When The Sahaba Caught Laylatul Qadr

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One of my favorite narrations about a little cuddly. And I want us to imagine speaking to the Sahaba ourselves and gathering from them.

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A story about them catching later to cover with the profit slice on them. And this is truly one of my favorite narrations, and especially fits the theme of speaking about knowing the profit slice and meeting the profit slice. I'm in visually visualizing the profit slice of them and seeing yourself as a companion of the messenger and his Salatu was Salam. So the narration is an herbal hottie, and it's narrated in several different authentic hadith about the same incident. But this one is my favorite because the way that it starts off, it's Narrated by Abu selama Ibn Abdul Rahman Abu salamat Rahman Rahim Allah Tada what are the Allahu Anhu says that I asked Abu Saeed al Padre Radi

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Allahu taala. And who can you come and walk with us so that we can speak to you and ask you some questions about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now, why is this so beautiful? First and foremost, does anyone know who I was? selama Ibn Abdul Rahman is.

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Who do you think Abdurrahman is?

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He's a tab Barry Abu Salam Ibn Abdul Rahman Ibn who's the most famous man from the Sahaba All right now I'm making it too easy for you guys. Out there amount of an oath, what are the Allahu Anhu so this is Abu salah, Ibn Abdul Rahman Ibn elf, the one of the 10 promised paradise that I'm out of and overthrow the Allahu Taala and Abu selama his son was one of the seven Football Hall of Medina, one of the seven jurists of Medina, from the tub drain a great scholar from the tambourine and Abu Salam, and narrated from many of the Sahaba of the Prophet slice, I'm not just his father. So we often find that some of the Sahaba had children. And those children of course, tambourine would

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narrate from their parents and then a limited circle of a sudden, that Imam went to multiple companions of the Prophet slice and became actual students of the companions. So he goes double, so either Audrey or the Allahu taala. And who a noble Companion of the Prophet sly, some and they are all noble, but one of the most elevated companions. And he said, Can we walk and talk so he and others are each start to walk in a garden? And he asks, I will say that, Audrey, can you recall anything about later to the product? Like what can you share with us about later?

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So I will say that hoodie gives him this narration. He says that it was Ramadan, and we did Errante calf with the Prophet slice on them in the middle 10 days of the month. So it was not yet clear to them that Laylat al Qadr was in the last 10 Nights. They were in the middle 10 days of Ramadan, and they were with the Prophet slice. I'm doing Eric T calf and Ramadan. So anyway, by the time the 20th day came, he said, we went home, we finished the middle 10. And then we went home, assuming that either they caught it or they didn't catch it, but because nothing had happened, they just didn't know and we know that the Prophet slice of him said that he was caused to forget later to Qatar. Why

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because he came out and two companions were arguing with each other and the prophets lie. Some says I had it but roofie it was lifted. But it's not like that was cruelty from Allah He said NASA and the Hakuna hydro Nakum that may be better for you. So he said seek it out instead. And of course we know seek it out in the last 10 Nights. So back to the story. You came to the message of the Prophet sly Salam you did era T calf with the Prophet slice alum. His tent was pitched the middle tonight's then he went home and they all went home.

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Then I will say that will the Allahu Tada and who says the prophets lie some came out to us one night in the last time. And also Allah sai Salam said I saw this dream where I was doing sujood in nice and clean in water and mud.

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So it was a rainy night. And it's a sign of a little harder for the profit slice. Um, so I just saw a dream that I was doing sujood and it was laid out in Qatar and I was doing sujood in the mud. So the prophets lie some said so whoever amongst you is doing RT calf come back to the masjid. So I was there a little the Allahu Anhu said all of us that were with the Prophets lie some in the middle of tonight's we quickly came back to the masjid to continue our era TKF. And he said, we looked at the sky, and there was not a cloud in the sky. So it was a clear night. So the assumption is maybe this is a night to come ahead. Then he said we all gathered back in the present to do Eric decaf and he

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said suddenly, this cloud came right over Subhanallah completely clear sky calm night. There was no rain whatsoever. And this cloud came right over us. And subhanAllah I was recounting after hedge, the last hedge we had prior to COVID Just how the cloud was formed right over us and Allah Subhan Allah

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I was thinking about as I was reading this narration, so he says we're in the masjid. And the cloud came right over us, and it started to rain. So we started to pray. And the Prophet slicin was leading them in prayer. And he said, an I remember the prophets lie Selim and of course, the salah of the Prophet sly seldom was long and beautiful. And he said the prophets lie some his face was covered in mud Subhan Allah, so exactly as the dream that he had seen it his Salatu was Salam. What night was this? By the way?

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NARRATION comes in a few different narrations. What night was this of the last 10 Nights? It was the 23rd night. The 23rd Night In fact, I was sorry, there'll be a lot of time on who says it. And some of the other companions recall it and they say the 23rd night, it's actually one of the strongest evidences for the scholars that say that we don't know that's the 27th night. There are a group of Ella mountain it's not a fringe opinion, that take the evidences that suggests this the 27th night and they say it is the 27th night some of the Sahaba right thought it was the 27th night. But this is one of the strongest evidence is those companions that witnessed that with the Prophet slice on

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that year, that it rotates amongst the last 10 nights and that was the 23rd night. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to allow us to catch later to Qatar. We ask Allah subhana wa Tada that whatever night it is, in these last time, that we are not deprived of that night. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to find it with open hearts with longing hearts. May Allah Subhan Allah to Allah allow it to be a means by which he rewards us forgives us and enters us into Jonathan for the dose and the companionship of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allahumma Amin, does that come along with Hydra and I'll keep it short because I don't want them to make sujood in the mud as well.

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So just Lachlan located on Santa Monica