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Let Them Do What They Love

Alaa Elsayed


Channel: Alaa Elsayed

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You need to make sure that your children do what they love. Okay? How many of us already have a plan in their mind what their kids are gonna grow up to be?

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Hey, son.

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Yep, fingers good. These are surgeon's fingers. I'd see ICD dollars. Man, I'm gonna be liquid rolling in the dough. All right, you are a lawyer. You're an engineer. You're a doctor. You're

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okay, so remember, we were talking about fair and just and all that stuff? Some of us do what? Yes, it is true that you may love more than one more than the other. But you cannot show this. Yeah, hearts are not the same. Children are not the same. You know, you know that child that. You know, you love your kids all problems.

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But you know that child then when they get lost?

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You look for them. I mean,

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but not right away.

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You'll give them a chance to discover the world out there.

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Bottom line is, you need to be there for them. Don't break their promise and make sure that they do what they love, not what you want. You most of us do what? We live our dreams through our children. Right? I couldn't do this. I guess what? Guess what, man I failed. Your father failed miserably of doing this. Guess what, man? I'm putting all my eggs in one basket. I'm hiring you to do what I couldn't do. You understand? So my advice to you is let them do what they want to do.

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As long as you've given him the right directions, the right tools, the right advice, the right environment.

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But if they're not equipped, by the way, they're competing against themselves, not others.

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You let them be the best they can be their individual. Everyone has a different DNA.

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Everybody's different. So please let your children do what they love. They will never have to work a day in their life.