. So that's a Buddha Hall was named actually as an example for people not to be like in the Arab peninsula.

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On the way over, that people are the Jewish, the army of Abra, took 200 camels of abdomen have devoted excuse me, Abdulmutallab was the grandfather of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. And now he came to do what to claim his rights back. So he goes to meet Aloha. Aloha was the time of the leader of the army, strong, very strong army. And he's now thinking that Abdulmutallab will come to do what to please to intercede for abraha not to destroy their sacred mosque and to not destroy their Kaaba. But on the contrary, abre was met by a dermatologist to what to ask for the 200 camels back. So he says what law he I had respect for you. I thought you will come here and asked me not to

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destroy the Kaaba and add, so Abdulmutallab said, No. I came here to ask for my weight. And

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I am the load of disable these Gamble's I want my 200 camels back, but this house has robbed me as a Lord that will protect it. So Pamela, even though that they add a little bit, but they still had that believe that allows panels Allah protected so panel. So now what happened?

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that a man called the failings of me among the one that were taken as hostages. athlete, he got away and he ran after the elephant mood. So he ran and he climbed, and he hung on to him. And he started talking his ear he says, My mood, my mood to line it. He says Marco Marco Marco Stop, stop here. This is the house of Allah stop here. And you won't believe it. But Mahmoud actually buckled. There's a story behind it. Of course not because Mahmud was listened to clean pelicula mushy Attila but we understand that actually narration later on one when Prophet Mohammed Salah wanted to go to perform their ombre when that social media at the time that covenant of Arabia after or before the

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conquest of Mecca, that the camel actually stopped before they entered the boundaries of Mecca. And when Prophet Mohammed saw Selim tried to move the camel to the right to the left it moved but moving forward couldn't move. Witness habla de la was made as Prophet Mohammed Salah Salim How come the camel could not move forward? He says, oh,

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the one that stopped it is the one that stopped the elephant Avila who's the one that stopped the elephant the abre was the prerelease.

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Now we know that the narration says that people of Mecca couldn't fathom could not even bear the fact that the Kaaba will be demolished by this tiring person.

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And now they wanted to go up the leave Mecca didn't want to see it. And all of a sudden, they see Harmon they see a dark cloud on the horizon.

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And it was telling you that the these the birds that came

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With that,

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that two stones in their claws, it was someone that had the name of those who will be killed Subhan Allah He. This is the miracle of olanzapine Angela viola, in now in that sense, we know that the most beloved or the most the least beloved to Allah subhanaw taala, or the avoided the slave to a loss when Allah, Allah uses what adjara uses stone to destroy them. So in that sense, we know that loss of Hannah data has Jude as soldiers when they Allah would you know the Arabic Allah who and no one knows the soldier of a law except the laws of hydrology lithia in that case allows us birds, to stones, the one in each claw on one and not and not peek. So panela and as they came, they destroyed

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the destroyed the Jewish, the whole army of Abraham and to see if we have that belief and at the end of the day, nothing will harm us and sha Allah because Allah subhanaw taala promised that this Deen will prevail will protect in sha Allah this Koran and all we have to do is believe in Have you clean? So

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now we know that the Arabs before that year used to call themselves at 30 used to make the history or the year the horrible awful job is to use what's horrible for job and that meaning of that it really is that war of transgressions because they're not supposed to do it. And of course it was fought at that sacred mosque. It was at the end of the project in Harlem as we know it inshallah. And now the end the day that happened they started using and will feel the use to use that sorry, the history in order for them to know what year it is. This is the admin fee of the year of the elephant. What the most important part about the admin field pertains to us is the birth of Prophet

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Mohammed Salah mahalo.

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The Birth of Prophet Muhammad wa sallam was a beautiful new dawn that people will be taken out of darkness to light taken out of slavery to freedom taken out of ignorance to knowledge taken out of heaven to Hellfire to heaven inshallah. He had a yet the one that allows upon Allah to Allah chosen to be Allah. Wa Sonata Rahmatullah mean, they've sent you except to be a mercy appointment. And I mean, the world's not just mankind. That is the day that allows upon Allah to Allah give us the best gift. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah give us the birth of Prophet Muhammad wa sallam different if narration Was it 12 or nine of it'll be Allahu Allah subhana wa tada except from us to follow the

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Sunnah of Prophet Mohammed Salim and we say accordingly at the end of the day, we know that the birth of Prophet Mohammed Salim there is a difference of opinions among the scholars, but we know the best way to celebrate the birth of Prophet Muhammad Salim is to follow who's to follow his sin.

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And Allah subhana wa tada contemptible and Allah if you claim that you love Allah soprano, you're lucky Allah

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kumala Follow me who is nice Prophet Mohammed Salah qumola Allah would love you. So if you want the love of olanzapine on gel if you're lucky enough to follow the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and that would be the best way to show your love to Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. In that essence we submit again our water line is messenger Allah subhanaw taala Nick is among those who listen speech and follow the rest of it work without the language of blood. I mean, Asilomar areas of your terrain, is Aquila Hayden's Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh