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AI: Summary © The concept of the physical body and its relation to the soul is the most important aspect of one's life, as it is the center of everything. Different levels of the human soul have different levels of activity, including the kn Transport issue, metaphysical heart, and the average heart. It is important to find a way to protect and overcome sinful actions, find a way to trust in God, and reform into a more inclined towards worship. The heart is the most important aspect of one's life, and it is used to be full of fear and joy.
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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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at hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam on the below Karim Allah Allah He was happy he might begin by creating a Lhasa Hana with the other and asking Allah to send his peace and blessings upon the final prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah. So Allahu Allah, he was Salam and all those who follow his way with righteousness until the end of time. Welcome to lecture two in the series on the book of hope for sinners. Today inshallah, we are going to discuss and explain chapter three of the book.

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It is the five Indian National lockdown we're in South Africa. I don't know how it is in your countries, but I really miss teaching and I really must being around people of color to make this easy for all of us. These videos at least helped me to get a sense of of being part of the community and still be able to benefit people. But nonetheless, you know, the idea of actually meeting with people and discussing and having q&a and talking to people one on one that this this is something that we took for granted. And it's been taken away from us with many other things. Mr. Masjid haven't been to the masjid in two weeks, haven't been for Juma in two weeks and never thought I'd

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have to say that. Let make things easy for all of us. And may He help us to learn from this and to reform from this and to grow from this and to become better Muslims through all of this. So today, inshallah, we're going to discuss chapter three of the book, I for those who missed the first video. This series is based on my book, the book of hope for sinners.

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We this is a good time to discuss the concept of sin, dependence, and having open Allah's mercy and using that to push ourselves forward to move ourselves closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So last week, we discussed the concept of sin. And we said that everybody since it's important to recognize that we sin, it's important to recognize our sins. Because if we don't recognize that we are sinners, we won't repent, we won't make a steel part we'll just continue doing these things over and over again, it's very important to recognize that certain things that we do are wrong, and to ask God to forgive us for these things. We say that everybody does. The prophets lie. Some said that

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every son of Adam makes mistakes. So as a Muslim as a believer,

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you should not expect sinless sinlessness from yourself. That is a goal that we work to achieve, but it's not an expectation at this stage in our lives. Very few people, we actually reach a level in their lives where perhaps the SMS, Allah knows best if it's even possible for anyone besides the prophets, but perhaps for the Olia. Allah knows best. Nonetheless, the average person like myself and yourself, our lives are full of sin.

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And we said that the true believer hides distance so only Allah individual actually know about distance. And this is why when we look at people, we assume that they are pious, because Allah hides the sins of the righteous and of the true believers. And believers themselves hide their own sense. And we said that this is not hypocrisy. This is from the teachings of our religion, everyone sins, but the believer is ashamed of his or her son, so they keep it secret. And they ask Allah for forgiveness. And we said that there is always hope, no matter how many sins we have committed, no many matter how many times we have repented. No matter how many times we have done all of this over

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and over again, is always hoped Allah will forgive us for our sins. So today we're going to discuss the next chapter of the book, which is the spiritual heart. And this is a very important concept for understanding why we sin and understanding the importance of the same pattern over so the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stated,

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the translation of witches beware, in the body is a piece of flesh. If it is sound, the entire body itself if it is corrupt, the entire body is corrupt. It is the heart. This heaviness is narrated in Sahih Muslim.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam told us that when the heart is corrupt, the entire body is corrupt. I mean, the heart is sound, the entire body sound, but firstly, what does he mean by the heart? This isn't very clear. There's actually a lot of discussion and a lot of difference of opinion amongst the AMA. But what actually is the goal? Because, you know, there is the opinion that is referring to a physical heart but I don't agree with that opinion because the physical hearts

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Each purpose is to pump blood throughout our bodies to keep us alive. Rather, the call that the Quran and the Hadith refers to many times over with talking about spirituality when talking about good deeds and sin. In talking about belief and disbelief, I believe this is referring to a invisible heart, a metaphysical heart, a spiritual heart. And there are many other modalities to help us opinion that there is a separate heart, there is the physical heart that keeps our body alive. And separately, there is the spiritual heart that is part of our soul.

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And one of the evidences that is part of our soul is that a loss of a handler says about of the Day of Judgment, that the one with a pure heart, you know what Skype those will be saved, that the judgment has pure hearts, meaning that we will still have this heart with us on the Day of Judgment. Now, for anyone who's actually studied the

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Day of Judgment, you will know that this physical body of ours will not go with us after we die, we leave this body our soul remains and the soul is resurrected in a new body.

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So if the soul is resurrected in a new body, then

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the heart that is that that's been referred to cannot be part of the body must be part of the soul. And so therefore, there are many other natural history who held the opinion that all of these verses of the Quran all of these pieces that refer to a call with it refer to a heart, it's talking about a heart within our soul, not the heart, in our body, the heart within our soul, which is the center of thought, feelings, emotions and belief.

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This is what has been referred to. And this heart is where our demand stems of where our desire to do good or evil stems from. And it can be corrupted just as the soul is corrupted. So I will show can be of one of three levels as the different names taken from different verses of the Quran. We have the knifes Amara issue, as mentioned issue our use of the soul that commands with evil. And so this is the lowest level of the soul. This is the type of soul that wants to send and wants to do bad deeds.

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This is the kind of soul that the average sinner has.

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Then we have the soul that is

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naturally warmer. So that feels guilty. For instance, as mentioned surah tr, the nurse to Loma is the average human being so it wants to do good deeds, it wants to do sin when it does do a Cindy feels bad about it. And then we have the highest level mentioning Shula and fudger about those who allow love to do to return to enlightenment state that he loves. And this is natural wood mckinna A so that isn't a state of inner peace.

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So this is the soul of the prophets and the Olia and the city again and the Shahada, the people who have reached a level where they are at peace with the loss of a hand with Allah. And they saw once with allowance, and that is the level that we strive for. Now, just as I was so goes through these three levels, at the same time, the heart also has three levels the heart of the soul, the metaphysical heart also has three accompany levels, all of which are mentioned throughout the Quran intuition. So just as we have the knifes a murder suit the soul that is inclined towards evil, we also have the dead heart that did have meaning there is no image in it. There is no goodness in it.

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It is the heart that cannot experience joy from good deeds is a heart that is not inclined to watch. Indeed, it is a heart that does not care about the deeds. There is nothing in it except pure evil. This is the lowest level of the heart. Then we have the average heart which is moral which is sick.

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It is good in it but it also sickness in it. There's a mixture.

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And this is the average human beings heart. In all of our hearts. That is good, but it also sicknesses. Some of us have jealous Some of us have inclination towards immorality. Some of us have algorithms. Some of us have doubts. Everyone has some kind of sickness in their heart. And this sickness pulls them towards sin. But it's also goodness in their heart. They pull them towards good deeds. And in the highest level, the one mentioned in the Quran, the type of person that will be safe on the Day of Judgment is the heart. That is

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the heart that is sound or the heart that is pure. There's different ways of channel

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income from sleep like Colgan selling is different translations for call concerning, does it refer to a sound heart? Does it refer to a pure heart, a clean heart, all of these different translations, they all essentially mean the same thing, which is a heart that is inclined to goodness, a heart that is purified from all eternal equals a heart which does not have within it jealousy, or hatred, or arrogance, or doubts about the religion, or inclination towards partnership, none of this. And this is the level that we strive for this is the level that we aim for, this is the level that we work for. So it's important for us to understand that within us, we have besides our physical heart,

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our metaphysical heart, and again, some of them are of the opinion that it's the same heart, and it serves two functions, one that we can see what we cannot see. But there's also the opinion that they are separate. One is the heart of the body, and when is the heart of the soul, and that is the opinion that I am inclined towards.

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So how does this relate to sir?

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Well, the thing that corrupts the heart is, and the prophets always have stated when the heart is completely corrupted, the entire body's just engaged in since all the times, but when the heart is purified in the body gauges, equities, and so we have to be constantly in a state of trying to purify and clean our hearts. So there's another Hadith, which describes the effects of sin upon the heart.

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And it states that whenever a person commits a sin, a black spot appears upon the heart. anytime they ask for forgiveness or the repent, that spot is wiped away. So when someone continuously since over and over again, without is still far without Toba without repentance, more and more spots appear on their heart until it is completely flattened. And once it is completely blackened, all of that goodness is gone forget all of the goodness is taken away. And they are now people would get hearts there. Now people with rusted hearts, they know people who cannot think about good are not inclined towards the good to the people who only want to sit all the time. And they don't feel any

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guilt for their sense. And they don't feel any joy from good deeds, and they and they are put off by good deeds and righteousness will protect us from ever be amongst them.

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So this Hudis teaches us

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that every sin that we convert has an impact on our heart.

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So in order to keep our heart pure, we must continuously engage in stillness far and

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we must continuously engage in seeking a lot forgiveness and repenting for our sins. This is the only way to before this is the only way to keep ourselves constantly moving towards having a pure heart.

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linked with this, it's also important for us to understand that

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our hearts are also a place in which we have good deeds, etc.

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And many people are not aware of this.

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For many of us, when we talk about good deeds and sin, we only think about physical peace, right? We only think about doing something. But there's actually three types of deeds, the deeds of our body, the deeds of our tongue, and then each of our hearts and they are good deeds and sins in all three categories. So to pray, so that is a good deed of appointment. To meet liquor is a good deal of the time. To love Allah is a good deal of the heart.

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To hit someone is a sense of the word. To use vulgar language and someone is a sin of the

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tongue. And to

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say the ultra to hope, jealousy and hatred in our hearts for people is a sin of the heart.

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show our our heart also has good deeds, incense, just like the rest of our bodies. And it's important for us to know what these are. So we can work on the good deeds and we can avoid the sins because this is part of purifying

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from the good deeds of the heart. The single most important one is to believe

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belief takes place in the heart.

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And this is why the scholars have defined belief as belief in the heart, testifying with the dumb and doing good deeds with the body.

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So it starts off in the heart that is where the deeper insights you cannot believe anything out you believe at all

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Your heart. And so the most important thing that every Muslim has to do all the time is to have that firm belief in Islam.

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linked to that the worst sin that the heart can commit is this belief.

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Again, this belief can manifest itself in our deeds and our words, but it takes place inside of the heart. That is where it takes place. So sometimes a believer could be put in a situation with someone puts a gun to the head and tells them to say what is beneath. As long as their heart is full of Mr. Singh, those words are not conscious disbelief, because they were under pressure of loss of life.

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So the heart is where what matters. This is where believe takes place. This is where this belief takes place. This is where our doubts take place. And so this is what needs to be protected our heart, we protect our heart by doing good deeds, we protect our heart by avoiding simply protect our hearts. by seeking forgiveness, we protect our hearts from engaging Ebola, here are the ways in which we protect our hearts from the speed.

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But amongst the other good deeds of the heart,

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is the love of others love,

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fear of love, the worker, trust in Allah sobor, patience, sugar, gratitude. Now all of these things have the physical and verbal manifestations, but when they actually take place is within God. It is within the heart that one feels trusting what is within the heart and what feels patience, or gratitude, or love, or fear, all of these things take place within.

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And many attempts to make the mistakes of only trying to focus on the physical. So we focus on doing the act of worship of Salah.

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But we don't focus on increasing our level of luxury of being the Salah, or the gratitude to Allah. Or we may focus on physically being patient with a task. But a heart may not be full of thought or happy, not be full of the walk. And so the physical server is very superficial, and he breaks delivery easily.

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So the good deeds of the heart are very, very important, just like the good deeds of the body at the time. And very often do what take the good deeds of the body to the next level. Because the person may pre Salah just as an act of worship, and ultimately we're different. But when a person priest Allah while the heart is full of love of Allah and fee of Allah and gratitude towards Allah, then that Salah is going to be on another level altogether.

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A person may

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put up with the difficulties of life, but the heart may be empty, or the heart may be full of doubt, or the heart will be full of agitation, Allah may still reward them for the actual physical sub. But when the heart is at peace with the father of Allah, when the heart is, has its full trust in Allah, when the heart is still loving and grateful to Allah, then that patients become sovereign God becomes a beautiful patient, and becomes a good deal on another level, and become something that brings a person much, much closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Just as we have these good deeds of the heart, they are also sins that take place within the heart. And very often we forget about these sins, and we ignore the center, we don't think about any sense. And so they grow and they grow and they grow until they begin to manifest themselves in our words and deeds.

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And again, we make the mistake of only focusing on physical sense,

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which are also important and necessary to avoid.

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But very often we forget about the root cause the root cause is the heart again, remember that Heidi said we started with when the heart is corrupt the entire body since when the heart is pure, the entire body does it. So very often, when we have a sinful habit or a sinful inclination.

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The root is not in our deeds, the route is in our hearts. And if we can figure out what is wrong with our hearts and fix that, then the deeds that stemmed from it get fixed as well. For example,

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sometimes the heart has within jealousy. And the person might not even know that within the heart is this hustle, this jealousy. And this individual may engage in all kinds of sin because of their jealousy. They may hurt people. They may have people, they may sabotage people, they may be nasty towards people, they may break ties with people. And they may not realize that all of this comes from a single route. And that route is jealousy.

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If he can read the hearts of jealousy, he can read the lives of others since. So it's important for us to make time for more hassle to look internally, to discover the sins of the heart, to reflect on the sins of the heart and to purify our heart, for instance. So for example, if your person realize that they have jealousy, they need to work on themselves to remove that jealousy by thinking about Allah. Thinking about everything Allah has blessed him with realizing that when they are jealous, they are actually angry with a lot of love. And this affects the relationship of realizing that jealousy makes him a nasty person, realizing that jealousy is not worth it, realizing that jealousy

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is destroying equities, and realizing that as a believer, we supposed to love for others what we love ourselves, when we work on our hearts in this way, we can put our jealousy and we need all these things that come from jealousy. Likewise, a person's heart may be full of love of fashion, love of immorality. And so they find it hard to give up the sin of pornography, or the sin of fornication, or even other kinds of sins that we might not even be able to think about. And so they're working on the physical set, they're working on on lowering the gaze, and they're working on giving up monography they're working on giving up see now, but it just isn't worth every time they

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try to fall back into it. Maybe what needs to be done is a shift in methodology, instead of just trying to give up the physical sin, go into insight, what is inclining me towards this? And what is making me commit this and what is what is it that is causing me to commit this and over and over again? Perhaps it is in love?

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So how do you get rid of enough?

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Well, you study the harms of cancer, you study the evils that sin have caused to society. So for example, the person whose heart is inclined to watch pornography should look at the harms of the pornography industry. The amount of of human trafficking, mistreatment of women, the miserable lives of some of these people have to live. Basically, many of these people engaging these things are slaves. When you are watching this sin, this Phoenicia, you are encouraging all of these other evil practices that go along with it, then is the impact it has on marriages, the impact it has on relationships, the impact, most importantly, it has on your relationship with Allah subhanho wa

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Taala. So when one does more harm, only one thinks about all of these things we want things about the impact of this evil has on oneself, one's family and society as a whole, then perhaps you could replace the love for the sin, with hatred for the sin for disgust for the simple for absolute devotion for this. And when one does that, it may become easier to preach, it may become easier to keep up this, I'm not saying 100% because when there is an addiction involved, it is much much harder to give up a sin. Nonetheless, this can help it can help the person to afford

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so this is my message for today. And that is for us to understand the importance of our spiritual paths. And why we are all locked up in our homes, unable to go out unable to go about our daily lives. Let's put this time to productive usage. Let's use this time, form hustle. This use this time to go inside to look at our hearts and see what's wrong with it is the arrogance is the doubt is the jealousy is the level of immorality, that is discovered what is wrong within our corpse. And it is start to purify that call to secret law is still far too Toba to solid recitation, of course, on to engaging with our thoughts, to maybe talking within ourselves about these things. So one of the

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things I like to do is to close my eyes, and to actually have internal discussion with myself about distance. And to and to tell myself about why these things are bad and why they are harmful to me. And I find this helps me to stay away from people.

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So this is called possible to look inside yourself and to deal with yourself and to purely by yourself. And this is a very, very important part about religion. I'm going to be a hotdog regular who said take hisab of yourself before the Olympics he saw what you do my hospital before the day we lost one hold you accountable for your sins. We have the time

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we have a event that is forcing us to reconsider our life choices and and the way that we live our lives. We have the resources. May Allah help us to use this time to repent to reform and to become better Muslims and to bring ourselves more inclined towards worshiping Him and being from those who are righteous in those who are close to him.

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Really all of us have said,

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all of us have ways or sicknesses within our hearts that we need to work on. So we can work towards having open selling a pure heart. And maybe we don't reach that level. But if we try a level rewards for training for givers for everything else, and that's what matters most our intention and our effort. So no matter what sins we have done and at what evil we have done, remember, your effort is what matters most you intentionally what matters most, anything beyond that level focus. So let us spend our lives trying to obey Allah sincerely for our level of light and attitude towards Allah. And if we do this, and inshallah we'll forgive all of the mistakes we make along the way. Remember,

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the series is based on my book, the book of hope for sinners, which is available at Amazon. It's available at gumroad. Get yourself a copy so you can follow along and you can medium ever you are feeling down if you are feeling hopeless, if you feel like a sense of too much. Just recently Hobbes's and Quranic verses and comparing to this book, like except for me and from from you all, well, except the writing of the book and the recording of the sessions explaining it to me, he made this a means of benefit for khumba thank you all for your time. Thank you all for paying attention to offer meaning to offer the model. Allah is trained quickly, that he forgives us for our sins and

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He accepts are with each other for the freedom Africa 111 Robbie alamy What's the number one economics not a lot